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  1. Out of about 15 bought boxes (expensive ones) the T5 and T6 missions zero out of unknown rather large number of the cheap or free boxes. However first bought box had T5 mission
  2. This entire thread is racist, inflammatory and discriminatory to Toxic players. I am just sad! I t
  3. Toxic_Potato

    Statistical name analysis (in-depth study)

    Excuse Me!!!!! Why was not POTATO used in this survey? Too damn good?
  4. Toxic_Potato

    Good DD line to start on?

    US and Japanese do not have hydro so you will need a premium to learn the tricks. But I would go with US just because good all around.
  5. Toxic_Potato

    How to get Kuznetsov?

    Just BTW his skills do not work in Clan Battles and some other event. I have him on a DD. In typical 10 VS 10 I think you have a five percent chance of getting first blood? Maybe 10% if it is awarded to both sides....I never paid attention to this. Look at the other special RU Commanders for Kremlin. I did and am very happy.
  6. Toxic_Potato

    How to get Kuznetsov?

    Why do you want him? His only permanent skill is a five percent bump in loading consumables....if you select jack of all trades Do you routinely get “First Blood”? If not no extra consumables When at 10% hp you will get 7.5% hp back and likely a 30 second period where the enemy will miss shooting at you. He is almost completely situational. Now the other RU Special Commanders skill bonuses are always on. Which is better?
  7. Toxic_Potato

    Legendary commanders skills

    Two Examples: Kuznetsov - only has one special skill that is activated all the time IF the perk is chosen- an additional 5% bump for Jack of all trades. Otherwise Must sink first ship in a game - THEN gets an additional charge in consumables and Ships HP must be below 10% HP recovered is 7.5%. Enemy shell dispersion goes up to 20% All of this for 30seconds. So his skills or perks are situational. Not very valuable IMHO compared to Znamensky whose skills are ALWAYS activated.
  8. Toxic_Potato

    All bots, all the time, really?

    Siberia is not a lush garden of flowers?
  9. Toxic_Potato

    3 losses in a row...and exit

    You guys are much better than me. One bad loss where I messed up and I am gone.
  10. Toxic_Potato

    Legendary commanders skills

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Halsey_Jr. Are you referring to Fleet Admiral Halsey? Also which special RU Commander? They have wildly different special skills and those skills activation is different in at least one.
  11. Toxic_Potato

    Legendary commanders skills

    Who is Helsay?
  12. Toxic_Potato


    IMHO VR is the future. Have any games moved to a VR version that keeps the 2D version ? Either separate games or just what the VR players see is different than the 2D players?
  13. Toxic_Potato


    Star Trek Bridge maybe...... Same game but VR? Sign me up.
  14. Toxic_Potato

    Kremlin is stupid strong.

    Russian Fleet well balanced .... unlike many North American players