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  1. Thanks again for your great reviews!

    IFHE related question:  does a 150 mm HE shell penetrate 25 mm armor?

    I thought that it did but found this IFHE calculator that indicates Caliber/6 must be greater than armor: 


    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      By the 1/6th rule, no.  You have to exceed (rounding up) the armour value in order to penetrate it.  So 150mm/6 = 25mm which means it can penetrate 24mm or less.  Of course, most of the true 150mm (not 155mm / 152mm, etc) guns in the game are German and enjoy 1/4 penetration instead...

  2. When 8 Kills Isn't Enough

    It's time to quit for the night... Replay: https://replayswows.com/replay/25277#stats
  3. CVs: T5 vs. T6

    Come on this is just stupid. Having planes a Tier lower is a handicap I can accept. Having a 2 carrier per side game with 5s and 6s is ridiculous. You can’t compete against fighters who can strafe.
  4. Premium Ship Review #104: Massachusetts

    I may get this ship just for giggles. Thanks for another excellent review. However, she clearly demands a dedicated captain. Manual secondaries on any other USN BB would be stooopid. I may take issue with the IFHE recommendation though. If the fire chance per shell is 5% just like USN DDs and Atlanta, then IFHE costs you 60% of you fire chance! Given the number of secondary rifles and their rate of fire (pun intended), spending 3 skill points on Demo Expert to BUFF the fire chance to 7% might be the way to go. That’s a 40% increase in the per-shell fire chance. Anyone who has messed around with Atlanta and different captain builds knows that taking IFHE costs you a lot of fire starting potential. My Atlanta build has IFHE so that might ultimately be the answer, but fires from secondaries can supplement main battery damage. Also, giving up Superintendent is a tough choice with that special Repair Party. I often wrestle with Superintendent for BB builds. I use up all of my repairs maybe 1 game in 10. The problem is that in that 10% of battles, I really NEED that extra repair to help get a win. It means I’m one of the last ships standing and I’ve taken a ton of damage. The quick reset on Massachusetts’ Repair Party will make it even more tempting to push that T button, even when you really should hold back for a bit. Unlike Lert and LWM, I haven’t tested this skill build. Just an idea that might be worth trying out. Note that it allows for Expert Marksman, a skill I take on all USN BBs. And don’t forget DDs burn too and usually can’t repair a permanent fire in time
  5. Destroyers and smoke - consider

    First off, many players fail to see that smoke still works well for cruisers, just not BBs anymore. A Gadjah Mada plus Atlanta division is like a Flint on steroids. However, I’ve given up trying to smoke for teammates most of the time because cruisers just ignore the opportunity. Second, smoke may help you escape from a bad situation that does not involve radar. Seeing a DD smoke up when hitt by Radar is hilarious. Third, smoke for yourself in a cap to finish it off, to distract the enemy, and/or screen your team. Pop the smoke then LEAVE IT so you can SPOT. And so you don’t get torped. Fourth, you can still use offensive smoke more often than you might think. Not in a game with 4 Clevelands still alive, but reduce the number of radar ships and know where they are? Yeah, you can fire out of smoke. I was on Hotspot yesterday with 2 friendly Farraguts in the A cap. We never could see the enemy ships. Argh!
  6. How to play Huanghe~

    I run IFHE on Perth, Belfast, Huanghe and almost every ship with 150ish caliber guns except DDs. I’ve tried it both ways and it’s worth giving up the fire chance for me. Huanghe is very similar to Perth except for the lack of a plane. The special smoke generator mod that increases the action time is virtually essential for either one to be viable.
  7. 19pt capt

    Please no! That would mean 1 more point to earn before you can generate Elite Commander XP. Of all of the changes WG has made to this game since I started over 2 years ago, the re-work of captain skills turned out to be the best by far. Elite Commander XP is a great concept. Situational Awareness needs to be universal or banned. Basic Firing Training is worth more than 1 point. Most importantly, the new skill layout gives you options. A BB captain can be fully spec’d for secondaries, or you can have a Concealment/tank build. But not both. DDs captains can be set up for torps, gunboat, or in between. There are alternative builds for cruisers too. Do you want IFHE or AFT? CV skills are pretty much fixed for the first 11 points, but you have multiple paths after that.
  8. 19pt capt

    Yeah, it's great when you have a favorite ship and multiple Premiums that can run the same captain. For example, John Doe (formerly known as Steven Seagal) resides in Montana but can play in Missouri, Alabama, Arizona, and Texas (meh). On one of those 100% XP bonus weekend, that adds up to a lot of Elite Commander XP nicely. Another 19 point captain lives on Izyaslav but can play in Okhotnik, Gremyaschy, Leningrad, Krasny Krym, Admiral Makarov and Molotov. That's a ton of potential first win bonuses. It is really nice to have a stash of Elite Commander XP. It doesn't take that much to make a 10-ppoint captain out of nothing. The last 4 or 5 skill points do cost a lot though.
  9. USS Monaghan - Good bote

    Sims torps must've been nerfed long ago. I've had the ship for a LONG time and always called the torps "water mines" because they went so darn slowly.
  10. USS Monaghan - Good bote

    No, it's actually an improvement in several ways. 6.3 km detection instead of 6.6 for starters. I had looked at AA values for the A-hull in detail and they compare favorably to Farragut C-hull because of the long-range 6.0 km aura. When you add in the 100% from Manual AA and 400% from Defensive AA, that long-range AA is powerful for a Tier 6 DD. Yes, Farragut has that mid-range AA but the longer a plane is in your AA bubble the better. Note: all values with BFT. However, the B-hull is just weird. You give up virtually all long-range AA for much better mid-range (4.2km) AA. It's pretty good for self protection but much less helpful for team play. 2 rifles? REALLY? the Monaghan B-hull can be really frustrating to play. Do NOT engage any other DD unless you have a significant HP and/or backup advantage. You can't kite because you have NO back guns. If you must engage, drive straight ahead and stay skinny. And don't forget that the Torpedo Reload Booster is 30 seconds like old times, not the 5 seconds you get now on IJN DDs. (I keep forgetting that.) The torps are potent at 16k potential damage, but at 55 knots you can't torp anything that is going away from you. (Just checked Sims and can't believe 49 knots ) My conclusion is that the Monaghan A-hull replaces the Farragut C-hull. However, the B-hull is a real challenge. It takes a special Gremyaschy player to lose a gun fight with a Monaghan...
  11. When To Push And When Not To Push?

    Div up with a really good BB player. Watch battles after you’re sunk. Watch Flambass and Flamu videos on your BB of choice. I still have trouble knowing when not to push. Missouri is a fast BB, so use that strength. Forget about the back turret at least half of the time.
  12. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    Well I stole a 17-point captain from Hosho and retrained him as follows: In the first few battles seemed like the reduction in travel time made a difference. Also, I was a little more careful about launching torps and tried to get closer to my intended target(s). With the 20km torps, I had a tendency to throw torps in the general direction of 2 or more BBs in a group regardless of the range on the theory that they were bound to hit something... I don’t miss RPF much on Asashio. You can’t torp DDs, sitting in smoke or otherwise so knowing how they are approaching a cap doesn’t matter much. I frequently launch area denial/luck chucks based on RPF with other DDs but they are most likely to hit another DD or a cruiser. Battleships get spotted or at least they were and you can make an educated gues without RPF. Thanks again! I’ll report back in a while with further results... ETA: Reducing travel time reduces the benefits of WASD hax. The closer you are to your target, the less chance they have to make random maneuvers before they ever see your torps.
  13. Asashio - the two-faced murder cow

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I’m particularly interested in your results with Torpedo Acceleration. I did the math on “Reaction Time” when the first reviews came out. With their short detection range, TA doesn’t do anything meaningful. Unless your target has hydro or someone else spots your torps, they aren’t going to have time for evasive maneuvers. Period. However, I did wonder about reducing the travel time and it appears that is a benefit from TA. 20 km is just stupid although it is amusing to hit a BB you completely forgot about 2+ minutes after you launched that torpedo. I’d rather have 16 km torps if it didn’t cost me any other skill. My problem with TA is that I use Radio Location on most of my DDs, especially IJN torp boats. It is VERY useful to me. RL helps me avoid enemy DDs when necessary, and lets me get my guns turned the right way when I want to engage them. Early in a battle and later on when fewer ships are still floating, RL gives me valuable intel on where enemy ships are and where they’re headed. With a hydro DD, RL improves my success by showing me which direction to push with hydro to flush out the red DD. Yes, I have been hunted down a few times by players who knew how to use RL against me in the end game; however, I get positive benefits from RL in every DD battle I find Assholio frustrating because she is so dependent on MatchMaking and maps to really excel. I was in a 2-BB per side Standard Battle game on Haven yesterday. It turned out OK only because both red BBs went the same way out west where there weren’t islands to block my torps. Asashio games tend to be difficult on maps without nice firing lanes. OTOH I had a very nice 189k Asashio battle on Warriors Path with 4 or 5 BBs per side. 3 of the red BBs were obliging enough to keep pushing into the C cap with predictable results. Then there was a Kurfurst who thought he was playing WoTs, stopping and starting behind an island. Asashio has my second highest average damage out of all DDs. (Yueyang is top dmg.) Her win rate is only 55% though. I can’t imagine trading in TAE on a ship so dependent on torps, but this thread does have me thinking...
  14. Weekend teams

    Yesterday was just awful for me. Then I started thinking about how many Pensacolas I saw at Tier 6... There must still be a lot of potatoes who haven’t earned the Elite Commander XP bonus for the first battle in Pensacola after the USN cruiser line rearrangement. On second thought, 16 straight wins is impressive even for a very good 3-man division. I’ve had no loss sessions with a super-unicum CV player but never stayed in division that long. FWIW I think I was on the opposing team for one of those 16 battles. My team was so bad the OPG division would’ve had to TK each other in order to lose.
  15. Premium Ship Review #102: Monaghan

    Another excellent review. However, I think it would be very useful to compare Monaghan to the Sims and Kidd, the other 2 USN Premium DDs. Both are very good ships IMHO, especially the Kidd. And the Sims is available in the Premium Shop right now. Speaking of the Kidd, I have been running the Farragut C-hull for a while with a 19-point Kidd captain. There are a lot of CVs at Tier 6 these days, and most of them really don’t know what to make of a Tier 6 DD with Defensive AA. Finally, I suggest Preventative Maintenance over Priority Target for almost every DD. Torp tubes are fragile, and any time they get hit it resets the torp reload timer. This is BAD. Losing a turret when you have only 3 or 4 also is bad. I just assume that everyone on the map will try to kill me any time I am spotted. The PT counter doesn’t add any value for me. On a torpedo build for Monaghan I would start with PM for sure. ETA if you hated Mutsuki play, Monaghan torp boat is worse. Try to imagine a Farragut that needs to fear a Nicholas. The B-hull is a bad joke IMHO. I’m really confused: Farragut C-Hull has 4x1 127mm/38 Mk21 mod 0 rifles with AA dps of 15 Monaghan A-Hull has 2x1 127mm/38 Mk21 mod 1 rifles with AA dps of 8 PLUS 2x1 127mm/38 Mk24 mod 11 dps rifles with AA dps of 19 for a combined dps of 27 (all dps with BFT) That means Farragut C-hull puts out 30 dps on targeted planes with Manual AA while Monaghan puts out 54. With more HP, Monaghan A-hull is superior to Farragut C-hull. Same torps, same rate of fire for regular guns, but almost twice the DPS if you use the Manual AA captain skill. (Note: I’m not sure how the +400% for Defensive AA adds in, but again starting with that higher base dps on Monaghan it will come out way ahead.) I assume that very few players build an AA Farragut. However, this is great for me!