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  1. pewpewpew42

    Looking for a Clan (2 Players)

    @Shasha_16 SF sounds like the right clan for you! We have an excellent competitive core for you with great steel bonuses in the naval base among others. PM myself, @El_Pepe or @Havoc_NA, and we can set you right up. https://www.team-sf.com/ Go SF!
  2. pewpewpew42

    No way...

    I pulled the Graf Zeppelin from one of these containers... not a premium one mind you. Forget a string of losses, this is a good day for WoWS! I suppose I'm lined up for 15-30 losses now, but as they say... ... perfectly balanced.
  3. @KSN If I can take a shameless plug here.. join a clan! There are economic bonuses to be had with no cost or membership fee. For example, SF-A has +10% commander XP and -15% to the credits cost of buying ships. We use discord, which is easy to set up, but more importantly for your particular situation we hold trainings quite frequently. We go over maps (some of which will be new to you), ships, and how to make team mechanics work best for divisions. If you're going to be paired with your son occasionally, making smoke and radar work together will be a lot of fun, but both have changed since you last played. Check us out and we'll work with you to get back in the saddle in no time! https://www.team-sf.com/
  4. pewpewpew42

    state of secondaries

    I'd test a flat 10% (20? 30?) increase in damage per shell to see what it takes to become a noticable increase and compare that with balance. Would BBs (mostly I suppose, you Kiev drivers) trade main battery efficiency for secondaries? I would guess that the German and French BBs would agree, and few others would.
  5. I'd use Kronshtadt. A little selection bias since I don't have Alaska, but it's great fun to hit a Hindy for 30k on six seconds' notice.
  6. pewpewpew42

    Automatic re-supply of consumables.

    Occasionally the client screws up and reconverts it back to doubloons and spends them. Submit a ticket, but I've been studiously ignored for the same issue.
  7. pewpewpew42

    Can't play anymore

    Do come back in a bit if you leave. The game changes a lot, and you might like what you find in a while.
  8. Practically, I would bet that any French commander would realize (if not immediately, then later) that aircraft were too decisive in the Pacific. Without a carrier force, the fleet would be vulnerable. In all likelihood, they would probably move to a US carrier fleet and essentially beef one up quickly.
  9. pewpewpew42

    how is le terrible?

    It's not Leone. That's about it from what I hear.
  10. pewpewpew42

    Looking for an active, relaxed clan.

    @Shenanigans_Abound Take a look at SF! We run clan wars at several levels of competitiveness, and certainly get along. We have an excellent tradition of maturity and cooperation, so our group has great cohesion. https://www.team-sf.com/ https://www.team-sf.com/ts3.sf This is our website and TS link. If you want, jump in and chat with some of our crew; we have guys online all the time, and matching you up would be a cinch.
  11. pewpewpew42

    Team Special Forces is recruiting!

    Go SF baby! Reach out to any of our members to ask about us, but particularly myself, @El_Pepe, and @Havoc_NA. I've learned a lot in the clan, and hope to pass on our tradition of excellence.
  12. pewpewpew42

    Threw my headset

    Did they add a sound of shells clanging on the hull when in binocular view? I remember that being suspiciously loud...
  13. pewpewpew42

    USN Vet Looking for Active Casual Clan

    Hey there Eisenn! After reading your post, I think [SF] is right for you. We certainly don't require clan battles, but we offer them to people who want to play. I played in our casual group for months, and had a blast. We have a ton of nice people that are online quite frequently, and I believe we have some ex-USN guys as well! https://www.team-sf.com/ https://www.team-sf.com/ts3.sf This is our larger team website as well as our teamspeak link. We'd be delighted to bring in some more players, especially people who already know each other, so we look forward to hearing from you. Good hunting!
  14. pewpewpew42

    Looking for Clan

    Take a look at [SF]. Mature certainly describes us and we have excellent voice chat systems (and working to improve them as well). Stats are less important than a willingness to learn, and we're developing a fantastic training schedule. We are organized into different groups, (you'll see us out fighting in [SF-A], for example) with great structure and cohesion. https://www.team-sf.com/ https://www.team-sf.com/ts3.sf This is our website link and our TS link. When I joined, I found the process of setting everything up to be exceptionally easy even to a guy who ever really used voice comms before. Feel free to PM me here or in-game, we're always looking for new teammates!
  15. pewpewpew42

    Wows Nightly News 4: Investing in AA!

    Well done! Keep these coming...