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  1. Landing_Skipper

    11.4 Downtime extended by 3 hours before downtime starts.

    Werdz is hard...
  2. Landing_Skipper

    11.4 Downtime extended by 3 hours before downtime starts.

    Apparently punctuality is not a virtue in the WeeGee universe... still can't log in Larry gets best meme of the day award!
  3. Landing_Skipper

    Detonation Despite Flag

    Thank you. I was looking at a much older post and controls don't work the same now. Again, I am sorry. I was SURE that I'd mounted the darn flag... but no.
  4. Landing_Skipper

    Detonation Despite Flag

    My apologies then. I have looked at instructions for watching replays too many times to count. There have been times in the past when I could control the camera, but most of the time I can't. Including now. To be honest, I don't know how I got that first screen shot. I certainly did NOT realize it was a different battle. I kept playing Benham in Ranked and had 2 battles, same map back-to-back.
  5. Landing_Skipper

    Detonation Despite Flag

    The earlier battle was over the weekend and I don't even remember which ship it was. Another reason I posted was a Halland on my team complaining about the same thing on Saturday. Trust me - I tried to get flag at end but can't control the darned camera ...
  6. Landing_Skipper

    Detonation Despite Flag

    Yes but I was so aggravated that I exited the game without printing screen shot of results. All I have is the replay - it shows the detonation clearly at the end. My profile shows last detonation today in the Benham BTW.
  7. Landing_Skipper

    Detonation Despite Flag

    I can't get the camera to work for replays. I think the attached screen shot shows the flag mounted. And here is my ignominious end... 20220321_164216_PASD509-Benham_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay I blew up right at the end - about 9:15 on the clock. Not my best showing ...
  8. Landing_Skipper

    Detonation Despite Flag

    This is the second time I have been "detonated" while running the anti-detonation flag. I always run that flag for a DD in Ranked. First time maybe I missed it??? No, just happened again and I am positive that I mounted a Juliet Charlie flag this time.
  9. Landing_Skipper

    "Underappreciated" ships you enjoy?

    Shchors - mount the spotter plane and special upgrade for it. Learn to dance and set everything in sight on fire. Yes it's made of paper and balsa wood but if nothing else - it teaches you how to play a cruiser.
  10. Landing_Skipper

    Mountain of Free XP but no Ships???

    And today I have enough Free XP to buy it at that price. Thanks guys - really hadn't paid much attention to Research Bureau for a while. Stopped giving WG my money and have burned through an enormous horde of credits over the past year+
  11. I've built up a massive pile of Free XP because there just haven't been any interesting ships for a long time. Am I missing something cool? Agir seems kinda weak compared to Pommern (which I would like to have) and Groningen is just a clone of the Friesland that I already have... (correct me if I'm wrong on that). Any suggestions?
  12. Landing_Skipper

    Is it fun to play CVs?

    I originally started playing CVs because I was a DD main and got sick and tired of being cross dropped. That was significantly harder to do correctly than I imagined, but I did get the hang of it. Playing RTS CV gave you an entirely different perspective on the game. I think it really helped me with target priorities and map strategy. I confess that I found tormenting DDs highly entertaining. Right after the re-work it was even easier TBH. However, by now it is a real challenge to kill a DD with a CV, and good DDs win games. You can still spot for your team but that depends on whether or not they actually shoot at the ships you spot … Air supremacy Bogue was pretty OP in the old days. Saipan was absurdly OP in skilled hands, but you had to be oh so careful managing your plane reserves. Graf Zeppelin was OP until it wasn’t. Enterprise possibly is OP today but that’s debatable. I disagree that CVs are so strong in determining the outcome of battles. They used to be but no more. Can FDR rack up absurd amounts of damage? In some games yes, but does that automatically translate into a win? Nope. Target selection, map strategy, and objectives are important and being unable to remove a key DD is a disadvantage.
  13. Short version is that I have a 19-point captain spec'd for the Friesland. I have 1 Dutch ship Celebes with a 3-point captain that I've never played. Lert nothing against you but I am not getting any Dutch ships. My credit balance is low and WG isn't getting one more red cent out of me if I can help it.
  14. Landing_Skipper

    [ALL] ModStation

    Anyone know why the score timer and navigator mods still aren’t available?