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  1. Help with Manual Control

    Manual CV drops are only available on T-VI carriers and higher. Alt attacks (Manual drops and strafes) were removed from T-V and T-IV ships to reduce seal clubbing.
  2. Probably. These were from the PTS when you finished a collection section for the Campaign.
  3. There's also another campaign for the end of the year that doesn't unlock for 6 days so.....
  4. If you're running any mods, remove them and run the client clean.
  5. Since Fxp is calculated from your base XP, put it on your best base earner. Looking at your stats, you'll do much better with the Yammy. Now if you got the Tarrnanstrich camo for the Tirp from last Xmas and aren't going to run any of the +100% experience bonus camos on the Yam, then you'll earn more on the Tirp.
  6. I vaguely remember a SubOctavian interview where he explained they look at the "top" and "bottom" players - he never said what percentile when they balance a ship. The middle is not considered.
  7. The Edi is fine. Do yourself a favor and look at the numbers on wows-numbers.com. They actually break out the best 5/10/25/50% players for each ship. You balance the ships for the unicum, not the potato. If you don't count the OP ships (Belfast/Kutuzov), Fiji ends #2 in T-VII and the Edi is #2 or #3 at T-VIII. Not exactly middle of the pack nor a big difference. . Also those concealment numbers don't reflect the fact that at T-VIII you can mount the concealment module. That's another 10% reduction right there. Yes you have the same exact main gun, but you get torps that you can almost stealth torp with and slightly better AA. While I applaud your RN pride, the main reason why the Edi feels worse is because she sees Tier 6-10s whereas the Fiji sees 5-9. T-V's are very squishy and T-X's are very well armored. Also factor in the time needed to advance to each tier, you're facing more experienced opponents since your more likely to be uptiered because of T-IV protected MM. Mistakes in a T-X match are usually very painful if not fatal. In a T-V match they may not even be noticed and since you're the only cruiser at T-VII that gets a heal, much more forgiving.
  8. What More Can I Do?

    If you have them, post the team score and detailed report screens as well. The personal score has XP/credit multipliers in it that may not reflect what you actually did in game. All I can make of that screen is that you likely rushed in, torped and finished something for likely at least half of your damage.The rest of it looks like you shot at armored targets (30-40k on 150 hits) so a bunch of no damage hits. 3 fires seems low for that number of hits so you may be shooting at the hull instead of the superstructure (but with fire RNG YMMV) or you had bunch of AP bounces. No defense ribbons so you didn't contest any points - so likely you capped late or the point you went after they only made a token attempt at.
  9. Yep, but only main guns. Secondaries and torps don't count.
  10. Derpwater Torpeedus

    Same as other torps, just the detection range is much shorter so the planes/ships have to be closer to see them. Hydro still sees them at the usual ranges, but passive visual detection is much closer. Currently it's 1.1km up to T-V then it drops to 0.8km. Net result is you get as little as 4s to react to them instead of the 7/9s it is for most torps. It's a WIP so it may still change like they're making it so you get the previous tier's top torps stock and have to research the ones that are currently being tested. Just to put it into perspective, the stock 20km torps on the Shima have a 15s reaction time. The best torps on the other higher tier IJN DD's are around 9.5s. Top Fletcher/Gearing torps have a 7.9s RT. The only comparable RT is the Khab ET-46 which is around 4s for 0.6km detect
  11. What More Can I Do?

    No image is showing for me, but the NA average for the Kiev in the last week is a 49.65% win rate, 33,356 damage, 1,245 XP, 0.6 kills/game. Note that's the average.Now the top half of all players are 57.66%, 49,958, 1.552, 0.83 respectively. Remember, especially for DDs, it's not just raw damage numbers, it's the correct damage. XP/credits for damage is based on percentage done to that ship. You get more doing 5k damage to a DD than 5k to a BB. There are multipliers for when you're uptiered. DD play is all about map control. if a majority of your damage is late in the game, then all you're doing is farming credits/xp. If you want to win, it's all about dictating terms and forcing the opponents to do what you want them to do.
  12. I've tried it 4 times since they fixed it and haven't gotten any stars after 4 starring it the first week. How did you guys win it?
  13. 2nd week of the PADD missions requires DDs. That's why you're seeing 4/6 dd's and only 1/2 CA/CLs. It'll probably also be that next week when the PA line is released since the final rewards for the PADD missions requires winning 5 games to get the 129k commander XP (enough to get a 9 pt capt) and 15x +100% XP boost rewards. Of course we've got alot of players that aren't great in them so DD play has been very spotty lately. I got TK'd in my Z-46 by a Kidd where ALL 5 of his torps hit me. Yes he was that close and I wasn't broadside to him - heard one set of torp warning beeps and boom. The sad thing was he followed me into the cap so it's not like he didn't know I was in front of him. I went 5/14 in the Z-46 before I got tired of it and pulled out the Yug and Fletch to finish off the last 20K flood and final 2 stages. I think the hardest thing was stage IV where you have to do 5k damage to DD + CL/CA + BB AND finish in the top 3. I had 3 games where I'd miss the dd requirement by under 200 or finished 4th or 5th.
  14. The new mechanic is a compromise. They gamed it the way you are proposing. Unfortunately in that instance, people could sit BEHIND but not IN smoke and be completely shielded since the tested smoke was completely opaque. That meant that BB's could now take advantage of the mechanic and still stealth fire from behind smoke instead of being limited to their intended visible smoke firing range.
  15. Derpwater Torpeedus

    From what I've seen on the PTS, you can probably still scare them into moving. The color difference on DWT vs T triangle is very slight. I think the torp alarm doesn't go off, but when they pop up with the short detection time, the DD is going to start to maneuver when they see them because they have to honor the torp threat. It's just that you won't kill them with torps, but if your goal is to make them react to you, I think DWTs will still do this.