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  1. Toxic_Potato

    The Kleber is a JOKE

    May I suggest Benham? Half the speed but DOUBLE the torpedoes !!! As long as you are always running away from danger not much different then Kleber. I fully agree with the OP. This French DD is going to be Port Queen l'extrodinaire. Kleber, Mogador and their Torpedoes had no need for a nerf.....
  2. Toxic_Potato

    Hood: Why the Hate?

    Great historical value and having the WG model her helped me understand her issues. I read much more about the Hood and even those who served aboard her. My take is that owning a Hood in WOWs really helps a person understand the issues involved in the design phase of warships from 1914 - 1940. As for the Hood in the game.....I definitely do not care for her. The fixed torpedoes should have been modeled for her. If not then we need a Hood 1942 after a full refit. This would have replaced the rocket AA and older AA mounts with new effective AA. There are a lot of unanswered questions about what would have happened to Hood in real life if she had survived until 1942. I suspect massive torpedo protection at a cost of lower speed. Maybe set up for shore bombardment. Then the other option would be if refitted as a fast Carrier escort. Vastly improved AA with a much needed engineering overhaul that would keep her reliable enough to escort a Carrier.
  3. Toxic_Potato

    When Can I Sell?

    Sell! It is a Tech tree ship not a true Premium Only premiums which have been sold for cash at some point are reluctantly nerfed by WG. It will not have any effect on Santa Crates. SELL!!!
  4. Wait- There was a Nerf to the torpedoes? The detection range of the torpedoes was increased?
  5. Toxic_Potato

    Hindenburg in current state and meta

    Flamu has a new video out on 9.0 buffs and it gets a hearty thumbs up with the new meta. My opinion is that the ship is slightly OP now for the experienced Cruiser player but for others perhaps not.
  6. Toxic_Potato

    Is anyone else happy?

    I am happy - agree with CV Rework - Less DD just means less chance of this DD main getting ambushed by other DD - spammers really do not affect DDs My only issue is time to play the game. :(
  7. Toxic_Potato

    Republique Help

    That is great! Really well done.
  8. Toxic_Potato

    Blyskawica still sucks

    Yes, but with so many damn ships I set up a couple at each Tier and just leave them alone. Tier 7 it is Sims and Leningrad. I like them a lot more than Blyskawica. As for Tier 9 Benham and Friesland (SP?). Mogador just got the big nerf so it is out of there. I just enjoy playing the game. If there was some event that needed Blyskawica I would move the Captain.
  9. Toxic_Potato

    How too HINDY?

    What about the Hindy Legendary / Unique Mod? It was considered to be one of the best due to great Damage Control With the changes coming does it make any sense to pursue? Do any of the changes effect the Mod? Thanks
  10. Toxic_Potato

    Blyskawica still sucks

    Good points...as usual!
  11. Toxic_Potato

    Blyskawica still sucks

    I was fine with the ship but had a 19 point Captain. My take was that without the 19 point Captain, Premium Consumables and a flag or two definitely an uphill battle. Since I got Friesland (SP?) the 19 point Captain has been moved to her. I am completely with the concept of making Museum Ships just slightly OP. This helps in popularity of the game and might just get a few folks to go visit a Ship! Definitely unhappy with how some of the museum ships have been modeled in WOWs. Lower the visibility to tie it with the lowest in tier. That should do it.
  12. As a Destroyer main who OCCASIONALLY plays other types..... Bring it on! With so many ships just spitting out HE shells another Yamato is just a target.
  13. Toxic_Potato

    Was I unlucky with my Santa containers?

    The $1 crates have had ships but at a ridiculous low rate. The Big and Mega have ships.
  14. Toxic_Potato

    free premium ships

    Ditto on dEsturbed1 I basically like to collect and KEEP the free premiums. Rather surprised just how many free ones I have. Your numbers sound about right for an inactive player. For an active player who pursues free ships maybe 10 per year. Promotions, Events etc have surprised me numerous times. This forum, Reddit and WG News. Throw in the one credit ships and I find myself constantly surprised. I do not play CV's yet there are seven in my port. One I know came with other bought ships/ crates. The others I just have no clue how they got there. If we could give ships away I would be the most popular guy in the game.
  15. My understanding is....Not this year. There are no Doubloons involved. If he rolls a ship he gets a ship he does not have. Once he has ALL the ships on the list he gets some other item offered. Camo, coal, premium time and yes maybe Doubloons in amount stated such as 2000. Not the doubloon value of the ship. The only luck is to roll (ship) instead of (camo) or (coal) etc.