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  1. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Where are you in your UU/LM grinds?

    I’ve only managed to get 1 UU/LM.It was the one for Shima. Gave it the ole college try, but that upgrade doesn’t work well for me. So, I sold it.
  2. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Public Test - 0.8.4 - Feedback

    Double CVs at Tier X is making PTS not worth the effort. Oh well, free ship is not to be.
  3. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.4

    I don’t know about the upcoming season of Rank. Although tempting to see how far I can go I should probably sit out the season for several reasons. 1.I gotta Improve my T10 stats. They’re not competitive enough to not handicap the team. 2. Rentals. That’s a head scratcher. I don’t know if rentals have been detrimental to Clan wars. Maybe it’ll work for a random group of players without voice comms. prediction: the losing team CV will be at the top of the board and save their star. Good luck and happy hunting to those who will participate in The next season of Rank.
  4. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    1st battle ...both teams having lag issues. guns not shooting etc. both teams are NA, so shouldn't be a cross-server issue - correct?
  5. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season

    I don't understand why anyone would want to handicap themselves playing on a different server. Wouldn't the "home server" team have an advantage, i.e. not dealing with cross-server latency? network folks, am i thinking, or overthinking this?
  6. IsThatreallyTheplan

    CVs and matchmaker (dev commentary)

    I’ll take the incomplete teams over having more than one cv per side any day. Cap the number of cv to 1 per side please. Alternatively, make sure I’m on the team with a competent cv player. One capable of overcoming being handicapped by having this potato on their side.
  7. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    Now, that's an awesome idea!
  8. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Public Test 0.8.2 - Feedback

    wasted 3 co-op battles to "progress". The last progression step i saw stated "ranked" or words like that. But since i didn't see numbers associated with the record i have no idea what it means. Once Captains where available i did a T8 Random battle. That was not fun. 4 v 4, 1 CV per side and I'm the only DD. Guess who was perma spotted, this clown. A little disappointed this will my 1st PTS that i've not completed any of the missions needed to earn rewards on the live account, since those missions were not available until after that 4th battle. The "improved port ui and service record" is anything but improved. I've no idea what record level was reached. no idea what was meant by 'complete 5 random battles' needed. Well, then again i'm old. maybe the target audience of 13 yr olds will 'get it'. So, i was too frustrated to attempt anything else with PTS. Good luck to those who do give it a try. I'll give the future 0.8.3 rd 1 a try. I do appreciate WG attempts to involve the community in these test. In my professional life, i test "stuff" on a daily basis. I wish i had better words to explain this, but perception will have to rule the day. It is my perception that your PTS project is on decline. It seems to have become more confusing, more disjointed in what it attempts to test. But, what would i know.
  9. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

    So which regional server will host the test? It would be a shame for NA teams to always have to suffer through fps/ping drop. Seems to me, if NA is always playing on CIS region servers, there has to be an advantage to the CIS teams.
  10. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Update 0.8.1 - Feedback and Performance

    1. since 0.8.1 i've seen a large frequency of FPS drops both in port and in battle. 2. "moving" around the port is sluggish. 3. as others have stated. the audio improvements have not had the desired effect. the previous version of audio tab and the sounds used were far better than the current. I've taken all the sliders just about off and unchecked what could be unchecked in an attempt to lower the volumes and reduce the annoying sounds. no luck. well, it's as low as is possible without turning the audio off. the current iteration, to me, is not supportive of an immersive environment. it's annoying. specific comments. i don't know what the "music" is when entering/exiting battles. but its super annoying and loud. engine order and telegraph seem to "pingy" or metalical(?). not getting used to it at all. i'm always looking asking myself what did i just press. voice messaging for battle events sound like they are in an echo chamber.
  11. Well, that escalated quickly.
  12. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Mail Buoy Ep. 2 - Ask Your Questions here

    Hi Zoup, Enjoy the family time! 1. do you think WG will/should go to only 1 CV per side? 2. Should the commander skill "manual AA" be renamed OR the manual aspect (click the squadron ) be restored? 3.when submarines are implemented should they, in addition to torpedoes, also have missiles/rockets/surface guns capabilities?
  13. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Upcoming CV Changes

    i don't understand the statements of " AA is Op". Whose AA is OP? What tier? I'm still scratching my head over being sunked by a T8 CV while in a full AA build,. wait for it - Atlanta. I know i suc, but i refuse to accept that i suc that bad. Rockets man, rockets are OP