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  1. Azure Lane Captains are Here

    They're not free, and they didn't even pick any of the fun characters. Azur Lane implemented their WoWS content for free too. GG, WG. As usual.
  2. PSA Eula changes

    They've been like that for a while though. This is them not only not learning from the iChase PR disaster, but doubling down on it. WG doesn't like to improve.
  3. PSA Eula changes

    WG's attitude towards their playerbase has always been a bit of a concern of mine, and this is the kind of thing that leads me there. It's a bit more of a broader societal trend too though. The whole, "you don't own anything digital," nonsense. I don't like it, and, I won't lie, it hurts my opinion of companies that practice it.
  4. I'm still kind of evaluating the Pepsi. So far it feels really broken at its tier. The slow turret traverse is irritating, but if you take some of your BB skills of prepositioning and thinking about your movements in advance you can usually overcome it. It's just having 10 203s at T6 feels so broken. Especially when they get USN normalization and the Aoba only gets 6.
  5. Possible Solution to Radar

    I feel like things would be much better if radar simply behaved properly and didn't penetrate terrain. (Hydro too.)
  6. Favorite Tier 6 BB?

    Fusou. Though I feel like I'll prefer Mutsu if I ever decide to pick her up.
  7. What’s your #2 money maker?

    I think HSF Graf Spee, really. It's strange because I have Atago, but Spee seems to earn far more. The weirdest thing is my Tachibana earns me way more credits than you'd think too.
  8. There were going to be something like seven? commanders and only one (Nelson) is able to be earned in game according to this. I was looking forward to Cleveland.
  9. The Azur Lane collab apparently being heavily real money based is an immense disappointment. I was hoping for something like the Arpeggio collab. That sucks.
  10. Didn't stop WG with the Hood's gimmick.
  11. If we do this, I want Sanshiki shells on IJN BBs so their main artillery can become dual purpose.
  12. Probably messing up a torpedo beat that you really should have pulled off. Bonus points if it's only like one torp and you just get careless. Double bonus if you're a BB on full health and the single torp detonates you.
  13. That's a difficult one for me. I really don't like to call out ships as OP, as I think having some better and some worse ships is just kind of normal. I think the two main criteria I would consider for a ship being OP would be: amount of effort needed to to well and ability for other players to counterplay. Very low effort to play + very little practical counterplay = OP. The real issue for me is degree. How little effort to play, and how difficult to counterplay? That I can't really explain in words. It's more of a feeling.
  14. It was complicated. I was sailing in formation with another ship who was about 1.2km to my NW and he was firing at that ship while he was to my NE. I think he was behind an island from that ship, but he was certainly not behind an island from me. I think what may have happened is he was at the edge of his range firing at my ally, but the slight difference between our positions meant he was out of spotting for me even though he was in range of my nearby ally. Though the difference between the distance I and my ally were from him was not the full 1.2km, so it must have been very close. I'm not 100% sure about things though. The only other explanation is bug.