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  1. At Donskoi

    I had trouble with this ship, and struggled to pick an engagement range. Do not let the radar fool you. This is a long-range firebreather. Use radar defensively to look for DDs spotting you and to see out of smoke. It will hurt deep down to not help out in caps, but you will stay alive and contribute more by hanging back early.
  2. William Halsey x2 strike perk

    Wait, so if you got 11 kills within the required time, would it count? I have never gotten a stacked double-strike.
  3. Easy to win, hard to find intelligent teammates. For some reason, dumb players are attracted to this one in particular, and are unable to function after the ten-minute mark.
  4. Super fun Matchmaking.

    Yes. We love the nested cap circles too, and the island cover is nice. if anybody wants us back...
  5. Tier 3-4...your favorite cruiser?

    Katori! The thing is just hilarious, and I don't really mind the slow speed.
  6. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 22nd, 2018

    Honestly I've enjoyed it. I'm stopping after the first set of 250 doubloons, because that was my original goal, but it's been fun to take out a bunch of T8 ships that I otherwise wouldn't have due to MM.
  7. They're better for spotting than for defense. However, they can be useful simply for slowing down enemy bombers.
  8. End Situational Awareness

    No, don't really think cruisers and DDs need a blanket nerf.
  9. Pink because a stupid player

    Ah well. No cure for idiocy yet exists, as seen by fools like that. However, managing the symptoms is possible. Report him, dump on his karma, and keep going. Yes, karma is meaningless, but if he sees 'reported' after battles where he pulls something like that, hopefully someday he learns to watch for even allied torpedoes.
  10. Bad premiums - are they really bad?

    LMÂO this was hilarious. +1 to you and OP.
  11. New Game Modes ARE Coming!

    Might be cool. For this to work, they would need to be thoroughly explained in patch notes and in the client.
  12. When are we going to see County's?

    I'd bet it will be a while. They're adding U.S. cruisers soon, and supposedly Italian ones later in the year. We would probably see UK or French DDs first.
  13. 30 flat. However, I predict a DCP Mod 1, so it only counts for half of a supercontainer.
  14. Catharsis III: Not Enough for Notser

    Ok I'm gonna have to throw out a +1 here. Not because I agree with everything, but because this was a lot of honest work with some excellent points.
  15. 1) Skill. This includes setup (flags, modules, captains, etc) and strategy like which caps to go for or who to focus early. 2) (Often OP) ships that contribute to a win. Conqueror doesn't count since its' damage often has too little impact. Here, ships like Nikolai, Belfast, Atlanta/Flint combo, Kaga, and Saipan shine, since they contribute to kills and caps, which mean wins. 3) Divisions of 3 like-minded players, and at this level extremely developed voice comms 4) Seal clubbing? MM at low tiers has a low chance of matching you with competent enemies 5) Luck. Always a part of these questions Ah ye downvoter of little faith. Not saying it's bad, but these are the 5 things I'd do to get such a fabulous WR.