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  1. gettin me some green camo! I am a very friendly DD. Don’t shoot at little me...
  2. Laptop smaller screen has resulted in more confusion. So far no friendly fire but collisions are up.
  3. All Wargaming Products

    Yes the classic Internet I yam otta here post......not as much fun as the grammar Nazi post and definitely not as amusing as a top ten things I hate list. However let’s show support for our fellow player with our own I yam otta here posts....Dear video game crack dealer ...ya got me hooked on your ocean motion potion but I gotta get some sleep...SO I YAM OTTA here....until tomorrow you can stick your video vodka where the sun don’t shine....see ya
  4. Today in the extreme competitive league (tier 4)....Me in the Nikolai in Rasputin camo and two cruisers valiantly defended the base against the evil red... Both of my comrades fell but their sacrifices allowed the glory, credit and self pleasure seeking players cap the enemy base....I think we all know who the real hero’s are....
  5. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    I thought Fraged meant to kill one of your own men. Do we get the rewards for sinking a Corgi if they are on our team?
  6. A better idea is to remove the Human. Bot carriers all the time! The variances in the Human ability to play carriers affects the outcome of games. Also the Humans who play Carriers likely have severe cognitive issues addressed in the various versions of the DSRR...These are not desirable humans to play a game with. If defective Humans stop playing WOWs is that really a bad thing? Keep the Carriers, lose the Human.. This post paid for by the Bot Union - local 103.
  7. What's the Weirdest Ship.....?

    Not yet but when available Nikolai in Halloween camo gets shot up by everyone. Definitely needs a 19 point imaginary Captain and probably Flamu as the Human Captain. Tons of green smoke just screams this must die NOW! I will likely have a 19 point on Anshan and Leningrad in a few weeks. Now Missouri and Tripitz.
  8. The late Captain McGrath’s basic story can be Googled. She did have the record for planning the largest underway replenishment operations for a single ship, single cruise USS Concord Desert Shield. Interesting story how a person with a Forestry Degree and older completely outperformed her USNA grad peers. Why Jackie Robinson ? The first is always interesting. Also WOWs got itself in a fine mess and she is the only notable US female Captain that I can think of.....
  9. Or Katherine McGrath was the first US Captain of a warship who just happens to be a woman. Why John Doe and not Jane?
  10. The OP has a very good point. Compensation now... Dasha as a 19 point Russian Captain! Her super powers are witty one liners and many sexy messages
  11. Thinking of upgrading my laptop

    AMD processors in lower end laptops have caused poor performance in WOWs. There was an extensive thread that had a new but lower priced Dell laptop player as the example. The consensus at the time was that low Frame rates were due to AMD. However I have heard but not seen Ryzen results and it appears to be as good as you say. If you have good WOWs results with AMD graphics cards please post. However WOWs performance is not significantly enhanced with even higher end graphics cards. The 1050 TI is more than enough. Agree with your PC comments. I need a laptop and after a lot of looking only found a few gamers worth buying. Dell 7000 based and Alienware, Acer has a 17 inch option. Heat issues, warranty, service etc. a lot of etc!!! I only want an SSD in my laptop. Only moving parts should be fans. Keyboard is important. Too many frustrated gamer laptop buyers out there that thought they got a great deal. TN panel - looked at the 7000 based Dell gamers and Alienware laptops. For me those TNs just did not cut it. I went for the upgrade and my one regret on the Alienware 13 is not getting the QHD OLED panel. IMHO My performance in WOWs is definitely worse on a laptop compared to a pc or laptop with any docking station.
  12. More CV's Per Battle

    Yes, tests are a good idea. If all else fails..... Ban the human! All CV Captained by BOTS!
  13. More CV's Per Battle

    I get it. Just a very basic statistics argument. Dilute the gene pool further and hope that 2 of the 3 CV players are good so the one bad CV drivers antics are not felt as much. Just based on stats we know how good or bad a cv driver is. So you really want to reduce the effects of bad decisions. The first The first result of bad decisions is shot down planes. So perhaps give the players unlimited amounts of new planes with both teams at the same launch tempo. (Limited) That will reduce the effect of lack of planes. Now come up with other ways to limit the effects of bad decisions of Doctor Sky Cancer.
  14. Thinking of upgrading my laptop

    Last note. Gaming Laptops are big biz now. A lot of brands have heat issues. Where to buy is another problem. Be very careful as brands are trying to clear out a lot of problem laptops right now.