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  1. I take RPF on virtually every DD unless another 4-point skill like AFT or IFHE is mandatory. Khab, Udaloi, Tashkent, Daring, Harugumo no. Benson, Fletcher and Gearing absolutely. If you brought a Gearing to Clan Wars without RPF, I would ask you to sit out. However, you can make a good argument for Torpedo Acceleration in that special case. I tried that for a while and went back to RPF even for Randoms. RPF simply provides so much information. Is this cap clear? Is there a flanker on that side? Is it worth dropping luck chuck torps into that choke point? In nekkid Yugumo “Which way should I run?” In Z-52 “Which way do I charge?” There are 3 Flamu videos regarding RPF and they all are worth watching (despite his sometimes toxic arrogance).
  2. Landing_Skipper

    USS Black - Setup questions

    I confess that I had no idea Black torps have 13.7 km range. What is their detection distance while waddling along?
  3. Landing_Skipper

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. Landing_Skipper

    Should I get Salem?

    I would get Jean Bart long before Salem. JB is fast and that main battery Reload Booster is a blast. AA is quite good I did get Salem last week, primarily to use my discount coupon before the rollover yesterday. The Super heal is really attractive. However, 8.5 km radar is almost bad enough to take hydro. Honestly, I’ve taken a while to develop my Des Moines play to the point where it’s fun most of the time. Save your steel! It’s a limited resource and you never know when WG will release THAT ship you simply must have.
  5. Landing_Skipper

    Daring concealment

    I keep getting surprised by the excellent concealment on Lightning and Cossack after playing the Daring. The Tier 8s are so much more maneuverable as well, and smaller to boot. I “get” that Daring has to be played differently from the T8s. I just don’t enjoy it much. If I want a clunky Tier 10 DD with mediocre concealment but shahmazing DPM, then I have Harugumo.
  6. Landing_Skipper


    I’m pretty sure this is my build for Daring as well. I take the range upgrade on Harugumo, but the Shell arcs are so extreme on the Brit DDs that I take the reload upgrade instead. Yes, IFHE is virtually a must on Jutland and Daring. The AP is brutal... until your target angles. Good DD players know this, and those are the ones you need to kill FAST.
  7. Landing_Skipper

    PSA Bonus codes

    I just redeemed them all.
  8. The CCs have to schill WG products to some extent. That’s fine. They identify themselves as CCs. What I really hate is when someone pretends to be a member of the general public when in reality they are representing a company for profit. That does not apply to CCs in this game. If a particular CC annoys me then I will post in “their threads” if I feel like it. I don’t know what line of work you’re in, but that just “stay out of their office” wouldn’t have worked anywhere in my career.
  9. Stop blaming your teammates. Read and then practice LittleWhiteMouse’s how to improve your win rate. Watch Flamu and Flambass videos. Find your best Tier 7 ship. Play that ship every day. Tier 7 has the best matchmaking and there are lots of really good ships in all classes. I will say that play quality seems to go down after midnight EST, but that’s every day. No one plays better when tired and/or inebriated.
  10. Landing_Skipper

    DD Suicides Creating Game In-balance

    Spotting damage yields very low XP rewards. That needs to change. It’s very difficult to perform a DD’s functions when your cruisers and BBs hang back and hide behind rocks.
  11. Landing_Skipper

    Flank Bell Fridays - Most Effective Destroyer

    Kamikaze and clones plus Gremyaschy at Tier 5 Hsienyang, Lo Yang and Kidd at Tier 8 Chung Mu at Tier 9 Harugumo or Shima at Tier 10
  12. Landing_Skipper

    Rarest Premium not taken out of the game?

    Last week a couple of times. Much more often than Admiral Makarov. Makarov trades 1 torpedo launcher on each side for much better AA than Nurnberg. My mid-Tier Russian DD captain with BFT and AFT makes Makarov fun for CVs. They have no idea what she/he is and always get surprised when I pop Defensive AA. I am uncertain about whether or not Makarov gets the Nurnberg (German cruiser) 1/4 HE penetration or not. If not, IFHE would be a big plus.
  13. Landing_Skipper

    Yugumo consumable and Captain's skills choices

    RPF is almost essential for a nekkid Yugumo build without smoke. It helps you avoid contact with red DDs. It also gives you vital information for area denial and luck chuck torps. I literally can’t remember the last time I ran her with smoke. My build: Preventative Maintenance, Last Stand, Torpedo Armamant Expertise, Concealment Expert, Radio Location, Adreneline Rush and Survivabilty Expert (in that order).
  14. Landing_Skipper

    Kitakaze Module - Long range or rapid fire?

    I switched my Harugumo to reload mod to experiment for Clan Wars. Quickly switched it back to range for Randoms. Yes the shells float a bit, but they’re not USN DD/Atlanta shells. Kitikaze and Hag are not agile, and they are BIG. Distance makes them harder to hit and more difficult to radar in smoke. Making BBs turn away in an attempt to escape the fire hose is fun.
  15. Landing_Skipper

    Nerfed Yueyang - quick initial WR analysis

    I also bought permanent camo for the Yueyang and am unhappy about having spent that money on a ship I won’t play anymore. The gun nerf hurt but the torpedo Reload is ridiculous now. I am baffled by the people who say “win rate doesn’t matter.” In the end it’s the only thing that matters. The significant drop in damage output is supporting evidence that WG went too far nerfing what was one of my favorite DDs.