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  1. Instead of making it a CW reward, make it a FXP reskin (permanent camo) of Yamato (maybe 150k?) That way: Only T10 players get her (elite players anyways) People not in a clan can get it It's still something to work towards Players have to have Yamato to earn it Since you can change the ship models (a la Bismarck), it doesn't require a new ship Poke holes in this, I'm sure there are plenty
  2. Have to agree with issm here. It would be really lame to have it be a T10 clan wars reward.
  3. Be a torpedoboat until you find a good spot to smoke. Then use your good AP to farm damage off of oblivious BB players who don't expect to take damage. You can also citadel some cruiser if they close with you, which is nice. ^This works well enough for me on Gaede with the 150s.
  4. It was sad when T5 ships were in your games. They were entirely inferior to their T6 counterparts and frankly only fools drove them. Now, fools will have to be better equipped.
  5. Don't bother with DDs if you can. T8 sees Chapayev and New Orleans, and if you're unused to radar, they're brutal. Ranked is not the place to learn that.
  6. Bummer. I was hoping for it to be a part of a split somewhere down the line. If she's premium, I guarantee she will have some gimmick, but it's still a toss-up for me between a radar or an engine boost. EDIT: On the other hand, if this is a FXP ship, I will be saving for it.
  7. USN BBs after that are very accurate, at least that's how it feels being on the other end of them.
  8. Just making DDs an effective counter again will do enough. As a cruiser main I think it's too darn easy to whap a DD in just about anything.
  9. Pretty much everything here except for BFT if you run the 150s. Take vigilance to boost your hydro if you do that. Additionally, some will swap PT for PM.
  10. Generally more maneuverable ships should try to avoid collisions as they are most able. On the other hand, if you spawn and don't move, you're doing it wrong.
  11. Bot's are dumb, and can't predict things well, so they occasionally TK. As for the bots in randoms, for your first few battles they protect you with a modified matchmaker. It won't last. Just find something you enjoy playing and get good at it. Plenty of tutorials, etc, out there.
  12. Might we see an airfield as part of a scenario in future? I know the Luftwaffe shows up in Dynamo, but having a destructible source of enemy (or friendly) planes might be cool. Perhaps as part of the same question, are more scenarios being cooked up? The ones we have now are phenomenal. Really excellent work. Congrats on pushing this thing past 2500 replies.
  13. Their announcement about smoke changes also referenced an IFHE Chapayev. I'd bet the next one is T8.
  14. Huge boost in my Free XP savings for Nelson. Pretty close to finishing the birthday collection. And this game (hoping the image works)
  15. Most ships can take on an Atlanta with ease. I salivate at the thought of catching one in my Shchors... the poor guy will have no modules left and be burning stem to stern in no time.