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  1. Americans get radar Russians get radar Germans get good hydro British get smoke, hydro, and great AP French have good torp angles and accurate HE I would really only not recommend IJN, their ROF is too slow to react quickly enough for my taste.
  2. I like the vagueness of this. What went wrong? Perhaps we'll never know...
  3. Welcome/Bienvenido! Buena suerte y buenos mares!
  4. Saipa(i)n's have been a problem for a long time, but they refuse to nerf it. "Policy" I guess..
  5. They probably did. On my commute each day, I see about a dozen turkeys wandering around, so they're not that hard to find. The difference would be that a deer or some other, larger animal would be the main course (it was a feast after all). As @Goose21891 said, the idea of turkey as a main course is a modern idea, but its origins do go back as far as Puritan Pilgrims. Native Americans were skilled hunters, and could easily procure any animal needed. The settlers probably brought more by way of fruits and vegetables since they had large, established farms. Each group would be equally adept at fishing.
  6. Just ask for good stories, any captain has them!
  7. In the grand scheme of rolling the dice, WG is pretty small potatoes, but I see where these officials are coming from. I don't foresee much of an impact.
  8. They certainly seem to be a grab bag of playstyles, but allow me to demonstrate my policy on mindsets: Pessimist: Meh! My captain skills will be a mess! I'm going to hate the political swamp they come with! DWTs are going to be awful! Optimist: Hey! I get to play a ton of playstyles! I get a unique smoke, the option for radar, and cool new torps! If you just go in with the right attitude, the line will be fun. Worked for me with German DDs.
  9. It would probably end up as a 1-2-2, but the manual bomb drop would need to be very easy to do quickly. The white dashed circle would be small so that it can shift from bomber to fighter quickly enough.
  10. Do we get bonus points for detonating you?
  11. It seems unlikely that they are messing with anything. There's just no clear motive. Side Note: If you want to farm det flags, get fire and flooding flags and play T2 randoms. Tons of little magazines.
  12. 'Spot a stroke' the cameraman probably had one
  13. OR is pretty fun, and was free too! I've actually had a lot of success with it
  14. Cool! Nice to know we can still put some degree of force together over there.
  15. You'll be alright. 250 games is a small enough sample size that you'll jump over 50% in no time.