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  1. Vulgarities

    You need a new computer.
  2. Tried... and failed.

    Reading through this, I thought, "this guy is not good at anything!" Then, the twist came at the end and I walked away loving this post. Seriously, how are you good at the LITERAL worst ships in the game*, but terrible in the best ones?? It's impressive; impossible, almost. I'm in awe. *Emerald, South Carolina, Marblehead
  3. Thanks are due...

    Sweet! Great to hear, man! Hope we can DIV-UP sometime with that Farragut of yours. I have a bunch of T6 stuff that I love playing. Operations are so great for that kind of stuff. Really great addition to the game.
  4. I have practice with this. It's the rule I live by whenever my wife asks how many beers I had last night.
  5. I should clarify this: I've actually lost the (slim) majority of the games I've been in, but have been drinking heavily today.
  6. Ok, explain this, hotshot: how come I've never lost in nearly 6,000 battles???
  7. Fun and Engaging

    I feel like that could actually be a great match up for a quick "shoot and scoot" CL like Molotov, Shchchchors, La Galissionierre, etc. Sure, there's huge potential for getting clowned early on, but there's equal potential to set fires that could be seen from space. I think I could enjoy that type of MM in Molotov...
  8. Tried... and failed.

    By admitting that I suck hard in the Fiji, I like to think I've opened a dialogue where there is no more judgement, and only healing and understanding.
  9. Tried... and failed.

    That's part of my issue in New Orleans. The other, larger part, is I'm incompetent.
  10. Unlike you guys, though, I'm blaming everyone else. I mean, pretty much everyone else does, and I want to be one of the cool kids.
  11. I am also a complete potate today. I'm gonna try loads of beer and wine and see if it gets any better (it will, even if I continue to potate. I already know the answer).
  12. Aigle marathon is to vague, as the role of karma points is to understood.
  13. This thread sat untouched for months because 2,127 other threads about MM were introduced in that time.
  14. Tried... and failed.

    Oktobraskaya Revolutsiysa. I'll be lucky to post a 40% WR in this tub. New Orleans. I've stupidly convinced myself that I'm not really all that bad with it, and then I take it out and embarrass myself, my friends and my loved ones. Sims. I generally suck at USN DDs, although I can have moments of brilliance. Sims, however, is just not for me it seems. Fiji. I have a decent enough WR in it, but I suck, and I know it. Is anyone good at Omaha? I shouldn't even be allowed to look at CVs in the tech tree.
  15. I find far too many players whine and blame MM for their woes. Nonetheless, I did get a screw job last month: in La Galissoniere, divisioned with Bayern. The only T6 ships on our side. The other side had 2 T6 ships, as well; a Farragut division. All of the other ships were T8. The best contribution I could make was to not die. I survived and took 5000 damage out of a loss on points. Fun and engaging!