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  1. Is English your second language?
  2. Flamu

    Depends on which label one wants to wear.
  3. She isn't "wrong": she just couldn't tailor her review to the exact way you play. She gave you all the relevant information about the ship before you bought it so that you entered the transaction eyes wide open. I've purchased ships based on her reviews that she did not think were good, but based o her review, I knew would fit my play style. AAAAAAAAAAAANNNNND they were solid purchases....for me. For most other players, the Aigle would be pure, steaming garbage, but I freakin' love it, and I knew I would based on her evaluation. I knew, from her review, that the Molotov was a great fit for me. It's now one of my best ships. Despite her ultimate score on a ship, she provides such a thorough review, that players like myself can decide if that particular ship is for them, gud bote, meh bote or otherwise. She is the actual best at what she does. So, if you buy a ship cuz an internet mouse tells you it's good, and you suck in it, maybe you should have read the entire review and decided how it would fit your needs and style before saying "man, that little, white mouse don't knoe nuthin'". Dude, that lady does not make mistakes.
  4. It's easy - you're just better at Duke of York.
  5. Don't worry about offending @Lert, he hated you before he even knew you existed.
  6. Ranked is Easy

    You're doing it wrong. I mean, what's the rush?? Spend a good 50 games in rank 10, you know, really get a feeling for how it works, then spring your trap. Thats the legozer system.
  7. I'm a firm believer that you missed the joke, which is OK, cuz it was terrible.
  8. I'm into some good wine. It's daddy's 'red' medicine.
  9. Uggh, another "does size really matter?" thread....
  10. Not just that, bud. I've been around long enough to be familiar with your greatest hits. Sometimes your antics are entertaining, but for the most part you just stir the pot and act like a donkey. Wait, I kinda like that....ok, I'll move on.
  11. Mouse's reviews are thorough, detailed and well presented; she is the most informative contributor to this community, and she seems to be a really cool person, too. That said, the OP is wondering "if these ships are garbage, why are they performing as well as they are?". OP is not directly criticizing her or anyone else. He's just starting a conversation on a topic that he's curious about.
  12. No, I actually have a keen sense of when someone is a dink, which is why I don't give a squirt about most of what you post.
  13. I bet literally zero people care.
  14. You were being an overly defensive dink, imho, which is what I said, only nicer.
  15. Ok. 3/4 way through a bottle of Fronsac (Ch. de la Riviere, 2012) and I feel much better.