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  1. This would be awesome. Getting two useless DDs is a recipe for failure every time. If you're at 47% or less, you're being willfully ignorant of game mechanics. It's unfair to teams with six of these people.
  2. pewpewpew42

    Win More vs Win Harder

    Unfortunately this wisdom won't reach the individuals who need it most. Monkey see monkey do, and many of the worst players are bad because they don't seek this kind of knowledge. Good post though! Very thorough and informative.
  3. pewpewpew42

    New forum layout and restructure.

    Oh yeah! Fixed! I hadn't been able to react to things, send PMs, or reply to topics. Thanks!
  4. pewpewpew42

    Can MM wait more than 0.0003 seconds?

    Yo - I did win (narrowly). Just thought it was foolish to get put in that game less than three seconds after entering queue. Not a Co-op main by any means, just grinding some directives.
  5. This is stupid. Wait another ten seconds and have players.
  6. pewpewpew42

    Sinop, Soviet Special Commander, and Ranked

    Missed the announcement, how are they nerfing Kuznetsov? It's certainly disruptive, so I'm curious.
  7. pewpewpew42

    Since Subs are here and CVs are here.

    Flying sub, etc etc... Ah there it is. Great article!
  8. Atago will likely suit you best. It's a tried and true ship, and the heal and reload will mean many of your skills carry over. It's gameplay is very representative of the Japanese cruiser line, which gives you a good place to start if you wanted to get into cruisers more. A bit pricey, but you know how coupons work and she makes great credits.
  9. pewpewpew42

    R.I.P. Centarina

    ^Same, very sorry to hear that. Keep him in our prayers!
  10. pewpewpew42

    Remember me

    Great poem! Jocko Willink's if I'm not mistaken.
  11. pewpewpew42

    What to get in the Armory

    I'd get Georgia if I were you. Salem isn't far from the Des Moines, and Kuznetsov isn't worth it alone. If you already have something like Smolensk or Stalingrad, go for the admiral.
  12. pewpewpew42

    Ranked article today is a token-yielding one

    Good eye! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/ranked-16/
  13. pewpewpew42

    Warhammer 40k collab when?

    How would that tie in? Sounds cool, but I'm unfamiliar with it.
  14. pewpewpew42

    yeah tier 7 cv vs tier 5 bb, REALLY Fair

    Nah they fixed Saipan. That's actually a thing the rework did really well.
  15. pewpewpew42

    So what are US CA/CLs good at again?

    On top of what's aready been mentioned, they have superior radars. Also, the light cruisers can use DFAA and hydro together, which is good.