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  1. It can be done in a Tier V BB, Look for opportunities to Cap in the end game, and farm Defense ribbons. A DD makes the task much easier.
  2. TFW

    It is illegal to shoot a buffalo from the back of a moving train in Ohio.
  3. Your Base XP is the number given on the Team Score page. Period. That is not open to question.
  4. Base XP is just that. It is what you earned stripped of any bonuses, Premium, Camo, Flags. That way no one can whine "Pay to Win!". It is always the score shown n the Team Score page. Been that way for every event I can remember.
  5. Yup, most days I get two, rarely three, only one on a single occasion. It seems like there a new batch since the last updates, not as many dups as usual.
  6. Base XP is the number displayed on the Team Score page where the full rosters of both teams are listed. The individual score screen that you see first, after the end of the battle includes modifiers and can be significantly higher than your base XP. Winning is not essential to get 1,600, but with a Tier VI or VII ship you are not likely to get it without a win. It is a big boost. You receive higher XP by doing damage that is a high percentage of the targets HP. Nailing a DD for 5,000 is worth more XP than 5,000 damage to a BB. Thats what really makes citadel hits important. They remove a high percentage of an individual ships HP. Dealing damage to a target that is a higher tier than you also is worth more than the same damage to a target that is an equal or lower tier. Seal clubbing is worth less than punching up. Cap if you can. Late in a winning game there are often Caps that can be reset easily (if you can get one without sharing, even better) while the team is chasing a DD to the corner of the map. Cap defense also boosts XP. You have to be outside the Cap, shooting at a Red inside the Cap to get it.
  7. I had a similar occurrence. I was unable to re-select a task that I had just completed.
  8. Same thing happened to me, "Offer Not Available" It was not in the tech-tree for Gold. Finally found it in the Premium Shop on the "Ships" Page. It was available for purchase ($10.13). Finally have the hilarious little boat. Hopefully, WG will refine this procedure for future offerings,
  9. Played 7 games in it, and would buy it if I get the offer, or it shows up in the tech tree.I had a blast in the Flute-of-Death. I'm wondering if it is like some of the awards in the past where it takes awhile for them to get things loaded to all the accounts. I'll give it a day or so, and then file a ticket.
  10. I'm not much of a DD player, but this thing is a blast. I have come soooo close to having a couple big games. I have the 5 games in (100% wins), waiting for the buy offer. Guess it does not kick in until the trail period is over. Ya'know there have been many threads begging to be able to try out Premiums before you buy them. Looks like WG was listening.
  11. WG needs to put dseehafer on the payroll. "Director of Pre-Dreadnought Development" I'm all for these funky old ships. This game is about having fun, and how can you not enjoy tooting around in something like the SMS Brandenburg. That turning radius would give the seal-clubbing CVs fits.
  12. ^^^ This When you see that you are bottom tier with a X heavy Red team looking for easy blood, you need to reset your tactical focus. If you are a BB stay in support, don't try to be at the head of a push. If you are a CL stay out of positions that will make you an easy focus-fire target. Think less "Eye-of-the-Tiger", and more "sneaky weasel", or "Mammal in the age of Dinosaurs". Be an uninviting, elusive target. I think the Yamamoto Campaign is a huge factor in the current MM. It requires Tier VIII - X ships, so the folks that have Tier X ships are using them for the missions. That means a lot more Tier Xs than would ordinarily be the case. Most Tier VIII ships do fine being up-tiered as long as you play smart. P.S. A sample size of 4 games does not qualify as "data".
  13. Don't stop him, he's on a roll.
  14. The Kii is a star kite boat. In a game Saturday I was chased by a Tirpitz, Graf Spee, La Glassoniere, and a Mahan, on a caved flank. Over 2,700,00 potential damage. Hit all of ships and burned the Tirpitz to about 40%. As I dragged them by my fleet the Tirpitz took a hit putting him at about 25%. I turned and we rushed each other. Seven torps in the water. All seven hit. I survived, the Tirpitz did not. The cruisers then realized they were too close with no meat shield. I citadeled the Graf Spee as he turned to run. Next shot citadeled the French cruiser. He peeled off too. I headed toward my team to heal, but the La Glassoniere took a parting HE salvo and set two fires that burned me down while I was still in repair from the torps. Awesome fun.... oh yeah... and 770,00 credits.
  15. Tier III? Von der Tann please. Guns, not the best, layout, not great, but speed at Tier III is a real novelty. She needs to be in the game.