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  1. CaptSemmes

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    I see all these posts [edited] about the clan battles and seasons and I just don't understand. My group love playing the CBs. We would much prefer to play with friends in where there is real cooperation and teamwork, rather than in random battles where there is very little teamwork and a whole lot of self-gratification. Not to mention the rewards in CB are far greater (steel) than the random madness. We have participated in every season - including Clan Brawls (which are also hella fun) - since they started. We also make it a point to include every member that shows up for CBs. So if you are in a clan that doesn't compete, hit us up. We are always willing to talk to anyone. Discord and a willingness to work in a team environment are a must. As well as a sense of humor and enjoyment of the game. ;) I do agree that it would be nice to move the start times for NA back a couple of hours. We have several west coast members that have issues getting in early. Either move the start back, or extend the end time a couple of hours. This would be an easy way to allow more people to participate.
  2. CaptSemmes

    Premium Ship Review #115: Bourgogne

    @LittleWhiteMouse I know this review is pre-Soviet Battleships, so how does the Bourgogne rate now that Kremlin, et al, is in the mix? And if the Slava (or whatever the name this week) ends up being a steel ship, wouldn't I be better off continuing to stockpile my steel? It just seems that with the prevalence of the Soviet BBs, with their brutal guns and insane armor, a Bourgogne would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Do you think it can still be competitive in this new environment? 30K hard-earned, precious, steel seems like a lot for a ship that looks like a heavy cruiser compared to the Soviet bullies. I loved my pre-nerf Alsace, and I have the JB and the Stally. I want to love the Bourgogne, but I am afraid of commitment.
  3. wth WoWs? All the XP I had on the early access Russian BBs is GONE!! What was the point of working so hard for early access if it was all for naught? OK, so maybe, maybe I understand why the early access boats got zero'd out, but why the Lenin? It was a premium ship I bought for $$$$. Why the hell did that xp get nuked?
  4. CaptSemmes

    Naval Battle changes?

    I am absolutely with you on this. We are not some mega clan (only 29 members) and a mix of very experienced and some not so experienced. So the less experienced members are able to knockout the 300 XP goals fairly easily, leaving the larger goals for the more experienced guys. This is OK, but with only 10 attempts, it is very limiting in how much they can achieve. ESPECIALLY considering that 1200+ XP on a losing team is virtually impossible. And we all know that during the weekends Random teams are a crapshoot at best. If you are not on a winning team it is a wasted attempt. If you want to make XP goals better, do not count attempts that are wasted on loss matches. IMO, the damage totals are much more fair. This way if you are saddled with a crappy team you are at least capable of reaching your damage goal. And to second your opinion: I am in this to win for the clan to improve our clan base. Unless I am mistaken, the whole point of Naval Battles is for clans to gain resources.
  5. "Glad to see your trailer park made it through the twisters the other night." Your words not mine. And I stand by my comments concerning your utter lack of class or decency. Using a real tragedy as a juvenile, insulting comment in a meaningless game forum is not "repertoire", it is just wrong. Those people are my fellow citizens of the Great State of Alabama. My son goes to college just a few miles from where the tornadoes struck. So yeah, I do consider such comments as being both contemptible and inexcusable. If can not see that, then you are well deserving of my disgust and pity. Spin it anyway you want, you are still sorry excuse for a human.
  6. Really? 23 people dead, many injured, countless homeless and you want to make a joke? You are a special kind of scum bud. I am sure your mother is very proud. Want to make jokes about me, fine. I am an adult (unlike you). But to make light of people losing their lives, loved ones, homes takes a sick and lowlife individual. https://www.al.com/news/montgomery/2019/03/were-all-impacted-community-mourns-victims-killed-in-lee-county-tornado.html
  7. Those are impressive stats for a Tier III player! Well done, sir, well done! You might have a future in this game! I am sorry. I misjudged you. Troll, stat [edited] AND now a stalker! A truly a well-rounded individual. Dude, you really need to get help with that low self esteem issue. I just can't provide the kind of professional help you really need. Goodbye and good luck with your treatment and recovery! Maybe you should consider a less stressful game like Farmville or CandyCrush? Wish you nothing but the best!
  8. Less than 1000 games = noob. Hello noob! And sorry, but I gave up feeding trolls for Lent. Your rock is calling...
  9. Just read the patch notes for 8.1.1 and while it seems they have fixes for some of the sound issues, they did not mention removing the annoying schwuumb and guitar rift from the game. Making some changes to CVs as well. But since I don't play CV, I can't really speak to that. Except watch out for IJN torp planes! Sometimes, they just don't listen.
  10. or C) headphones only amplify an annoying as hell sound. D) WG can get rid of an obnoxious feature that no one seems to like. Or E) I can wait for some newbie troll to post some useless, inane comment. Oh, wait...
  11. For the love of armor plating, can you please get rid of the mind-numbing schwummp and the idiotic guitar rift???? Or give us a way to turn it off!! I am seriously concerned that my wife is going to stab me in the back over this. Even my dogs now growl at the game. Any time now I expect the neighbors with flaming torches and pitchforks. Whomever thought this was a good idea must have been a talent scout for the Gong Show. They should be strapped to a chair and force to listen to Slim Whitman for days at a time (look him up and you will understand why this would be extreme torture). Seriously, who ever it was that came up with these little gems should be fired immediately. In 3 years of playing this game, this might be the most annoying, unnecessary, idiotic gimmick WG has come up with. I challenge anyone to suggest one that was worse - besides the Katori being a premium ship.
  12. Waiting for info on this as well. The last Supply Line event was a lot of fun for our clan. Devs? Devs? Why are we being so stingy with the info? Don't just tease us, tell us details.
  13. CaptSemmes


    I have been anxiously awaiting the Alaska to drop for months now. I have been banking free xp like a miser and if it is a fxp ship I will be able to get day one. However, every time I see a new tester post a vid I keep wondering if it will be worth it. Nerf this, buff that, seems WG can't make up their minds as to what this ship is going to be. I have a Kronny and would be perfectly happy with an Americanized version. But I am just not sure what this is going to end up being. Sadly, the only way to know is blow the fxp/$$/coal to find out if it is good for you. Oh, and no refunds if you don't like it. Once again I wish WG would have the premium ships on the test server. Let us test drive before we buy. I would be much more inclined to spend real money for a boat if I knew what I was getting. And they would attract much more traffic on the PTS if they did that. The contributors opinions are nice, but watch three and get three different opinions - and they are all opinions based on that person's perceptions, play style, etc. All of which would just make way too much sense I guess.
  14. CaptSemmes

    Clan Battle Season 4

    Would it really kill WoWs to produce a calendar for reoccurring events? What is the point of all the secrecy? Just like Ranked Battles, we know there will be another Clan Season, another Anniversary event, Halloween, Christmas, etc. Doesn't have to include specifics, but just a simple calendar with start and ending dates. As for Clan Season(s) it would be really helpful to the clans to be able to make training plans, schedule player availability, get ships ready, and so on. Especially since this has become a very popular event in WoWs (more than 4,000 clans world-wide competed in the Supply Line event) AND with the advent of the new Clan Base. So would a calendar of scheduled events really be such a big deal???
  15. I suggest you send an email to the folks at codeweavers. If you will look in previous posts you will find the emails. I had similar issues and they offered several suggestions that I have posted here. Good luck and hope you get back in the game soon.