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  1. The history of T-61 in game was that she was stupidly OP throughout most of the testing period but got more reasonably balanced right at the end. T-61 was teased for a LONG time, so there was a lot of anticipation for an OP DD. I actually like Z-39 as much if not better. Part of that is Tier 7 matchmaking rarely seeing T9 vs. T6 frequently seeing T8. But both are good boats. If you already know how to maximize the benefits of hydro in a DD, the T-61 is a good choice.
  2. Landing_Skipper

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Ah but you didn’t “carry” did you? Yes, you worked your butt off to do damage, but did you spot? Did you cap? Did you eliminate the optimal enemy ships? Did your team win? I’ve been in battles where 50k damage felt like a hard carry, killing the red DDs, capping, spotting, etc. And I’ve done 150k and thought “eh, that was pretty good.” I have a good understanding of fundamental statistics, but I don’t need any regression analysis to tell me that, in the end, win rate is the only statistic that matters. (Assuming that you are comparing apples to apples, etc.)
  3. Landing_Skipper

    Yueyang nerfs, its not the stats, its the practicals

    I respectfully disagree about the Daring. 10 km torps are NOT the best of everything. Speed is low and maneuverability is lame compared to earlier Brit DDs. Daring has some advantages but hardly is OP. Yueyang always has been a bit better than Gearing. She sits lower in the water. Smoke doesn’t last as long as USN but cool down is shorter and there are more smokes. Deep water torps have shorter range than Gearing but 13.5 km is VERY helpful and reaction time for your victims is negligible. However, a flat out 25% reduction in gun DPM PLUS a painful reduction in torpedo Reload will make YY unappealing to say the least. One motivation for these nerfs might be to encourage more choice among Tier 10 DDs for Clan Wars. If I adjust my tinfoil hat properly, I might speculate about another Fujin F-job. Minekaze was delightfully powerful for a long time. Shortly before getting the nerf hammer, WG offered a Premium version that wouldn’t get nerfed. How many $80 Sand Pebbles could they sell? (This last part is intended as a joke. Hopefully.)
  4. I would get the Kidd or LoYang. The Kidd is a Fletcher with a single torp launcher and a heal. Also has really strong AA. I like USN DDs so she’d be great as a captain trainer too. You can do a survival build, AA, or standard DD. I like that bit of flexibility. Frustrating CV drivers is always fun, but I don’t know how long that will last. LoYang is a Benson with only 4 rifles. The hydro is very strong, so if you know how to maximize use of hydro Lo Yang can be great. Teamwork helps a lot. Good luck with that in Randoms. Neutered Benson torps are really slow and lack alpha. Asashio benefits a lot from a dedicated captain. Torpedo acceleration improves hit rates a lot and imposes some fire control discipline. At first I thought the decrease in reaction time was marginal. It is. However, the decrease in TRAVEL TIME is a big deal. The biggest downside is that your success in any given match may be determined by MatchMaker and/or your spawn. 2 BBs per side can be misery. So can a CV. Even with 4 or 5 BBs, you’re too slow to get quickly to the other side if that’s where the BBs are.
  5. Landing_Skipper

    Little White Mouse

    Step 1: remove tinfoil hat Step 2: try to conceive of a world where not everyone is dishonest and unethical Step 3: accept the fact that different players have different opinions and that does not make anyone who disagrees with you a schill or a liar. In my humble opinion, the König Albert is a great ship. Huanghe isn’t terrible. Not at all. My win rate is 63% but only 20 battles because it’s just not that much fun for me. I prefer Perth even though my win rate is virtually identical between the two ships. I certainly don’t agree with every opinion LWM expresses, particularly build and captain skill builds, but that’s part of what makes this such a good game. You can run a secondary build Yamato if that floats your boat (pun intended). It’s amusing even if it doesn’t play to the ship’s strengths. Feel free to disagree with me, but don’t stoop to claiming that LittleWhiteMouse calls in her “followers to drown the other side out.” Who the hell is the “other side” anyway?
  6. Landing_Skipper

    Jean-Bart has Arrived in Arsenal/Premium Shop

    The Reload Booster isn’t as powerful as the Henri’s, just because of the big difference in Reload times. It’s even more of a “wait for it, wait for it... GO!” Gimmick. The low caliber guns mean I really have to go back to armor viewer and look at potential targets. When to shoot them and with which shell type. French AP seems unpredictable to me but what do I know? The dispersion sure is awesome most of the time. Now I’m glad that WG made JB available in the Premium shop. Yes, she’s stupidly expensive, but I wanted to save resources for Wichita, Alaska, etc. I’m probably reacting just like WG wants me to.
  7. Landing_Skipper

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Memo to WG marketing: I have 183 ships in port, so I obviously buy most Premiums. I have enough coal to get Salem. I have enough Free XP to buy 2 Musashis. I have enough cash to buy a new car. I am NOT buying Jean Bart. I don't know what you are doing and, apparently, neither do you.
  8. Landing_Skipper

    Where should I assign the Dunkirk brothers?

    No. One for Conqueror. You need it for turret traverse and faster consumables. Good for Nelson, Warspite especially, etc Belfast can make use of a 19 point captain but really doesn’t need Dunkirk brothers skills. IFHE makes a big difference but is useless on other RN cruisers. Same with Demo Expert. I have a dedicated Belfast captain. Id put the other brother in Fiji. Higher Tier RN CLs don’t need the Expert Marksman and Fiji is a keeper for sure.
  9. I learn from watching battles after entering the afterlife. Sometimes I’ll mention something like “Fiji 8km torps” or “just run, live and win”. Depends partly on whether or not chat was constructive so far. “A” doesn’t stand for Admiral ... use your imagination. The OP left out ranting for 15 minutes about how your death was everyone else’s fault and the whole team is full of poopers and potatoes.
  10. Landing_Skipper

    Premium Ship Review #112 - Le Terrible

    Oh Lordy, I’ve already pulled 2 Marbleheads out of crates. The best reason to buy Le Terrible AFAICT is to eliminate the possibility of getting one in a Christmas crate. I’ve been messing around with captain skills and still can’t find a set that I really like for this ship. That’s assuming I have a spare 19-point French captain, which I don’t. Speaking of skills, this ship seems to require mastery of both the Khabarovsk and Henri IV. Run and gun in a DD plus optimizing use of the main battery Reload Booster. Superintendent looks mandatory because she’s so dependent on consumables. Thank you LWM for another funny and informative review. What did you use to wash your hands after polishing this turd? J/k 🎃
  11. There was one statistic mentioned in the video that many here seem to have missed. A disparity in skill between CV players seems to have a huge impact on which team wins and which one loses. The figure 80% was tossed out but I'm not certain what it applied to (and don't have time or inclination to re-watch). We all know/think that a having a Unicum CV player on your team greatly improves the probability of your team winning, and vice versa for a potato CV player. However, the top 25% of Hakuryu players have a 69% win rate. Midway 65%. Top 25% Stalingrad 78% and Worcester 68% win rates. The top 5 Tier 10 DDs in the 25% bracket fall between 65% and 67%. It certainly seems to me as if a good CV player has an outsized influence on the game, but I'd like to understand the statistical basis for the statement in the video. I really like the RTS perspective in an otherwise FPS game, but WG is determined to get rid of it. Let's get on with it and test this thing as best we can.
  12. Landing_Skipper

    Buy more RN containers or wait for credits?

    I’m using sovereigns for flags I rarely get. AA flags and speed boost for example. King of the Air simply isn’t going to happen and double strikes are rare as hens’ teeth. Also the flood-and-fire flag. I’d run every DD battle with that flag if I could. The credit exchange sounds like a hose job. Doubloons if you just have too many flags.
  13. Landing_Skipper

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Young lady many thanks! 111 reviews with your quality content is a LOT of work, and your content keeps getting incrementally better.
  14. Landing_Skipper

    Tactical Tip Tuesday - Controlling the Map

    Pet peeve: too Tier battleships who stay in the back until the outcome is already decided. Top Tier BB needs to find a position where they can cover 1 or better 2 caps but prevent being flanked. Easy to say but harder to do. A well placed Yamato exerts map control without firing a shot.
  15. Landing_Skipper

    IFHE still required for this line?

    Flamu also talks about IFHE being fairly useless in his Cossack video. I initially spec’d IFHE on the Cossack but was disappointed. You don’t need it for DDs in that MM range except for the side plating on the Gearing (never noticed that Yueyang is missing that 21 mm plate). Tier 8+ BBs don’t care. Yes, you get penetrations on cruisers but extended gun fights with cruisers usually ends badly. FIRES on cruisers are always useful. Demo Expert brings Cossack’s fire chance up 25% to 10% per shell. Spicy as Flamu would say. At Tier 5 and 6, I’ve found IFHE beneficial. There you DO get pens on many BBs. However, most players won’t have a 14 point captain at those Tiers. The really interesting question is what to do with the 114 mm guns on the Daring.