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  1. Shak_McGee

    0.9.8 Update Pre-load

    I am glad I noticed the download icon moving when I turned on my computer. I live in the middle of nowhere and have to pay for service by the GB. I turned off the auto update and saved myself $20, but gained another reason to visit some friends with unlimited GBs this weekend. Good news is I still have enough GBs to play the game until then. 8GB is ridiculous. And yes, as Doombeagle asked, can we get the patch to fix the update early too? And could we go back to update releases on Wednesdays as WG had promised and been doing up until recently....again.
  2. Shak_McGee

    Constructive Feedback on Puerto Rico Grind

    I used to play World of Warplanes. Then WG started with impossible missions, requiring the spending of money to get the reward. I no longer play World of Warplanes. WG, let that be a warning to you. Learn the meaning of the word ENOUGH.
  3. Shak_McGee

    [edited] you do to my NM???!!!???

    How about a Smith with a 19pt Gearing Captain? lol
  4. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Really? I don't have to prove anything to you. I simply wanted a reasonable answer to a simple question. What I get from you is snark? Why go out of your way to be snarky? personality disorder?
  5. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Interesting that RNG is the excuse given for every problem this game wishes to deny. Yet RNG is the solution to all the problems this game doesn't have? ok...I see this is going nowhere. Yet another institution more dedicated to preserving itself than improving itself. Let us call that progress!
  6. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    While what you say is true, you are describing the exceptions. Most of the time the 'better' team wins. I am simply pointing out the fact that the MM in WoWs is creating lopsided teams. This promotes higher WR for those who get on the higher WR team regardless of their WR or ability and lower WR for those who get put on lower WR team regardless of other factors. Now, all this is fine. IF the MM were to spread the advantages and disadvantages evenly. It simply does not operate that way.
  7. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Personally, WR is not that important to me. I simply want a cogent answer. When I generally finish top 4 in losses, my game play is not the problem with my win rate. The problem with my win rate is consistently being put on teams where teammates hide behind islands or in corners, provide no support and for the most part make me wonder why they even bother logging on. All I hear is RNG, RNG, RNG....yet I am supposed to play better? Which is it going to be? RNG or me?
  8. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Thank you Skinny. I am not trying to be controversial. I just wanted a reasonable answer to a reasonable question. But all I ever hear is RNG. We have identified the problem. Now what are we going to do about it?
  9. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    You are confusing my stats with the RNG. I am not talking about my stats being statistically impossible (That is just silly). I am speaking of the outcomes I am seeing from the MMRNG being statistically impossible.
  10. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    This is not just about now. This has been going on far too long. The fact that I chose to mention it now doesn't make it new or 'a bit of a bad streak'. I can count the number of games I was not on the low WR side on one hand over the past month. This is not about improving my play (the point being...that is out of my hands, I am not RNGesus) it is about improving the game for everyone. I know I am not alone in this frustration. Instead of making excuses we need to make improvements. If only I could love the game so much as I love the idea of the game....what a happy day that would be.
  11. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    It makes sense that there are more sub 50% WRs with how the MM works (or doesn't depending on your perspective). A 20% difference in WR in MM is a farce. While looking at the teams, I can see how they could be evened up by simply switching a player or two to the other side.
  12. Shak_McGee

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    Thanks Personator. I'll take your advice and find something else to do. There is no way to play this game without bad MMRNG apparently. This has been going on for a very long time, I simply chose to mention the problem this time. Thank you for your time, Shak
  13. Could someone please explain to me why the matchmaker always and without fail puts me on the team with the lowest WR? I look at the matchmaker and there I am on the team with the 40% WR and the other team has 50% - 60% WR. I consistently finish in the top four XP earners and lose, lose, lose. This is statistically impossible. I am not a noob. I have been playing this game for just shy of 3 years (9700ish random battles). About 2 days/mo I get favorable RNG....in other words, when I hit something it takes damage. The rest of the month, I get 0 damage for broadsides but take citadels when properly angled. Between the MM always putting me on the losing team (no team should have a 60% win rate and go against a team with a 40% win rate. MM could go 50/50 if it can go 40/60. Why does it not?) and RNG which gives no damage (even on ships with no damaged areas on them) after a 6km broadside ( I can see the glowing holes on the waterline) and gives citadels on angled bows, I am about done with this game. Please someone give me a reasonable explanation of what appears to be a completely rigged system. I really enjoy playing the game and divisioning with my buds, but I am highly frustrated by getting the short end of the stick before the game even begins and then getting it again from RNGesus. When RNG is on my side I score huge damage and XP; however, statistically speaking, the things which have been occurring in this game reveal a serious problem in both the MM and RNG. I did not write this to be told I suck (even if true, it is not germane), but if you feel the need to insult someone so you can feel better about yourself, I cannot stop you. Serious efforts at explaining the aforementioned issues in a reasoned manner will certainly be appreciated. Thank you, Shak
  14. Shak_McGee

    RN Event Missons

    I have the same question Asym. When...nonsense end? I earned my first 19 point captain through the Halloween event last year. For that, as you said, the event is invaluable. That being said, I am done with Halloween, cartoon ships, green mists and submarines. I appreciate the efforts of WG to make something new and different. It was fun for a while.