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  1. legozer

    That's It

    Thanks. For the record, I'm not making a big deal out of it, nor am I expecting anything other than what's been posted. I just wanted to say that i had fun, I enjoyed the community and I wish everyone well rather than just disappear. I have zero interest in a re-roll. The only ships I enjoyed playing were a handful of premiums that I paid good money to get over the years, and a re-roll would represent money I just don't want to give to WG. I'm not deleting my account, because things may change somewhere down the line. I quit the game not long after the re-work, and came back when the CV mania had subsided and the game became more playable again, but it's just not gone in a direction that I enjoy, and I have been spending way too much time in an activity that I don't really like anymore, so I'll find something else to occupy my time. Like I've already stated, I hope those who remain active in the community and the game itself well. If you're not having fun, though, put it all in the recycle bin, let them know you're leaving and why, and then just find something you enjoy. This will be my last post. Cheers, stay safe and drink irresponsibly.
  2. legozer

    That's It

    Uninstalling. Good luck you guys. I had fun...until I didn't. Fix the CVs. Or don't. I don't care anymore. Thanks all. legozer out.
  3. legozer

    Is there a button to manually change targets on enemy ships?

    It's set to 'x' by default. I changed mine to 'spacebar' and it was the single smartest thing I've ever done in my life.
  4. legozer

    Wanna know how bad it is? Hah

    CVs make it worse. Congrats for being a part of the problem.
  5. legozer

    This was a boring game, until....

    It's not an aiming reticle, it's cross hairs. I wasn't aiming at the water, I was aiming where his ship would be when the shell got there based on his angles and movements. Had I aimed at the water, my shells would have gone into the water. Also, I cheat.
  6. legozer

    This was a boring game, until....

    It took me only about 45 seconds to ruin someone's day with a broken game mechanic. Is this what CVs feel like all the time?
  7. legozer

    hey wargaming

    Me, I lke sleeping, especially in my Molly's chambers.
  8. legozer

    hey wargaming

    I figured out your problem.
  9. legozer

    Viewing and Saving Replays

    Could be that the replay file is older than the current client version installed on your machine.
  10. legozer

    hey wargaming

    Yer better off buying scotch, anyway.
  11. legozer

    hey wargaming

    He needs a new computer.
  12. Still being completely normal and well adjusted, I see.
  13. legozer

    This was a boring game, until....

    It's most noticeable on torp reload times. A badly damaged AR Benham is a pure nightmare. Once in a while though, you get into a situation like the vid posted and your DP just becomes preposterous, so much so that not even a full health kitakaze can survive your wrath. Some fortunate missed shots fom the red side, combined with some fancy footwork really helped, too. That's my Perth captain. AR is a great skill for Perth. Sometimes, by the end of a game, it becomes a lot like a DD in terms of reload, and you can put lots of torps in the water; fire one side off, switch to the other side, and by the time they're out and you swing around again, side one is good to go for a second volley.
  14. Friesland captain has AR for the lolz 52 seconds...