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  1. Ships changing tiers

    In the IJN and RU line splits, there was both up- (RU) and down- (IJN) -tiering. There were no tree gaps in the ships that you could earn. That being said, look at the latest French BB rollout. Unlike the RN BB rollout, you could "earn" ships that were higher than where you progressed in the tech tree - that makes me believe that WG has no issues with you having "gaps" in your researched tech tree ships. If you want to go back and get them, you'll need to unlock them the normal way, but there were no issues with starting out your French BBs with a T-V thru T-VIII (depending on your luck). At the beginning of the crate awards, they did not drop sequentially - meaning you did not get them in order. I think after about a week, they fixed it so you got them in order, but at first, there were people pulling the Lyon or Rich as their first missions. That means a lot of us still don't have the T-III and T-IV French BBs but have some of the higher tier ones. That being said, if they want to give me a Dallas and/or Helena with a 6 or 8 point capt on them I'm not going to turn them down. The Dallas is not a replacement for the Cleveland. It's the new T-VI in the new USN CL Line. That line goes Dallas, Helena, Cleveland, Seattle and Worcester. The names are still a work in progress so they may move around or change, but that's what was published last November.The CA (existing) line would be Pensacola, New Orleans, Baltimore, Buffalo and Des Moines. Those are the ships that your ship XP and captains would remain on. If they do it like they did the RU line split, assuming you have the everything elited and IN your port, you would then get all the new CA ships with the same XP/config/captains as the current ones. You would also get an additional captain in your reserve. Points have not been mentioned, but when they did the RU, you got a 8 or 9 point captain. All modules would be dismounted from the current ships and placed in your inventory for you to remount on the new ships. You would also get the new T-VIII Cleveland stock with 0 ship XP and likely a 9 point captain. Those captains may be at a different point value since the RU line split was before they bumped the max to 19. Since you would get duplicate T-VI thru T-VIII ships, you would get the credit values for them as well as the new ships in your port. 17,420,000 credits assuming they don't take off the clan discounts - and I'm guessing they will so if your clan has the shipyard discounts purchased, you'll only get 15,678,000. Assuming they do it the same, purchased Perm camo would both stay with the current tier as well be awarded on the new up/downtiered ship. You will not be awarded doubloons or duplicate camos if you have it on all your ships. If you want to Min/Max perm camos, then you'll need to buy it for the Cleveland VI (since that would give you camo for the Pensa VI, Cleveland VIII), Pensa VII(gives NO VII and Pensa VI) and Balti IX(Buffalo IX and Baltimore VIII). So basically by purchasing camos for a T-VI, T-VII and T-IX for 7000 doubloons, you would get T-VI, T-VII, T-VIII (2x) and T-IX camos worth 13,000 doubloons. Since award perm camos were not available the last time they split tiers, we don't know what will happen with the Congratulatory Camo could be won for the NO. Also remember if they remove hull/gun/engine modules on the "new" downtiered ship, you will get the credits for it if you bought it and have it in your inventory as well as getting the XP back as Free XP. The USN CV rework also tells us that if you sold the module that is now the highest available on the new ship, you will get that module for free provided you have a "higher" module that is being removed. My dread is that when they give you a "new" T-VIII Cleveland, you'll only get the stock ship. That means that even though you have the current Cleveland and NO fully researched and purchased, you'll still only get the new T-VIII stock ship. That's how they did the RU line moves (Og and Uda) so don't be too surprised. The good news is that if you have the Balti fully researched, the Buffalo should be in the same configuration, so you won't need to regrind the modules there. The other bad thing is if you want your current Cleveland capt on the new ship, you'll have to pay to have him retrained. Supposedly if you put him in the reserves and recruit a new commander for your Cleveland VI, you can put the current capt on the Cleveland VIII without training, but I don't know of anybody that successfully did this in the past line splits. What I do know worked was if you have a commander in training, he will be fully retrained after the split. WG's policy has always been that your account/ships will not be "worth" any less than before when they do a split or adjustment. You will always get the XP/Credits back if you spent them researching a module/hull that has been removed.
  2. Ships changing tiers

    No, the captains stay at the same tier; they do not move with the ship. WG does not give the new commander the same point captain as you currently have. They will give you a new stock captain. So in your case you would get: A Retiered T-VIII Baltimore with the 6 point captain and XP from your current NO. You would also get a new commander (likely with 9 points). Since that's the promo perm camo, it would likely stay at the tier and you MAY NOT get the same camo on the retiered T-VII NO A Retiered T-VII New Orleans with the 10 point captain and XP from your current Pensacola and a new likely 8 point commander A Retiered T-VI Pensacola with the 12 point captain, XP and perma camo from your current Cleveland and a new likely 8 point commander A Retiered T-VIII Cleveland with perma camo and whatever WG decides to give as a new captain. In the last split, a T-VIII usually got a 9 point captain, but this was before they reworked the captain skill points so it may be a higher/lower captain Credits for a duplicate T-VII and T-VI. All of your existing commanders would be retrained for the replacement tier ships and stay at their current tier. You would also get a new (likely 8 or 9 point) commander for the retiered ships in your reserve if you do not have a commander on the new ships. Since promo perm camo did not exist when the last split occurred, we do not know if you will get an additional camo on the new retiered ship. If you want to read the patch notes for the last line split (Russian Destoryers), it's here - https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/update-notes-main/release-notes-062/
  3. Rewards for Acheivements

  4. Yes don't convert dups until the last minute unless you want the Yammy camo before the event ends. If you're trying to do the extra containers by playing the HSF ships, Yamato or Musashi, those missions MAY end when 0.7.5 drops (the way it's worded it's kinda ambiguous what the "first" mission is).
  5. 1) Sept 30, 2018. Both the ship sales and collection will end then 2) Yes you get credits for dups, 15k No, after you finish a collection, it stops collecting, so you can't get any dups.
  6. Hey Pidgeon, Suggestion for a future update. In the campaign screen, you'll notice that I've actually finished all of them, but the Gold of France is the only one that I've finished all tasks for. I'm slowly working on ticking off the others. Is there any way to put some sort of counter that shows the number of tasks (or stars) completed? That display is available when you mouse over the missions, but it not shown on the campaign select screen. For example, maybe add a xx/15 under the time til end line for the Gold of France campaign or maybe do a status bar that shows the numbers like what's in the Challenges/Combat Missions.
  7. Points Have Me Perplexed

    Hello Pot, let me introduce you to Kettle. The OP cared enough about earning Free XP that he put a Papa Papa flag on. If he didn't fly that flag, then I wouldn't be concerned. I understand that he's unlocked the Gearing and believes that Ship XP at this point don't matter. But that's incorrect. Free XP is based directly off Ship XP. That means the more Ship XP you earn, the more Free XP you earn. If the OP hung an Equal Speed Charlie London giving him 50% more Ship XP, he would have gotten 2732 Ship XP which just sits on the ship and does nothing unless he wants to pay doubloons to convert it to free xp. If you're free-to-play, that XP is useless after you've unlocked the Gearing and elited the ship. Here's the part that isn't useless. He now would earn 548 Free XP instead of the 368 that he got. Here's the other part of the equation, since Commander XP is also based off of Ship XP, instead of earning 1839, he would get 2732 commander xp. So by just adding a single +50% XP signal, he would earn 180 more Free XP and 893 Commander XP. Now if he used any of the better camos and flew an of the other signals than that gain would be much greater. For free-to-play gamers, I would hope that they would want to maximize their gains from the use of performance camos and economic signals. Now if someone wants to save their performance camos for grinding a different ship, then I'd encourage them to save the use of economic signals for that grind as well as that's the best way to maximize the gains they bring provided they can actually do well in the ship. Now if you have a ship that you consistently do great in, then use the better camos and signals so you can maximize your Free XP and Commander XP earnings. Use them on those days that we have 2x or 3x first win bonuses to get even more. WG does not do a great job of explaining how the XP economy stacks. It's well buried in the Wiki in lots of algebraic equations. I've had games where I've gotten almost the same Free XP as I got Ship XP by combining signals and camos; in a decent game I've gotten 14k+ ship xp, 12k+ Free XP and 25k+ commander XP by flying the 7 XP bonus signals and running Frosted Fir camo. No it's not pretty camo and I've only got 1 slot for a combat signal, but in combination with the 3x daily win bonus days in December, I was able to grind well over 1 million free xp. The only bad thing is that you will absolutely fly thru the ship grind. You WILL be credit poor because you did not play enough games in a particular ship to be able to purchase the ship you unlocked.
  8. Points Have Me Perplexed

    Since the red DDs were all T-X you got a bonus for killing a tier higher ship. Plus it was a dev strike so you did a majority of the damage. Add in a cap and another call it 30k damage on another ship or two, you did a decent amount of percentage damage per ship so you got decent XP. On a side note, PLEASE run some decent camo/flags on your Fletch. You don't know just how painful it is to see someone have a decent game, but because they're only running no bonus camo and just the clan bonus, their earned XP is almost the same as the base XP. Your papa papa flag would earn you more if you increased the earned ship XP.
  9. Remember, xp is based on percentage damage, not raw damage. My first game this afternoon was in the Chung Mu on Sleeping Giant. 4 kills, 156K damage (60k of an Izumo, 60% of a gearing, last 2% of a kag, all of a Lex and 70% on a henry and 3k on a fletch) 150 cap points (of the 240 the team got - we capped B twice), 40 defense points. 2758 base XP. Yesterday, I had a game in the fletch, 1895 base xp on 57k damage and 2 kills. 5 dds on the other team so I went after them. So if you want to rack up Base XP, hit the smaller health pool ships hard, you'll get more xp than hitting a BB for the same amount of raw damage.
  10. Remember, wins give you a 50% bonus, so it's really a 1,167 base XP game. It's easier to get it in a higher tier game or getting a bunch of caps, but it's not that hard to do in a t-7+ match
  11. Bluntly, NONE of them. If you want to play out of range of the reds, then learn CVs. Note, this does not mean hide in the corner, it means moving your ship so you are just out of range of their guns so you can minimize the turn around time of your strike package. Just because your ship has a 20+km range doesn't mean they're effective at that range. In order to do effective damage, you must: Hit with a large portion of your salvo. Even with 12 or 16 guns, if you're trying to stay at long range, you'll be lucky to hit with more than 2 or 3 shells. Even then, since you're at long range, they will have less penetration. You will do much less damage than the rated damage of the shell because it will likely either bounce or shatter, especially at lower tiers where the guns are smaller. Also since you have less pen, you will likely not have enough oomp to actually get thru the armor belt, so no cits. Now you're going to say, but wait, I can use HE and penetration won't matter. Well that's correct, but if you look at the damage of the HE shells, remember since it's not a cit, you will only get 1/3 the damage on a pen. Now look at the damage values for AP vs HE. So if you use HE, you're likely doing less than 20% the damage per shell vs AP cits. If you want to consistently place in the top half of the team and have more than 50% win rate, then you need to learn map positioning. This means placing your ship either where map elements will shield you from a majority of the incoming fire and angling your ship so your armor can mitigate the shells from the reds. It also means putting yourself in effective range so you can consistently hit the reds with a majority of your salvo to maximize your damage potential.
  12. Sweet Mother of GOD!

    The chipset will handle 4k and up to 4 monitors provided you have enough vram on the card. If you've got 4 gig on the video card, you should be able to run 4k without any issues. If you don't run games/apps that need serious Antialiasing (and WG stuff doesn't), you could run a single 4k monitor (and likely just a single 4k and 1080 max) with 2gb. Keep in mind, to run beyond 2018x1536, you MUST use the digital links.
  13. Sweet Mother of GOD!

    If you're planning on going 27-28, I'd recommend going with a 2k monitor. If you want to go 4k, get a 32+
  14. Except autobounce for US AP is 22.5°. But I've got a few questions. Where are you getting that angle measurement. AFAIK WG has not made any tables available that show the actual angle of shell impact at various ranges for each ship. The posters here have cited anywhere from 11° to 22°. Where are you guys finding that info? Unlike BBs, cruisers and DDs do not have their range artificially capped, which means for them plunging fire is possible. Now what ranges those occur, I don't believe WG has disclosed their shell arc model unless you guys have info that I haven't seen. What's the arming time on DM AP? I wonder if the reason why the Monty evidently can't be cit'ed is because there is enough distance between the deck and cit that it for all practical purposes serves as space armor. It looks like you're firing at near max range on the iowa, GK and Conq so at those distances you shouldn't be able to pen the side armor.
  15. What is the best T9 CA

    Depends on your playstyle and the MM mix. If radar isn't necessary, then the Roon's probably the most well rounded - tanky and still able to DPM. The Neptune's also good since it has it's own smokescreen, fairly long range torps and good AA that doesn't rely on DFAA but requires a very different playstyle - not everybody's going to do well with her. If you need radar, it's hard to argue against the Don since it has a range advantage over the Balti as well as much better gun arcs. The Saint-Louis does great damage, but I don't know that it can influence games as much as any of the above.