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  1. @Pigeon_of_War, regarding the CV rework. I believe Sub stated that they were leaning towards making the planes unlimited so it will not be possible to deplane a CV in the new paradigm. That's great for the CV players and I do see several potential ways for an experienced CV player to exploit this (leaving the squad in the area so they are destroyed to reduce the recycle strike time comes to mind immediately), but how is this fair to the other players since AA strength is depleted as the ship takes damage and those modules are incap or destroyed. IF AA durability remains as it is now, then that means that the CV strike becomes stronger as the game goes on because the strike package size will remain constant where as the only active damage counter to them is reduced in strength as the game progresses. I would suggest that if they want to make the planes unlimited, then increase the "dispersion" and reduce the fire/flood chance as their original experienced "pilots" are replaced by newbies - in other words, make it the inverse of the AR skill so that as the percentage of original planes decreases, their turn around time and DPM gets increased. That would at least allow some sort of balance between AA strength vs Strike package size.
  2. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Wolf5 just expanded to 50 members, so we've got 10 slots. With the new Clan base revamp, we've gotten: the Drydock (-12% service cost), Research Center (+2% xp), Design Bureau (+10% Free XP), Academy (+6% Commander XP) and Coal Port (+5%) currently.
  3. There's an inconsistency with the Free XP bonus from the new Clan base. With the Coal Port, you get a bonus on the coal that is awarded in containers. With the Design Bureau, you are only awarded up to +25% Free XP on battles. I would suggest that since you can get Free XP in containers like coal, the Free XP Bonus should also apply to what is earned in containers.
  4. Run an integrity check on Wows. It's possible one of the texture files for a ship/map have been corrupted and when you hit it, it locks the game. If you're running the old launcher, click on settings then select the advanced tab and the check is there.
  5. if it restarts and comes up with the standard windows warning that the previous restart was unexpected and wants to scan the hard drive, then you have a major hardware issue. Possibilities include: bad memory - either video or system fan on video card is not working or is clogged with dust so the graphics card overheats and then causes the system to reboot. typically this is accompanied by random colors appearing on the screen immediately prior to the restart. clogged CPU fan causing an overheat on the processor. if the reboot process is long enough, this may return the temps to below the threshold and allow you to restart without the normal temperature warning. Dust or where you have the computer have compromised the airflow thru the box which would cause any of the above 3 things to trigger at much lower ambient temperatures then expected.
  6. Researching modules

    Think of it this way. While the torps/modules are the same as others, you still have to "research" how to put them on that specific ship and "train" your crew on how to use them.
  7. IIRC the final task for the Halsey campaign only gives you Halsey, some credits and elite xp. You only got SCs for parts 2-4. for part 1 you got an American crate. If you got a shark/eagle container it’s probably from something else.
  8. Actually, the Monaghan was the last USN T-VI premium DD that was released. The Ward is a Wickes class DD, so it's kinda in game as well.
  9. Bluntly, if you're grinding T-VI and T-VII ships and you aren't printing enough credits with premium time to purchase the next ship, then you need to up your game. You need to do more quality damage so 1) prioritize targets where your average hits per salvo yield a higher percentage deducted from the targets hit points (for example 1 pen and 2 overpens on a DD will yield you more xp/credits than 5 pens on a BB). 2) survive so you maximize the time you have to do damage 3) increase your win rate so you get the 50% credit/xp bonus that a win gets you. Once you do that, then those credit boosting camo and flags will give you a larger margin. The other thing you can do is join a clan that has the service fees unlocked. That way you'll get a -10% on the service fee which as you go up the tiers becomes larger.
  10. Enable historical views for the techtree
  11. Whether or not the legendary module is worth mounting can be argued. BUT I do think it's worth "grinding" it if you play the T-X anyway because each stage of the mission gives you 50 consumables. For the YY, you get 50x Damage Control, 50x Smoke, 50x Radar, 50x Engine Boost and finally 2 Mosaic camos respectively.
  12. Got a Dasha captain. I don't speak Russian so I don't know what she's saying, but the volume was not consistent. Also it seemed that when you were in binocular view, she spoke louder.
  13. I ranked out and was able to purchase the Bottom of the Ocean Z-23 and Edinburgh Arctic Camo with the copper. However, those camos do not appear in the ship exterior tab. Since there's Reward on Main Account #4 is for playing with these camos mounted, that's a big problem. Ok, evidently you have to turn on Historic settings for the ship view in order for this to show up. Why everything isn't enabled by default......
  14. The audio for opening the Wows Birthday containers is out of sync with the animation. Audio is a good 1 to 2 seconds before the effects on screen.