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  1. h9k_a

    Missouri's Earning Data 10.6 vs 10.7

    @Ev1n_NA We were told specifically and repeatedly that the change to the way the MO earns pre/post 10.7 would not dramatically impact the credits that current pre 10.7 owners of the MO would earn. It was specifically asked whether or not they would take into account the use of signals and camos. We were told on the official streams that the reason why they wanted to do it as a bonus eternal mission was so that it wouldn't affect a camo or specific signal. The problem with that is that the credit mission is additive and does not impact the "base credits" that are used to calculate the return from signals/camos. For those that are interested, here's the math (yes 7th grade algebra here): X = Missouri credit earning pre 10.7 Y = Missouri Credit earning Post 10.7 z = Eternal mission multiplier So for WG's statement to be true, X = Y + (Z * Y) or X = (1+Z)Y But wait, what about camos and signals that they promised in the official stream would still give you the same earnings Zulu = +20% Wyvern = +50% Basilisk = +30% Scylla = +25% Leviathan = +20% Max Camo credit multiplier = +50% (Gamescom black, Meritorious service, DMM, Golden Week, etc) If you stack all of the above to maximize credits, you will get +195%. The math then becomes X + 1.95X = Y + 1.95Y + Z*Y or 2.95X = (2.95 + Z)Y or X = Y + (Z*Y)/2.95 If WG's statement is true then both of the bolded equations are the same since we've solved for X.....so using WG's infamous spreadsheet math skills Z*Y = (Z*Y)/2.95 or 1 = 2.95 Currently, as you stack multipliers, you will actually earn MUCH less than before because the mission is balanced for minimal additives. If you balanced the mission for max credits adders, then someone not using camos/signals would earn MUCH more than before 10.7. The only way the math works is if the mission increases the base credits that camos/signals are calculated from. Right now, it doesn't, it's just another additive same as the current camos/signals.
  2. h9k_a

    Update 0.10.6: Dutch Cruisers Pt. 1

    I think the updated AI of the bots for the most part is a good thing. Their ability to adjust speed to juke torps will force players to learn not to just torp the white indicator. The auto pilot that the bots use still needs some work. there have been multiple instances where they're slowing down/stopping to avoid a ship and end up stuck on an island because the rudder shift times combined with the autopilot paraments just won't allow them not to get stuck and they end up going back and forth doing a 30 point turn. The massive nerf to bot accuracy needs to be addressed. Since the patch, you can now sit broadside and know that what used to guaranty a cit from a bot will now result in them splashing shots all around your boat. I have had many games were everyone lives and the bots get zeroed out because they can't do any damage. Now if the intent was to make coop a arcade shooting gallery where you can't test/practice positioning, then this has been accomplished. But I do believe that the hyper accuracy of the bots needs to be restored simply to teach players what they can and can't get away with in positioning/angeling. A bot should punish you with a cit so you learn not to do that position in a random/ranked/etc match. In lower tiers, if you don't give the bots accuracy, when randoms are filled with bots because of a lack of players, those players are never going to learn positioning/angling if aren't forced to learn what they can't get away with. Heck, there was a game earlier today where I was "focused""(indicated by PT) by 6 bots (2 BB, 2 DD, 2 CA) in a salem and was not only able to survive, but only lost 5k in health sank 2 of the bots and did a majority of the damage to the 2 others (I think it ended up being a 200k+ damage game). That shouldn't be possible if coop is supposed to be the training step to other game modes.
  3. h9k_a

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    But Chobi, it's a kilt, not a skirt!
  4. h9k_a

    Whose Fault?

    They did, but in testing, it was discovered to be OP and created massive amounts of team damage so it was quietly shelved next to the Kitakami.
  5. @Hapa_Fodder nice job on putting the event together. It would be interesting to do some analysis to see if having it over a holiday weekend vs a regular one made any difference in the total number of games/volunteer as well as the distribution of times where event captains played. The impression I got was during more of the prime times (after 1pm EST until 8pm) it was fairly easy to get into a game with an event caption (maybe 1 out of 2) and generally if you got in a game, there were multiple bounties available, just not always on both sides. But in the mornings and later evenings, it was extremely rare to find a event matchup (maybe 1/6 and typically it was a single bounty in game). After 7pm Sunday, it was pretty much bare bones where I think I got in 1 match with the bounty on my side even during the tier block times. Again, I don't know if that was just because I got unlucky or if it was because with the memorial day weekend where the volunteers had made other commitments where they didn't play a lot of games compared to a non holiday weekend. Also if you wanted to time it over the holiday, perhaps starting block times Friday mid-day instead of Thursday night and running it thru Tues early morning may have gotten more participation. Again, just a raw impression with no data to back it up, but from a future planning standpoint, it may give you a better idea of how to concentrate the tiers so it's more likely to find a bounty captain. Maybe take a look at the sparser times and instead of making it free play, tie it down to a single tier instead of two. Maybe for the most popular times, make those the free choice periods. The other thing I noticed is that there were very few streamer bounty captains this go around. Last few events, it was pretty much a given that at least 2 of the bounty captains were streaming. Again, not sure if it was because air travel this weekend was back to almost pre-pandemic numbers indicating a bunch of people were out or if it was just unlucky RNG.
  6. h9k_a

    Premium Ship Review - HSF Harekaze II

    Thanks Mouse. No need to put in all the shiny bobbles. You ticked almost all the important info that I (we) look for. i'd even suggest trimming your usual reviews down to this style and saving the "full" ones for unique/original ships since WG is churning out ships and is still "balancing" the commander skill rework. What's the play style? How well does she do on her own? Skill floor/potential ceiling. How does she compare to ships in her type/tier. What tech tree ship is she most similar to? not as critical since WG is still "adjusting" commander skills, but the build you settled on is nice. Is she worth purchasing in your opinion. The only thing that I miss that you used to do is her credit/commander XP/Free XP earning potential.
  7. h9k_a

    Bonus for accumulating 1 Million Coal?

    More like a CEO bonus for missing performance goals and doing so badly as to not pay dividends.
  8. h9k_a

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Not sure if this is my highest in PVE but 1096 base in the Monty when I was experimenting with captain builds tonight
  9. h9k_a

    Players suiciding their ships...

    There are a few reasons for that behavior in no particular order: Those players run some sort of match making monitor and promptly decide that their "team" is going to lose because the other side has "better" players so they suicide their ships so they don't get a penalty for quitting. You have players that have bought into the belief that T-X is the goal, not playing well, so they rush up the lines and don't understand why they can't win. Think about those ranked players that had 1000+ games in a season and couldn't get past rank 8. Players that decided in the first 2 minutes that no one was playing the way they wanted, so they said F it, I'm out and yolo so they can go back to port without penalty. (yes, I had an Alsace player that declared everyone was camping 60s into the match and hit speed boost and charged) They had an emergency or ran late so instead of running to a corner, they charge ahead and die so they can quit the game. They don't care about winning, only about hitting the mouse button and making the guns go boom.
  10. h9k_a


    w doesn’t control your rudder. that speeds up you engine. if you want to lock rudder, that would be either q or e using default mappings
  11. h9k_a

    Copy from my pc to another pc

    Copy the folder. Install the WGC program. Then import the game(s) into the launcher.
  12. h9k_a

    Santa container question

    Yep, definitely wait until we see how they handle duplicate ships. If they don't reroll or "give" you a fraction of their value in tokens ala black friday ships, that is going to dramatically change the number of Christmas crates that will be purchased.
  13. h9k_a

    Roon or Ibuki?

    Roon, but the other consideration is do you want the Hindy or the Zao first....
  14. It's possible, but alot of things have to go right. You NEED to do a bunch of percentage damage, get the bonuses for sinking ships, but most importantly you need either at least 2 caps or 6+ defended ribbons to get the multipliers to push your damage earned XP over the top.