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  1. Toxic_Potato


    Well?????? I stopped playing in order to get all that free stuff that other players got for not playing the game. Why don't I get a bunch of free stuff? I think it is because of this forum. I posted on this forum and that counts as playing. EVIL BAD WORLD OF WARSHIPS....(Shaking Fist at Sky) Maybe it is because I did not create a thread about leaving World of Warpships... You know the you can all go to L thread.... I will make you ALLL PAY FOR THIS INSULT!!! Once my super highspeed dial up internet downloads the game I shall sink every last person!!! That means as early as November 15th this game will be changed FOREVER!!!!! All of this could have been prevented by giving me what I deserve!!!! Sincerely Toxic (Angry) Potato
  2. You need to back up this argument with some cold hard cash arguments. Find the data and show those goons at Wargaming the thousands of HMAS Perth’s sold vice given away in crates!! I know that Canadian DD sold like Tim Hortons after a Maple leafs win....Canadian’s love donuts and Molsons with their hockey!
  3. The need for additional US Navy warships must come first before ANY ships for countries we have never heard of before today. Further the lack of ships from the USSR is awful. Where is the second line of USSR Destroyers or the FIRST line of Aircraft Carriers? May I suggest sending a carrot to Austria and New Zealand?? Perhaps in an existing harbor we could have two sailboats flagged with their respective Countries flags! These sailboats could tack back and forth...... Now if they do not have sailboats perhaps dugout canoes or just whatever they might have put together by 1945. Sailboat Tech is tricky and they may have relied on the British for this as well. So any British sailboat should function just fine. Thank you Toxic Potato
  4. Toxic_Potato

    Massachusetts or Alabama?

    oh....well ..... ahhhhh.....hmmmm...... The Massachusetts comes with a Spotter I believe.... Sorry I have all of these BB's and rarely play them...But when I do play a BB one good thing is at Tear 8 Massachusetts will face some very weak , thin skinned Cruisers. Destroyers whose torpedoes have less range then the Secondaries. If you last the entire game the number of sunk enemy ships is sometimes rather high. My Alabama has not been played in two years. Massachusetts maybe 100 times this year.
  5. Toxic_Potato

    Massachusetts or Alabama?

    Absolute, no question, clear choice.....why are you even asking? Get the Jean Bart!!!!! Even if you were born in Alabama get the Massachusetts and a 19 point Captain set it up for secondaries and never again need to get another Battleship. Even an idiot like myself who cannot play Battleships (DD Main) has a Kracken Kraken with the Massachusetts. Just CNTRL and click on ships and watch the 5" 38's just light up the poor defenseless target. If I could have only one BB it would be Jean Bart......But if I was allowed TWO BB's !!! Jean Bart and Massashootist. Did you know that there is a Massachusetts B !!!!! Yes a special Massachootist and some players put a special Captain on the Special Massachusetts !!!!!!!!! They feel......SPECIAL!!!
  6. Toxic_Potato

    I'll Give Ranked One More Shot This Morning

    I do not play Ranked anymore because I cannot find the time to rank out. When I did have the time, one thing that helped me was to just stick with one ship. Just stay with the one ship and that seems to work the best.
  7. Toxic_Potato

    I'll Give Ranked One More Shot This Morning

    Just bag it. Not worth the agony. Tear 7 just not workin out for you.
  8. Toxic_Potato

    For those that still have the Moskva

    Keep it. Otherwise when it gets the mad crazy Russian Bias Stalin Shells I would have to buy it back! Also if it is a Premium and I was to buy Santa Crates it would just end up being inside one of them .....
  9. Jean Bart - IS insanely OP.... Play it like a cruiser...try to hide the rear part behind a rock and do a secondary build. So good that I am debating selling everything else and just playing Jean "Insane Damage" Bart. Georgia, Benham, DD's at Tier 9 is really a personal preference many very good. Really cannot go wrong with any Tier 9 DD. Alaska B -....Not the A WAAAAY to Common Alaska A. Lucky it comes with essentially a permanent Camo. Missouri - Mine just sits in port due to Jean Bart. Lots of Tier 9's that I exp'd past. Pretty much all the BB's but special ed credit to IJN and German Tier 9 BB's
  10. Toxic_Potato

    Low-tier DDs vs CVs

    EPIC Battle worthy of the DD Hall of Fame..... I just get the brutal beat down at lower TEARS!!!! They see a DD, then the name.....message each other.....I become fish food. Tier 8,9, 10 the cost is a bit more to attack a DD and I got zero complaints against CV'ers. My response since CV rework has been the problem is solved and if you intend to play DD you need to play Tier 10. Knowing what the "P" key does is VERY helpful. I bet the DD players in the pictures have mastered the "P" key....
  11. Toxic_Potato

    CVs have ruined DDs

    THIS ^^^^ Except _ I am much less than 1 in 10 games having a CV problem.
  12. Toxic_Potato

    CVs have ruined DDs

    I avoid the lower Tiers and this problem rarely occurs. Yes if a good CV player wants to eliminate me they sacrifice at least three different squadrons if not more. Lower Tiers are rather weird. Tier 9 and 10 as a DD main I am fine. I have a couple DD's that are pure AA set up so if I get pissed at a CV the next game my AA kills are huge.... I feel better :)
  13. Toxic_Potato

    Why do I even play this stupid game?

    I have not played in at least four months.....Is MM putting me on the winning team each time???
  14. Toxic_Potato

    Why do I even play this stupid game?

    I can't lose today.....First couple games in other post were Co -Op and the rest Random.....I even didn't shoot in one game....Just spotted...we still won.....WHO HACKED MY GAME?????? All of these are Random....the above post two are CoOp What is up with the game????
  15. Toxic_Potato

    Why do I even play this stupid game?

    I stopped playing maybe four months ago and just came back today......I thought that player quality in being able to play the game had gone down.... I was completely wrong.... American Competition very strong...