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  1. Larger numbers and symbols

    External Monitor is a great idea as well as using Hotel TV's.....However my latest adventure does not allow me to have the use or carry a monitor so.....for me that is not going to work. HOWEVER - Absolute excellent setup for Wows is just about any high end laptop that allows you to get stuff done and a big big monitor.
  2. Larger numbers and symbols

    Has there been any change to not being able to enlarge the numbers and symbols shown in the game. I just had another embarrassing game where the inability to read the numbers caused me to get sunk. I have also missed noticing small symbols like the RADAR IS ON ME....kind of tough to play DDs. I am of the opinion that it is wrong to play the game if your system isn't up to it. i.e. The internet connection is not reliable. Your computer has issues. So I am stuck with a 13 inch Alienware for the next year. I really should not play if I cannot make the numbers and symbols larger. Anyone know of any change that allows us to increase the size of info displayed? Mucho thanks
  3. Sorry, was being serious about introducing the General Belgrano when it sunk. IMHO the Argentine Navy other than the Air Arm was horrible. The inability to deliver heavy machinery to the Islands resulted in the loss. The insanity of putting that Cruiser at sea so late in the war resulted in those deaths. The Admirals were idiots. The Army was left without tanks, artillery or even large construction vehicles. Too much gear had to be flown in. The Army relied on troops without gear. As for the game. I think controversy would be good for it. WOWs does not have any problem screwing with paying customers. (Cite numerous threads) Perhaps the Belgrano would get some press. Get Argentina and Britain playing the game. Belgrano as a Premium is a good idea. WAY TOO MANY USA and Japanese ships.
  4. Battleships firing from the Bow?

    The picture of the Tripitz? That “flagpole” folds down when not in port. The radio cables or antenna could be replaced. British design becomes wildly political after 1922. That carries on to today. I would not draw much from their issues with keeping tonnage below treaty limits. Good points made just very different designs out there.
  5. Things to say after sinking a ship

    Top replies to OP Don’t quit your day job. Colon Jost and Michael Che call the above post their Job Security. Writers Union - Comedy section will not be calling. Huh? And the top reply to the OP... .I am too busy sinking the next ship to send a silly message... que your favorite late nite show theme music now....
  6. Yes, yes,yes Low Tier games are easily decided by who is the Captain of the CV. At least our Tier 8+ CV Jockeys arn’t from wildly different skill levels. I have moved five of my 19 point Captains to Tier 10 and left two at Tier 8 because of how much more enjoyable it is to play high tier games. When it comes to Random I prefer Tiers 8+. Great ships and great players.
  7. US Cruisers Split Question

    Another question I have three USA 19 point captains. Is it worth it to move them to three of the Cruisers. Is it worth 500 doubloons to additionally qual them for that cruiser Thanks
  8. Is USS Arizona worth the price

    I play her in scenarios. But would wait for Santa crates. Not worth it if you are all the way to Montana. Get some high end flags etc and see what ships come for your $48 in Santa Crates.
  9. So, George Doe...

    ? So who was actually the first or are we splitting this up? first woman to command a warship auxilary ? Google Kathleen McGrath
  10. Agian invisible ships

    The best answer was to play DDs. By the time he has a Tier 10 DD with a 19 point Captain he will post about getting deleted in one shot and green BBS camping.
  11. Agian invisible ships

    I hear you as I just played my Big Mo and it ate so many torps it had holes on top of holes....But as a DD Main we get slaughtered at caps...Seriously if you would only send enough ships to the cap in the beginning the DD population goes way down.. But if the CA's and BBs spread out over the entire ocean and do not call focus fire on a DD when spotted. Drop everything and SHOOT THE DD.....After the initial cap oh my my.....you are my [edited]....unless you have some of them new aeroplanes....that can be a problem..
  12. Would You Join a Union?

    As a member of the Missouri Owners Group may I say that your endeavor is admirable for the Duke a something or other. Perhaps you are choosing the wrong ship to base your Union on? Why don’t you buy the Missouri and become part of the Big Mo Owners Group? ( BMOG)? oh wait you can’t!!!!!!! Elitism.....Exclusivity....Excellence in sinking the Duke of what again? Missouri
  13. Do Not Allow Pink Players in Ranked

    Too funny, This game should be used for a psych masters thesis.....perhaps doctoral? Having been short on time my play time is purely for fun. So lately reevaluating the game. I am thinking that the war is over and time to mothball my fleet. Then in a couple of years peek in to see what WOWs has become. I had something similar in Randoms but he decided that using his guns was better than torps. Pink, combined with spamming chat and boxes on the Minnie me map. At some point Wargames will have the legal mess sorted and a clear way to close accounts for good. At that point they will have to make a decision where to go. Until then This sort of thing is just hilarious to watch. Crazy chatters and Freacky forum posters are just the cherry on top of the 5150 cake.
  14. Que Bad Boys Theme....... Bad connection means we don’t want to play with you.... WOWs is perfect it never crashes. You violated the Colregs a.k.a Nautical Rules of the Road therefore you are pink. Please do one of the following: 1.Attend a four year Naval / Merchant Marine Accademy 2. Enlist as a Quartermaster in the Navy 3. Watch the 15 minute YouTube video on Nautical Rulesof the Road. Being the Captain of an imaginary online computer game warship requires you take responsibility for your Computer and connection. WOWs will do the rest. My job is done here.....now to the daily submarine thread......