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  1. Skarp_AGW

    All Hands on Deck!

    17,510 at 20:23 EDT
  2. Skarp_AGW

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    They would have to release a new one each week.
  3. Skarp_AGW

    Mikasa ?

    Pros 1) She is the perfect "Pink Cadillac" for working off TK status. 2) The secondaries are a hoot. 3) She can tank a ton of damage. 4) Drop-dead gorgeous. 5) God-like in Co-op Cons 1) The Main Battery.... truly tragi-comic. 2) The range of the secondaries. 3) Saddling your Random team with a Mikasa. 4) The speed... if it qualifies for that term. 5) She seems to be soaked in gasoline. Tie breaker? Knowing you had a chance to pick up this beautiful historic ship for the price of a fast-food meal... and let it slip through you fingers.