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  1. Badge Requests

    Yes. I would like to be able to select a ship's badge. Von Der Tann Hood There are already a bunch researched and done for the various campaigns,
  2. Badge Requests

    I'm absolutely fine with that.
  3. Badge Requests

    Several people have made specific requests for badges. I thought I would start a thread so that people could collect their requests in one place.The anti-badge folks have been heard in a dozen threads. What about everyone else. What do you want? Kitsune Legend asked for a Fox, Sir Davos Seaworthy asked for an Onion.... both logical.... and totally expected. I would like to see an Arms, and Armor collection. Viking helmet (no horns please) Knights helmet Samurai helmet Indian Headress Crossed Swords Crossed spears Viking Axes (single and crossed)
  4. I don't think they anticipated that so many people would come completely unhinged by this. They had announced that the badges and emblems would be coming and there was just the usual low level angst that most change seems to bring. I'm not sure they made it clear that there would be a dead-screen pop-up. This seems to be the major rub. Bruised egos are generating a lot of heat. You are right, they should have realized how thin skinned a portion of this community is, and either delayed the showing of the badge to the results screen, or moved it to a less prominent place on the screen. I think they will offer a toggle with a future update.
  5. Much like the ARP stuff, and the other graphic variations, I'm sure that there will be a filter installed for the folks that are easily annoyed. A good 80% of the threads in this forum are made by people that are triggered by some random feature or result they find to be completely intolerable. It is what it is.
  6. It is interesting to see what people have chosen to represent them in game. The pop-up post death only lasts a few seconds. Not a big deal. Not easily triggered I guess.
  7. WG is a business. The Campaigns are designed for their customers. Ya'know, the people that buy their stuff. As the OP correctly deduced.... it would have been easier in the long run to shell out the $44 bucks. Both Campaigns were dead simple if you had the Duke of York. You could run both Campaigns concurrently. No stress, no grind. Those one star tasks causing Emeralds, and Leanders to YOLO into the danger zone dove-tailed very nicely with the multi-star tasks for devastating strikes available to Duke of York owners. This set was just like the Graf Spee or Hood Campaigns. The only real difference being that you were not presented with staggered super-expensive bundles. All bundles and the base ship with no bundle were available on the first day. THAT was an improvement, and a lot of people took advantage of it. The Duke of York was never intended to be "Free". You had to either buy it, or commit significant time and effort to get it. No "scam" involved. The missions and tasks could all be read on day one. Each player could choose their path to the Tier VII Premium Duke of York, or simply refuse to participate. Once you made that choice it is simply sour grapes to blame WG if you regretted it.
  8. Just toggle the filter.... gray steel ship with all the benefits of the Coors Lite camo
  9. The incompetent player base is drowned out by everything I like. -- The three ship types that I play all offer a completely different experience Hell even ships of the same type, and the same tier can play completely different. The ships are beautiful... I spent way too much time in port gawking at my lovely botes. Playing a solid game and helping the Greens secure Victory is always a great feeling. Sailing a Clemson between two Wyomings 3k apart, and dealing silver fish of destruction to port and starboard, while laughing hysterically is almost the definition of fun.
  10. What will WG do now?

    I'm pretty sure everyone would be OK with that.
  11. The DoY was never intended to be "free". It can be earned by grinding the North Cape Campaign, or purchased in the Premium Shop. Neither one of those options equal "free". Time is money. The player gets to decide which of these costs they are willing to pay. To help people decide they threw in a boatload of incentives; the DoY, a sexy camo for the DoY, several Tier VI ships with Premium type camos, and that sexy camo for Scharnhorst. Each player again decides which of these incentives they really want, and then weigh the "cost" to reach them. For me it was the Tier VI ships with the Premium type camo. The only one I had was the New Mexico. I had to decide how much time or money they were worth to me. I work 40+ hours a week in front of a computer. The last thing I want to do on my work days is come home and play grindy missions on my home computer. My decision was easy. I spent $44 on the DoY the first day it came out. It made the whole thing a breeze that I could do in my spare time, and the topper was that the DoY is a fun ship that does quite well if you play it right. I recently went to IHOP with my son. A late breakfast for the two of us cost $28 plus a $5 tip. It was pleasant, but it was just an hours worth of pleasant. My money spent for the DoY gave me a ship that I have played close to 50 games with. Having it removed ALL the stress from both campaigns. I made the right choice.... for ME. A RL lesson brought to you by WG. There is no free lunch. Make your decision, and pay the cost... and oh, yeah, don't complain about your decision in a public forum.
  12. Obviously..... on Huuuump Day!!
  13. Epicenter on two brothers

    [bullhorn] Admiral... PUT THE BEER DOWN!.... step AWAAAY from the beer....stop giggling.[/bullhorn]
  14. Confession on colours

    Do the Yamamoto Campaign. One of the rewards is the ability to choose between green or blue when using the stock camo (type 5, type 6, etc.). I run blue type 5 on all my "Elited" IJN ships. My favorite reward from the campaign. OP, if you really don't care what other people think, remove the stat tracker from your sig. That way you will not be seeing it every time you come to the forums.
  15. I had been waiting to get one more set of 20 x $3 boxes. Your luck inspired me to go ahead. 4,000 Doubloons. assorted camo and flags, no ships.