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  1. Toxic_Potato

    commander smoke screen skill

    There is also an upgrade mod available in the Arsenal for smoke screen. Worth checking out.
  2. Toxic_Potato

    The Saga of Giulio Cesare

    I got my Guilo all fueled up, shinny and ready to go..... When do I get my money?
  3. Toxic_Potato

    19 point captain deleted?

    Where was he at? Do I now have to have a roll call? Why would the game let you dismiss a 19 point captain?
  4. Toxic_Potato

    Spotting Planes

    Does the capt skill and acquisition mod stack?
  5. Toxic_Potato

    BB [edited]

    Are you switching to HE when the target is angled or facing you. Some BBs have a large fire chance. Burn them down with HE! AP Armor Piercing is just that. It will punch a hole through one side and exit the other without exploading. You may have put 6 holes in the broadside of a Cruiser put if none expload or hit something solid ( in game citadel) in real life ( something solid) all you got was 6 holes in and six out.
  6. Toxic_Potato

    BB [edited]

    Since you refuse to name the BB or even the Tier it is hard to take you seriously. My Montana appears to be much more accurate than my Tier 10 German BB. But my German BB has insane secondary guns and detects torps and ships at a much farther range. Balance - yes Real World. - Much easier to solve the Fire Control problem and make adjustments with smaller quicker firing ammo. Are you shooting at the sides of ships when the opportunity presents itself. Lower tier BB have to get closer. My Yamato with the unique mod and all other fire control improvements is just insane with tight to awfully close together groupings. Tier five Texas....very humbling until at 7 km. Sometimes less:(
  7. Toxic_Potato

    Prefer a CV refund with ships. It's fair.

    I agree with Excuse maker.
  8. Toxic_Potato

    Camping Prevention Idea

    Sorry you need to write this in Russian for anyone involved with the development to understand. But a bunch of generic ships was not fun in the early versions. So no. I rarely play non Tier 10 but with the new CV there are more AA ships out and Yamato and Montana are pushed back. Those two are popping double search planes and just wrecking. Then there are players who want to get into AA ships but are not good so....lots of learning curves floating around.
  9. Toxic_Potato

    Bears Clan Team killer gone to far

    Are CVs really on your team or just providing a service? This does not really feel like a Team Kill as much as a Protest. Would the same result have happened if the OP was playing a Cruiser vice a CV? Protest not Team Kill.
  10. Toxic_Potato

    While we test

    If you can’t write Russian you are wasting your time. If you can write Russian you would know that complaining is uselesss. But keep posting if it makes you feel better to vent. If you like the game spend money. If you do not like the game then do not.
  11. Toxic_Potato

    Now I understand...

    Sounds kinda cultish
  12. Toxic_Potato

    Now I understand...

    Yea!!!!! If you don’t love it...don’t spend money on it.
  13. Toxic_Potato

    CV Rework poll

    Poll is Biased Where is the vote for ”CV Players must pass psych and KGB Background exam.” hmmmmm..... Vote and type all you want. I do not believe the vast majority of Developers read English or care what your opinion is. Also I thought the OP left as well....can’t stay away?
  14. Toxic_Potato

    Sweet Taste of Revenge.

    Where is the justice on this forum? Class Warfare is NOT allowed. OP should get a STRIKE!!!! We all need to live all happy together in our little watery world and not take cruel enjoyment at the expense of our CV playing Brethren. There were people playing those ships. How do you think they feel? People who may need psychiatric help but they are still human beings.
  15. The arrogance of North America players of this game shows no limits. How many actual programmers can read English? How many Wargaming “Developers” care about a US Based opinion. They want a console playable game to make lots of Rubles!!!! Nothing more here.