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  1. Connorray1234

    75th aniversery

    Today is the 75th anversery of the signing of the treaty that ended Offically ended wwii. This all took place on t9 missouri as the fleet of 10 battleships BB- 40 New Mexico BB-41 Mississippi BB-42 IDAHO BB 63 MISSOURI on wich the treaty was signed As the ships sailed into tokyo bay small cutters were sent to rescue the pows that were waiting on shore
  2. I watch anime too im quite the lewd person XD
  3. 1 don't yolo 2 always be vigilant for torpedos or rogue torps 3 Dont let shell rain down on you do some vase of maneuver like a zigzag 4 be alert of your surroundin I know I got anilated by torped by a ship didn't see till last min 5 don't be the one player who gets stuck on a island and Is sourrounded by ships that have torps. 6 don't be the one that is playing loud music over you game sound or you wont here the alerts.
  4. Connorray1234

    The new ships

    I like that there bringing in new higher tier ships I like it because I have a lot of tier 10s on my account I ve spent money ive paid for the Alaska on my account and I know people are complaining about new ships and cariier changes I quiet like it it add a new level of difficulty to doing caireirs I have gotten midway before the update she quiet fun taking it into random battles and making players. I mean its not like I got perma ban from gta online on pc for modiing with the Pr!nt menu didn't know it was detected should have check L321mods. THis game supplys me the reason I started watchin anime that FLCL stuff was pretty funny.and I use aslains for the ANIME.
  5. Connorray1234

    The loading screen picture

    You Know who the loading screen reminds me of. KING GEORGE THE VI of England on the top is the King on the Bottom is the admirl of the soviet navy. in the left picture dose it remind you of the loading screen??
  6. Thoses keep me going and listening to lean on or sweet home alabama and dank doggo memes and i is listen to texas station 100.9 the egale armadilo and dumber than a normal person slight memory loss and dosent pay attention well.
  7. Play co op then thats what am doing i hate playing randoms
  8. Connorray1234

    USS seatle or iwoa

    This other one made me laugh
  9. Connorray1234

    USS seatle or iwoa

    Can some people send me in anime versions of uss iwoa sisters and seatle plz and thank put them in in the comments plz be to the kancolle design thing example its the only pic i can post of iwoa anime version risk of being banned for the other verisons just look up USS iwoa Anime scroll through 3 pages of it and youll see what i mean.
  10. Connorray1234


    This is a paint by the one and only Adolf hitler for proof look at bottom right corner
  11. Connorray1234


    I have a whole lot of lewd USSIWOA pics
  12. Connorray1234


    https://imgflip.com/i/2dnga3?merp=1531108998.34 https://imgflip.com/i/2dngdw https://imgflip.com/i/2dngi3 https://imgflip.com/i/2dngk4 https://imgflip.com/i/2dngm7
  13. Connorray1234

    Event releated joke

  14. Connorray1234

    Event releated joke

    I don't care how bad my spelling is hahaha I make 80s on my test in english
  15. Connorray1234

    Event releated joke

    Hey wargaming everyone we call Football over her in Murica soocer and we have a chamopion ship for football called THE SUPERBOWL! Anyone have any prediction wich teams are gonna go to the superbowl this year??