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  1. h9k_a

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    The cynic in me says WG picked it because it sunk and was never modernized. They can put whatever on it as a paper refit for balance and NOT have everyone arguing about it because she was sunk.
  2. h9k_a

    Are there any good T9 tech tree ships?

    Nice list, however; with the increase of CV's in the queue due the the new German CVs, if players don't know how to play around a CV (especially in randoms), it doesn't matter if the ship is good or not.
  3. @Hapa_Fodder The news article mentions that when you complete all 4 missions, you get a special achievement and the Kitty Purrfurst flag. I've got the flag when it originally came out so don't know if it was awarded, but what is the special achievement? I just finished the last mission and don't see an achievement that I don't recognize.
  4. h9k_a

    battleship play is still broken

    Well, here's a tidbit you can pass along to your BB friends. The way you succeed in this game is to enforce your will on the enemy. Allowing them to dictate terms is just negotiating surrender. If you're taking 15 minutes to "figure out what to do," you've surrendered the initiative and are purely in a reactive role and that rarely turns out well.
  5. But Lert, remember there's also a coupon for coal special upgrades, so if you're lobbying for a coupon for RB ships in addition to coal/doubs coupons, then there should also be a coupon for the UUs since there's a coupon for coal special upgrade modules
  6. Why limit it to RB ships? There should also be a coupon for the UU that you get via RB as well.
  7. h9k_a

    $10 More in Armory--Again!

    Well, as much as I hate to say it. They tell you that on both the armory and premium shop. Notice the armory only gives you -10%, the permium shop gives you -20%. That's the $10 difference in price. Armory Premium store So they're not deceiving you, but I'm sure the spreadsheet says it's perfectly fine /s
  8. Because today's UI designers prioritize aesthetics over workflow. Look at the latest offerings from Microsoft or Apple (seriously, why would you remove the print icon from your home ribbon in a word processing program). Heck look at any web based application (like say applying for stimulus grants). The attitude in the last 5-10 years has been "here's the work around" instead of looking at the number of clicks it takes to do a process - kinda ironic in our current give it to me now society.
  9. @Hapa_Fodder Please confirm that ALL streams (yes, including the CIS one) have codes that are not server gated. The web article and youtube video give the illusion that this should be the case, yet this past week, the CIS stream was only for CIS, the NA stream was only for NA, it appeared that the EU stream only had non gated codes. If that isn't the case, then, to put it bluntly, what is the point of advertising all of official streams on the NA website when the promised reward isn't possible.....that would appear to be a case of false advertising.
  10. h9k_a

    Iron Cross Camo Requirements

    Well, for the additional 2500 doubs, you get the privilege of grinding a mission chain specific for one German type ship (I believe it's limited to T6+) but you do get 15 one use camos, 15 dragon, 15 ouroboros and 15 wyvern signal flags. Now is that worth 2,500 doubs.......
  11. Because these codes are mission chains that give up to 5x German early access CV containers. If you complete the 4 weekly chains, you get the Kitty Purrfurst flag. These additional items will NOT drop for free. The only way to get them is to get a code and enter it during the active window. My understanding is that each regions (not sure about the CIS stream since in the past their codes have been on their server only) weekly stream may/will have a different code, but they will all give the same weekly mission. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/watch-streams-receive-rewards/
  12. Only active during live stream. Another one should be issued during Hapa's live stream tomorrow afternoon/evening
  13. h9k_a

    Personal Combat Mission

    Combat Missions -> Combat
  14. h9k_a

    US BB Line Split is the new one

    <throws cold water on thunder’s enthusiasm> at least 10% worse horizontal dispersion than IJN 40s reload time 23 knot speed 1.7 sigma cit above waterline naturally these are initial values that will be adjusted as testing starts, but those numbers should give you an idea of what WGs intent is. also remember US BBs only have the slot 6 module to improve dispersion.
  15. It's nice to see that WG did some work on the combat missions interface this past patch. I do like that within the battle ending screens it's now much easier to see just what you did. However, within the combat missions port tab itself, it could use some adjustment. Since it's monday, the new dockyard directives opened. However, the dockyard still indicates the 3 missions from week one. At the very least, this needs to be adjusted to show the current weeks missions or the highest completed directive. Otherwise many players will not notice that a new directive has opened. which leads me to Notice that the 3 missions counted in the port screen include a mission that is already completed. If it's finished, it shouldn't be included in the count Finally, the last suggestion is to make the selected mission/directive sticky. Meaning if I select directive mission 4, it should always open to directive #4 until the directives are finished. Right now it only sticks within the current port session, as soon as you play a battle it reverts to #1.