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  1. Nope I sure as hell didn't get close to what you got, not this year not last year. Alot of guys in the clan got krasny krym for there first ship roll coincidence? Don't think so, Done with crates hell done spending money on wows.
  2. Hay thanks for the chance and Merry christmas.
  3. Opened close to 50 santa gifts maybe more this year dont know different sizes was also gifted some and gifted some myself also my second year buying these christmas crates. Hundreds of $ in support for WG. Then they poop on me for helping by giving me my first crate ship ever the krasny krym! Feel shafted and ripped off, only one ship really and a poo one at that. NO more money from me.
  4. k35n

    2018 Secret Santa!

    @Frostschaden Sent a gift your way hope you have some good luck and RNG smiles on you this day
  5. Think hit my breaking point with these loot boxes been years since I started playing. Every Christmas or time WG puts out these boxes with ships in them I buy it right away. Not one ship yet since I started playing somthing is wrong here.