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  1. Landing_Skipper

    This ranked season is a mess

    I normally play DD in Ranked. Not in this mode. Des Moines and Smolensk seem to be working OK. Too many save-a-Star losses though.
  2. Landing_Skipper

    London vs. Albemarle

    P.S. just like the Shchors, running the spotter plane and special spotter plane upgrade helps.
  3. Landing_Skipper

    London vs. Albemarle

    I ended up using Free XP for Albemarle, sticking with my greatly reduced spending on WoWs. I’ve had some good battles, but this ship gets dev struck as badly or worse than Shchors. Talk about a giant citadel. Good guns though.
  4. Landing_Skipper

    London vs. Albemarle

    I want Commander Cunningham. I've just figured out that I need 1 of these 2 ships to get him. I have some money and I have a lot of Free XP. So which is the better ship to play? IOW more competitive and/or fun?
  5. Landing_Skipper

    Buff Puerto Rico

    Simple. You stated that you hope players are disappointed with their purchase. If I were to say I hope every Premium ship you buy from now on sucks, that also would be rotten. Have a cookie.
  6. Landing_Skipper

    Buff Puerto Rico

    That's a rotten thing to say. Yes, I bought 2 boosters but I also played hard to get the PR and it's a pretty crappy ship IMHO.
  7. Landing_Skipper

    Yoshino Torps

    As a DD player I hate 20km torps on cruisers. I get TK’d by IJN cruisers more than any other teammate, and Yoshino players are especially bad at trigger discipline.
  8. Landing_Skipper

    Zao Legendary Upgrade

    Is spotter plane with special mod typical? The accuracy sure is great and the rudder almost funny. Any other build tips?
  9. Landing_Skipper

    Best Seal Clubber?

    Not anymore on the favorable T7 matchmaking.
  10. Landing_Skipper

    Best Seal Clubber?

    Exactly! And that is why my special Russian captain with 19 points is assigned to Izyaslav. It’s fast, the gun range is silly for Tier 4, few players shoot well enough to hit you, and no one expects the 5.0 km torps that reload in 39 seconds. Plus the guns are Russian. Need I say more? This captain works very well on Gremyaschy, Okhotnik, Krasny Krym, Leningrad and Admiral Makarov, so it’s not like he’s dedicated to seal clubbing (cough, cough ;).
  11. Landing_Skipper

    Conundrum: Lütgens or Thunderer?

    Lutgens is stupidly expensive for a commander; however, Thunderer is the only coal ship left that I might be interested in so I’m having the same dilemma.
  12. Landing_Skipper

    Error Contacting Server

    EXCELLENT!!! <Mr. Burns' voice> I'm still getting an "Unable to connect to the content service" error message but it appears to be installing the update as well.
  13. Landing_Skipper

    Error Contacting Server

    This is exactly what I'm seeing also. Got an email from WG "Your Premium time is running out!" just the other day.....
  14. Landing_Skipper

    CV's are broken!

    So my Ark Royal game yesterday with Kraken, High Caliber, and almost 100k damage was a loss because I failed somehow? In RTS CV play, a good CV certainly had an oversized impact on game results. Take out enemy planes while you hunt and destroy red DDs. Then get to work on the BBs. Your planes could spot multiple sectors of the map simultaneously. Once you got the hang of the cross drop, dev strikes on DDs became normal. AP dive bombers could dev strike virtually any cruiser. CVs needed to be nerfed and made playable by normal people. Their alpha damage is much lower. DDs are not just food for a CV despite what players say. (That was not true at the start of the rework when HE bombs deleted DDs.). CVs still spot, but that is severely limited compared to the RTS days. In short, CV carrying ability has been significantly reduced. I can have a great game and still lose just like any other ship class.
  15. Landing_Skipper

    The worst thing to hear in WOW

    For the longest time I thought he was saying “You are the last boat”.