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  1. New incoming commander

    Looks to be Dasha. New post on the dev blog says that she'll be a commander in all 7 nations. She's to be introduced for the WG birthday arc.
  2. CVs won't be sold until the CV rework with the new interface is done - that's already been disclosed in the dev q & a. Most people believe that it will roll out when console goes to open beta since the new controls are supposed to be console/gamepad friendly.
  3. NA swaps at 7:20am EST. EU swaps at 1am EST. 7/19's ship is the IJN T-VII BB Ashitaka
  4. And the next contestant in the 50% off sale is the Ashitaka..
  5. Well the good news is that it looks like the Lo Yang is day 2’s ship. Only 30% off though.
  6. It's a complete rework and removes the RTS style interface. There's no way for them to do a gradual roll out when they're totally scrapping the existing CV game interface.
  7. I think it was in one of the waterline videos. I do know that it was sub_octavian who stated it in a video.
  8. Yes, but the mechanic that WG is attempting to perfect by reducing DD armor would allow CA's to now double dip with AP. So instead of a BB getting the mechanic, now 203mm+ AP shells will do it. That's not a good solution. I'd propose that WG fix add a line into their code so that only the HIGHEST damage per shell counts. You would still get the ribbons but in the event of a pen/overpen or a overpen/overpen you would only receive the higher damage instead of getting tagged twice by the same shot. That would also fix the issues with BBs cits thru the nose. You would only receive the full Cit damage, not a cit + pen/overpen.
  9. Just finished. Heard the sound that indicated a special award. Had to check the honor to heros to verify that I actually got the capt, slot and credits for the mission chain. The awards do NOT appear in your notifications nor anywhere in the port screen. They only appear in Honor to Heros. @Gneisenau013, you may want to put a bug in the devs to see if they can do a mini patch so that the Indy/Slot/Capt actually appear in the notifications otherwise I foresee alot of people putting in tickets claiming they didn't get the award.
  10. I've "won" Narai twice out of about 6 tries. One no star, one 2 star. I've only seen one 5 star replay and they had a great CV and got lucky with finding a bug in the op where their transports got delayed going into base so they were able to actually land. If all 4 transports go the normal way, it's a loss. If they split then you have a slim chance of covering them. Hitting the King CV is still problematic.
  11. Ok, lets look at the Musashi since its the only ship that's available for multiple earned currencies. It's 176.000 coal or 750,000 free XP. Lets say the average person earns 20,000 total XP per day and gets 2 containers. You would earn 1,000 Free XP per day. That means it would take you 750 days to earn the Musashi. If you get 1 coal drop of 400 each day, you would be able to get the Musashi in 440 days. Now if you got 3 containers and 37,500 XP per day then: You would earn 1,875 Free XP per day so 400 days to earn the Musashi If you average 1.5 (half) 400 coal drops per day then it would take you 294 days You could of course play more, run Free XP boosting Flags or opt for different containers (TYL gives 900 coal and the new Resource container guarantees at least one 400 coal slot in the container -- I got one where all 3 slots were coal on the PTS). But at the end of the day if you don't run any of economic boosting signals/camos, Coal does allow you to progress faster via the container system. If WG continues to offer missions and tasks that allow you to earn coal faster, then that would make coal the much faster way to earn the Freemium ships than using Free XP for F2P gamers.
  12. No mine was on Haven with the Dallas. See screen caps above. Attached a replay. 20180705_183151_PASC206-Dallas_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  13. Mine wasn't quite as bad but it appeared that the white clouds/rain reflections were replaced with red/pink instead of white.
  14. I don't think it's possible to 5 star Narai with the split escapes. Unless a cruiser goes immediately for the south west exit point, it is impossible to catch the St Clair. There needs to be a much longer delay to make this possible without having to sacrifice the damage output of a cruiser to do this. The mix of ships there is decent, but the transports bug out too quick. There needs to be a slightly longer delay before they move (maybe 2 minutes) or maybe key it to when a green ship hits a certain line instead of doing it by time. With the Richelieu/Martel/Farragut covering the Lexington carrier, it is virtually impossible to kill the CV unless you go there in force. If you do that then you can't save the transports so again, it's impossible to 5-star the op. The only thing I can think of to fix this is to either again delay the Lex exit until the invasion transports enter the base instead of going north at speed immediately from its spawn. The other choice is to drop the Rich/Farr so only the Martel is covering. That way, a single ship still has a chance of killing the CV without sacrificing the ability to cover the transports with a strong enough force to make the transport survival possible. I like the concept of ramping up the difficulty of the op, but it needs to have a chance to realistically 5-star it. As it stands now the issues above, you can't cover the transports since for all practical purposes you're now entering the invasion area with 5 ships at best (more like 3 since someone always dies taking out the MO and if you need 2 ships to do #2 above). With that mix, it's not possible to cover the transports anymore.
  15. And you're missing this. COAL is available for everyone to get and is relatively easy to earn. You can now buy premiums/flags/camos/upgrades with it. You now have chances to get things that you either couldn't get (upgrades) or had to spend real money to buy by just playing the game. Steel is a REPLACEMENT for the Jolly Roger/Stalingrad flag system. You by your own admission have NEVER gotten those flags, yet you're obsessing over something that you could never get but now you have a VERY VERY VERY slim chance to get over time.