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  1. Clan Commander AWOL

    I had to do this with our clan and simply opened a ticket and they gave me control of the clan, with the stipulation of if he ever comes back and requests control of the clan again they will give it back to him. Hope this helps.
  2. Awesome thank you, mine are almost Identical with the exception of BFT which I will be able to get once I get that 19th point, thank you again.
  3. Seigewolf, I kinda see where your going..I just busted the cap on the 46 to get the 52 with my 18 point CPT. I will admit I am set up for rapid torps and it seems the knife fight always happens first with another DD If I make it through that first 2-3 min's of game I can unleash torpedo hell on the other team. But getting through the first fight can be tough..If I may ask what is your Commander layout?
  4. QE vs Warspite

    I think I played 15 games or so in the QE, couldn't stand it and used free XP to go to King George. Just hated it.
  5. Crashing.

    Same as Abner 444 cant even get to the load screen as soon as I click play I get the exact message.