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  1. Just played rank, a CV killed our dd once we snuck around the island and even missed on a strike with torpedo's on me, i was in a secondary spec bis and he still did most of the work on me. He was faster than me or as fast, and fast enough to stay away from the dd. the only reason i can see people saying this type of crap is not op is cause they like playing exploits. It is possible they love the game and like playing all, okay ill give them that. But since coming back into the game, carriers add no enjoyment to the game for the opposite team and have too much impact on the game. What is there weakness, a lot of smart players used to say rock paper scissors. What is it for carriers. bomb? that's it probably, only scissors can stop it, so it kills the other three. anyway, average player wont stay long in he game due to carriers, again. God i cant imagine the sub gameplay.
  2. jamesCOCOcokelet

    CV Hate

    Cvs focus the fun on one person instead of a team effort. Its bad enough that some people sit back rack up kills and points while others die. Farming for credits. The game is masquerading as a team game but its really a bunch of single people trying to win and hoping the team jumps onboard. But carriers take away any fun to fight against them. Sorry to fight against their planes. I saw on the thread here that people are hating on cv, i do to. I usually say that i hate cv and the game play, and then leave it alone. If people attack you, not carriers then the rest of the team should report them. I am not saying that i have left a hole open that a bb could sail through so they could kill a cv, not saying that at all. I also think that no one ship, if sunk should mean the battle is lost or won. Sounds like more of capture the flag. But if you go with the model of 90 give the other 10 something to shoot at.. well its okay. all in all they dont add to the game fun and its sucky cause for me it feels like nothing i can do to stop them. Yes sometimes i do dodge al their attacks, and sometimes i can mitigate the amount of hits from torps.
  3. jamesCOCOcokelet

    I'm sick of the Negativity with CVs

    I am just coming back into the game and i left due to the carriers topping the damage charts and me trying to point out.. hey this seems unfair. but there were a lot of players who loved it. I liken it to players finding an exploit and utilizing it. As for dodging, yea okay i will almost always eat torps. I am probably just bad at dodging. Mainly there is nothing a bb can do to stop an aircraft carrier from dropping and damaging them. Not extra planes, not secondary builds nothing. so you are being attacked, lit on fire and then dealing with other ships, trying to outmaneuver them and outplay them. Carriers add very little to the game. You could have the highest ranked player or highest win rate player have some special options or just have random plane squadrons against each side... representing a carrier that is not near the battle to be sunk but can help in the battle. Carriers spread more misery than they bring enjoyment.
  4. jamesCOCOcokelet

    T4 Rhein - Fix this steaming pile

    I dropped out of the game when carriers were topping all the damage charts and no matter how much i tried to point out. that they seem unbalanced and make the game unfair, much like stealth he spam. It was boring and made the game unfun, not being able to retaliate vs something that has better speed, concealment, and was awsome for some of the people who like one sided fights or using what i view as an exploit. Coming back into the game, and i just saw a t8 carrier torpedo plane walk through me and another bb and get its torpedos off. Two same tier bb and we could not stop him from dropping torpedos accuratly. I know just like before, some people will say it is fair. I am not an expert, i am average player. But not being able to defend yourself vs planes, and a carrier just deleting you seems pretty stupid. So is there a way to fight them, I mean can i take another carrier and just take anti planes or something. I would sacrifice me getting any xp just to stop planes strikes. Or is it eventually just get sick of it and f4 the game. Not trying to start an argument, just reporting what i see multiple times.