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  1. pewpewpew42

    Best Seal Clubber?

    If you can get your hands on one (lord knows how) a Nikolai, Iwaki, or Konig Albert. Otherwise, St. Louis, Clemson, Hosho, Knyaz Suvorov, or Vampire are contenders. If we're feeling bold and straying into T5, Exeter, Gremyaschy, Fujin/Kamikaze, or Guilio Cesare. The ones in bold are crazily hard to get, so keep expectations low.
  2. pewpewpew42

    Questions for the WG.

    Will answer in a bit, checking the Google.
  3. pewpewpew42

    Looking to join a CB Team

    Hey @Fog_Battlecruiser_OClass, Our subclan [TSF] runs CBs all the time. Check out https://www.team-sf.com/ and if you like what you see, apply! We can always use great DD players like you. Good hunting!
  4. pewpewpew42

    I just can't handle the... whatever... anymore.

    Poor play isn't explicitly punished. Until it is, bad players have no motivation to get better.
  5. pewpewpew42

    Looking for a Clan

    Hey @marinechevy1 Check out [TSF]! We've got great clan bases, and even better community. Poke around the website at https://www.team-sf.com/ and if you like what you see, apply! Good hunting!
  6. pewpewpew42

    Looking for Clan

    Hey @Deadchill, Check out [TSF]. We've got great clan bases, and even better community (and plenty of U.S. evening play). Poke around the website at https://www.team-sf.com/ and if you like what you find, apply! We'd love to have you. Good hunting!
  7. pewpewpew42

    Which T8 Premium cruiser should I get??

    Bayard got great reviews from meta-heavy players: speed, HE, and MBRB. I'd pick that, but the other two are very solid. Atago is an old ship, but stays relevant, and PE is a workhorse.
  8. Approved! This is a good set of changes.
  9. pewpewpew42

    Wargaming - Your Game is Broken

    Having played French BBs a bunch (thinnest-skinned around) I find the best counters to be 1) keep moving and 2) close the distance. Most islands are pretty tall, and moving a few km in or out will throw him off.
  10. pewpewpew42

    Coal Ship question + 1more

    Aigle is good, but the pickings higher are better pound for pound.
  11. pewpewpew42

    PSA: A small matter of courtesy in Operation Narai.

    Yeah, don't go after one unless it's about to escape (you're risking losing a star). Do your guy a favor though and sling a shot at the fort.
  12. pewpewpew42

    What Ship Should I Get With My Free XP?

    Nelson is a great and underrated ship if that's what you have in mind. Don't skip entire ships or up to a T10 (you'll miss out on lessons learned) but getting through stock hulls/guns might make sense.
  13. pewpewpew42


    Torps hit like trucks and the HP makes it a real contender in gunfights. Fast, hard hitting, tough. Great for scenarios too, since it's far more survivable than most DDs, can chase those far-away objectives, and easily citadels low-tier cruisers.
  14. pewpewpew42

    Operations teams get worse as time goes by?

    They've been terrible since two months after release. Typically I see bad players looking for random battles' XP without random battles' effort. Doesn't work chief.
  15. pewpewpew42

    WOW got it right - T8 is balanced

    While I'd say there were some standout picks (those all-around generalists), T8 is pretty good. Even standard ranked with T8 is well-balanced, and it's hard to find a bad ship. (Ognevoi? Kagero? Gasogne? People make these work!)