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  1. You know, I'm starting to agree with this sentiment, honestly. You just get to a point when you step back and realize you're just not having fun anymore. We've all likely spent money we regret, but cutting your losses is usually better than falling for the sunk cost fallacy. I think I'm about ready to bail as well. Good luck to those who stick around.
  2. How's London recently?
  3. It's cute watching you repeatedly edit trying to add Ethos to your gun jab.
  4. I would hope your roommate has found a new mechanic...
  5. Who said anything about settling? When they made that shift, I stopped buying. You don't need anything they offer. Just stop. All you need is a little restraint.
  6. Poharan

    Savage Battle opinions.

    It gets boring really fast. It's not like it's an inherently awful mode. It's just that all the matches feel really the same. Very little variety. And the divisions break the mode.
  7. I've been messing around with the new event, and just wanted to share my thoughts. See if anyone else had something to add. 1: The ship lines really don't seem balanced. Specifically, the gunboat (Atomic Rage) line seems to be pretty much inferior in almost every way to the other lines. Not a big deal, but I find it curious. I like the Messer line, myself. 2: What's with the armory? Have you looked at it? If you miss the Benham goal (or know you will never be able to handle the grind), there's really nothing worthwhile in there to throw your tokens at. Why not some permacamos or something? 3: Divisions can be overcome with effort, but they do seem to have a massive advantage in this mode. 4: This is the big one. This mode gets old very quickly. This is supposed to be a month long grind? Sorry. I have played for one day, and I'm already about ready to call it quits. What on earth. Those of you who are actually going for Benham, I genuinely and unironically wish you the best of luck and perseverance.
  8. Poharan

    azuma don't look SO bad

    How's she play compared to Spee? They seem similar in concept, and I love Spee.
  9. Poharan

    savage mode is pathetic

    The division/clan thing is certainly ridiculous, but I actually find the mode itself less objectionable than standard PVP. It's not completely awful.
  10. Its a funny situation. I know it's likely misattributed, but I also know it's so commonly misattributed that if I say he said it people will know what I'm talking about.
  11. I'd say it's probably best not to give WG hundreds for a pixelbote in general, but you know what PT Barnum said.
  12. Since the advent of Wine. So. . . forever. You just have to deal with 50/50 odds of something breaking catastrophically every patch.
  13. Anyone figure out any workarounds? I've been running it without too much issue through Steam Play until now. Now it's completely non-functional. If not, looks like I'll be quitting for a while.
  14. Poharan

    New AAA is brutal even in coop.

    Knowing WG I would expect the bots to have perfect sector control, so I'm not really surprised.
  15. Poharan

    New Mode Dominated by Clans

    I dislike PvP modes enough as is. If this is happening already, this seems like a good event to skip out on to me.