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  1. Does T8 deserve protecion?

    Now that’s a really constructive suggestion.
  2. Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    MurphyVonMauler told me he assumes every player is very good until they prove otherwise. Which he does with frightening regularity. Galrock in a CV. He wiped the floor with another CV player mentioned here in Ranked a few days ago. Not even close. PopeShizzle is very good, especially if his team listens to some of his suggestions. The player formerly known as Gillhop. There are other players that make me cringe a little if they are in a div because I assume they are playing with equally good players and a strong division can carry many sacks of potatoes. Same with clans. A division from APOC, -K-, OPG, and the CUTE-y-pie cluster certainly warrants special attention. However, just because 3 guys have a certain clan tag doesn’t mean those 3 guys are great players. Finally, we all screw up sometimes. Maybe you’re tired, had a bad day, you’re not paying attention, you get super frustrated with a team that just won’t cap, whatever. Then you do something really stupid or maybe you just take a chance and RNG sez “NO!” Happens to everyone I’ll bet. I did something so dumb yesterday I’m still bugged by it. It was a really tough battle but I’d done well up to that point, then I lost the game. Period. My fault.
  3. avoidance deep water torpedo help?

    Islands can block torps just like they block shells. Know where a DD is or is likely to be? Try putting an island between you. Just don’t get ambushed.
  4. Z-52 in Ranked

    FYI Harugumo Concealment build is 6.2km.
  5. Z-52 in Ranked

    Apologies but Harugumo, Grozovoi and Khab all out gun Z-52. And Groz has better concealment
  6. Z-52 in Ranked

    Until Rank 5 I rarely saw Z-52s. Now they seem much more frequent. What's up? I like the Z-52 for Randoms, but 10.5 km torps are tough in the land of perpetual radar. Often only 1 or 2 DDs so the hydro smoke thing doesn't seem as powerful. P.S. I've been running radar Yueyang mostly.
  7. I might be done with USN DD...

    I may be mistaken but believe that is replay bugs, not what they see in battle. Completely ignoring the torpedo indicator is just dumb in most cases. Do I aim right on it? Rarely but it’s a helluva good start. I have no idea what to say to a player who thinks the Fletcher is a weak DD, the Khab was a wasted effort and the Bismarck is just a bad ship. Play CV maybe?
  8. Fabulous Friday - The Coolest Camouflage

    My overall favorite is the Worcester eagle Don’t Tread on Me. Z-52 space camo is awesome Bismarck Halloween camo is really nice, but I’m still kicking myself for not realizing I could’ve bought the Nikolai Halloween camo
  9. Bismarck CE vs MFCSA

    Bismarck, Tirpitz and Massachusetts are the only ships that have kept full secondary builds including manual secondaries and secondary range upgrade. I like the option of sneaking into position, and I like being able to disengage to heal up or simply escape from a bad position. I also like main gun accuracy. That’s what battleships are all about. I make these 3 exceptions because they are so much fun and work most of the time.
  10. Main battery reload booster

    Start fire(s) and continue normal shooting for 20-30s after damage control used. Hit button immediately after firing. Light more fires. Alternatively, spot cruiser who will be broadside to you. Load AP, hit Booster and start firing. Laugh maniacally as red HP drops like a rock.
  11. Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    I would too. Harugumo has 12 km Shima torps. So does Zao. I’d be happier if they were just 8 km. That’s still almost 2km shorter than detection range.
  12. RAnked match glory.... no +karma

    I’ve lost 11 Karma points NET of compliments since Ranked began. I get downvoted when I save a star in Yamato with over 150k damage, 3 kills, and a cap. I get downvoted in Yueyang when I light up red DDs, cap and spot... you know all the things BBs demand of DDs, but damage is very low. I try to stay civil in chat but went ape on a potato the other day and got complimented it makes no sense I got downvoted last night with Asashio 100k+ damage, 3 kills including 2 DDs with guns, I forget how many cap and over 80,000 of spotting damage. Perhaps it was reds and not teammates but who knows? I even got chat banned for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I watched the replay of the game right before the ban hammer dropped because I thought I must’ve said something awful in chat that I forgot about. Nope. Worst thing I typed in chat was “nice job abandoning A”. But some division didn’t like how I positioned my ship. Earned HC or Confederate that match too (can’t remember which). So people are reporting you for “Misbehavior in Chat” just to be malicious.
  13. Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    I couldn’t disagree more. These ships need hydro!
  14. Info on the first 28 players to rank out

    Fair enough, especially with the rendering problem. However, 600 meters is more than a Shima has vs. any other T10 DD except for Khab.
  15. Info on the first 28 players to rank out

    600 meters difference in concealment isn’t enough? If it’s not you need to work on map awareness.