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    WINNERS - Starfall Competition

    Do you need a Toxic Random player in CoOp??? I am ready coach put me in.
  2. Toxic_Potato


    Thank you to everyone who kept the thread on the first page of the Forum. Special thanks to Kizarvexis and Commander 367. I have no plans to ask for a refund but am happy that WG North America acknowledged the problem. At least Sci Fi camo is dark and does not scream "SHOOT ME FIRST PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!". Toxic "Sci Fi" Potato
  3. No..... I had two Hobie 16s donated for towed target practice. They survived the bombing and gunfire. The engine, cooler and fuel tank is pretty much the citadel of any small power boat. Hobie 16s are still great. I luv the cats.
  4. I do fear BBs at higher tiers because of so many secondary guns. They are on auto and the BB player can be away taking a dump but if my DD rounds the corner of an Island it is shortly all over. Lower Tier BBs are very easy prey. Tier 10 definitely not.
  5. Toxic_Potato


    Ha! Good point. No I did not spend money to out WGs issues. I definitely want flags, coal and camo that does something. The poster is amusing with only 47 battles but an amazingly amount of posts to the forum. Maybe it is in game forums that Russian Election disrupters get their start. I posted this just to see if anyone did get doubloons because I had not seen anything posted on this site or others. I doubt it is a conspiracy but more likely the reuse of a program for previous events. Also possible that the URL guys replacement is not on the same page as the Russian programmer. Regardless of why I just wanted to call attention to what I appear to have found. Many of you have helped me save or not spend money on the game. Just returning the favor.
  6. Toxic_Potato


    The OP is a horrible person fixated by pixelated gold coins of no value. I for one insist that the OP be banned from the World of Warships. Who else is with me?
  7. Really? How are they built? Foam Sandwich will not sink. You can place explosives wherever you like but all we will have is lots of pieces still floating. Easier to VT Frag the occupants. Same with the Hobie Cat. The hulls are nothing but fiberglass over foam with some space for support stringers. Not going to sink. How many 5” 54 rounds does it take to take “down” an Iranian Oil Platform? Still waiting on that one.
  8. Actual Boat? I have taken a fifty cal to a Hobie Cat and the thing refused to sink. Boston Whalers will not sink. Leyte Gulf The Japanese put some very large projectiles through Taffy 3 and they kept going. It was very hard to design a shell to blow up in all targets. Some targets had armor and lots of heavy machinery inside. Some targets were made of plywood. So the same she’ll was supposed to hit a Battleship and a PT Boat. Did not work. So in WOWs as in the real world of 1910 through 1946 some rounds will just go in one side and go out the other. Your Broomstick could do a lot of piercings but I have a lot of towels to plug the few that either enter or exit the waterline. Unless the Broomstick goes through the engine, fuel tank or cooler I will be fine.
  9. Toxic_Potato


    Absolutely, I completely agree with Confirmation Bias in the posts. However. I bought 60 boxes after the first 20. None of the 60 boxes had a Ship and I did not receive any Doubloons. I checked my total Doubloons and the amount did not change. There is a line in the Advertisement for the Boxes that shows... "If you already have this ship in your collection, you'll receive a Commander and a Port Slot along with compensation in doubloons equal to the cost of the ship." I have not read of anyone getting Doubloons if they already have the four Ships. So I am posting this to see if anyone has received doubloons when they had all four CV's in port. Also to just let people who may look at the Boxes as a superb deal. I I got the Saipan in a 5 box buy. Then got the other three in a 20 box buy. So perhaps one CV per 20 box buy would net me $49 of Doubloons. This would make the remaining $31 for 19 boxes a superb deal. Since nobody is reporting Doubloons received it appears that the programming prohibits awarding doubloons. Perhaps the programming does not allow a second CV of the same type to be dropped. Perhaps it is confirmation bias. BTW Absolutely love your posts!
  10. Toxic_Potato


    Sorry I should explain, My very first post and opinion of the game was that the CV part was screwed up beyond any belief. I am a long time CV hater. I have not bought stuff in protest. However I am having a blast at Tier 8 - 10. Seven is fairly fun. Six and below not so much. I want to go all in on the Game and CVs. So I want the coal flags etc.
  11. I had posted this in another thread but wanted to share and ask if anyone had received Doubloons if they already had Kaga, Saipan, Enterprise and Graf Zepplin. I had noticed other posters had this same issue. I have stayed away from the boxes and was almost completely out of flags and Camo that did anything useful so I bought 20 boxes. I already had Saipan and got the other three. So I have bought 60 boxes since and not a single CV or the Doubloon value. This seems to be the trend as nobody is reporting having received Doubloons instead of a second Kaga, Saipan, Enterprise or Graf Zepplin. I am very happy at getting all this Coal and Flags....Sci Fi camo not so much! Just do not do the math on these boxes or read into the advertisement about receiving the Doubloon value if you already own all of the CV's.
  12. I had Saipan and bought 20. Got all of the rest Of the CVs. But..... So U figure that since each CV is worth $49 and I would get Doubloons for the ones I did not have why not buy two more 20 crates? So then out of 40 crates not a single one had a CV for doubloons. I now will be known as Toxic Sci Fi Potato. That guy who always has Sci Fi camo on.
  13. DD tactics -No manual AA - P for in and off most important - If unsure where the bomber, rocket plane is just turn turn turns - Only take good to great AA DDs out of port. These should be maxed with AA and as many smokes as possible. - when possible stay close to other ships.
  14. I am a big anti cv’er but have been having a blast with my ships fully Anti Air spec’d. Then leaving the awful anti air ships at home....ie Shimi ( no aa) Kazi. However Manual AA to me is a waste. I want AA to be automatic so I can be shooting at targets. Opinions? As far as I can tell AA stacks. I am getting GREAT results without taking out an AA Cruiser...Des Moins, Worcester or Atlanta. Why waste the points on Manual AA? Thanks Shoggoth Pinup for the advice. I am in the process of setting up a DD, CA and BB at each Tier for the new Anti Air Meta. Tier 10 Slightly skewed because I want the legendary mods for these. Montana, Hindenburg, Grovsni Grovsni (sp?) is Superb but any of the Gearing based ships are good. Tier 9 Missouri, Buffalo, Fletcher Fletcher stands out among the DDs. Buffalo meh..several good choices. Iowa if you do not have MO. Tier 8 Massachusetts, Yolang, , Mass spec with AA AND longest range secondaries has been insane. Any Benson based DD With DDs smoke has been extremely useful. The planes can not see me but my AA shoots them down.