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  1. All Hands on Deck!

    17,510 at 20:23 EDT
  2. They would have to release a new one each week.
  3. Mikasa ?

    Pros 1) She is the perfect "Pink Cadillac" for working off TK status. 2) The secondaries are a hoot. 3) She can tank a ton of damage. 4) Drop-dead gorgeous. 5) God-like in Co-op Cons 1) The Main Battery.... truly tragi-comic. 2) The range of the secondaries. 3) Saddling your Random team with a Mikasa. 4) The speed... if it qualifies for that term. 5) She seems to be soaked in gasoline. Tie breaker? Knowing you had a chance to pick up this beautiful historic ship for the price of a fast-food meal... and let it slip through you fingers.
  4. Mogami But...but.... muh Varyag. Like others have said, I like many ships, but Mogami is the one that fits my play style best.
  5. Tier 3-4...your favorite cruiser?

    But....but... muh Varyag! Float like a butterfly... sting like a flame thrower. She is a thing of beauty, and a loads of fun.
  6. Meta Killing. The Asashio sobs

    She reminds me of a pre-nerf Minekaze. Great concealment with long range torpedoes, creating a very comfortable stealth torpedo launch cushion. A quintessential IJN stealth DD. The BB's know they are there... but they do not know how close. Just knowing that it might be the Red's Asashio puts them on the defensive. I'm reminded of the Mythbuster episode where they tested to see if Elephants were really afraid of mice. Watching the enormous Elephants back away from the tiny mice was hilarious. An Asashio can blunt a flank push just by being spotted ahead of the oncoming ships.
  7. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    Part of the problem is that there are so many Premiums released, and so often, that buyers need to be specifically motivated to pick up any particular ship. For me a Premium needs a certain appeal: 1) A solid historical connection (e.g. Konig Albert, Varyag). 2) A unique playstlye (e.g. Asashio). 3) Offers a short cut to an in game goal. The Kidd fills my desire to have a Fletcher Class DD. Ships like Krasny Krym, Gascogne, or Huang He have zero appeal to me. I agree that the replay factor is beginning to influence my decision as well. ALL of my most played ships are in the tech-tree. I got Arizona in a Santa crate in 2016 and played her about 40 games.... but I seriously doubt that I have played her at all in over a year. That pattern holds for Hood, Duke of York, and other Premiums as well. Part of the replay problem is that the pace of in game "goal" events is absolutely relentless. There is some goal or "mission" every friggin week. They often require specific ship types, nations, tiers, or all of the above. It narrows your choices, and removes any inclination for just casually grabbing a favorite bote to go play. I admit to being OCD enough to feel a need to fulfill randomly assigned missions, and wack-a-doodle collections. It is an exploitable weakness.. .*sigh* Premiums have lost their "sizzzle" over the years. There are still plenty of ships that have not yet been released that I would buy (Suzuya, Derfflinger, Von Der Tann. West Virginia), but most offerings are just ....meh. I think the feeding frenzy that we saw with the release of Tirpitz, and Scharnhorst is a thing of the past.
  8. Because the only thing in this game that feels better than knowing you made a solid contribution to a win.... is knowing that you carried your team to a win.
  9. Does this happen to anyone else?

    The Red team is actually a Green team too. When both teams go A-C it works perfectly for one of them. One team's woefully pathetic loss is another team's glorious win.
  10. 4th Solo Warrior... Asashio

    Congrats! Looks like it was a busy game. I think their DDs wanted to kill you. Never had a Solo Warrior.... let alone 4!
  11. Roma Kobayashi camo question.

    Ummmm Looks more like an Old Milwaukee can to me.
  12. Asashio Broken

    OK, this is flat out not true. As I said I've only played three games in her so far, but I went to the Cap early in each of those games. Each time, we ended up winning the Cap. You are not going to solo bully a Cap in this ship, but she draws attention like no other, and if you have any kind of support they will have a field day murdering the boats that are totally focused on the Asashio. If you play the ship selfishly, you will hurt your team, and not contribute to winning. Damage is just damage. A DD needs to Cap, spot and torp. The Asashio can contribute to all three of these tasks... like any other stealth IJN DD.
  13. Asashio Broken

    The amount of polarization generated by this ship is somewhat astounding. You have one set that claims she is totally OP. You have another set that claims she is totally worthless. Both use the same set of stats to prove their point. The fact is that she is a stealth IJN DD and plays pretty much like all other stealth IJN DDs. She is not a Cap bully, and she under performs when a CV keeps her lit. She can dominate when circumstances are in her favor. These traits are hardly unique to the Asashio. I have only played a few games in her because, like some others, I'm waiting for the hype to die down before I add her into the rotation. She reminds me a bit of the pre-nerf Minekaze. Excellent concealment, with long range torps. It had a wonderfully comfortable window to stealth fire torpedoes. In this case that stealth torp firing window is enormous, even ridiculous. Played like a stealth IJN DD she can be extremely effective. However, like any other stealth DD, she can be feast or famine. The thing that sets her apart is the TR module. The ability to send 16 DWT into, or across a Red push can completely change a game. I've done it, and I've seen others do it. You can WASD to your little hearts content, but a true "spread" of 4 groups of 4 torpedoes; one on the assist line; three or where you "might go"; is probably going find you. When the BBs see those DWT, or one of them gets tagged, they will often start gyrating around, or even turn away, taking their big guns out of support. Their cruisers get obliterated, and then the BBs get picked off one by one. I have also seen Asahios derp off to the the map edge to try to "break into the backfield"... only to find a CL/DD hit squad waiting to murder them. She is a specialized ship, no doubt. There are other specialized ships in the game that do not generate the same sort of fear and loathing. She will not break the game. She does not suck either. Gudbote, I think was the tag. I think it fits.
  14. If you choose the Signals and Camos option you will get about a dozen a week, assuming you get about two containers a day.