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  1. This thread is ancient.
  2. I could live with Khabarovsk in its current state if the gd engine didn't knocked out every time you get hit.
  3. legozer

    Oddaloi - Just the best ship

    I think I've found my niche..... And yes, I was reading about Salieri and the depth of the Titanic wreck. So what?
  4. legozer

    Oddaloi - Just the best ship

    I mean....seriously....
  5. legozer

    Dear Fellow Dd drivers and everyone else

    I play over 60% of my games as a DD. I feel your pain, OP. In a game today, on Atlantic, I spawned near C cap on the West spawn. Opposing radar: Cleveland, Puerto Rico, Chapayev and Missouri. Opposing DD: Z52, Shimakaze, Yugumo. So, 4 radar boats and my Udaloi is out spotted by all of the enemy DDs. To boot, one is a Z52 with powerful hydro and the other 2 can torp me into Valhalla. Now, C cap on Atlantic....well, it suuuuucks. It's a natural trap, and usually the first one or two ships that venture in there die early. I messaged my team that there was no reason to try to cap it immediately, as that would be suicide for me, considering the radar and the detection advantage of the opposing DDs. I also explained that it would be smartest for us to defend C cap and kill anything that was silly enough to go in there early. I took a route that positioned me to the South of the C cap, between it and B cap, where I am able to spot ships and use my guns to support both caps. Our Montana called me a coward and was really mad at me for not capping right away. Long story short, they sent 3 of the 4 radars to C, plus the Yugumo and 2 BBs. I surprised the Yugumo with my aggressive positioning, and easily outgunned him. I helped chase the Shimakaze off the B cap and we held that cap for the duration of the game. I set fires and kept the Chappy spotted until we sunk him, and then I capped C, completely unopposed, after which I was able to break through and flank. In the ensuing storm that moved in, I ran down and sank the Z-52 and the Puerto Rico for a double strike. At that point, the game was effectively over. I had carried hardcore. The Montana realized his mistake, and apologized in port. He explained that he doesn't play DD much. I was not surprised. The moral of the story, though, is WHO CARES?? By that I mean, who gives a zhit about what some clueless BB player thinks of you? Let your play speak for itself. I really should post that replay someday....
  6. legozer

    Oddaloi - Just the best ship

    I respectfully disagree. Back-to-back confeds, and 3 double strikes in 24 hrs.
  7. legozer

    Constant disconnections

    I did that. The issue was clearly my WiFi. Thanks all. I fixed it.
  8. legozer

    Constant disconnections

    I've run several tests with a lost packet in a couple (not all) of 10 minute tests to several different targets. I don't believe there is an issue along the network. I've also sent in a ticket after completing a WGCheck. I hope this gets resolved soon. It's incredibly frustrating and is eating into my premium time.
  9. legozer

    Constant disconnections

    Thanks guys. I'll do both.
  10. Today I've experienced constant disconnections, which to date, has not been a problem for me. I've re-installed the game, and am still disconnecting, even in port. I've run diagnostics on all of my hardware/ Don't seem to be having internet issues, but haven't completely established that my connection has been uninterrupted. I'm not certain how to isolate/test my internet connection beyond simple speed tests. Is anyone else suffering through similar problems? At this point, I can't play the game; I get disconnected in every game and often have difficulty logging back in.
  11. legozer

    Khabarovsk — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    IFHE Khab is a murderer in randoms. The ship has been powercrept, to be sure, but it's still really fun and can fill vital roles. It's far better than Tashkent, but slightly inferior as a long range gunbote to Udaloi. Grozovoi is obsolete.
  12. legozer

    Tracking Results and Stats

    Super cool. I really appreciate it. Thanks.
  13. legozer

    Tracking Results and Stats

    There doesn't seem to be a way to set parameters insofar as date ranges or number of previous games is concerned. Mind you, I suck at the internet, so I could be very wrong.
  14. Is there any way to see the results of say, last 50, or last 100 battles? If so, can one track progress in a given ship (ie: last 50 battles in Udaloi, last 100 in Gearing, etc)? I'm specifically interested in my last batch of games in Udaloi. I'm trying to get to 60% w/r in it and would like to track my progress. Thanks.