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  1. Shadow577

    0.9.6 PTS Bug Reports

    When loading into game screen went blank and the computer did a hard shutdown. Started while going into a game, when computer was reset, was able to get into game. played 1 game and was working on being pink from the last shutdown. Went into second game and complete shutdown of comp. Did check and repair, went into game and again shutdown during log in. Tried now the main game and during login shutdown of computer. Did a CPU load test as well as a power test, all is good and noting else is affecting the comp but the WOWS game system. Running windows 10 (1903) not had a problem till last update. Software conflict seems to be the cause. as of right now i can not get into game.
  2. Shadow577

    Submarines as is, biggest threat in game

    I've seen the good points and the bad points made by both sides. What I can say is that Subs will change the way people will be playing any ship type. In Randoms, players will start having to play closer to other ships for protection and to protect. No more running away and leaving the BB's to fend for themselves. No more hiding your ships behind islands and hoping the rest of the team can pull a win while the others play a hiding game. No yet sure when Subs will be in clan battles but that would be more difficult because clan battles are played more to help each other focus on protecting your team mates. So, when I see many complaining that subs will make BB's fade away , I think that's wrong. I believe that subs bring into the game a change in thinking and make others play more together for protecting each other as Naval Battles were meant to be fought.
  3. Shadow577

    Results of Submarines event on Public test

    Most of the games i was in both sides were full of players. Yes some games were bots as well. But, bots don't sit behind islands like live players do. Bots charge ahead always.
  4. Shadow577

    Results of Submarines event on Public test

    As I have played the subs in PTS, I have gotten close many times with a Kraken. I kept targeting those who sit behind Islands, and I mean sitting there. I never even pinged them. But, just launching the torps in their direction. Kept getting kills. So, for those who complain about subs not being fair, start acting like your in a battle and start supporting the team. I found that you can shoot a DD down the throat and see it explode most times. Of course i have been sunk by depth charges as well. But, that's part of the game. I for one can't wait for Wows to get the Subs into the main part of the game as it will change the way people will have to play. More team play then the idea of camping behind an island and telling the rest of the team they need support.
  5. Shadow577

    ST, Hamburg dockyard

    I see this even as a challenge, the PR even was a nightmare of epic proportions. But, from what I've seen posted so far on the Odin and Spree, it will be a good grind. It looks challenging and fun to work on. I've got the PR and she's fun ship. Though I didn't grind her out because of the events were just out to stop you from getting her. I also have both Spree's and enjoy playing them both. I also seen the Video posts by several players and know what the Odin can and can't do. Wish I could have played her to see if she can be made to be fun. So, here I am waiting to see if she can be made worth getting. It maybe a ship with a different play style then most of the German BB's, but, I think you'll have to adapt to the ships style of play. If I do get the ship and she's worthless then I'll dump her. On the other hand if she's a fighter and teaches me a different play style then she'll help me out on other types of ships too. My play is aggressive, sometimes too much so, I'm always working on that aspect of my playing. I also see many complaints about something that hasn't been brought out yet. Though with other ships that were brought out like the3 PR, I can see where that comes from and understand it well. WG, I think is starting to take steps to fix prier errors and maybe this is the start of fixing those events that were too hard and dysfunctional to get a ship that may have been weak and worthless after all the work we all have put into it. I have to say, Wait and see if this one is the start of something better .... This time around.
  6. Shadow577

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Through all this, what if you still have the Moskva in port and what happens with the change? She remains in your port or does she get removed and then changed and replaced back into your port? Or does she remain the same ship , not the special Moskva? Or do we wait till the day before 9.5 and sell her and still get her in port?
  7. Shadow577

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Since the CV's have only 1 type of bomb, (AP or HE) Why can't someone be able to change type of bomb or rockets with the planes they have. Given that they carried both onboard but with the change they would have to reset the re-load time to swap out the bombs or rockets before launching the planes. More realistic that way. Plus with the re-loading and being hit while planes doing the transition could be hit much harder if under attack. Factors of real life and what has happened in history. Just thinking of how history worked on these ships. yah , yeah..... i should stop making sense eh?
  8. Shadow577

    Premium German Cruiser Mainz

    Mainz is a good ship and does fight well, but, look out for those BB's who can 1 punch you that you don't see. I keep getting hit by those BB's that keep Disappearing on me when i bring my guns to bear on the target. keep turning and changing speed and maybe you will not get 1 punched so much
  9. Shadow577

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    I'm not holding my breath on this one. these last few line releases have been well ......disappointing. The Swedish DD's and the Italian CA's were well, flat. Weak guns and turret rotations as well as armor... weak and slow. Now, the russian CA replacement ships are very strong. I know i've fought them in the main random and did little damage to them even with the guns of Yamato or Ohio. I'm thinking these CV's will end up as target practice like these other lines i'm mentioned have become. Balanced .... so far Nah they are not.
  10. Shadow577

    Swedish DDs

    Well these DD's over all are weak in too many areas as i see it. Don't have the Smaland but not looking to get her either. Too costly for me. I'm not a DD player either, but can do alot better with other nations DD's. I've Kited them and been very agressive with them and found the guns weak and speed also weak. No smoke and they are just moving targets to be sunk. I think they are a waste like the Italian CA's. Slow reloads as well as weak armor and speed.
  11. Shadow577

    How Good is the Puerto Rico?

    I broke down and picked up the PR. She's got some good guns and can take a hit. But, she can't fight on her own as I've been having to do a lot. There are many who see the PR and razz ya about it and then run away so you have to fight on your own. They will even sit back and watch you taking the hits and fighting too many ships without firing a supportive role. Right now the only thing she's good for is in Co-op and ranked because there will be support for ya in that win. If you break down and pick her up you too will find out the cost that it will cost ya in randoms because you will have to fight on your own even when your in a group. All will leave you to take all the hits. Jealousy is all that is from what I can see. But, i'll not take this ship into Randoms for a while unless in Div with Clan mates.
  12. Shadow577

    Submarines cancelled?

    True again, but then again the storms we have are with flat seas ….. no rocking the boats in storms.
  13. Shadow577

    Submarines cancelled?

    It was rare for sure but it has happened as well as the AA guns. But for the most part they dove away from the surface as fast as they could go. agreed they don't seem to have the DD's with bad Torps. But, it would add real world drama to the game and make you sit back and grin watching these guys blow up at their torps not working . But, you did have on all sides where that happened. It wasn't just the US torps, but all had the same troubles. So adding that small percentage to the game would be interesting to see and sometimes wish for don't you think?
  14. Shadow577

    Submarines cancelled?

    In WW2, Subs were used a lot. To have a WW2 game with no subs is only playing a piece of the truth. Now, I do believe the subs will fit nicely into the game. But, those subs with guns will be nice to use in battles. You see all the time a sub will sometimes use it's gun against a DD or other ships to cause a distraction before they launch torps at the target. But here is a question for ya. Will you have the runaway torps that some US subs had before they fixed that problem? I know they did have a couple sunk from their own torps. Low percentage of course but still could happen when least expected. That would add a degree of worry to all concerned.
  15. I do like what they have done for the shipyard. Now I hope that we can keep it with it's build ups for other ships that will make their way into the game. Maybe use it for some of the subs that might be brought in as Prem ships. Though I think some of the cranes should be in use to bring the parts of the ship in. Just thinking of how it would look.