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  1. Chann_Winson

    RNGesus showeth no mercy.

    Well they are not making any money anymore from me because of this system. Why would I buy Containers in the Premium Store when in my experience I just don't get lucky with that RNG. Sure you can say the camo's and flags are worth the $ you spend and the mission is just a bonus. But since I usually don't need extra camos and flags I personally would only reconsider buying containers again, if there was some sort of hard cap that ensure's that at least in 1 of X containers there is 1 Mission or special Item.
  2. Chann_Winson

    Server Overloaded???

    Had the same issue here. Closing and restarting the game seem to have solved it... Well either that or WG fixed it. Just dis- and reconnecting didn't work...
  3. It seems to be a hugh improvement to the Rendering Issue. On the live server i see a delay between 3-4 sec between the ships appearing on the Minimap and in 3D. On PTS it seems to be more around 1 sec or even below. Not sure however if the reduced load on PTS Server has an impact on the matter. I didn't notice any artifacts at all, so i guess if there are any it sure didn't effect my game play. Over all, great job. Looking forward to seeing this fix on the live server ASAP.
  4. Chann_Winson

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    Container Progess Bar seems to have an issue with UI Scaling At 110% the progess bar was showing more XP than I actually had: Tried 100%, 120%, 130%, 150% and 200% and they all show the correct Value: It's not a big Issue really, but odd enough to report it. Same root cause might have impact on other components?!? Wanted to add the python.log but the tool didn't find it. (This most likely is related to me moving install folders to another drive. Will do a clean reinstall for the next session)
  5. Chann_Winson

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    Anniversary: Anniversary stuff is nice. Who doesn't like free stuff. Dasha as a commander is nice too. Would have been even nicer if she would have different languages for each nation. Wouldn't mind the accent. I got an error the first time I wanted to buy US Dasha for 2nd time. Question is should that even be possible? Tried it for other nations and could not reproduce the error, meaning i could buy several for the same nation. Without Specifications this is really hard to test. Also when you buy Camo's, Patches or Flags there is no sound effect like when you buy a Commander. Bug or feature? Additional Content (Shipskin) Filter in Port: Could not test it, since appart from the two skins you have to buy with copper (Rank 1) there are no other special skins on PTS. But i assume it is still not possible to mount those camo's and benefit from their perks when you have those filters active. Would have been nice if you could still use them but just not replace the looks with a Type 1, 2 or 5. Also still no filter for the French "The Maid of Orleans" Skin on Richelieu. I apreciate the artwork but it just feels wrong to see that much gold on a battleship, sorry. Ranked Battles: Don't like to see Tier VIII and X again. With the current Matchmaking that ignores player skill it is just a drag and already made me stop at Rank 10 in the last season. The higher the Tier the worse it gets if the good and poor players are not distributed evenly between the two teams / sides. A lot of players these days seem to be out of their comfort zone in T8 and even more in T10. T& or / would be way better, even if that would mean that certain Premiums should not be allow to keep things balanced. The seasons with T6 and T8 only were far more enjoyable to me and I would like to see that again. It doesn't all have to be about Tier X! Due to the "crappy"... ahh sorry i mean random Matchmaking i stopped playing ranked on the PTS after two games so can't provide any further feedback. French Cruisers: So you nerf the relaod on Charles Martel and Saint-Louis from 10sec to 12sec and in return give us a 15 second reload boost module with a cool down of 120/80 sec? Not a good trade. Both ships are not that powerful at all. Charles Martel already feels weak in T8. Saint-Louis is one of the few T9 that i actually like playing, but a 15sec reload boost every 2 min won't make it OP. But I guess we can't have nice T9 ships Like Saint-Louis and Alsace. A suggestion could be to include tier 6 in the ranked battles. It has a lot of fun ships with firepower too, and could make for an interesting matches UI Scaling: I play on a Ultrawide (3440x1440) Display and really like the ability to change the scaling. Good Job. Only minor cosmetic detail is that the ship Icons (top center) don't scale well: 200% 120% General Feedback: Would also be very nice to see some updates on bugs that have been fixed with each PTS so we can test that too, for esample i am still waiting on an update on the Ship Rendering and Visibility Bug which is still a big Issue. While i like new free stuff i honestly would rather not have any events for a month but see some really annoying bugs/issues finally resolved. Some sort of comment post on the feedback we provide here would also be nice. Just so we know that our feedback is actually being read and we don't just waste our time.
  6. Chann_Winson


    Same here... As someone else posted being kicked from the server during a game they either have an Incident or doing unannounced maintenance and don't know what a graceful shutdown is. Edit: Nevermind, it seems to be back up again
  7. Noticed that the rewards for PTS 0.7.7 are already available. https://worldofwarships.com/en/userbonus/ Thank you. Always nice to get free stuff. However i noticed that for completing both missions with 3+ Stars in both Part 1 and 2 i got 10 instead of 12 special flags. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/public_test_077/ Looks like for one of those I only got 1 of each flag instead of the 3. Not complaining, just reporting it. Thanks again. Btw: Really cool that you can earn the rewards again in Part 2 even when you already got them in Part 1.
  8. Chann_Winson


    I agree, Narai is way more challenging and probably too hard if you're not in a division. On PTS I often had too many teammates going after secondary objectives and needed several attempts to just get 3 stars. Too many enemy ships at the base. If you don't have a CV or dedicate one cruiser to go after the carrier and one after the supply ships your team will often end up getting killed. It would be better if they would either slow down the convoy you need to protect and/or dedicate more of the enemy ships to defend the secondary targets. This way random players at least would have a chance of ignoring the secondaries, focus on the main objective and at least get 3 stars.
  9. Chann_Winson

    0.7.7 - Public Test Feedback

    Narai is really just to troll players right? While a coordinated group might even be able to finish the mission (with a lot of luck) without the secondary objectives in all the times i have attempted it with randoms it was just a fail. You already tried the bots switching ammo to AP in Jerry Blossom and it didn't work there! Why would you think it would change now? Either go up to T8 or just drop some waves and the AP. Really WG do you even try these Missions yourself before you put them in the public test?
  10. Chann_Winson

    new minimap target circle

    I can confirm that, with this you can actually aim at ships that your teammate are spotting and are not detected by yourself. Needed a bit of adjustment but could get consistent hits after awhile. Also helps a lot for ships hiding behind an island. No more guessing of the elevation / distance. This has been available for awhile now as a mod. Personally I don't like it, because it feels like cheating, but if WG doesn't want to or can't prohibit others from using the mod I guess it is only fair if everyone has it.
  11. Chann_Winson

    Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    Thanks. Yeah just looked it up. Installing WoWs on Steam will create a new Account and while you can change the Account afterwards in the steam game file you apparently won't be able to buy DLC Packages for your old Account over Steam. Well was just playing with the idea anyway. Didn't buy the packages first time round either even though I knew about the "loophole" because I personally think I spent way too much on this game already. I understand that WG wants to change this and got no problem with it. As they said they made a boo boo and owned up to it by extending it to 0.7.6. Guess it was just bad timing with the steam summer sale starting before the patch. Offering the packages now only to part of the community and not here is, while understandable, is still kinda unfair. Hopefully they will make the packages available here again after 0.7.6 for those that really want the packages for the ships.
  12. Chann_Winson

    Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    So the Steam summer sales has started and the packages are on sale again. https://store.steampowered.com/app/552990/World_of_Warships/ Since Patch 0.7.6 hasn't been released yet i guess according to the opening post we could still benefit from the old doubloon compensation. Do I now have to uninstall the game and reinstall it over steam or will you also add these packages to the premium shop again?