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  1. Good video, short to the point. I am addicted to RDF on my torp DD's especially Benham and Shimi.
  2. Toxic_Potato

    Scale models for sale?

    I am not him (Travis). He did some work for me and I bought some merch latter on. The guy who sent me to him described all the problems he had doing his merch in house. Torpillows... I want 16inch shell pillows!!!
  3. Toxic_Potato

    Scale models for sale?

    There are contractors who take what clients have and then take over the entire merch process. The contractor is in the background and the website for the merch is on the clients site. The go to guy for military type games and for the actual military is Travis Getz. He was one of Tom Clancy's guys at Red Storm. He is a big time former model maker and designer. Like Getz, these contractors live in the background. He does a small amount of direct sales out of his Squadron Store However as you can see direct sales is not the way this works. For example he handled considerable work for the Royal Navy and their merch for the new Queen Elizabeth and her first F-35 squadron. Yet he stays in the background. This is a very, very specific business. In today's very difficult online merch business you cannot have an amateur involved. At least in the North American market WOW's cannot just hire someone off the street to process merch orders. The type of background needed looks like this. This is his background: About: Authenticity Exchange Senior Authenticity & Tactical Licensing Coordinator Travis specializes in military authenticity relationships, game dev, licensing partnerships, graphic design, art direction & project management. His experience with Red Storm/Ubisoft spanned nearly every Tom Clancy game (40+ titles from Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell & other series), 9 Far Cry games, All Watch Dogs games (3 titles) & Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. This portfolio includes 20+ titles which earned various Game of The Year awards and/or nominations for top accolades. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, for which Travis handled authenticity, tactical licensing & marketing visuals, earned 2 BAFTA awards (UK's Oscar equivalent). Travis was lead artist on the original Ghost Recon (2001) which remained the best-selling Ghost Recon title until Ghost Recon Wildlands (2017) for which he served as authenticity coordinator. Travis collaborates well with military and entertainment industry pros thanks to direct experience with the following: - 3D/2D art - Art direction - Tom Clancy games content management 2001-2003 (following Red Storm sale to Ubisoft) - Military research & authenticity advisor relationship management - Military familiarization event planning & execution - Military motion capture talent sourcing, contracting & props - Vehicle & weapon modelling & animation - Realistic & fictional military vehicle, weapon & equipment feedback (paint overs + reference delivery) & approvals - Physical prop creation, storage & collection management - Model & reference material databank organizational planning & logistics - Licensing-in (tactical elements) - Merchandise production & approvals - Marketing screenshots, key art & trailer production & feedback - Legal strategy, policy creation & implementation - Collaboration with US Department of Defense on US government policy affecting the entertainment industry’s ability to showcase military equipment - Production pipeline creation & refinement - Contract negotiation - Public speaking - Event logistics - Department development & promotion Prior to game industry work, Travis worked on US Military training sims. He is the owner/operator of several scalable small businesses & brands including: - AuthenticityExchange.com: authenticity coordination services for the entertainment industry - SquadronStore.com: military support art & morale products business - GetzSolutions.com: graphic design & consulting services to defense/aerospace companies, small businesses & military museums
  4. Toxic_Potato

    Scale models for sale?

    Great Idea. I have some knowledge of the business of models and there are really only two scenarios. The first is that you can hunt down plastic models of warships that you can build yourself. This was a very popular item during the 1970's in Canada and the United States with Japan being the source of many harder to find models. Sometimes these models already built can be found on Ebay or just by googling the specific ship and add the word model. The second area is custom made half or full models. I am well aware of this area due to it being heavily used in competitive sailing. The costs are absolutely awful. I am very surprised that WOWs has not licensed "Merch" providers for each of its main markets. Nearly every other entity that has a web site has some form of merchandise. These items are usually not kept in stock but produced as the order comes in or are batch ordered in small quantities. Coffee Cup, T-shirt, belt, Polo shirt, hoody, are the common items. However some power and sailboat sites have line drawings of the boat in various sizes suitable for framing. A contractor just prints off the plans, rolls them up in a tube and they ship. With the artwork already done by WOWs I am very surprised that contract Merch providers are not being licensed. This sort of product never makes much money but is great for advertising the product.
  5. Toxic_Potato

    Getting Hannover to Work

    Thanks. I will do this.
  6. Toxic_Potato

    2nd Random in Atlantico

    At 4k to point blank broadsides I could not citadel it with 16 inch AP from Massachusetts.
  7. Toxic_Potato

    Food for thought

    RDF works wonders for me on my Benham and is pretty good on the Fletcher and Gearing. In general it allows me to avoid (usually) or attack the DD that I can not see. I can also try to not be head on. That is a big deal to just skim it and already be turning away. My Forrest Sherman - is set up for a gunboat as Gearing and Fletcher would be in the meta we find ourselves. For all three I would have RDF. I pretty much only run 21 point Captains. I have grown used to having RDF and without it feels odd.
  8. Toxic_Potato

    WoWs Promo codes

    Big thanks - The Boise is out of date and expired. However... Aprox 400,000 credits, alot of flags, 2 school bus camos, maybe 4 other camos. no crates, no special economic flags. Thank you
  9. Toxic_Potato

    Submarines Survey

    I would be very happy to see subs removed from the game. If not perhaps put them in Co Op.
  10. Toxic_Potato

    Submarines Survey

    I just sunk a battleship with a submarine!!!! Victory my brothers and sisters! Submariner gamers have been too long denied the pleasure of traveling under the seas at in excess of 35 knots! Now the great Gandoff of wargames none other than World of Warships has shown the world the light and introduced submarines to its previous intensely boring World of Warships. We dreamed of the day when a sonar ping would guide our tools of destruction to their intended target. That day has arrived. Thankfully World of Submarines and Aircraft Carriers has given us the power of a nuclear powered submarine of the 2020's packaged to look like a World War II Uboat! Acoustically guided torpedoes hunt down the evil warships which attempt to run away but are too slow.... Join me as we hunt down the slow and timid. Become a hunter and join the illustrious sub surface warriors!!! Ignore the attempts to influence you from facebook, Read it and even this forum. These are mostly paid posters who preach hate and scorn on those of us who have seen the light and want to hide from it deep under the sea. Those who are not paid wish to protect their hegemony of undeserving success and not share with those under water served. They wish to crush the extreme success of the sub surface warrior. WE WILL NOT LET THEM!!!! TO THE BOATS AND TORP, TORP and TORP again!!!!
  11. Toxic_Potato

    Submarines Survey

    The addition of submarines is fantastic. I cannot wait to master the free submarines provided to me by the glorious World of Warships. The negative opinions posted here do not reflect the vast majority of true WOWs players and are likely jealous employees from competing online games. My response to those who do not like submarines....
  12. Take that evil Radar Cruisers....you been NERFED!!!!!! My guess is that the DD Mafia left a few horses heads in the beds of Devs..... DD Mafia is a bunch of baaaaaaaddddd dudes!
  13. Toxic_Potato

    Either submarines or CVs, but not both.

    Thats fine just give us an expected wait time to play a CV or sub and a quick way to select a different mode of transportation if we do not want to wait. If my cable company phone customer service can give me an expected time to wait why can't WOW's?
  14. Toxic_Potato

    Whats Wrong With This Picture

    You have stars and stripes camo on a Sicilian machine and the mafia is going to whack you so entry into the witness protection program is far more important than playing the great game World of Warships? What is my prize? Camo, ship, doubloons? Please say doubloons....