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  1. I'm not "trying" to do it. If it happens, ok, but I'd be shocked if I have done it more than a handful of times in close to 2k battles.
  2. I have only been interested in the first three tasks in each of the RN mission sets. That gets you the "Blueprint", which gets you the ship. The 3rd task in the 2nd RN mission was to Kill a DD and survive the game. The task you are referring to is the 4th of the mission.
  3. In the other thread on this subject someone made the suggestion that this nerf is coming prior to, or with the arrival of the RN BBs to prevent just that. The RN BBs are supposed to have excellent HE with a better than average fire chance. If they were able to have IFHE, and an enhanced fire chance they might have been a bit uber. With the nerf the IFHE option becomes a poison pill that negates their fire chance.
  4. Nope. You can't produce high volume of fire when you are a steaming, hissing hulk, slowly sinking out of sight. The St. Louis is a pinata of citadels for 203mm AP.
  5. I feel like the Furutaka is one of the main reasons behind the restricted MM for tier III. A poor St. Louis tooting around the corner of the island on the Solomons map, and running into a Furutaka was one of the most ludicrous over matches in the game. It was my 1st tier V. I did poorly in it, but had a lot of fun. May revisit the old girl and see if I can do better.
  6. I think you may have nailed the motivation for this change. The RN BBs are going to have better than normal HE. This IFHE nerf may be an attempt to keep that feature from being too strong. Basically IFHE is being isolated to a DD skill. DDs should be happy for once.
  7. Great googly-moogly, that looks like it is going to leave a mark
  8. Ok, the thread was originated by the OP to suggest that there had been an unannounced change made to the detonation rate. Your first reply seemed to be an anecdotal support of that position. Ship choices, tier level, Modification selections, play style, flags, and sheer random chance all do indeed play a part in your detonation rate.... but it is still not something that happens often. Have a good day of WoWs, and may all your strikes be devastating. (and fly the Juliet Charlies you earned!)
  9. Which perfectly makes the point that any spike in your detonation rate is more likely a random occurrence than a change to the code, stealth written into the game by fiendishly devious developers.
  10. I stand corrected. your det rate in the Shimakaze would not be .067%, but .049%... assuming all your detonations occurred in the Shimakaze.
  11. Yeah, I was in a game yesterday (top tier was IX) and came across a Fiji sitting in a small, round smoke cloud....with two BBs and a CA that had all nosed into the cloud from different directions. it looked like a bunch of hobos crowded around a campfire.
  12. Hmmmm... methinks this is a bit of an exaggeration. You have 12,177 games and have been detonated a total of 86 times for a Bondian rate of .007% Even if all of your detonations were in the Shimakaze (which is doubtful) the detonation rate for that ship (1,279 games) would be .067%. Considering that you would receive 20-30 JC signal flags on the days you cite the chance of you running out of flags seems unlikely. This is why these "increased rate of detonation" threads are so hard to take seriously. The subjective experience seems to overwhelm the statistical facts. People do not get Kablooied as often as they think they do.
  13. Yeah, if the main gun, and secondary blooms were reduced by about 30% they would look better.
  14. The Sverdlov-class Cruisers were built in the 50's from post WWII designs. None of the other lines have ships with that advantage.
  15. I'm not a big Co-op guy, but the three stages for the "Blueprint" can be done very quickly in Co-op.About a dozen, or fewer short games and you are done. No muss-no fuss.