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  1. fierymountain

    Premium Shop: Kriegsmarine Containers

    owned all 3 ships except pommern. bought 25 containers, opened all, didn't get any ships. my conclusion is the chance to get a pommern is slim to none.
  2. fierymountain

    Shikishima vs Bourgogne

    Finally saved up enough steel, thinking about getting one of the tier 10 battleships. Any suggestions between Shikishima and Bourgogne? Thanks.
  3. fierymountain

    Dubloons for Odin Discussion

    I bought the entire thing this morning. This is what I have gotten from memory that was of any note to me: 1. As I have already own Graf Spee, the event gave me just over 7 million credits for having the duplicate ship. Came with the festive camo 2. Odin, came with the standard premium camo and the festive camo. The Nordic camo is another 2k doubloons. 3. I definitely gotten a skill 10 captain for the Odin. Not sure about Graf. Making the purchase, doing what I did was so I can get a chance to get more steel and have a buffed Graf Spee to play with as it was my favorite ship. I don't agree with the notion that the Odin is just like the Bismarck/Tirpitz. I owned all 3 ships, and I know their play styles are different. (I truly intent to play the Odin as I would with Graf Spee. My Graf Spee is actually a secondary build, believe it or not...) I also compared the armor value between Odin and Tirpitz this morning after I have acquired Odin, and have found Odin in general has about 5 mm more armor in most locations. As Littlemouse in her review pointed out, the torpedo launcher is near the stern of the ship as opposed to Tirpitz at midship. I fully know the frustration playing the Tirpitz and when I need my torpedoes, the launcher is destroyed whereas that rarely happen on the Graf Spee. I don't expect the Tirpitz situation will happen as often with the Odin.
  4. fierymountain

    Yukikaze torpedoes

    Is it worth it to get the captain skill to convert Yukikaze's torpedoes to have 6.4km range but with 81 knot speed? Unless already spotted, I suspect the miss rate will be much lower than firing from further away.
  5. As a premium shop, I think they should make the hybrid Ise a tier 7 ship with 2 modes people can switch back and forth. Mode 1 is the 6x2 14 inch design. Mode 2 is with the flight deck and 4x2 14 inch design. In mode 2, give it 4 consumable slots, repair, heal, fighter plane, and spotter plane. Let the fighter planes have the cruiser durations and each time lauches 2 of them just like you have picked the captain skill. And if the user also has the captain skill, then there will be a total of 3 fighters in the air at the same time. This way, mode 1 is for DPS, and mode 2 is for fleet AA support. In mode 2, give spotter plane 2 charges before skill and premium. And either 4 or 5 charges for fighter plane before everything else. Because the control tower is directly in front of the back turrets, the back turrets will have limited firing angle. Armor won't be spectacular and gun pen will be average. Mode 1 should be sufficient due to the number of guns. Mode 2, due to reduction of guns can buff the 8 secondary 127mm turrets to let it have a chance to be like Massachusetts secondaries but without the super armor protection. And if that's still not enough, the original ship also has 6 21inch torpedo tube, so you can always do a 1x3 torpedo launcher per side with 7km range similar to Mutsu's torpedoes. Anyway, just a thought. I am sure many fans out there won't like my concept. But it's just a suggestion for hybrids. It's a premium, so let's make it something different.
  6. fierymountain

    Best premium in the game right now? The Irian.

    only had 1 game in it. loved it. flamed a musashi then turn around to spammed 15 torps at him while all at the same time getting shot at by it and 2 other cruisers. musashi used repair on the 4 fires I had on him, but then 2 of the torps hit and flooding, and as they put it, the rest is history.... it might just be a once in a lifetime game, but hey, it was all smooth sailing for me for a change in a t8 cruiser. not the most spectacular t8 cruiser game I have ever had, but certainly 1 of the easiest if not the easiest. If I didn't know better, it might just be the t8 version of the fully upgraded zao.... 10.8 km detection range with 13.5 km 17k damages......
  7. fierymountain

    Looking for a T9/T10 Scharnhorst

    You can always give the 2 tier 10 Russian cruisers a shot. The tier 9 premium Russian cruiser is also a valid candidate for your fast attacking battlecruiser play style....
  8. fierymountain

    Threat Assessment Thursday - Heavy Cruisers

    Any of them, especially the American ones, that can hide behind the island and lob shells and not get hit in return. Those are the ones I hate. Anything else, as long as my shells can get to, are fair game. And not a problem for me.
  9. fierymountain

    The Asashio

    What would be the point of owning it then, other then just as a collector's item or buy a higher tier torpedo boat? And if the stats is better then the tech tree, why would anyone want to play the tech tree other then trying to get to tier 9? And everyone will hear no end about how it's a pay to win game/ship. And for sure the repair bill would be cheaper then tier 9 & 10. And you can go seal clubbing big time.
  10. fierymountain

    The Asashio

    I don't see what the problem is. I have only played the ship a few times and certainly not the same play style as normal DDs because of the limitation on the torpedoes. But that's why it is a premium ship. You have the option to buy it and the option to play it. It's not a tech tree ship where it is required to be played or use exps to bypass.
  11. fierymountain

    Premium Captains

    I don't think the premium captain that can go on any ships without paying the cost will ever happen. It's not to WG's benefit to do so. In my opinion, there are couple of reasons: 1. To get the full skills, you will need to pay doubloons. That's money making source for WG. 2. After paying the 200k credits to allow your captain to function at half capacity, you still need to play a few games to bring the captain up to par, that means every time you play to get the captain fully functional, you are contributing to be active in queue. That means more people playing and helps reduce the queue time. I think these 2 reasons alone kills off any chance of having a premium captain. Of course, WG could in theory come up with a premium captain subscription service, similar to premium time that will let you have a captain or two that can transfer to any ship at full functional capacity. But then you will have another player group screaming and b**ching about pay to win thing. With that in mind, WG will probably just keep everything as it is and not have to deal with the hassle.
  12. fierymountain

    Jean Bart Tier 8 Premium [Dev Blog]

    the most expensive single ship bundle WG has ever released $148......
  13. fierymountain

    Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    The general exp on a premium ship is almost worthless unless you do a lot of free exp conversions. But if you play this game on a regular basis, chances are you got plenty of general exps in various ships that you can't upgrade anymore. So as much as +200% general exps bonus sounds good, it's almost meaningless.....