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  1. I like it! Very clear, very concise. Just useful information. Good work and +1.
  2. I think they could make her smoke better in exchange for nerfed torps. It might help her disengage from cruisers or work better with teammates.
  3. All cv game?

    They did a community event a while back. Most of their computers ground to a halt.
  4. Oh my God, yes! DT is equal to Kuma for best T4 cruiser Emile Bertin is the best T5 cruiser La Gal is wonderful fun since you can finally get that speed boost. Not the strongest, but one of the most fun. (A LOT like De Grasse) Algerie is where you rip open the range. Farm Witherer from 15km and be untouchable because of your ridiculous accuracy, fire chance, speed, and rudder. Charles Martel is awesome. Do everything the same as Algerie, but be more aggressive (better turret setup and faster speed boost) Saint Louis is where I'm at, and is great fun. In exchange for the catapult fighter (vision) you get a heal, which lets you do all of the above and then ignore fires and some damage. From what I hear, Henri is Saint Louis on steroids. So yeah, go for it! Possibly my favorite line at present because they combine everything I love in cruisers: speed, stealth accuracy range, and B.S. fire spam. Together, these skills make a skilled captain infuriating and untouchable. If you find the grind rough, shoot me a div invite!
  5. FXP - Nelson or Mushashi

    Love the Nelson. One of the most fun ships for me to play even though I'm a cruiser main. The AP is good, the HE is great, dispersion is wonderful, and you're an undying zombie.
  6. Required XP for Moskva

    You've got another hull to get through on Donskoi, it's required for Moskva.
  7. What's the funkiest ship?

    I saw @Ace_04's thread, and this thought popped into my head. What's the weirdest ship? I suppose this could be thought of as in design or gameplay, but I'm wondering what you people think.
  8. Asashio is awesome for breaking up this campfest. Usually when you're detected and there's nothing around, you know a DD is close, but since the torpedoes have such long range it's much harder to pin it down.
  9. $1,000,000 Cash

    Just bribe WG to give me everything.
  10. Radar and Destroyer concept

    Nah. Fine as is since it rewards team play and adds another level of complexity to high-tier gameplay. Speaking of hard counters, often radar is easier to work with than citadel hits.
  11. New player having a hard time.

    For new players, Japanese and American cruisers are pretty good. I also think British battleships can be decent as well as American destroyers. Russians, British, French are fragile. Germans require knowledge of ammo mechanics to do well. Now, that said British, French, and Russians my favorites, but that's because I've got hundreds of battles' worth of 'staying alive' instinct.
  12. New player having a hard time.

    Try Russian cruisers. The T5 is a vast improvement over the T4, and the ships stay very similar through the T10. I'd also recommend joining a clan. On top of some minor bonuses you can get some really good teachers.
  13. Atlantis

    That one's staying under. On the other hand, Atlanta is pretty common. It's a well-liked ship, do you won't have to wait long.
  14. Forum Game - Million Dollars, But...

    If I had a million dollars, I'm not sure what I'd be eating out of a microwave. Caviar-to-go?