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  1. Chann_Winson

    Public Test 0.8.0 - Feedback

    I was really looking forward to this rework because CV hat too much impact on the game play and due to the large skill gap often killed any balance in MM. I wouldn’t have an Issue with RTS but it seems CV’s just never been balanced against other ship types. While this rework addresses some issue like the ability to scout any part of the map at almost any time or just wipe out any ship at their desire (granted only in higher tiers) it also reduces many of the good aspects of the CV and introduces a whole set of new issue. While these Issues could be solved the rework is nowhere near ready to be release to the live servers. While the new Action gameplay looks nice it has some serious issues. Just playing the few battles in closed beta and now on PTS already got me bored with it. Yes RTS could be very overwhelming for new players but that is no reason to go to the other extreme and dumb it down this much with all the auto consumables and unlimited planes. I watched your Waterline FAQ and while there were plenty reasons for a rework the current implementation is so catered to Console you are just insulting our intelligence by denying it. - Remove the auto-consumables or at least let players switch to manual control if they want - AI controlled Fighter consumable is just a very bad idea in general - Let players switch between Carrier and Squadron control at any time without returning them - Get rid of unlimited planes. Let seriously damaged planes return to the carrier for repairs (cooldown timer) shot down planes will be gone for good. This would be similar to turrets getting damaged or destroyed. While the CV might not want to risk an attack with just half a squadron they can still scout or go for weaker targets until the rest of their planes get repaired. - AP Bombs are still way too strong. While I like the idea of AP Bombs droping on different angles it is still too easy to get citadels on ships with weak deck armor. Also there is now way of really aiming with them to hit the side - Let AA ship provide cover again to other ships by extending the range again or give ships with very poor AA a big AA buff. - AA in general already feels to have way too little impact / interaction with the planes. The new sector system doesn’t seem to have enough impact to make it worthwhile and switching delay can’t keep up with the speed of the planes There would be a lot more but since WG doesn’t seem to care / listen to feedback of far better qualified players and CC’s so why bother. I understand that with a lack of participants on PTS some aspects like AA will have to be balanced on the live server at some point and that’s ok. But the rework should be in a state where this balancing should be just minor tweaking. You are not there yet! Why the rush? This feels like Graf Zeppelin all over again. Only this time you will not only alienate a few players that bought one specific premium but most likely the majority of the game population. We are your Customers and not your guinea pigs! At this point I don’t see myself playing this game anymore once this patch is out.
  2. Chann_Winson

    Cyclone or Storm Poll

    I have the same Problem with both Thunderstorm and Snowstorm. The extreme amount of fog makes me feel dizzy and sometimes even get sick. Never hand any issues like this before in any game. Wasn't sure if it's really the fog or just the snow/rain overlay so I tried changing settings to reduce the effect. Couldn't find anything that worked until i installed a "No Fog Mod" form Aslain. Would have liked to just tone it down instead of completely removing the fog since it also kinda brakes the Immersion but still better than feeling sick. I don't think i got an advantage because of this, as my dispersion and detection is still effected like for everyone else.
  3. Chann_Winson

    Game server down? (NA)

    Days? You just have to play matches without doing team damage...
  4. Chann_Winson

    Game server down? (NA)

    Had the same Issue but now got back in after 5min or so...
  5. Chann_Winson

    0.7.12 Public Test Bug Reports

    Not enough People on the Test Server, 5min wait time for a 1vs1 or if you are very lucky a 3vs3... The requirements to get the rewards take too long to fulfill this way so guess a lot of folks passed on this PTS... Stability wise i had no issues myself, but that would also explain the low participation. Found one Bug, might be just a missing variable in PTS: Because of above mentioned lack of participation I didn't feel spending more time on PTS today.
  6. Chann_Winson

    My 100 Mega Box Haul!

    I got the Haida in one of the two free containers we got today. Looking back at last year when the only ship I got from around 60 containers was the Mutsu (which i never play) I think I already lucked out for this season and will pass on the containers. Yes flags and camo's would be nice too but not worth the money for me personally. Wish you all good luck with the container RNG
  7. From playing mostly T8-T10 since the patch, I don't see anything has changed. Did this really make it into 0.7.11? If so it clearly doesn't work!!!
  8. I switched from tripple fullHD setup to a AOC 35 inch (3440x1440) about a year ago. Only negative thing is still playing CV but that will change soon (TM) anyway. Depending on how far away you are from the screen a 34 inch with 2560x1080 might be too big and can you see the individual pixels. It will have the same height as a 27 inch 16:9 and most of the displays in that size will have a 2560x1440 resolution instead of 1920x1080 just for that reason. So IMHO, you might be better of with a 28 inch 2560x1080 or a 34/35 inch 3440x1440 especially if you also use it for work. That said, sounds like a decent IPS panel according to this review: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/lg_34uc79g.htm How WoWs runs, really depends on your hardware (GPU/CPU). If you are switching from a 1980x1080 you will increase the resolution and with that the GPU load by about 50% so just keep that in mind. I am happy with my ultrawide screen and would never change back.
  9. Chann_Winson

    Turkey Shoot SignUp Not Working?

    Yup 403 for the sign up and you can't even discuss this because the forum post doesn't exist.. ;)
  10. Chann_Winson

    Daily Reward Not Received

    Todays daily reward was 5 Camo, yesterday 50k credits. The 5 Halloween Containers were for Sunday. So odds are you already gotten them. Got confused with that too because this started on Halloween and not on September first. Might be more clear if the line down to the next reward would turn yellow too?
  11. Chann_Winson

    How to get 5 starts on "Saving Transylvania"

    The more ships there are in the circle the faster Transylvania will go. There is a green bar top center that shows that.... With randoms you usually see half the team in the circle because they want constant repairs, making Transylvania go too fast and eventually there will be too many enemy ships to sink before they reach the circle...
  12. Chann_Winson

    RNGesus showeth no mercy.

    Well they are not making any money anymore from me because of this system. Why would I buy Containers in the Premium Store when in my experience I just don't get lucky with that RNG. Sure you can say the camo's and flags are worth the $ you spend and the mission is just a bonus. But since I usually don't need extra camos and flags I personally would only reconsider buying containers again, if there was some sort of hard cap that ensure's that at least in 1 of X containers there is 1 Mission or special Item.
  13. Chann_Winson

    Server Overloaded???

    Had the same issue here. Closing and restarting the game seem to have solved it... Well either that or WG fixed it. Just dis- and reconnecting didn't work...
  14. It seems to be a hugh improvement to the Rendering Issue. On the live server i see a delay between 3-4 sec between the ships appearing on the Minimap and in 3D. On PTS it seems to be more around 1 sec or even below. Not sure however if the reduced load on PTS Server has an impact on the matter. I didn't notice any artifacts at all, so i guess if there are any it sure didn't effect my game play. Over all, great job. Looking forward to seeing this fix on the live server ASAP.
  15. Chann_Winson

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    Container Progess Bar seems to have an issue with UI Scaling At 110% the progess bar was showing more XP than I actually had: Tried 100%, 120%, 130%, 150% and 200% and they all show the correct Value: It's not a big Issue really, but odd enough to report it. Same root cause might have impact on other components?!? Wanted to add the python.log but the tool didn't find it. (This most likely is related to me moving install folders to another drive. Will do a clean reinstall for the next session)