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  1. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Jean Bart, Premium Black Friday, Super Containers, Sucker

    How much did you spend on crates? If less than $65, then you came out ahead... since just buying the ship would cost that much.
  2. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Paying $$ for Oklahoma?

    You probably shouldn't spend real money on any T5 prem.... unless they bring GC back and that ain't happening. I have many T5 prems and no money was required to get any of them.
  3. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Paying $$ for Oklahoma?

    Didn't work for me. Too bad there is some RNG involved on whether the ship is free or not... I would never say Okie is good, but not sure it's as bad as people are saying... but it does need a deep skill build to take advantage of the secondaries. I put my 19 pt Halsey in from Ohio and had a blast in it... you just need to tap your inner DD captain and try to get close with out getting focused too much on the way there. Once you get to that 7-8km sweet spot... the ship works much better..... angled of course. T5 DD will start wondering wth is spamming so much fire at them... it's a new experience for T5.
  4. YoloBadgerDontCare

    The Great Turkey Shoot of 2020

    Happy upcoming Thanksgiving. ...and I would like to be a turkey !
  5. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Clans Battles and cyclones

    After two nights, I have yet to have game that had the "balancing" feature of the 14km cyclones. Anybody else see one yet? The way the Dev blog read... most battles were to have them...
  6. YoloBadgerDontCare

    WG's reason for nerfing the Speed Boost upgrade module (Again)

    I think you nailed down the issues here. WG's perspective seems flawed to me, and trying to balance upgrades like legendary modules is silly at best. Most of the time, certain upgrades are going to be optimal for certain ships. As you say... the upgrade could be 10% and I would still take it for any DDs that rely on speed boost, so any reductions on the upgrade module is really just a nerf to DDs (and a few cruisers). The major gimmick, or national "flavor" of the French line is speed, so that is their strength, so any upgrade that accentuates that strength will always be optimal. I really fear that the Devs are taking this balancing skills and upgrades for different play styles way to far. Trying to do this for hundreds of ships would be foolish as "balancing" one may well goof up 4 others, and changes will often appear to just be arbitrary. For example, the Nurnburg (one of my favorite T6 ships) has rotten AA, but there was a C hull that improved it just a bit, but at the expense of torp rack on each side. That was a good trade off for me since I play at stand off ranges and usually don't get close enough to use any of the 6km torps. It may not have been popular option, but by WG's balancing theory the B hull option should have nerfed to make the C hull more attractive. But no. The C hull is just removed.... Why? I don't think we know.... as usual no explanation. A little more communication about these changes would go a long way.
  7. A couple three months ago the Speed Boost upgrade module was decreased from 50% to 40%. At the time, I wondered why since the main users of this module are DDs, and DDs right now, if anything, could actually use little help. The majority of games now have CVs in them and long range radars are multiplying like rabbits, I was totally baffled. However, it was only 10% so I moved on and quit trying to worry about it. BUT, now in the dev notes for 9.9, it is getting yet another 10% nerf to 30%, and this is affecting potentially multiple modules for multiples ships. I think WG owes many of us an explanation of the reason or rationale for this. I mean DD population seems to be falling as 1 or even zero DD games are becoming quite common. I used to play 40% of my games in DDs, but since the environment for DDs is getting so hostile, I find myself playing them less. It seems like others agree with me. So WG, what gives? @Hapa_Fodder maybe you can shed some light on this
  8. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Marceau opinions

    I believe so. Disagree. If you are a good dd player then it's a great ship. If you are an average DD player like me, you will still have good games, it's just hard to be consistent in. Also, as previously mentioned.... at range the shells look like they have parachutes attached, so if you can aim USN DD/Atlanta shells ok then you can probably do ok. If USN DD shells bother you, then Marceau will bother you too. Side note, don't expect much damage from torpedos... they load real slow, are pretty slow, and are fairly short ranged (but better than Kleber)
  9. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Divisions In Ranked?

    At least yesterday it seemed like randoms on steriods.... cruisers and Shimas making yolo beelines to the caps and then going broadside like they are in a hurry to get to the next one.
  10. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Crunch time - 1 million FXP reached (again!).

    Siegfried is on my long term acquire list. BUT (and this would go for Alaska too) I want to see what happens with captain skills before picking up any more super cruisers. Not having FP and BoS will be a big nerf to all cruisers with a 1 min fire time. For Siegfried you can add no secondary build to the potential nerf list. I'm with those that said sit and wait.... it's what I'm doing. I'm at 1.7 mil and halfway to Slava (or 2/3rd to Siegfried) so I could grab either very soon, but think I'm going to set 3 mil as goal before I spend anything (and WG to say something about cruiser skills since it would be a mess in the proposal)
  11. YoloBadgerDontCare

    How does fires and floods work? and damage saturation

    What I want to know is what the fire RNG Poisson distribution would look like.... because whatever Random number generator they use, it is rather fickle... in fact there are certain patterns you can start to recognize....especially when dealing with bots....maybe because the same situations pop up a lot with bots and you start to see fires either be easy or hard to get (giving or receiving) at certain times. It makes me wish they would upgrade the RNG to something a little more random, but with less deviation.
  12. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Marceau opinions

    I wouldn't say Kleber is superior... play style just a little different from each other. Kleber stays at range and plays like a real fast ultra light cruiser. Marceau, do to it's better concealment, can do more DD type things, like capping, spotting , and maybe the occasional stealth torping. I have thoroughly enjoyed might, BUT I wish they had not nerfed the ballistics. It was a totally unnecessary last minute change. What are the other ships on your short list?
  13. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Winning in this game is too hard

    Which is part of the reason why if you join a clan of better than average players and only run in 3 man divs your WR will likely climb several percentage points....or even close to double digits for a unicum clan versus playing solo. At least that's how it works for most players.
  14. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Winning in this game is too hard

    I"ll have to remember that one.... except maybe I'll add this: X teenagers = stupid(x + (6 packs of beer available))
  15. YoloBadgerDontCare

    Winning in this game is too hard

    It is for the 10 percent of us who are left handed... but then again the arrow keys are conveniently located on the other side of the keyboard.