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  1. N/A Server Crash 8:45PM est

    im ok in randoms. my clan though were kicked trying to get into clan battles. now despite all of them rebooting their PCs, WOWS still shows them in battle.
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    Maybe ship's spotted by radar should be visible only to that radar ship, not it's entire team. Allow the employing ship to mark the minimap of the detection.
  3. Does anyone have tips on gaining, at a minimum, one star in Narai? Three tries, three total failures, no stars. I dont know if i'd fair any better with a full division, quess we'll find out when it goes live. Maybe a full division, on voice comms, will do better. i'm probably just real frustrated at the lack of getting anything achieved in Narai. Oh, if it was meant to be challenging - mission accomplished. It's just not fun in it's present configuration.
  4. Cruiser Captain - How to Build him

    The choices can be made to capitalize on a ships strengths while minimizing. in my view a basic 10 point allocation can be: level 1:Priority Target (how many want to sink you) level 2: Adrenaline Rush (you gonna lose a lot of HP - so spam HE faster) level 3: dealers choice: Demo Expert (put em on fire chance) or Superintendent (light up that DD with radar) as examples. level 4: Concealment expert (go dark - then repeat the HE spamming). Also check out http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc, pick the ship and see the builds other players use.
  5. Fighting Fridays - The Nemesis

    Khabarovsk!#@@#!@! A rare kill for sure. Very rewarding when it happens.
  6. WG...you got help a lowly T5 DD player out.. Stop putting 2 CVs per side. There's no amount of 'get gud' that can overcome those odds. Especially since MM like to pair T6 and T7 CV.. it is ridiculous. There should never ....ever... be more than 1 CV per side. Oh, lets stop with the T7 CVs in a T9/10 match. that's equally unfair.
  7. Situation Report - Ranked Battles

    This season has been a disappointment to me. I’m in the “get to 11 fall back to 16 and repeat”. I was hoping, having made R7 last season, I could have broken through this seasons R10. I’m really trying to be a good teammate. I’ll keep at it a few more days. The prevalence of toxic players surpasses anything i’ve seen in prior seasons. It’s becoming disgusting. I guess that’s to be expected since the only entry requirement is T8 ship. Perhaps it’s time to figure out a skill based system to earn your way into rank. Sorry for the rant, I’m really struggling. Oh well better luck next match.
  8. Daily Ranked Progress Thread

    Started at R15. 15 battles later (only 5 wins), still at R15. Should have gave up on the night a whole lot earlier. Slow start, but I'll find a ship that will work! Atago worked last season. Not so much this round. But it is only day1 (now day2).
  9. Lancer240 Plays a mix of battleships and destroyers (good) Deals an average amount of damage Extremely often uses torpedoes (when in ships that have them) Key vehicle - Kamikaze
  10. I'd like to try several ships and see what success can be found/made/had. I did have some success last season with Atago. So, for T8, she'll be my go-to ship. my Order of battle priority: : T8: 1. [CA]: Atago, Kutuzov, Hipper (maybe New Orleans w/ radr) 2. [BB]: NC, Bismark, Alabama (maybe Richelieu- which was interesting on PTS) 3. [DD]: Ognevoi, Benson, Akizuki T10: 1. [DD]: Shima, Gearing, Gorzovoi 2. [BB]: Montana (not surfeif i'll have a 2nd T10 BB) 3. [CA]: Des Moines, Hindenburg. T7: If fortunate enough to rank out, which would be a first for me, i'm likely to just enjoy that moment and not keep going. IF i try a match or two, then: 1 [BB]: Lyon, Duke of York 2.[DD]: Akatsuki, Blyska, Gadjah 3. [CA]: Algerie, FIJI, Atlanta the tougher decision will be Builds. Radio location for DDs (maybe CA). other ship types not sure of
  11. happened to me in back to back battles. had to use task manger to kill it and log back in. (make that 3) cant wait for this to make the live server - AFK's for all (he said sarcastically) [just when PTS was getting more stable - oh well)
  12. along with Relative bearing grease. May as well get suited out to pick up the mail buoy at the next PD excursion (FTG1/SS Ret)
  13. Bye-Bye WOWS

    You had me at "uninstall...."
  14. I bought 5 containers. each had 5x revolutionary camo, 2of the 5 had 10x hydra flags. the other 3 held 500 doubloons. all 5 had a French collection item. I did receive a personal combat mission for the T5 french BB (get 10000 base xp i think it was)