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  1. legozer

    T-9 premium DD

    Sims might be the worst ship I own.
  2. You have followers? How does one get followers? 

    1. legozer


      I have no followers. I guess I wish I was dead?

  3. legozer

    No CV sniping...

    Is this really an issue?* Like, does it happen more than once in 5,000 games? ** *Nope, it isn't **Nope, it don't
  4. legozer

    No CV sniping...

    I enjoy CV play. If an enemy CV reached out to me and we agrees not to snipe each other, at no point during the match would I believe that I was safe from attack planes; to the contrary, I would almost know that a snipe was coming. These "agreements" are usually just friendly banter and joking about. I sink what I can, when I can, and there is no such thing as an agreement between CVs. Get the tinfoil off your heads, guys, cuz none of need to lose any more hair!
  5. I have experienced this issue in Shima lately, but no other ships.
  6. legozer

    Worst Played Ships

    No, not really. I, too, have a substantial amount of games in Soviet DDs, from the lowest tiers to both of the 10s. I know what they can do, too. My point still stands, and it's one that deserves attention: being the stealthiest ship doesn't mean it's the most suitable for capping. That said, I will certainly concede that you know what you're talking about and are also right, in that there are too often times when high tier (notably Kiev/Tash/Khab) fail their teams by not seizing on the opportunity to grab a cap. Nonetheless, it's often better left to a BB to cap in Kiev's place, no?
  7. legozer

    Worst Played Ships

    Being the most stealthy ship does not make you the most suitable to cap. Please learn more about the ships in question before you get so critical of the way they get played.
  8. legozer

    On The Importance of Setting Goals

    Glad to be back my man. I'll be chatting it up on Monday, like it or not.
  9. legozer

    On The Importance of Setting Goals

    Dude, thank you. Your replays and your analysis are the single best tool a player can use to improve their play. You are the greatest resource available to those willing to take the time to learn. You are the God of player improvement. Well, Lord of player improvement at least.
  10. legozer

    What are you doing?

    I'm literally a millionaire.
  11. legozer

    On The Importance of Setting Goals

    I'll hook you up with a Meals on Wheels account for Christmas.
  12. legozer

    On The Importance of Setting Goals

    Thanks! I saw you in game either this morning or yesterday, btw. I would have said hey, but you know, with the chat ban and all...