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  1. Skarp_AGW

    All Hands on Deck!

    17,510 at 20:23 EDT
  2. Skarp_AGW

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    They would have to release a new one each week.
  3. Skarp_AGW

    Mikasa ?

    Pros 1) She is the perfect "Pink Cadillac" for working off TK status. 2) The secondaries are a hoot. 3) She can tank a ton of damage. 4) Drop-dead gorgeous. 5) God-like in Co-op Cons 1) The Main Battery.... truly tragi-comic. 2) The range of the secondaries. 3) Saddling your Random team with a Mikasa. 4) The speed... if it qualifies for that term. 5) She seems to be soaked in gasoline. Tie breaker? Knowing you had a chance to pick up this beautiful historic ship for the price of a fast-food meal... and let it slip through you fingers.
  4. Skarp_AGW

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    I'm starting to get the hang of this bote. Buff the reload to 25 seconds and we are good.
  5. Skarp_AGW

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    I know its crass... But do it for the credits $$$$$$ $$$$$$
  6. Skarp_AGW

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    I got to play one game in it this evening. Issue camo, no flags, 0 pt Captain. Took some long range shots at cruisers (20k) early in the game and had zero hits in my first three salvos. I finished the game with a 37% hit rate, so from that point on I was landing over 40% of my 16" shells at ranges from mostly 13k to 17k. She is plenty accurate. It was a solid game, 73,000 damage, 2,588 base XP, and 400k credits. All without a single flag, or Captain point. She does not feel like a gimped Amagi. She feels pretty damn good. Can't wait to try the credit printing camo, and my Izumo Captain.
  7. Skarp_AGW

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    Great review as always LWM! +1 I posted this in another thread: "I have just started to grind the Izumo to get to Yamato. Because I'm also squirreling away my Free XP to save up for the Nelson, the Izumo is going to be a looong grind. Now that I have the Kii, when I get tired of being an enormous floating bonfire, I can drop my Izumo (and future Yamato) Captain into the Kii and play a few Amagi-type games. I have fun, my IJN Captain gets to keep progressing, and I make a pile of credits in the process. Toss in the joy of torping a NC or two, and it becomes a very enjoyable break from the Izumo" That's the main reason I pulled the trigger on this one. I was leaning toward buying it anyway to give me a high Tier IJN trainer. Seeing $$ the benefits $$ of the $$ Kobayashi $$ camo $$ sealed the deal.
  8. Skarp_AGW

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: HMS Hood

    Thanks for the review LWM. I'll find a way to make her work. I pride myself on being the guy that flexes back to the Base when it is under threat. Speed will be a real plus in that situation. The Hood is one of the ships that I was hoping to be able to play when I started playing this game. I will buy her no matter how Meh she may be. I had a question about your dispersion charts. Are each of the ships tested using the Aiming Systems Modification 1? If not which ones were, and which ones weren't?