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  1. Aristotle83

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    1)Want to be clear I was not implying that buying a premium ship unlocks the tech tree ship at that tier. I was saying that people grinding on the UK battleship line who wanted the KGV but didn't want to go through the QE(which is not exactly the most desirable ship) could just get the DOY as an alternative to the KGV. Monarch at T8 is another undesirable ship. For the history buffs on here the last real ship in the UK line is at T7, while the other lines all have historical ships at higher tiers. 2)I like LWM's typical reviews and they are normally pretty right on, but this one I felt was just really negative without good reason. I didn't know her review was based on an inferior version, I guess that would explain a lot. 3)I agree 100% here. I get WG putting in fake ships if they don't have real ones, but there was no reason for them to omit the Vanguard here, as after KGV they use a fake ship and two Lion class paper ships in two different tiers. There was room and they chose not to use her. I get making premiums with the extra ships that don't fit on your line, but the UK already has enough good premium idea's, heck we've only gotten 1 battlecruiser so far, there's a ton of potential there for T5 and T6 premiums. This isn't even counting other potential UK BB premiums like Royal Sovereign and the original Dreadnought herself! In terms of POW, something I think is possible is they might be planning to make POW stronger than KGV so they made DOY somewhat weaker. Yeah I don't think they'll make a second KGV class premium without some considerable differences. That being said it's only a matter of time before they come out with it, seeing it's historical importance and their ability to market it using the Hood battle. Once all four ships exist in the game, they'll be able to make custom missions and do all sorts of cool things. Duke of York was similarly released because of the Scharnhorst duel and on the website there is a Scharnhorst/DOY package that is advertised with a line going something like "why not get both at once".
  2. Aristotle83

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    First off the Prince of Wales being a fifth T7 British BB is quite inevitable IMO. Screw the Monarch it's a paper ship. Three more reasons 1)People who don't want to grind through the QE to get a KGV 2)People who care about the history of it's duel with Scharnhorst 3)Different variant of the KGV more designed to fight CV's and DD's The biggest knock on this ship is that it isn't a KGV and WG had three options, make the DOY more powerful than the KGV, make it different by nerfing it in certain areas or make a copy and paste KGV? The first one wasn't an option because the KGV is already overpowered at T7, the third one wasn't an option because you don't want to get caught selling a carbon copy even if that would be more realistic. So their best bet was to make a KGV nerfed in some areas, boosted in others, so the ship would be different.
  3. Aristotle83

    Premium Ship Review: Duke of York

    Please I want to be a part of this!!!! These people attacking my favorite ship to play in my fleet because it's not superior to KGV, which is supposedly a damm good ship, have really bothered me. Can we get a Duke of York team together?