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  1. h9k_a

    Premium Battle Pass Price

    Questions that I want to ask during the official stream tonight. Does the battle pass only last until you get 50 out of the possible 150 Battle pass points per week? If you can unlock 150 BP points per week, does that mean you can potentially run thru 3 "levels" ?
  2. h9k_a

    Premium Battle Pass Price

    um, where do you see additional steel? The only steel I see is that the season battle pass for 6,250 gives you an additional 5% coal/steel/RP. Not sure what the additional combat mission every week gives, since we can't see it.
  3. h9k_a

    Premium Battle Pass Price

    In game, under the battle pass tab, then battle pass upgrade and bonuses in the upper right.
  4. h9k_a

    Premium Battle Pass Price

    Unfortunately, it appears it's 2500 doubs a week. 6250 for a season. Season defined this patch as 1 month and 4 days (so call it 35 days or 5 weeks). Of course for the first week, on top of the above rewards for purchase, you get 25k Elite commander xp, 7500 free xp, 4x GREEN bonuses, 1M creds, 3000 coal and the T7 IJN CL Tokachi w/ 10 point commander. A t7 normally goes for 8500+ doubs so the first week MAY be worth it if you're into ships.
  5. h9k_a

    Forum Contest - Warships Rewind

    When the wg eu team gave painzor a Belfast rental, then after he bought the ship in a santa crate, they took it away from him!
  6. h9k_a

    USS Texas Underway!

    Livestream of the Texas being towed