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  1. Landing_Skipper

    Standard Battle Tactics

    I respectfully disagree with your premise that caps don't matter. In Domination mode controlling caps DOES matter. Note that I said "controlling" not taking. Denying the red team access to points accumulating through cap capture is almost as good as taking the cap. How many battles have you seen where the red team controls all of the caps and you win? Not many. Yes, sinking red ships makes a HUGE difference. However, too many players take damage and kill accumulation as the sole objective and lose because of it. IMHO the most difficult aspect of this game is knowing when to push, when to hold, and when to "re-position" (IOW run away).
  2. Landing_Skipper

    Standard Battle Tactics

    Good correction. So 2 shell hits zeros it out? 1 torp hit only takes 50%?
  3. Landing_Skipper

    Standard Battle Tactics

    Tier 5 and below it's possible to capture the enemy base. T6 gets harder. By Tier 8 it is very unlikely. With a CV game it should NOT HAPPEN unless so many of the friendly ships are dead it just doesn't matter. Defense always has advantages over offense. It takes a long time to cap out an enemy base. If you ship gets touched by a single rocket or secondary shell, all of your accumulated time in cap is lost. Therefore, if there are multiple ships in your base, you need to try to hit ALL of them so that you reset their progress. 2 ships in base caps faster than 1. 3 caps faster than 2. IIRC any more than 3 doesn't matter except that there are more ships to reset. Fanning out in multiple groups, then not crossing the half way line generally is the best tactic. Yes, you should push if the red team collapses in front of you, but always keep an eye on your own base. Please add any other thoughts to this that might be useful.
  4. There seems to be a fundamental failure to understand the fighter consumable, how it works and what it’s good for. First off, CVs can no longer send attack planes 1 direction while directing fighters to another part of the map. All we can do is drop a fighter squad from our attack plane squad. If you are off on your own at the edge of the map and nowhere near an enemy ship your CV can attack, don’t keep pressing F6 expecting fighter planes. It takes time for me to fly my attack planes around the map. Time when I could be dealing damage to red ships, spotting, or playing the objectives. Second: what are summoned fighters good for? Area denial. An enemy CV will lose planes if, and only if, he flies straight into the circle of the summoned and stays there long enough for them to focus him. I can see where the enemy fighter squad is inside that circle, so all I have to do is avoid it. So dropping a fighter at the edge of a cap my DD is about to enter is a good use of fighters. Chasing red attack planes and then dropping on them is utterly useless. Spotting. Summoned fighters are good for spotting DDs so my rocket planes can circle back and (hopefully) sink him. You should feel free to shoot at red DDs any time they are spotted. Fighters also can be dropped to keep BBs spotted. In the wonderful World of Warships, cruisers are detected by planes at the edge of their AA range. This means any fighter spotting a cruiser will be shot down in moments, so the trick is to find a place where you can drop fighters spotting the BB(s) without being instantly shredded by a cruiser. There are only 3 squads of fighter per type of attack aircraft. If I drop a fighter squad each of the first 3 times I send torpedo bombers out, I am done with those fighters for the rest of the game. For a CV like Lexington with fairly useful rockets, torps and bombers, this isn’t such a big deal. I have 9 squads total and want to cycle through planes types anyway. For Kaga whose torpedo planes are its only effective weapon, 3 squads disappear right quick. Finally, summoned fighters aren’t like strafing fighters in the old RTS days. Back then, if a really good CV player sent fighters to cover you, they obliterated the red planes threatening you. Now not so much. If I drop a fighter squad for a Jean Bart late game, his AA combined with the summoned fighters will shoot down some planes. JB has strong AA, but if I drop fighters for a Kronstadt the CV may very well have his way with my teammate anyway. In other words, me dropping a fighter squad for you may kill all of the attack planes after the first strike. Please feel free to elaborate on this, disagree with me, whatever. It’s just mightily frustrating to have a great game while being railed at by some knucklehead on the 1 line pressing F6 at least once a minute and then get down voted. P.S. I love killing DDs despite having been a DD main since starting Wows years ago. I’m pretty good at it. However, if you’re in your BB off on a flank, ignoring the objectives (caps) and shrieking constantly about the useless red DD who also is in the bottom left corner of the map, don’t be surprised if I ignore your demands that I drop everything else to spot the DD for you. And if I do get around to finding that DD so YOU can kill it, say “thank you”. P.P.S. Telling a 60-year old “I hope you die of cancer” is far beyond not cool, even if I did just sink your DD in smoke.
  5. Landing_Skipper

    CV summit 2010 posted by Flamu

    Midway? What about our Premium CVs? WG gave us a refund period then said they were done balancing CVs. CV play was OK at that point. Now Kaga is a useless port queen because her planes evaporate so fast.
  6. Landing_Skipper

    Tiny Tims attack aircraft

    Let me start by saying this is NOT a scientific analysis. I don't have time for that. I did make time for 2 Training Room battles to compare the 2 rocket types. This is the Tiny Tim results screen I decided to spend time for 2 battles in the Training Room to see how the 2 rockets types compare. Anecdotal observations first: Capt. Obvious sez Tiny Tims hit more with a lengthwise attack (along length of ship), while HVARs need to attack from the side. This is based on my observations of hit % for attack runs. HVAR results: One thing that surprised me was how much faster I sank all 6 ships with the HVARs compared to the Tiny Tims. I had to torp the Baltimore right at the end of the Tiny Tim session - full 20 minutes, but finished off all 6 in under 15 minutes with HVARs. Both produced exactly 16 fires. Alpha damage totals are very close. I expected the Tiny Tims to generate more fires but was wrong. Apparently quantity makes up the for lower fire chance. The Bismarck was interesting. Tiny Tims consistently got a good number of penetrations, provided that I avoided hitting the front turrets. The HVARs got more non-penetrations as a percentage on the Bismarck. The other ship that surprised me was the Edinburgh. Seemed like I got penetrations but not much damage with the Tiny Tims, while the HVARs got pens and did nice damage.
  7. Landing_Skipper

    Tiny Tims attack aircraft

    HVARs are better for hitting DDs. There simply are many more of them. However, Tiny Tims are great for starting fires on BBs and cruisers in addition to their alpha damage. I had been using Tiny Tims exclusively until 0.8.5 and the AA buffs. Now it’s even more important to focus DDs. HVARs are better for games with 3 DDs per side, but they feel less useful if there’s only 1 DD.
  8. Landing_Skipper

    IJN CAP SKILLS, after the CV rework

    You left out the dependence on RNG to get citadels with AP bombs. That said, here is what I would do for captain skills with 16 points available: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=10,12,16,24,25,29,32&ship=AirCarrier
  9. Landing_Skipper

    CV summit 2010 posted by Flamu

    I may stay around just to hear the autistic screeching when submarines arrive. I thought it was hysterical right after 0.8.5 dropped to have BB players whining about all of the DDs and their “ridiculous concealment”.
  10. Landing_Skipper

    How do you "drop a Fighter" to provide Air Support?

    I suggested this maybe 1 week after the rework. It is too much to ask (apparently) for surface ships wildly pushing F6 to look at the minimap and stay within, or go to, the green circle where your fighters are. I’ve seen good use of fighters but lots of silly stuff. Best use may be late game protection of a low HP teammate. His AA is compromised and he’s probably alone. I’ve started using fighters more for spotting than shooting down planes. If you can drop a fighter early where it can see BBs but not get killed by DD or CA AA, it helps. Fighters are also good for keeping a low detection DD spotted for rocket attacks and (hopefully) supporting fire. Let’s face it, summoned fighters rarely shoot down many planes unless the red CV drives his planes right into them. This only happens if you drop between his planes and a target he feels he MUST hit. The speshull tactic of chasing enemy planes to drop fighters doesn’t work at all. It takes time for the fighters to focus red planes, and any decent CV driver will get his planes away before your fighters tag them. It also helps some times to have fighters in reserve for late game when your CV is being attacked by planes. The faster you can shoot them down, the less time red surface ships have to shoot at you.
  11. Landing_Skipper

    Well I purchased the Enterprise last night and..

    As some said already, fighters are a unique strength of Enterprise. There are more of them and they cover a wider area. They also seem quite fast which means they catch up with the bad guys.
  12. Landing_Skipper

    Midway since last patch

    I’m playing Lexington and Audacious at the moment. I do better with Lexington than Midway because the torps are actually useful. Audacious isn’t great, but the damage over time potential is so much better than Midway.
  13. Landing_Skipper

    Something not NTC related, the latest CV data.

    The irony is delicious. When a full HP, solo Yamato kills too many planes what other choice do you have? Yesterday I spent the first half of a match in Lexington doing nothing but harassing and spotting DDs. Very little damage and frustrating up to then. Fortunately a Conqueror on my team killed or damaged the AA cruisers, allowing me to finally attack BBs. Ended up top XP, well over 100k damage, and we won on points by a hair.
  14. Landing_Skipper

    DD candidates for Tier 7 Ranked Sprint

    When did Save-A-Star Sims get a buff and what was it? Without CVs Sims’ gimmick is useless. Shiratsuyu has fast, really potent 10km torps and lots of them, but I finally switched to Sims last T7 Ranked because I was sick of some turd who did nothing more than assist with one cap saving his star in a Sims when I had a much more productive game.
  15. Landing_Skipper


    I played a few CV games yesterday just to see if this patch made any significant, noticeable change. Yes it did, but I have 19-point captains on all but 1 of my T8 and T10 CVs. The AA from normal ships wasn’t quite as bad. I did encounter a full AA spec Shima who was very annoying. Saw a Farragut shoot down lots of T8 planes. But at least I wasn’t guaranteed to lose the entire squad with the first drop. I moved the Russian-American captain with extra HP added to Survivability Expert from Midway to Lexington. I switch the upgrade from bomber health to torpedo plane health. I liked bombing bigger targets, but torps are Lexington's Primary weapon for me. These changes did help. However, the torp plane heal is virtually worthless. After all of the nerfs, the dive bombers have limited utility. And there are ships with stupidly strong AA that you cannot spot unless you sacrifice (many) planes. Minotard, Neptune, and Woostah in particular. NoZoupForYou says go after DDs, but Grozovoi, Udaloi, Kidd, and Harugumo think this is highly amusing. I guess I’m ok with the OP AA on selected DDs as their gimmick, but give us a 1 km spotting buffer for goodness sake. Playing surface ships, my plane kill numbers have gone up dramatically. Yamato used to be free food for CVs but no more. Sure you can still drop them but it will cost you planes. I even played nekkid Yugumo (torp reload instead of smoke) for the first time in months. A good CV player with Lexington HVARs can punish you but it’s worth playing again. Who ordered that Torpedo soup? Want the ultimate proof that the AA patch went too far and this little buff isn’t enough? MM gave us a 4 DD per side game with CVs and the complaining at the start was all about needing to limit the number of DDs.