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  1. Premium Ship Doubloon Compensation

    So the Steam summer sales has started and the packages are on sale again. https://store.steampowered.com/app/552990/World_of_Warships/ Since Patch 0.7.6 hasn't been released yet i guess according to the opening post we could still benefit from the old doubloon compensation. Do I now have to uninstall the game and reinstall it over steam or will you also add these packages to the premium shop again?
  2. O_O Check your Zipangu Premiums

    It's the Yamamoto Isoroku Collection not the Campaign that unlocks the Camo options:
  3. I agree that CV has a big impact. Guess that is why i not yet play CV in random because i am really bad at it and I don't want to hurt the team. Right now there is no balancing of player skills what so ever. and as i said i think the player skill has a way bigger impact than the ships stats. Any attempt to take player skills into account when balancing the teams would be a major improvement over what we have now. Waiting for two equally good CV player in the same tier isn't viable but you could just add multipliers to the ship classes according to the impact they can have on the result. CV > DD > BB > CL/CH.
  4. FPS issue

    As I posted before it seems to be related how long the client is running or how many games you play. Just occurred again this time after the client was running for 7h /19 battles (yeah we had bad weather here, don't judge me ;) ). updating to the newest drivers didn't help. disconnect/reconnect doesn't help. Problem doesn't occur in training room but reapers in the same session when going back to random battles Very little stuttering at the beginning of the match but gets worse once OpForce is in target range. Really gets bad in close quarter battle with several ships I would assume you got a bug in the net code. Can provide video if needed. Just send me a PM.
  5. I don't have either Khab or Shima yet but I have been in enough matches with or against them in my T8/9's to agree that Khab is the better Ship. But that is not the point... Would balancing them help? Sure i guess. But at least matchmaker in it's current state already does balance ships between the teams. What i doesn't do is look at the players. A great player in a Mehbote will still be able to make it work and while a bad player in Gudbote will still not contribute much. Just been in a Match where with a totally useless Gascogne. He had an average damage of below 10k. Looking at his stats he had 166 battles total, all other ships are T1. So how do you balance this with just looking at the ship stats. Right now win or lose are mostly MM-RNG. If you are on the side with mostly good players (that know what they are doing) you most likely are going to win. If you'r on the Other side, you will lose and depending on how fast your team dies not even be able to farm much damage or kills. Just ignoring player skills will never lead to balanced games and this IMHO is the #1 frustration factor in this game. Taking player skills into account can't really be that hard. We already got the stats. It doesn't even have to be on a ship level but maybe their base XP for each class. It's like back in gym class when there were two team-leaders assigned and each of them could pick their teammates one at a time. This wouldn't affect the wait time in queue at all.
  6. FPS issue

    Had it yesterday and today again. Seems to start after the Client has been running for approximately 5h. No excessive RAM usage (2gb), Ping stays steady, just major FPS drops. Restarting the Client solved the Issue in both cases. The stutter appears after any input, WASD, looking around but as already mentioned most noticeably when zooming in and out. Updated Nvidia drivers to 391.01 now. System: I7 5820K and GTX1080Ti .
  7. Being the only T8 in a T10 match or having 2x Khaba vs 2x Shima isn't mach fun but it is not what puts teams out of balance. The main reason we get matches were one side gets roflstomped is that matchmaker doesn't take the player skills and experience into account. Look at the Olympics right now. All of those athletes have top level equipment but still you see a huge difference in the results. What good is a precision riffle to a marksmen that just doesn't have the experience and training to put the rounds in bulls-eye? Yes sometimes you are also on the winning team but even that isn't really satisfying if you're a mediocre player like me. You don't get the feeling that you were able to contribute to the victory. Or you are in a ship that does damage over time and the match is over after 5 min because your BB's citadeled everything because the BB's on the other side didn't angle at all...
  8. Still seems broken, Progress bar after match now shows up but will not count in the victory of the current/ last match. Back in Port the Mission will disappear / show as completed
  9. Yeah ahave the same problem with the overlay only that it say's i need to press mouse button 6... well did that didn't go away... guess just another annoying WG bug.
  10. Server crash?

    World of Warships - scheduled maintenance Greetings Captains! On the 27/12/2017 at 02:00 PST/ 5:00 ET the World of Warships Game server will be unavailable for approximately 90 minutes as we perform maintenance work. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Action Stations! Your Customer Service Team source: https://na.wargaming.net/support/news/649