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  1. pewpewpew42

    Saving Transylvania may be a pain...

    Yes, I pulled the Kagero camo, so they are possible.
  2. pewpewpew42

    PSA-Saving Transifshegetssunksyoulosevania

    The operation is exceptionally easy, but when you go HEY GUYS LOOK AT THIS OPERATION everyone and their brother goes to try it. It might be a nice feature to make people watch the video the devs released through the game before allowing access. At least have a clue what the goal is...
  3. pewpewpew42

    So are we done getting sovereigns?

    So this is it? No more sovereigns beyond the current ones? The event screen is blocked, and has nothing, so is it settled by now?
  4. pewpewpew42

    PSA for the fellas

    Будённый is Budyonny Kind of obvious, but if the CV announcement left you a tad confused, hopefully this helps. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/carriers_rework_starting_pack/
  5. pewpewpew42

    The Yubari; is it worth the coal?

    I hear that it's like a funkier Kuma. Fragile, and very wonky torpedo angles, but maneuverable, accurate, and stealthy. A single charge of DFAA at T4 is nice, but not too powerful. Might be useful with the rework?
  6. USS Massachusetts and friends at Fall River, Mass. I'm planning to get down to the Salem too at some point, but that keeps getting pushed back.
  7. pewpewpew42

    Question regarding commanders

    After T6, where the line starts to get its defining characteristics, it makes sense to keep captains around for me.
  8. pewpewpew42

    Can we include 'Friendly Fire' into potential damage.

    I think it would be too easy to farm. My fix is that if it is close enough to count as an ENEMY's potential damage as well as close enough to be 'yours', then it will count. Make brawling a bit more rewarding, but don't let people just farm in the back. @turbo07 Is that more fair?
  9. pewpewpew42

    Medway Queen's armament

    Can anyone pick out the gun on the bow of Medway Queen? I can't find a matching one on any of the British tech tree ships. Sorry for the crap picture, but it's the only one I have. Just curious...
  10. pewpewpew42

    Easter Egg in operations

    Can this be consistently reproduced with that secondary objective? I had seen this before, but not recently.
  11. pewpewpew42

    Is Raptor Rescue a bit too difficult?

    Absolutely not. The people that have been doing the operations recently are just terrible players. The operations have always been extremely easy, but they used to attract decent players instead of potatoes. If I had my way, there would be a lock on operations if you were under a 45% WR. That or just swap its unlock with that of Clan battles in the service record.
  12. @Gneisenau013 Any update? Or did i just miss something somewhere? (entirely possible...)
  13. If BBs don't want cruisers and DDs to fire HE, they can always turn broadside.
  14. pewpewpew42

    Stop Telling Me How To Play DD

    I suppose they fear having one of those DD captains who just goes "hurr durr cap good enemy bad" and waffles around the map trying to find an empty cap. Not that their advice would help the poor fella...
  15. The playerbase has somehow gotten dumber each update for a year or so. Nothing that interesting...