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  1. Lord_Cranky

    Mouse buttons don't work

    So basically I had to do a complete uninstall and reinstall, works fine now
  2. Lord_Cranky

    Mouse buttons don't work

    yes sir drivers are up to date at the moment
  3. Lord_Cranky

    Mouse buttons don't work

    Okay so my computer (Windows 10) just did an update and now none of my mouse buttons work in WOW's, port screen is from the last ship I played and whenever I click the left mouse button I get a little 4 arrow icon but thats it, with the mouse I can rotate around that one ship but I cannot click play, change to another ship etc. I double checked my WOT also and it works just fine, only WOWs is doing this, anybody else having this issue? I go into setting etc and I have to use Tab and arrow to move around and click enter, like I said buttons 1&2 simply stopped working for WOW's
  4. Lord_Cranky

    Clan Commander AWOL

    I had to do this with our clan and simply opened a ticket and they gave me control of the clan, with the stipulation of if he ever comes back and requests control of the clan again they will give it back to him. Hope this helps.