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  1. legozer

    I just click with the Chapayev

    Kirov, Budy, Shchchshors and Chap are all the most fun you can have in a cruiser. Donsk and Moskva are a complete departure from that. I'd FAR rather take Chappy into T9 ranked battles than Donsk.
  2. legozer

    I just click with the Chapayev

    It is just my favourite thing. Here is a vid of me WASD hacking in Chappy. Pure joy. (ALSO note my clan mate, Crushing_Doom just putting on a clinic in patience and timing in Tirpitz)
  3. legozer

    Budyonny: IFHE or Concealment Expert?

    I dont use CE on Soviet cruisers. Just accept the fact that you will be spotted early and often, and learn to play with it. Run a few hundred games with Kirov in randoms, and by the time you get used to WASD hacking your way out of hell, Budy will be easy. IFHE, even after the possible nerf, is still a WAY better option.
  4. legozer

    Ranked 1-5 Meta The 5 D's

    Udaloi....similar speed, devastating at range, but turns on a swivel....
  5. legozer

    Naming Rules

    I get it, and it's funny. But it's also beneath you, because you know what I mean, and you choose to disregard it. NONETHELESS....well done.
  6. legozer

    Naming Rules

    I take it back. You're not smarter than that?
  7. legozer

    Naming Rules

    It didn't. You're smarter than that.
  8. legozer

    Naming Rules

    Do you mean ALWAYS or TONIGHT? LOL it doesn't matter either way.
  9. legozer

    Naming Rules

    I hadn't considered this line of thinking Col. Kurtz. I always appreciate education. Thank you.
  10. legozer

    Naming Rules

    This is a valid point that I had not considered. I thank you for your enlightenment. I will change my badge.
  11. legozer

    Naming Rules

    Further, this is not a case of "the internet" being offended "easily". It's a case of humanity being disgusted at it's worst inclinations and asking for a rejection of those that pollute it and cause it to decay and become that which it has always striven to evolve from. We are not animals writhing about in blind chaos; we are men who structure ourselves with morals and order. Allowing those that surround us to reject order and morals inevitably leads to acceptance of horror and chaos; allowing it invites the normalization of suffering. Not cool. Asking why people in this game are allowed to openly proclaim that they are NAZI is not about the internet being offended. It's about basic decency and respect for human dignity.
  12. legozer

    Naming Rules

    Advocacy of genocide and the cavalier dismissal of enormous human suffering on an almost unimaginable scale is not akin to calling someone fat. What's wrong with you that you make such a revolting analogy?
  13. legozer

    Naming Rules

    There are dozens of players who use the NAZI label as a part of their handle. Literally dozens. There are even players allowed to use GASCHAMBER in their nicknames. Can someone please explain why this has been tolerated for so long?
  14. You live and die by the quality of BB play in ranked. Ok, not always, but BB play is an entirely underrated part of a winning (or losing) team. Bad BB players are insanely numerous, so the good ones really stand out to me. I believe that BBs are equally as important to their teams as DDs are. Pease, for the love of GOD ALMIGHTY, keep your BB out of the caps in Shards. Pushing into one of the extremity caps (A and C) early in the game just makes you useless to your team. You end up having to go all the way through the cap, and back toward B to make anything happen, and often it's too late by then, or you get corralled in the cap and are practically stuck there as a sitting duck until you die. Pushing into B early on is just.....lol....c'mon. YOU ARE GOING TO GET TORPEDOED. Unless you have screening and an enemy on the ropes, pushing B hard in the early stages is suicide. So, here's a replay of poor BB play on both sides. Fortunately, our Shimakaze was able to exploit the enemy mistakes, and our THREE BBs that went to A cap didn't lose a star. Note: I'm not a good BB player, by any stretch, but I have experience, and can see, so I know what works and what doesn't. Excuse my saltiness in the chat, too....it's been a long day. Oh, and after watching the replay I realize that I made an error regarding my damage total. Not sure where that came from. I could be wrong about this because I don't play much BB (I have about a thousand or so BB games I figure) and would value any more expert opinion . Thanks. 20190614_201804_PJSD012-Shimakaze-1943_23_Shards.wowsreplay
  15. The stats difference between rental and earned DDs is immense. Arguably the most important ships on a team, and your rental Grozovoi is giving up 15k damage to their earned Groz or Gearing....not a good start. It's hard enough to win with a random group of good players, but throw in a DISTINCT AND EMPIRICALLY PROVABLE disadvantage, then lose with that rental Groz earning 466 XP and you, sir, just discovered the recipe for salt. Yeah, it's not just the Gozovois loss, and perhaps isn't really to blame, but the FACT remains that he put us at a disadvantage before the game even started is what a lot of rankers find frustrating.