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  1. h9k_a

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Actually Wolf5 has 1 opening, possibly another opening up in a day or so. Level 10 Clan (so you'll need to earn 10 crates after admission before bonuses apply) -12% post battle service -10% to cost of tier 1-6 (This is likely the last thing we'll build) +2% XP +6% Commander XP +7% Coal +5% Steel +25% FreeXP We do desire active productive players. We do bump for inactivity or low production.
  2. Yet they just added line of sight for AA and plane spotting for 0.8.0. If server overhead is truly an issue, then WG needs to buy better servers!
  3. h9k_a

    What class next?

    BBs are the easiest class of ship to play. With only 1500ish games and going up every line of BBs I've got doubts that you have mastered them. I'd encourage you to understand the nuances of how to play BBs at high tiers so you can understand why a BB is doing what they're doing. Once you know that, you'll find that progressing to a CL/CA or DD much easier since those classes key off of where BBs position.
  4. The show WG the proof that +/-1 MM will grow the playerbase and make them more money. Their stated fear is that off peak hours, matches are not filled immediately/quickly - if they gate more parameters for MM, the wait is going to be longer. They believe that most people will not wait longer than the times now and if they did you are far more likely to have AFK players because they just queued, went away after a minute and didn't see that the game actually started. They think that is more of an impediment to growing the playerbase than +/-2 MM complaints. Look at some of the oddball CV games from off peak hours where you saw anywhere from 3-6 ships per side. Yes, the CV has to have mirror matchmaking so unless there are 2 CV's in queue, MM can't make the match. BUT the fact that they couldn't fill the match shows that there are not sufficient players in queue. If you restrict the queue to +/-1 then that breaks even more. Heck look at the recent post that showed a full 12v12 battleship only match. That means that the soft limit of 4 BBs and 4 DDs couldn't be made and MM reverted to the old parameters and just grabbed 24 available ships that were in the tier spread. The only tweeks that I think we can do to MM as it stands now is to 1) split identical ships - that way you won't see matches where you have 2 Montys vs 2 Yammys or 2 gearings vs 2 shimis; and 2) split the number of radar ships so that you won't get matches where it's 3 radars on one side vs 1 on the other.
  5. h9k_a

    USS Wichita now going to be promo ?

  6. Actually, they're technically not going away, they're just not going to be available other than getting them in a supercontainer. Some people pulled them via the santa crate lotto this year. They're joining the Missouri, Belfast and Mik Kut as ships that are technically still available but are exceedingly rare to get.
  7. That's what the magnetic exploder's were supposed to do. Unfortunately they didn't quite work properly so for the most part all torps during WWII relied on contact exploders which means they hit the side of the ship and didn't rely on the gas bubble breaking the keel.
  8. If you're a collector then you may as well pick it up. WG rarely discounts high tier premiums. I think we had a 15% off doubloon ships before Christmas, but we rarely see discounts on relatively new ships across the board in the premium shop unless it's the Armada one for someone trying to catch up with the current releases. There may be national discounts sometimes, but traditionally T8's only get a 15% off so how much is 200 steel worth to you? Your next chance to get it cheap (sorta) is likely going to be next years santa crates assuming they're still doing them.
  9. h9k_a

    1st Legendary Module/Upgrade

    I wouldn't bet on the RN CV's being introduced that quickly. Remember for all practical purposes, they've got balance 3 lines between 0.8.0 and 0.8.2 (IJN, US, 4 premium CVs) and give them different flavors. I can't see them adding another nation when they haven't mentioned anything about the premium CVs other than the Kaga and Saipan are moving to T-8 even in the devblog.
  10. h9k_a

    1st Legendary Module/Upgrade

    Thunder's got a decent gunnery eye, but because he's used to playing PVE, he's not going to have the patience for the tentative probing in PVP. He'll be one of the ones charging forth and shooting and getting pinged "Get Back"
  11. h9k_a

    1st Legendary Module/Upgrade

    Pssst Thunder....you've still got CV's to grind. Only 9sh days to get to Tier 10 before they get totally revamped. lol
  12. You need to show the full context of that stat. The Rodney claimed +60% because at that time she closed to point blank range (under 2.7km) shooting a virtually flat trajectory and the Bis was virtually dead in the water. NO after action review was possible so those "shell hit" numbers were based upon those observers of those ships firing who had every reason to believe that any hit was done by their gun and whose Captains had every reason to inflate the numbers because that was the way to earn promotions and commendations. I could argue that at 2.7km shooting at a virtually stationary 250m long target with flat trajectories, a 68% hit rate is bad.
  13. h9k_a

    Jean Bart- What a fun ship.

    Yep, I played 4 games in her just to do the 4M French directive for the PEF. Fast reloading bow-in reversing HE spammer does really well at locking down a flank against everything charging at you. When you can easily stack multiple fires on a ship and your teammates can flood them, it's very effective at map control. You won't delete stuff, but you're going to make your teammates look like rock stars.
  14. Game per game, I'd agree with that, but when you start factoring the time difference, it becomes murky. I think I've seen somewhere where WG said the average co-op game is less than 6 minutes. The average random game is over 16. Yes, if you're hanging economic flags then random is absolutely the best bang per flag. If you play co-op bare vs having to at least run premium consumables in pvp it becomes a lot closer than you think especially if you're a sub 48% pvp/96%+ coop player. The other thing to consider is that at lower tiers, you're progressing fairly quickly thru the ships so you're incurring training costs quicker. If you then hang xp bonus flags/camos but not the better credit ones, you're going to earn less credits per tier in pvp vs co-op bare. Time wise, you're going to be much faster in pvp but then you're having to play additional games to earn credits before you can buy a ship you unlocked up to probably around T-5ish if you're using xp camo/flags. Above T-7 straight random w/ premium consumables will give you better progress than co-op bare for average players. Remember T-8 seems to be where average free to play people seem to be unable to net enough credits without having to run some kind of economic flag/camo and end up unlocking ships that they haven't earned enough credits to purchase/equip. WG for the most part has the balance between XP/credits vs research/cost of a ship pretty close for mid-tier average F2P captains. Low tiers you should have a surplus of credits. Look at the economic flags available +50% for XP vs +20% credits. You can only get +50% credit on camos but up to +400% for xp. Even on the special flags +425% xp vs +75% credits total. WG has made so average F2P captains who flag up will unlock a ship but won't be able to purchase/equip it without going back and playing other ships to make credits or buying premium ships that usually net more credits than their tech tree counterparts.
  15. Yeah, it's been awhile since I pulled an all nighter but I started at 8pm configuring/updating a computer for a new engineer so had to install multiple versions of revit/autocad then do all the updates for windows 10 since the machine had been off for 6 months so it didn't have 1803 on it. What really killed me was that 1803 wouldn't install because it needed to reboot after the autocad install but the generic popup didn't say it, just said disable antivirus and try again.....Finally got it on and then the update on the server stopped me from configuring his desktop. Regarding for the crates, remember having the PEF lets you start the mighty prinz campaign which after you get past the 1st stage is all crates for the initial tasks. As long as you haven't been trading dups as you go, you should have plenty to finish the collection if you've had even remotely decent RNG.