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  1. Rose_Bomb

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    1) Yeah the russians are getting skip bombers. 2) They're not useless. Just finicky. If anything, their fire chance is ridiculous. M. Immelmann is a CV meant to target cruisers and staying on the outer edges of their AA. If anything, the Russian skip bombers are going to be easier to use due to one simple fact. Immelmann's skip bombers bounce only twice, meaning I drop at around 3-4km. The Russian Skips can do three bounces. That's adding another 1~1.5km, essentially the border of most AA and outside of it with the Italian BBs. A good CV player will be the most annoying little bastard to anyone if they aim right. Which isn't a difficult thing to do if you know when the bombs start arcing back to the water.
  2. Rose_Bomb

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    Actually, you're forgetting about Max Immelmann. She doesn't have Rockets either, purely Torps and Skips.
  3. What the hell are you on and where can I get some?
  4. Please? I really wanna keep it. This is THE most fun I've had brawling since the damnable skill rework. Speaking of, is there any particular reason the secondary accuracy buff got nerfed down to 35%? Sure, ships like Georgia and Alabama had ridiculous hit ratios, but the downside was they did jack all for damage. They were just fire starters.
  5. THANK YOU, somebody gets it! Adding to what this wonderful person said, I'm not opposed to a semi-rework of the RTS Style gameplay. In fact, I think it'd be more interesting to have various bomber, torpedo, and (maybe) rocket planes in various configurations for gameplay. Also, manual drops were WAAAAY too OP. ESPECIALLY the fighters. Back on topic, I think it'd be pretty cool to see British CVs in RTS mode where they keep the Carpet Bombing aspect. Crossdrop Carpet Bombing anyone? :P (Though for real, this would be highly ineffective against anything that was either really agile or had 47+mm deck plating. Ie. the German BBs)
  6. Lucky you :P I get nothing but salty people these days. I once had a guy create a smurf account just to trash-talk me via DMs. How did I know it was a smurf account? I cross-checked the names across the only three games I played that day and found no matches before looking the username up. Not a single battle to that username whatsoever. If anything, I'm impressed by the lengths people go to trash-talk me. It's kind of rewarding on it's own.
  7. Rose_Bomb

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    All I can say is, as soon as I see a different WW2 Naval Warfare game have RTS Carriers, I'm jumping ship instantly. Cause RTS is still a hundred times better than this...streamlined fantasy crap.
  8. While I agree the FDR needed a nerf, I wouldn't go so far to say that it was the Rocket planes that needed nerfing out of everything else it has.
  9. It's not that CVs have to lead, it's the fact their targets are given information of where the rockets are going to land before they're even fired. Shells fired from main guns and launched torpedoes are not given the same treatment.
  10. Better yet, have all of your planes able to do any of the three armaments. Ie. FDR has 21 planes for each type. Instead of 21 for Torps, you could make the decision to use all 63 for Torps and none for the others. Especially since all armaments use the same plane type.
  11. Understandably so, considering how expensive this one is to get, but FDR's rocket planes are just scout planes at this point. A solid 4-5 second delay before the rockets fire, not to mention the entire attack pattern is completely different. 4-5 seconds is easily enough of a time for a DD to sail right past the reticle and take no damage. Out of 52 rockets, you'll be lucky to hit 2-3. Forget bombers, you'll be lucky to land near a DD.
  12. Rose_Bomb

    CV rework

    CVs also have to take this into consideration. For example, FDR has THE most amount of rockets in a single strike, standing at 52 rockets. Sure, they're not Tiny Tims, but before hand they were very effective at doing their job. Hitting targets and setting fires and dealing with AA mounts. After an entire day of FDR gameplay and using the rockets, I'll be lucky to get more than twenty rocket hits in a single day of gaming with more than twenty matches. The machine guns were a good idea, but the delay between when they begin firing and the actual rockets launching is WAY too big to be effective. At one point, I had a Marc on my [edited] (French DD I believe) and I was low on Bombers. Due to his speed, rockets were my only hope. Five passes I made on him. In those five passes, I did a grand total of roughly 2k damage. 52x5 rockets...and only 2k damage. Mind you, this guy was actively shooting HE at my carrier and actively dodging like a madman....but the result is just ridiculous. I lost that engagement btw, mostly due to the fact he caught up because of his speed.
  13. Rose_Bomb

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    ZF-6 is a solid DD imo, I'm not exactly sure what people are [edited] about.
  14. Rose_Bomb

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    Should've been done during the attack run, NOT when you decide to drop the ammunitions.