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  1. pewpewpew42


    They're in the works right now. Still being carefully tested, so likely at least 6mo away. This is roughly what they look like in the pipeline these days:
  2. pewpewpew42

    DFAA worthless?

    It's no longer an "I win" button against CVs, and since that's what people were used to, yes it's a downgrade. Considering that CVs can't OHK you anymore, I think it's a fair trade. If you use DFAA in conjunction with sectors, it can be very good..
  3. pewpewpew42

    My Teams... let me show them to you

    Most players are dumb. Clans is the way to go do avoid having to put up with quite so much of it.
  4. pewpewpew42

    whats your opinion

    Gotta love Richelieu, Alaska, and Smolensk. High tier, but really impactful pound for pound.
  5. pewpewpew42

    TYVM for the T7 ranked season!!

    Can't wait to see Sims rewarding subpar play again! Whee!
  6. pewpewpew42

    All premium consumable will be free

    Fewer excuses to play stupidly is a good thing.
  7. pewpewpew42

    Your most heartbreaking loss?

    We needed to kill a Lexington with 10k hp in one minute (4v1). Instead of killing him, our moron of a Venezia hid in his smoke. The Lion TKed him for being a fool, but that meant his guns were reloading when the opportunity came to shoot. A pair of idiots, who I'd like to think have uninstalled.
  8. pewpewpew42

    Quick question about CLs and overpens

    Alright, since some others are being evasive, a quick rule of thumb is as follows: Beyond 6km is citadel city, but under 6km you can get away with it for big calibers. Leave yourself only 4km for smaller guns. Larger than 420mm it's better to hope for overpens, (they'll overmatch anyways), but at or under that, try for the bow-in. Show a tiny bit more side than you think you'll need.
  9. pewpewpew42

    Team Special Forces is recruiting!

    Training tonight! If you're looking to up your game, this is the place for you! Apply at https://www.team-sf.com/
  10. I love mine, although being a cruiser guy I can struggle to get the most out of her (very high ceiling)! Get the JB, I'd say.
  11. pewpewpew42

    ST, German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Got to love the people whining for tiny navies like preteens upset that their fanfic didn't catch on. Get over it and enjoy some new ships. Can't wait!
  12. pewpewpew42

    looking for a clan

    Hey @x_CAP_x, Check out [TSF]! Great base, great community. Our website is at https://www.team-sf.com/, where you can find our Discord as well. Hope to see you around! Go TSF!
  13. pewpewpew42

    Excellent Choice!

    If they quietly put Vanguard or Abruzzi or something there for free, I'd bet nobody would pick it up.
  14. pewpewpew42

    Team Special Forces is recruiting!

    Next Friday we begin a new series of trainings! Join today and up your game with gunboat DDs! https://www.team-sf.com/
  15. pewpewpew42

    New russian radar

    Isn't the new radar like 10 or 15 seconds? Or does he mean the Moskva replacement?