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  1. Are we guaranteed to get the full collection if we get the container each day?
  2. People are idiots. Assume you're all alone and play on. EDIT: I can consistently get 20k damage, 25 planes, and 15 kills in Anthony... this isn't that hard.
  3. Each time they release something like Belfast the time they have gets shorter. If its not fun, people won't play, so if they want this to go on as long as possible, they should pay very close attention to the playerbase as a whole.
  4. theamazingtoby's build with one caveat: I pick Last Stand for the second tier. It's a matter of choice, but I find it saves me more often than faster turrets or AR. However, both are good skills when you have more points.
  5. pewpewpew42 I'll be doing the French mission, but if I see the invite and need a break I'll join you.
  6. This would be a terrible idea if it made it out of testing. If they are worried about a smoke meta, they can encourage or add radar/hydro.
  7. My best is 8. My computer freezes as soon as I shoot, so the lead is always thrown off.
  8. Honestly, if someone were skilled enough to really hack their servers, they should be working on bigger things. I'd bet both the Russians and the Chinese pay good money for hackers that skilled.
  9. I can only speak to number 4. Try to division with reliable battleship players that are good at killing cruisers. When these radar cruisers pop up, make sure to call out for fire on them, people are usually happy to do that (they're all pretty squishy). Your job in all this is to keep them spotted and to dodge. Radar doesn't last forever, so you can waste their precious 20-30 seconds by making them dodge BB shells. For dealing with a MO, just make sure that your allies have hit their cruisers HARD. The BB itself won't do much, but their allies will. As for dealing with an ambush, you just have to see it coming. Keep track of where all radar cruisers were last spotted and where they are probably lurking. (Hint: Islands and smoke screens. These cruisers fare badly in open water.) The trick to their knowing of your presence: spotting. Ships like Edinburgh or Chapayev can make their radar equal to or longer than their detection ranges. If they are spotted and can't see anyone, they know you're there and will pop radar.
  10. Not really that old at all, but I miss Star Wars the Clone Wars...
  11. cv

    A split CV line is possible in future, but unlikely anytime soon. This is a perfect example of something to keep on the back burner until WG gets around to it.
  12. I do well in Shchors, but I'm struggling with the Algerie... how should I be playing it? Any tips?
  13. I don't support caps as much as I should, not to mention how slowly I learn a new ship's ballistics...
  14. It's not easy being green...
  15. Bait the DF with a fighter sqaud. Greedy captains will fire it off at your fighters, which you pull back. ~40 seconds later, go for the drop. With any BB, do dive bombers first, you can knock out some AA for the follow-up. If you are playing an Independence and see two dive bomber sqauds, find it and kill it. He won't have any fighters to defend himself. Last but certainly not least, learn the durations of all BB damage control parties. This can mean the difference between a 40k game and a 100k game.