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  1. Crusader_F8

    Unique upgrades: clarification and changes

    But that’s how the Research Bureau works? You earn Research points by resetting lines and grinding them back up, then use those points to buy things. If content is available in the RB, it will cost research points, will it not? It’s not an auto assumption, it’s the actual mechanics of the RB itself.
  2. Crusader_F8

    Unique upgrades: clarification and changes

    Even if (best case scenario) the RB gets reworked so that it can be accessed prior to your fifth Tier X, by locking the UU behind Research Points means as soon as a ship gets unlocked, you have to give it up again. The best part of the current UU system is that you unlock it by playing these Tier X ships! The RB is the antithesis to this concept. It does not matter how many changes to the RB are made, this core concept is going from being accessible to locked behind an insanely grindy system that few people like. The only reason the RB is tolerated by the community in the first place is that it is easy to ignore. Locking previously obtainable content behind the RB is not going to make people happy.
  3. Crusader_F8

    ST, Unique Upgrades

    The reason I like the current Combat Mission format is that I get to play my Tier X ship that I worked so hard to unlock. I also get to learn how to play it, earn tons of credits, free XP, and commander XP. It took me three years to start unlocking Tier X ships, as I have been grinding most lines concurrently. I want to play them, not give them up. This new system also gatekeeps players who have fewer than 5 Tier X ships. Like your shiny new DM and want to earn the legendary module? Grind out *four* other Tier X ships AND THEN re-grind US heavy cruisers. To those who say this isn’t NTC because these are “side-grades,” you won’t convince me the Yamato module isn’t a straight up upgrade. If this is the direction the game is headed, I fear for the future. Community trust is at an all time low and the hits keep coming. Eventually, some people will leave and those that remain will be milked for all they’re worth. It’s a shame.
  4. Crusader_F8

    ST, Unique Upgrades

    Hapa, may I refer you to the post you made just 14 hours ago? This is absolutely infuriating and it’s just a desperate attempt to release NTC 2.0. This may be the final straw for a lot of folks.
  5. Crusader_F8

    Update 0.8.8 - Feedback and Performance

    This update saw the return of the hang up after exiting and several new, exciting crashes. There have been way more technical issues this patch than any other in a long time. Just now,I could not get into a match after resetting 3 times. It just kept freezing on the loading screen. Sorry team.
  6. I’ve been waiting a long time for this year’s Santa crates and my patience was rewarded. This is the first major purchase I’ve made since I got back into the game 6 months ago or so. I didn’t write down all the flags and doubloons I got from each crate, but I have the totals which I will share. I’ll start with ships, since that’s what most people buy these crates for. x5 Mega crates Tier VI Monaghan x20 Mega crates Tier V Okhotnik Tier VI Gallant Tier VII Nueve De Julio Tier VIII Roma x20 Mega crates Tier V Marblehead Tier VI Mutsu Tier VI Anshan Tier VI Duca D’Aosta Tier VI T-61 Tier VIII Kii x5 Big crates Tier VI Arizona I’ve collected x90 Wyvern, x120 Dragon, x90 Hydra, and x30 Leviathan flags. I also collected x200 New Year Streamer, x10 Spring Sky, and x5 Mosaic Camouflages. I’ve collected 12,000 doubloons and earned enough coal to purchase the Tier V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. I’m saving my doubloons for if/when ships go on sale around Christmas. Needless to say, my RNG has been used up for this year and I couldn’t be happier. I know my results aren’t typical but I wanted to share.