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  1. In Killer Whale, I detonated a Kuma with Ryujo DBs. Fun fun.
  2. Why don't they preserve the Enterprise?

    They should just ground it on some tiny island in the Pacific and call it an airfield. Take that China!
  3. Deleted

    Personally, I think they should make it so that the generic flag flies typically, but only when a ship is sunk it turns into a swastika. Historical accuracy.
  4. It’s not “Wooster”

    Tom Brady. Oh, it's a pronunciation thing? Nah, Massachusetts has it anyways.
  5. HMAS Vampire should have smoke Crawl

    Sure why not. Might make me play it more, but it should not become a seal-clubber like Nikolai or Kamikaze.
  6. Will the nelson get an armor buff?

    We don't need armor chaps, we'll just print a new ship or two when the old one gets trashed.
  7. Wait.. so the guns are more comfortable, and the smoke is in little puffs? Have they crossed KM and PA smoke?
  8. Operation Hermes Bug

    In Hermes, the bots have no way to detect collisions with allies. This is extremely annoying, but we don't know if it is intended or not.
  9. Yes. I just got my Richelieu, and I can't wait to try the secondary spec in the storm!
  10. Most citadels dealt in a match?

    I had something like 25 or 30 one time, because I caught a triple-div of Emeralds broadside to my Mahan. Fun times...
  11. Other people seem to have gotten the message, so I've missed the hangup. Sorry, but I don't think it's on my end. What can I do to clarify my thoughts?
  12. Yes but... French cruisers have the speed to flee (har har) American and Russian cruisers get radar British cruisers have smoke to ensure a getaway Yeah we get piped if caught off-guard, but if played well, you can still contribute.
  13. Thats... what I said. DDs weren't improved along with the BBs learning. I didn't discuss nerfs because they weren't relevant to my point...
  14. I maintain my theory that DDs were initially balanced by inexperience. I think that early on, you could really hammer BBs that hadn't learned to dodge, or didn't have hydro or catapult aircraft. WG saw the numbers and concluded that DDs were fine. However, as BBs learned, WG didn't adjust DDs, leaving them ill-suited for their advertised role of assassin. Now, DDs have learned too, but they still don't punish mistakes the way that BBs, CVs, or even cruisers can.
  15. British cruisers

    They are both great ships for the ops. However, they can't light fires, and given the design of many missions, you have to play on the flank to get broadsides. IMO they are underused. I suppose their smoke isn't well-used in most ops, whereas speed and fire chance are. They also don't get DFAA.