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  1. Landing_Skipper

    Meet the Max Immelmann~

    I have never been able to see Immelmann skip bomber planes. Not in the sky nor on the minimap. I see the info text in the sky but not the planes themselves. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. Landing_Skipper

    CV's, What exactly do you mean by "Unbalanced"

    I just finished a battle in FDR and thought about your comments. The biggest difference between a CV and any other ship in the game is that the CV can go anywhere on the map very quickly. If a low HP ship needs to be finished off, the CV gets there. If a cap needs to be reset, ditto. Same with a BB pushing on a flank, crossfiring your BBs. Therefore, a CV player with good map awareness can and does have undue influence on the outcome of the match compared to other ship classes. Tl:DR I changed my own mind.
  3. Landing_Skipper

    CV's, What exactly do you mean by "Unbalanced"

    The skill of the opposing team compared to yours most definitely does matter when playing CV. If their DDs cap while yours chase shadows on the flanks... If their BBs concentrate on killing cruisers (especially radar) while your team ignores anything you spot for them... If enemy ships stay in groups of 2 and 3 for mutual AA while your teammates all sail alone... A good CV on one team with a total potato on the other can make a big difference in game outcome; however, the overall influence of CVs has declined since RTS days. Today a good DD player can routinely have as much influence on game outcome as a good CV player. At least that is my experience and my stats reflect that.
  4. Landing_Skipper

    Old Game Footage

    I don’t understand why WG decided to remove Def AA effect on plane attacks. As a CV player, you really had to know which ships could mount Def AA then either avoid them entirely or bait them to use it and wait until it ran out. Sometimes I wonder if the FDR was introduced just to make fighter planes useful against something ... A really good RTS CV player also made enemy DD’s lives a nightmare with spotting and fighter cover. Strategy and skill ... what an odd concept. I never said that playing against CVs now was “OK”. If you are too mind blind to consider history useful, you are part of our problems. Besides, my post was intended mostly as entertainment and I wrote almost as much about the old Khabarovsk as I did about CVs.
  5. Landing_Skipper

    Old Game Footage

    For who knows what reason, YouScrewed decided that I should watch some old (3 years or more) Yuro videos. Any DD player from back then complaining about CVs now either has amnesia or brain damage. Remember cross drops? If a good CV player decided you needed to die, he usually killed you in 1 attack. Or he just dropped a fighter over you while his other squads murdered your teammates anywhere else on the map. I got so frustrated that I learned how to play lower Tier CVs just for payback. Clemsons were a problem, but nailing an Okhotnik with Hosho auto-drops was always entertaining - especially when the salt began to flow. Then there was air supremacy Bogue. Step 1: kill all enemy planes. Step 2: kill everything else. Good fun for all. And Saipan ... need I say more? Finally, I had almost forgotten that long ago, in a distant galaxy, Khabarovsk was obscenely overpowered. It was just as nimble as any other DD only faster. And it’s guns killed everything. Oh and it had 10 km torps just in case you needed those too. So WG “nerfed” Khaba by taking smoke away and giving it a heal 😝 Perhaps Khaba needs MBRB now to get back on track...
  6. Landing_Skipper

    Flint, Krasny Krym Range Resets Needed

    New patch, same old 11.1 km range on Flint. WG c'mon man! Seriously get your _____ together and give Flint the same buff you gave Atlanta.
  7. Landing_Skipper

    Last Minute Capt. Skill thoughts

    Are you deliberately missing the overall point? Another % example: Bomber Flight Control buffs plane speed by 5%. That's 174 knots up to 187 for MvR - good deal! However, the Swift Fish skill buffs torp speed a measly 2 or 3 knots - not worth it because base speed is so low.
  8. Liquidator (+30% flooding chance) is a good 1-point skill for DDs with low alpha or few torps. Halland, Smaland, Kidd, etc. Doesn't make much sense for Shimakaze when you're more likely to hit with multiple torps and high alpha damage. Eye in the Sky (1/2 spotter plane reload, 1/2 spotter plane duration, +2 spotter planes) is good for certain cruisers. I've used a spotter on Zao and Shchors for a long time. The shorter duration actually can be good - set some fires then go dark for a bit. The faster reload is a real benefit. Plus there is the special spotter upgrade and Consumables Specialist skill to make spotter even better. Close Quarters Combat (-10% secondary reload and -10% main gun reload if enemy ship within your secondary range) makes for fun BB play. Even without full secondary build, Jean Bart's go 10 km. Add in Adreneline Rush and Main Battery Reload Booster and your gun reload can get silly in a good way. Pay attention to which skills and modules are percentage based. Aiming Systems Mod 1 reduces BB dispersion by 7%. That makes a bigger difference in distance for a ship with bad dispersion than something like Yamato that already has great dispersion. (I take it on Yammy anyway - just an example.) For German BBs it's harder now to take Secondary Mod 1 (+20% range and -20% secondary dispersion) when main gun dispersion is so bad and secondaries don't work like they used to. Repair Specialist (+10% plane repair time and +1 repair charge) may not sound great, but I've found that extra charge useful late game more than once to get a last full drop. Watching Flamu or whomever on YouScrewed always helps, but keep an open mind. Think about each ship and build to their strengths and weaknesses.
  9. Landing_Skipper

    Remove detonation for CV torpedoes

    1) it seems like detonations of BBs by CV torps are more frequent after the last patch. I play CV more than BB, but had my Thunderer (?) blown out from under my by a CV torp and have detonated at least 1 BB myself (think it's 2) since the update. 2) yes, CVs should be subject to detonation. They also should have damage control and repair parties the player must utilize.
  10. Landing_Skipper

    Need to Display Commander Assignments

    I really like your idea of "assigned commanders"! For example, my Georgia and Missouri each have 2 possible commander skill sets. Thanks!
  11. I have several special commanders assigned to multiple Premium ships. I need to be able to point to the captain in port and see ALL of the ships he is assigned to, both tech tree and Premium. For example, Halsey is my NC captain, but he has DD specs for Kidd, CA specs for Salem & Alaska, and BB specs for Georgia & Ohio. Right now the only way I can keep it straight is with a spreadsheet Also, I agree that there should be a "send him home" button to put a captain back in his tech tree ship. (Another player suggests that here - great idea.)
  12. Landing_Skipper

    Something Good About Captain Skill Rework

    I totally agree that the Commander skill changes were very deliberately designed to make Premium ships more valuable.
  13. Landing_Skipper

    Something Good About Captain Skill Rework

    I completely agree with your aggravation! 1.2mm commander XP to get from 19 to 21 points is a TON. I have been saving Commander XP for a couple of months and had several million but wasn't able to bring half of my special captains up to 21 points without spending Free XP. Ugh.
  14. As I’m trying to optimize the use of my special commanders, I’m trying different builds for specific ships. In the past, you had to decide which ship class would benefit from Ovechkin, Halsey, Yamamoto, Cunningham, et al. Now you pick 1 tech tree ship, but you can use the same captain on a Premium DD, BB, and CV (assuming tech tree cruiser, for example). So I had Philippe Auboyneau on the Kleber. But I do significantly better with Mogador so I swapped captains. Then I looked at French cruisers. I used to like Henri V. Ugh, not anymore. But Charles Martel still is a strong T8 cruiser. I don’t know when I’d played it last. ‘Andrew Cunningham is perfect for a CV, so he’s on Audacious. He’s also great on Thunderer. Hmm, I only have a couple Premium British DDs but Cossack! Another fun ship that I’d basically forgotten all about despite a pretty good win rate These are just 2 examples. It’s so cheap to move captains for now, it really makes sense to go through the fleet and figure out where you’ll have the most fun with your high skill point captains and make the most of the special ones.
  15. Landing_Skipper

    Best tier 8 dd for new player

    But BFT and AFT were not removed for DDS. They just have different names: Main Battery and AA Specialist and MBAA Expert. The MBAA Specialist improvement for gun reload was nerfed from 10% to 5% if memory serves correctly though. Personally, I like the Benson best of all Tier 8 DDs. Good DPM, concealment, decent torps, incredible handling and USN smoke.