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  1. IsThatreallyTheplan

    CV Rework Feedback

    I fail to understand what WG is hoping to achieve in round 2. I was thrilled to have been invited to participate in this round, however test methodology leaves me scratching my head. If the goal is to test CV, why the heck can i only play 3 matches before not having the credits to service the CV? Make it like PST, don't bring economy onto it. Doing it in the present manner really only gives those good players who can pull XP out of the (well you get it) to play. test CV game play by (wait for it) testing CV game play. speaking of which: 1) ship AA - way too powerful. lost all squadrons, all runs. no methods to avoid AA, 2) no ship control of CV when it is being attacked. having to recall your strike force in order to hit the DFAA is not efficient. 3) current style tested supports CV sniping. so, "we've" done nothing to bring a CV into supporting the fleet. Go for enemy CV, avoiding the OP AA. 4) aircraft controls are sluggish. Slow to respond to mouse control. sometimes does not turn as the mouse turns. 5) interpreting reticle indications wrt when to drop ordinance is difficult to understand. How far away should i be (for each aircraft type) to begin a run on target and then complete ordinance launch. I'm torn between liking the intent and not liking the execution. Presently i don't see how this new style will increase the CV player base. But, i'm just a mediocre player. the good CV players will still rule the Air, the poorer ones will still be blamed for the lost. Maybe a better idea would have been to delete CV play from the game. Perhaps develop an new gaming product that focuses on aircraft.....maybe call it, i don't know, world of warplanes? In all seriousness, thank you WG for the opportunity and thanks for really working on making improvements to the game. (p.s. I'm probably a bit ticked at not being good enough to earn the credits necessary to keep at this test event - good luck to those who are).
  2. IsThatreallyTheplan

    CV Rework Feedback

    I certainly appreciate the opportunity to try out the new CV game play. My test run is now over. 4 battles on TST with CVs. 3 with Shokaku, 1 with Lexington. negative credits all battles. Both CVs require service and well, not enough credits to do so. :-( @17k damage dealt. no ship kills, 1 aircraft kill. Most of my aircraft lost to AA before launching ordinance. I must be doing something really wrong. ** tried to play other ships to gain the credits necessary to service the CVs and keep testing. no luck there. Sold almost all the ships in the inventory - still no luck. Oh well. Hopefully the Devs got something out of this. it was not a test, just a waste of time.
  3. IsThatreallyTheplan

    CV Rework Feedback

    @SMPR, you're not doing anything wrong. It is not the PT server to log on to, it's TST. That one does not seem to be available for download as of yet. Hopefully by tomorrow. Fingers-crossed.
  4. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Public Test 0.7.11 - Round 1 - Feedback

    So, what the purpose of Twilight Battles? Haven't' yet been on a team that understood what the mission is. I'm soo lost it isnt funny. I dont see any capture points or bases for that matter.. All i get is some creepy voice and all my consumables are locked. It took a battle or two to actually realize - what a minute - those aren't bots. well back to the live server.. I'll wait for a youtube post before going back to PTS. I'm sooo very lost wrt this mode.
  5. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Historical Scenarios, Your thoughts

    the Aleutian Island campaign could be a good choice for an operation https://www.history.com/topics/world-war-ii/battle-of-the-aleutian-islands https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleutian_Islands_Campaign Battle of Cape Matapan (which was mentioned by another player might be a good choice as well. http://www.historynet.com/battle-of-cape-matapan-world-war-ii-italian-naval-massacre.htm
  6. “I can imagine no more rewarding a career. And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: 'I served in the United States Navy.” ~ John F. Kennedy Happy Birthday Navy "Semper Fortis" FTG1/SS USN/Ret
  7. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Watery Grave Wednesdays - Most Tonnage Sunk

    Managed to sink 7 using Kamakaze, 6 with Molotov, 6 with Lyon and 4 with Hosho. Most tonnage, as measured by HP was 255,823 in the Shima.
  8. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Fleet Action Friday - Operation Dynamo

    This iteration is a greatly improved scenario. It's awesome that we can use our allied DDs. I don't believe i've seen a bad DD choice. A teammate of mines runs Haida with it's rolling smoke. If the 7 players can alternate use of smoke that helps greatly. I run sims with my wooster captain (AFT). 7.2 AA range is nice, but wow when enemy air gets inside 5 - awesome sauce. My personal total on getting rif of aircraft is 45.
  9. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Situation Report Saturday - The Arms Race

    I have tried Arms race, both on PTS and live. It a mode i do not enjoy. I'd rather have map Ocean or battle mode Epicenter. Fortunately Arms Race is a separate mode - whew. I don't like Arms Race because the mode encourages selfish play. It is a free for all, don't support each other,. mine ... mine ...mine ... mode. Players charge around trying to get the buffs, but not supporting each other in sinking the enemy. having said that, it is probable I'm not playing it correctly. I'll try new iterations as they are released. For the present, I'll pass on running this mode any more. Happy Hunting to those who play AR.. Despite all the above, Kudo's to WG for thinking outside the box and broadening the game offerings to the base.
  10. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Heading out to sea to avoid Florence.

    Yes, it was Hugo. The boat was the USS Narwhal SSN 671. She was getting ready to enter the shipyard. All but one line busted during the front half of the storm. During the eye, a tugboat came and tried to push her back to the pier. Failing that, the CO made the decision to submerge. I was at Pier Mike serving aboard Seahorse SSN 669. Our lines held.
  11. IsThatreallyTheplan

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    Just a couple of thoughts. 1) map changes - didn't notice anything. of course that could just be my eyes lol. If you want an attribute tested it needs to appear often. I'd suggest if a PTS includes testing changes to maps 1, 2, and 3, that only maps 1, 2, and 3 are used. 2) weather. Never had a match with the new weather mechanics. Again from comment 1 - If you want an attribute tested it needs to appear often. 3) arms race. I'm only one voice, but i absolutely hate it. I read so often in forums/reddit a view that team work's increasingly a rarity in WG titles. To me , it seems Arms Race is a surrender to that train of thought. It, again my opinion, encourages selfish (my buff) play style. Obviously, just an opinion. Thankfully, for the moment anyway, when this goes live, it's a separate game mode that players will have to choose to enter. Anyhow, that's this ole fellows viewpoint. I do want to extend my appreciation and thanks to WG for the effort put into making this game better. I really enjoy the game. I'm not good at it, but i try - and i have fun (usually). " 'Cause if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right" ~ anonymous
  12. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Warships is now Cosmo

    What an awesome story! Congrats to the couple. Obviously taking love of gaming to a new level. Also thanks OP! I wouldn’t have known about this story without you.
  13. IsThatreallyTheplan

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    I went to select the St Petersburg port. the game crashed. i tried to screen cap the displayed error, but that was not for reason successful. WGCheckQA_En files attached. there was a .zip file but it is way too large for an upload. WoWS_report.wgc relaunched the game... 2nd try to change the port was successful.
  14. IsThatreallyTheplan

    N/A Server Crash 8:45PM est

    im ok in randoms. my clan though were kicked trying to get into clan battles. now despite all of them rebooting their PCs, WOWS still shows them in battle.
  15. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Maybe ship's spotted by radar should be visible only to that radar ship, not it's entire team. Allow the employing ship to mark the minimap of the detection.