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  1. h9k_a

    Italian premium crates are a joke

    That should be 0.8.10. 0.9.xx should start next year.
  2. so did the completionist in you make you buy #22? lol
  3. The line likely is ready, the "early access" is a sales gimmick to encourage purchase of loot boxes to "jump start" your grind.
  4. I tried for 244 ribbons but came up a bit short
  5. Well, that's about the only way I'll play a T-IV CV.....
  6. h9k_a

    Enough tier 9 and 10 premiums!

    Sure they can. 10 point capt, 25x 300% accelerator missions, port slot, 100 normal economic signals, doubloons, credits and 25 of each special economic signals. Call it the fleet admirals pack. Now what whale would buy it....that’s another story.
  7. Just to make you feel better (or is it worse), here's one with both fire and flood!
  8. 76.35km, but you know it's going to be a bad game when a DD is doing more than the 3 bb's in the operation.
  9. Yep WG logic at its best. Not using premium consumables creates a skill gap but since WG isn't doing NTC, there is no balance issue to be addressed. Is it any wonder why we often question why WG seems to be unable to recognize what "balanced" means?
  10. h9k_a

    Research Bureau Stacking

    IF what was on Flamu's video is accurate, you can reset the line, use FreeXP to research everything thru tier-X, then reset the line again. Repeat the process to stack the the bonuses on each ship. Once you have the 5x or whatever bonus that you want on the ship, then you buy the ship and play one game on it to earn the bonus. The catch is that you have to use FreeXP to research the ships each time you reset the line. If you have sufficient FreeXP to do this multiple times, you only buy the ships after your last reset. That saves you from losing credits each reset since you only get the normal 50% of the purchase price back in credits when you reset the line.
  11. <looks around for that rubber chicken to sacrifice> T-61 please