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  1. Team killer bot?

    Bots don’t like humans taking their jobs. Just a warning.
  2. "Human" Bots?

    Some playas use COOp to test and practice. Also there are the various demos going on by various accounts. Museum Ship, Individual, Navy etc. This is where name and shame policy causes problems. If we know the name of the player we might have an answer for the OP Sorry but I personally do not take Co Op seriously. Win lose go AFK to walk the dog it is all fine with me.
  3. I have been told that if someone reports you a notification is sent. Is this true? Because I have definitely played poorly. Never bad with chat though. But no notifications.
  4. How many downvotes do you need to get chat banned or forum banned? Is there a way to get a player banned from firing HE? My Yamato Captain wants to know.
  5. Please report Kanly for possible Forum Ban.
  6. This is how I did it. I limited myself to two trees. So only two ships at a time. Where it went off the rails was getting A lot of premium ships. Advancing your Captains is very important. 1. Watch a lot of Videos. I like Flamu. 2. Limit ships. When I had only two ships I was great for the Random teams. Always +50% win rate. 3. If spending money, Premium Membership, then economic flags, then colllect coal for mods like DC, smoke, radar 4. Videos from Ichase gaming, jingles and Flamu 5. Have fun simply avoid bad chat
  7. Legendary Upgrade

    What DDs are HIGHLY recommended. I am doing Yamato and Hindenburg but want to upgrade one of my DDs as well. Note: The 4th? Phase of 15 wins has CO-Op filled with T10s Thanks beforehand :) Congrats in GK. I have her but Flamu’s enthusiasm about Yamato got me into phase 5 with her. I have seen some great secondary scores on my GK with manual secondaries. What build out are u using?
  8. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    TEAMMATE...Share. Da Smoke !! New F Key msg.
  9. The Use of "Meat Shields"

    I recently got Yamato and the first 48 games had a win rate of 64% by following exactly what Flamu said. That means it is all about positioning. Yes it does poorly if it is forward at the beginning and middle. But.... You are insane to hide behind it as the near misses would eat up a DD or CA. I changed to a much more aggressive game play and the WR fell. So when Yamato, Conquerer or Republic stay back and farm damage that does seem to help win games. The key seems to be to know when to move forward and tank. Not an easy decision. If hiding behind a B.B. works for u....go for it.
  10. The easy argument is a very good one and should be tried.
  11. One thought floating around is they are waiting to do essentially a new game engine or game that is significantly higher quality perhaps VR. I am sorry but there just wasn’t much that could be done.
  12. I The thought was along the lines of handicapp as with several different sports. The 80 percent 10000 game Captain has his variables nerfed. The 40% 300 game Captain is buffed. But how do you prevent new accounts and then games thrown? The arguments were made in much better detail then I see here and the results were Bot Captains. The AX argument was made in that give the loser a Midway and the pro a Langley. Once again how do you get around new accounts?
  13. Someone listed the legitimate complaints or the widely agreed complaints. The only answer that would always present two evenly matched CV teams was to get rid of the human and use BOT Captains. The differences between Captains cannot be fixed by programmers
  14. You are not Sailing the T? Shame! You have the best excuse for lower score. Note Tier 9 German BB was not very good but Tier 10 is awesome. Maybe some flags?
  15. I had a one on one at tier 2! I had never played a tier 2 DD so got the German and it was me versus a brand new player. Wasn’t fun. Lowest CV camper was 5v5