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  1. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Clan Brawl

    so for NA it's sunday 5 april starting 8pm EDT?
  2. IsThatreallyTheplan

    World of Warships Discord – Come have a Chat!

    @kalvothe thanks, i'm in.
  3. IsThatreallyTheplan

    World of Warships Discord – Come have a Chat!

    nothing happens when click "accept invitation" on the news page. well, almost nothing. discord launches, but no WG invite is seen anywhere
  4. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Stream Code

    WG should clearly state when codes expire. Not much of a fun event to never have the chance to participate. But that's the way it is
  5. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Mod Station Client

    you need to locate the World_of_Warships_NA folder on your computer. that's where the game client is. On my laptop it's C:/Games/World_of_Warships_NA
  6. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Only thing I want from the PR event

    Take a look at the Dockyard, lower left. There's a 3 digit number showing progress. Hover over it to show, if nothing changes, how far you'll get.
  7. IsThatreallyTheplan, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Doing this on PTS with Eugen was fun. I cant imagine it will be as fun live. After all, PTS doesn't really have quality game play. Evidence, i was successful. So nope gonna sit this fiasco out. 10000 coal not worth the inevitable, losing to a CV. It should be class vs class.
  8. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Fundraiser Results – Vote on How to Get Hayate!

    The survey was missing a choice. The dockyard (minus the PR) fiasco, should have been included. Dockyard is a brilliant concept, poorly executed (PR), but should be used for other ships as well.
  9. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Round 1 - The Dockyard

    Looks like PTS ended early? WGC no longer letting me log on, shows an authentication error. Was hoping to get to see the finish of Puerto Rico's build out.
  10. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    just to the right of the building phase description ..sort of a left arrow circle (i'm sure there's a name for the icon,)
  11. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Feedback

    The 1v1 needs to be ships of the same class. So if you're not a CV player....get one, you'll rule the skys and waves. .
  12. How is it that folks can be successful given the inherent latency that has to exist? I just dont understand why you would want to change your primary server to one far off from you. Also, not fond of this being a one-way proposal. Why not simply allow players, to open accounts on different servers, if they choose to?
  13. I hope there's a future change to this port. it is way too dark and gloomy.
  14. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Italian CA captain builds?

    This is my current commander skill. I am thinking about ditching RDF freeing those 4 points up. But not sure of optimal build
  15. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Gift cards for warships

    i usually hit my local 7-11 for KarmaKoin cards. You can use them in the premium store for anything, except items listed as "available for you - 1. The cards can be purchased for a minimum of $16.00. You can get them digitally from pcgamesupply.