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  1. The only issue I ever have is that I can't seem to hit anything! Every time I bring the Munchen out for a spin, somehow I get teammates who can breathe and think at the same time and shred the enemies apart. Trying to hit anything outside 13km is a pain in my [edited]. I'll be lucky to get a hit, let alone a pen.
  2. Rose_Bomb

    Game Management with AP Carriers

    I have Gunther for my MvR, so my strategy is a little different. I start with the Torp Bombers, drop a strike off and send back to my CV and begin spotting for the next two-three minutes. If I see an opportunity, I'll go in and make a drop on a target. Recall, launch Trops again. I do this until I have roughly 5 Torp Planes left, before switching to Rockets, cause by then, some Cruisers have gotten into position, making it easy to land drops on them. I usually only need two solid Rocket drops to get the Air Supremacy Skill activated, thus my planes regenerate roughly 50 sec per Plane. After that, I'm *very* aggressive, but I keep to isolated or key targets giving my team trouble. Don't be afraid to use Rockets on DDs, while they're not the best, semi-angled DDs give the best damage for you, but those hits are what matter the most for the Air Supremacy Skill. Unless it's a stationary Cruiser, I reserve Dive Bombers for BBs only. Goes without saying, avoid the hell out of Hallands. Try to use Fighters to figure out where the Halland is, and avoid that [edited] completely.
  3. Rose_Bomb

    German CV line is trash, change my mind.

    The German CV line is a very tough thing to master. While it's bull that there's a crapton of RNG involve, the German CV line lives off Opportunities seen in the enemies front and back line. You can't just to run through even a single ship's AA and expect to get away scott-free. No, the planes simply aren't that high in the HP pool. The best thing about the Planes is their speed. They alone, in every category, have the ability to fly through any Catapult/Patrol Fighter and suffer no casualties by fighters. Not to mention, that same speed allows you to get into the fight much quicker. The German CV line is more 'throw what we can, we'll regenerate it shorter than any other tech line.' Which is true. On Richtofen, with Lutjins as my Captain, I can get the regeneration rate down to 50-60 seconds. The Rockets planes I save for DDs and Cruisers only, unless I have no other viable targets or I see an opportunity on the Enemy CV. While AP Rockets aren't the best, somewhat angled DDs give the best targets, cause it allows for said rockets to penetrate and detonate inside the DD instead of just Over-Pening. Cruisers are the best target, depending on the situation. Island Huggers are the best due to them not wanting to move, as well as those running away from teammates, forcing them to choose your planes or your teammates. They usually die either way. (The only real exception to this is the [edited] ships known as Stalingrad and Petropavlovsk. I have managed perfect broadsides to these guys with perfect aiming and no Citadels) The Torpedo Bombers aren't really a main usage, they're a filling. Best bet is using them on Battleships and Cruisers, but the Torpedos are so fast you can easily drop on Destroyers and surprise them with the sheer speed they have, resulting in about 10-15% of that DDs HP gone per torpedo. The Dive Bombers are your bread and butter ammunition. Due to the fact you're essentially dropping them straight down compared to Hak's angled dropping, they have to penetrate less armor to get at the CItadel. A good drop always results in a single citadel for me. The primary Targets are Battleships and Large Cruisers, the best being German and Japanese Battleships. Cruisers tend to be the Russian or American Cruisers. If you're flying at max speed, the flak spawns so far away, they're easy to dodge, and with the way the Dive Bombers re-orient themselves after a drop, you can get a second drop off quicker than others where-as everyone else goes for exiting the AA bubble right after. The maneuverability of the German Plans is also very astounding. For the Rocket planes, I can be parallel to an enemy, start the attack, and hold the 'D' key and get his broadside very easily. The same for the Dive Bombers, though I don't recommend this for the Torpedoes. The German planes are, by far, the best for Speed and maneuverability combined, making it quite easy to line up a solid drop.
  4. Rose_Bomb

    Hallands - once again

    I vote we ignore this guy and move on back to complaining about how stupidly broken Halland's AA is. In my personal experience, from the few hour long sessions of Playing Halland on the Test Server, not to mention watching others and playing against it, I can say with confidence that is Halland's DFAA was taken away, I'd actually feel like I could attack that thing at some point as a CV. As it stands right now, as long as Halland has DFAA, it is the sole surface ship where I say "Hell no, you go find the thing." As of right now, Halland is the only ship where I will actively not fly anywhere near, regardless of how tanky my planes are. Beyond this, I think Halland's fine. This goes for the later Tiers of the Swedish Tech Tree. I can very easily say that this thing's AA needs to be toned down significantly. I ended up in a Midway and gave as much HP to my planes as possible. A pair of Hallands were hunting me down as my team basically ignored the middle, except for one cruiser that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. I couldn't do a damn thing. I never got a hit and none of my planes ever made it back, crippling my ability (THough the hit I can easily say this hitting was because of the [edited] reticle size of Midway's Tiny Times, you'll be lucky to land a rocket on target, let alone three) While the idea of an AA Destroyer is fine and dandy and all, the fact is I don't think DDs Air-to-Surface spotting should be allowed below their Plane spotting Range if the AA ends up being as strong as the Swedish DDs. I can flying along, carefully guiding my planes to the target when out of nowhere there's dozen of flaks clouds I can't avoid and boom goes my entire squadron. While I did hear there was a possible change to turning off and on your AA results in, at most, a 60% damage output loss, I doubt it's gonna go through because the DD Mains are all gonna whine and [edited].
  5. Rose_Bomb

    Are CVs broken ? Khabarovsk

    1. That's kinda the point of World War One warships. They have [edited] AA because back then, no one realized just how influential CVs would be in the future, so ship design reflected that. 2. How the hell does CV hatred translate to World of Tanks? o.0
  6. To be honest, I'm more concerned about the supposed 'returning carriers' back from when the Rework was initiated. Those 8 CVs have yet to return or even hinted at how they'd be used seperatly from the main CV line we have now. (That, and I mostly just want my baby Essex back :) )
  7. Rose_Bomb

    Are CVs broken ? Khabarovsk

    The only reason they appear to be OP on a gameplay level is because alot of DDs who use Stealth to their advantage think that they can just sail wherever they please and never get spotted. Usually this involves trying to get around behind or flank the enemy ships. However, the best thing a CV can do is go after isolated targets. If a CV knows a DD is all alone, they will do their best to destroy them as they pose a significant threat to their team. An easier example would be CVs vs. the Swedish DD Line. From both the point of view of a DD and a CV, I can say that the experience is not fun. AT the point where the tech line's AA actually matters (7-10), a Smart CV will simply avoid them at avoid plane losses. On the other side, if a CV is ignoring a Swedish DD, then the point of actually using that DD has nearly vanished. You trade massive amounts of AA that would make AA Cruisers from the RTS days blush, for no smoke screen. If a CV avoids you, not only do you not have a smokescreen to bail yourself out, you have a consumable that's nearly useless. Experience also depends on what you do, specifically, against the CV. From both ends, I can easily say that a CV is nowhere near as much of a threat if you stick with your team. The presence of a CV denies the simple playstyle of trying to be a lonewolf. You could just as easily be a stealthy DD and hide among your team. A Stealthy DD doesn't have to be on the flanks or behind enemy lines.
  8. Rose_Bomb

    F.D. Roosevelt

    Not a problem.
  9. Rose_Bomb

    F.D. Roosevelt

    As a CV Main myself, I believe I can help out. First of all, you're in a Moskva, which already has stupid AA levels like the Americans, but it was an FDR you were fighting. The fact you even got 8 plane kills before her killed you is amazing enough, considering how tanky those planes are. But FDR's best target is one sitting still, usually because it's rockets, torpedoes, and bombs are so slow compared to everyone else. Movement and the cliche changing course and speed are your best friend against FDR since both plane and armament from FDR are slow. Right now, alot of FDR casual captains who just so happened to have the steel are being idiots, thinking they can just sail into a group of ships and be fine. And while, in theory, that could work, if he sticks around so he can hit you again, he's in deep crap. The reset timer is so long on attacking that with enough ships, he could lose the rest of the squadron before he could attack again, if not lose enough planes to not hit you with a full payload. The Rockets act similar to AP Rockets from the German CVs. Low-Altitude, attack the Broadside, flat firing angle. Angling or full-on bow-tanking will screw him over, so agile targets are not his target. The torpedo bombers act similar to Midway where it takes forever to get a smaller reticle, but there's a crap-ton of them. The Bombers act a bit like Audacious, but with a smaller reticle and longer drop-time for the bombs. In all three cases, Movement is your best friend due to the slow but massive hitting nature of FDR. Any ship with a crap-ton of Flak explosions also helps, seeing as his planes don't have alot of agility either.
  10. Rose_Bomb

    Who Wants RTS Back?

    One detail that I can agree that the rework did right was the part in MM where the two CVs are equal Tier. I was around long enough to feel the pain of being the lower-tiered CV and it was, indeed, brutal. While I could make multiple points on what I particularly think could've happened to keep RTS around, I highly doubt anyone would really care. Beyond that, I think the only reason I never got over-whelmed with RTS-CV was that I already had a solid amount of experience with an RTS-Playstyle from other games.
  11. Rose_Bomb

    Who Wants RTS Back?

    I honestly don't understand this whole 'gifted multi-tasker' shtick going around RTS. Sure, I could multi-task, but when I play Non-CVs, I'm multi-tasking like hell as well. Maybe it's just because I'm an aggressive player or more of a long-term thinker than most, but I've always felt that Multi-Tasking always happened for me regardless of ship class.
  12. Rose_Bomb

    Who Wants RTS Back?

    I'm also asking the starting question for a personal reason. It doesn't *feel* like I'm playing an Aircraft Carrier. Just a warplane simulator. The RTS days gave me that feeling and I can't find that feeling anywhere else.
  13. Rose_Bomb

    Who Wants RTS Back?

    Allow me to counterpoint both of your points with a single solution. Adjust the Aerial dropped Torpedos and Dive Bomber damage numbers to not allow this. Sure, ships like Hakuryu would need to be looked at, especially their flight combinations, but that's why we have 'Player Feedback'. One of the major issues with RTS, I would say, was Manual-Drop for Dive and Torpedo Bombers. A simple solution, imo, would've been to make Manual less-accurate than automatic drops. Manual Drops were probably the leading issue with RTS, if you ask me.
  14. Rose_Bomb

    Who Wants RTS Back?

    No, seriously. I'm genuinely curious as to how many people would want RTS Carrier to come back. I, myself, would love it back, but I think we all know WarGaming has their heads too far up in the clouds to care.
  15. Rose_Bomb

    F.D. Roosevelt

    You realize what game this is, right? WarGaming doesn't give a crap about balancing or player feedback. If they did, we would've had RTS Carriers back by now. Especially considering I've seen hundreds of people, including non-CV Mains, say they preferred RTS over this current bull.