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  1. Cleveland_Joe

    Subs, a suggestion

    Sub on sub violence ruins it for me.
  2. I have had way too many battles with six ships on each team where two of the ships are CV's. It really is an unbalanced match. I could see one CV but not two.
  3. Cleveland_Joe

    Opt out of "fun camos"

  4. Cleveland_Joe

    HMS Royal Sovereign/Arkhangelsk Tiering

    Good idea...but the Soviet version would have better stats!
  5. I would like to see a way that the "fun" colors (pinks, plaid, etc.) could be removed in the settings. They are not appropriate. It would be like seeing Bozo the clown storming Omaha beach with the G.I.'s of the First Infantry Division. If a player wants to use them it's okay but I really don't want to see them. Can this be made an option? I know it can be done in WOTs.
  6. Cleveland_Joe

    BB'S are Dead

    Sad but true.
  7. Cleveland_Joe

    Svetlana (CL) flag ops.

    Again, a great idea. The HSF was distinct from the Kriegsmarine.
  8. Cleveland_Joe

    Svetlana (CL) flag ops.

    What do you think of this idea? I did read that the Svetlana was in Soviet service as well. Thanks for your input!
  9. Cleveland_Joe

    Svetlana (CL) flag ops.

    Okay, thanks man.
  10. Should the Sevetlana of the USSR navy have a Soviet flag on it? The description shows it laid down in 1928. Perhaps Soviet fleet flags could be earned for any Russian ship.
  11. Right on. Will sea monsters be out with the update to follow.
  12. Missiles on planes? WOT artillery here we come!
  13. Cleveland_Joe

    County Class Cruisers

    Great news. Thank you!
  14. Cleveland_Joe

    County Class Cruisers

    I would like to see the County Class Cruisers (CA) in this game. A London Class heavy cruiser would be a nice addtion. The Class B cruisers would be a good addtyion as well. The HMS EXETER would make a nice premium. The possiblity of the Repulse or Renown (CB) would also round-out the line nicely.