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  1. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Update 0.10.5: The Grand Battle

    I must have missed something, where is this stated? "If a player actively participated in a battle for less than 75% of its duration (due to quitting the battle or a technical issue), they're considered to have exited the battle prematurely "
  2. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Submarine Testing

    I hope more sessions will be made available. Also, hope the technical issues preventing successful launch of the game will be resolved. I've only been successful launching the game twice. Disappointing, but it is what it is.
  3. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Italian Battleships Premium Containers

    Caved in to my bad habit of tossing resources haphazardly at shiny new objects.. Not unhappy with the outcome. Habit appetite satisfied....this week.
  4. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Armory. Italian Battleships

    That's a yeas i believe. They are sequential. Comments in this post indicate credits issued, BUT i have not gone in game to verify it. (page 4 of comments has those player statements)
  5. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Forum Issue/Lost Player Info/Stats

    instead of restoring my stats, ,,,, could i just get a do-over? Keep the number of battles, reset the WR.
  6. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Forum Issue/Lost Player Info/Stats

    instead of restoring my stats, ,,,, could i just get a do-over?
  7. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Twitch Drops Changes in 0.10.1

    Unless I've misread the news, it might be tomorrow? Twitch rewards On the first Thursday of the update, all three types of rewards become available and remain claimable for a full week, until they are refreshed the following Thursday.
  8. IsThatreallyTheplan

    PTS 0.10.1

    Asymmetrical 1vs1 Brawls, when you need further affirmation of being a bad player. :-( The only success I've had in a DD is when the other player did not have a radar ship. I'll pass this mode up when it goes live. Good luck to the better players!
  9. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Favourite soup recipe

    I have two "go-to" favorites, French Onion soup and Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque soup. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/french-onion-soup-recipe2-1947434 https://savoringtoday.com/butternut-squash-bisque/ I've also started trying different recipes from this Chef, https://www.youtube.com/chefjeanpierre/videos
  10. IsThatreallyTheplan


    is TST being updated before every session? I downloaded it ahead of yesrterdays start. then when i tried to launch it, another update of TST was required. Today, with an hour left i had time to logon but nope. There's yet another TST update.
  11. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Submarine Testing

    Did we break the TST server? it disconnected at the end of my last match. Can't log back in. Have made 5 tries. no luck.
  12. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Submarine Testing

    log in - Check, Container in port - Check, submarine available - Nope, not for you. Oh well, maybe before the event is over. well back to work.
  13. IsThatreallyTheplan

    Submarine Testing

    If this hasn't resolved yet, you may need to refresh WGC. I've had to do so in the past, so might be worth giving it a try. Kill WGC process in task manager and start the program Recheck if you have client in the list. (looking for TST not PST) if this doesn't work is to logout of WGC and log back in. time - give it time :-)
  14. IsThatreallyTheplan

    World of Warships Anniversary — Five Years of Victories!

    scroll down..there should be a W A S D selection