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  1. Toxic_Potato

    Best WWII ship ever. Ever! This be fun!

    Jeep Carrier - took the ASW work into the mid Atlantic which was out of range of land based aircraft. Specifically the Kaiser mass production concept. DUK - Sparkman and Stephens legendary Ship to shore to road success story! USS Montana - Just the unbearable thought that they might come up against this ship caused Hitler to shoot himself, Japan to Surrender and Stalin to cancel plans to invade western Europe..... True Story!
  2. Toxic_Potato

    how much xpee to research teh lightning?

    Guess for Lightning to T9 was about 160k + ? For poss Hull upgrade.
  3. Toxic_Potato

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    If it helps at all I have Lightning and it is FABULOUS....Totally makes up for the Crapper Cossack my balls ship....what a piece of Cossack! You have every right to be furious. Lighting works wonders....I am usually up tiered to tier 10. Does not matter...great capper Cossack = crapper Lightning = CAPPER!!!!! Seriously BUY MORE CRATES...There will be a Lightning mission in there!!!
  4. Toxic_Potato

    Royal Navy

    I have not had points since I switched to Lightning Tier VIII My other British and non British ships scored. This all happened the first week. No points since then.
  5. Toxic_Potato

    Royal Navy ARC DD mission drop rate

    Due to my continued success in the engraved message urinal cake business I have money to spend Willy nilly. Therefore I have all four missions and Cossack. After sobering up I sold ALL of the ships with the exception of the T8 Lightning. Then watched the Flamu videos. Cossack was weird enough to be a maybe keep but if it isn’t Tier 10 these days ? I do not recommend any of these DDs but Lightning is good enough. Supposedly Daring is great. None of my missions came free. I reinvested all of my tokens in new loot boxes. Do not spend money to get missions. Not worth it. Note Gallant is a good buy. Just slightly below T61 and Anshan. Gallant would make sense to be in your fleet. Yes I now know about Cossack and doubloons ... oh well..just sell more custom urinal cakes!
  6. Toxic_Potato

    Your experience with Cossack vs other DDs?

    Camo68 has it down. Just wish this had been posted earlier.
  7. Toxic_Potato

    Cossack: Waste of Money

    A lot depends on team knowing to communicate when an enemy ship uses its heal. Fires or flooding is put out and Cossack within range it can quickly ignite that ship and get away. 3km hydro does not allow for the smoke then shoot tactic My best game I just followed a friendly DD around. Anti Cossack tactic is to charge it. There are only four torps. Once shot that is it. No reload booster. To use all the guns it has to give full broadside or as soon as it angles it only has 6 then four slow firing not easy to aim guns. Charge the smoke take a small amount of damage. Kill the Cossack then hit repair. Remarkable small amount of damage. If you run Cossack will set you on fire AND get away. No reason to fear a Cossack. Radar kill - unless I was behind a rock or another ship the damage was severe or deleted. The turn tail to Radar, run, pop smoke turn 180 degrees once Radar goes to cool down. Then return through the smoke was not too successful. I was either already dead or my 40 second smoke was gone and my now low health DD was deleted. Worse unless I kept a straight course I was slower than all the Radar Cruisers so the range actually decreased Boost is saved and used only when spotted.
  8. Toxic_Potato

    Cossack: Waste of Money

    Really just repeating reviewers but... 1. Not going to be deleting big ships with full health. 2. High gun Alpha dmg against DD that cannot see u will work but need full broadside. 3. Second lowest Tier 8 in the game when it comes to being able to absorb damage AND slow can equal radar deletion. 4. A bunch of nerfs to get 8 guns. However IF you have a well played Cossack on your team... 1. Cossacks tactic of smoking up whenever an enemy ship gets hit with ANYONES torp then going to guns and lighting that ship up works. This then gives other players the opportunity to delete that ship with much lower health. 2. 2nd lowest concealment does allow good scouting but.... 3. Radar is death, so is getting spotted. T8-T10 just destroys this very very low health pool and slow DD. Open water needs to be avoided. 4. Ideal is to division with another DD or stay close to islands AND have other ships close. Because that Hydro is only 3 km. Once the 40 second smoke is up Cossacks spotting ends. I predict a lot of Cossacks being sold back.
  9. Toxic_Potato

    Cossack: Waste of Money

    Thanks for the info. Not easy to play. Also invites jeers from others but after watching flamu’s video several times I think I got it. There is some good advice from LWM and others how to play. Beginning of game just sucks. My Capping is hilarious. Once the first quarter of the game is going it is get one torp hit. Stop, smoke up, guns for fire then repeat. No IFHE, due to decrease in Fire chance. Everyone needs to go easy on Cossack drivers...takes some studying and weird tactics especially in caps
  10. Toxic_Potato

    Liking CV Revamp

    I would like to thank our Developer Overlords for their most outstanding triumph. However a thread without a bunch of complaints is simply not heard of. Why do we have to suffer through one more day of Sky Cancer? Put up a bunch of Goodyear Blimps until you are ready!
  11. Toxic_Potato

    Jingles previews the Cossack

  12. Toxic_Potato

    We Need a New Stat to Track

    Stats - One of the biggest oddities about WOWs is that the Developers have great backgrounds in Statistics. So with at best a moderate background and experience using stats I have been very surprised at what WOWs chooses to share. I suspect that something happened with WOT that has influenced their decisions here. Why would you use a Lifetime average of anything to judge a Baseball player? I want to know the last game, week, month, season. I might want to compare this to the lifetime average but that is about the most useful any lifetime average is. Other players with much better Statistics backgrounds have cited numerous flaws and just plain weirdness of WOWs stats. Then the bizarre activities of players to change their win rate is just more gas added to this fire. Wargaming knows the issues but does nothing.
  13. Toxic_Potato

    What imbecile thinks 4-6 DDs in Ranked is a good idea?

    Yes, I caused pure L with just one skimikaze. 5 you are doomed. The only thing a GK left alone should see is torpedoes. You needed two Radar Cruisers. They had to stick together and coordinate radar. Likely needed the radar mod as well. Willingness to run away would have been a plus. I’m not thrilled about ranked either
  14. Toxic_Potato

    United states ONLY

    We had country specific reply You knew that we wanted your business because our website had an Australian button. Flag and a Roo on it! That led to clear details of what we could and could not do. Why yes or no. Plus returns were explained. Australians were great customers. This allowed us to eventually sell our operations. My guess is that if Wargamming had a Roo button you would still be playing. No Roo ....No Pay