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  1. Hmmm. You might be on to something there. Lyon might have more guns but she seems to be really inaccurate with them unlike Bretagne and Normandie. However Normandie might be able to punch and move and the design looks good but she's just really bad at taking damage. She does look unique though kind of like a tug boat relative to the other BBs?
  2. This wine could have saved every life on board(mostly) The chef on the Titanic survived in the water until the Carpathia arrived because he'd been getting drunk throughout the sinking. No one else lasted much longer than 20 minutes.
  3. Selecting Ship Names in Class

    I think it could be said the other way around. If you don't want the history don't play the game.
  4. UK, I think is the best overall line from bottom to top. German is good too but it slacks off near the top and there isn't a single ship in the line that's straight up OP like the Orion is. France is the worst of the three, it's got some nice ships especially near the end in regards to the reviews but overall it's lacking. Keep in mind these are the three lines I prefer out of the five and the only lines I have BB's for, I do not think I'm overly biased against any of them. QE and Monarch IMO are two weak spots in the UK line and the Iron Duke is a copy of the Orion but otherwise the ships are just great and then there's the OP premiums which are also great. Go with the UK and use the free French crates to try to get some French BB's in which case if you want you'll already be at T6, T7 or even T8 if you want to climb that line again. I'm strongly voting UK, though I prefer the European lines to US and Japan as a whole. I started German but I didn't have the option to start with the UK or French line because they are both relatively new. UK line just came out in the fall. The French line seems fun but I do think it is considerably weaker overall than the other two and you should be debating UK and Germany if anything. I'm starting the French line because I have achieved most of my German and UK goals and the ships are fun but from my experience in the T5, T6 and T7, the French BB's are third out of the three in all the tiers except T5, where Bretagne arguably would be second over Iron Duke. The ships seem to be able to punch really well but are also pretty poorly armored and slow for their tiers. You can also pick up a French BB that's better than IMO anything before T8 for twenty bucks in the premium store. So yeah strong endorsement of the UK here.
  5. Selecting Ship Names in Class

    Honestly this conversation terrifies me, if only because I now know WG listens to suggestions on names(they changed France's name because the consensus on a mega thread was that it was a bad name). I love the historical aspect of the game and IMO this would probably ruin it for me. That being said there are ships where there are multiple names(IRL) and getting to choose which one you want would be a nice feature. For example October Revolution/Gangut. Did you know that Prince of Wales(not in the game yet) was supposed to be called King Edward VIII? Getting to choose the name of any ship in a given ships class would also be okay but this would kill the premium possibilities so it will not be done. This would allow anyone who had an Orion early access to the Conqueror!
  6. Got the Lyon mission from a reg french crate.

    Much more likely to keep her than the Normandie just because of the 16 guns being such a unique feature. IMO it does compensate for bad accuracy. Had to pay for mine, I only got Bretagne in the normal crates.
  7. Bismarck seems extremly mediorce...

    It's worth noting that all the BB's she faced in real life in the game(or their sister ships) are at T7. Not saying Bismarck should be at T7, she was best of the bunch and they needed somewhere to put Scharnhorst class in but her not living up to her out of game reputation could have something to do with the fact that IRL she was fighting T7's(OP T7's but T7's nonetheless). Bismarck isn't really special or OP when you put her up against the US 16 inchers, a KGV with 15 inch guns or the Rich and Roma which are both arguably better IRL and in game. Then when she's got bad MM she gets to face the Yamato's, Iowa's and all the hypothetical designs that never saw the water IRL that were on paper and IRL going to be considerably better than Bismarck. I don't have Bismarck I have Tirpitz but I have found that when you get bad MM you don't really have a chance against T10 and by extension T9 BB's 1v1, ship feels like a cruiser going against a Yamato. In ranked this possibility was removed and Tirpitz and NC/Alabama seemed to be pretty on par, you won some, they won some. If there was a difference between the performance of NC and Alabama against me I was too immersed in the games to notice but over the 100 ranked games I played I did not notice clear superiority or inferiority. Tirpitz is pretty bad at taking damage though despite the high HP pool. Interestingly in the fall I did polls for the best BB's in each tier and in the T8 poll, NC narrowly edged out the Bismarck class so I think the community agrees. Also Tirpitz has torpedos and more importantly a spotter which makes early game sniping an advantage I'm not sure that Bismarck has that if it does, that would have made her a little more difficult for me to play . When you see the praise of Bismarck and/or Tirpitz being "fleet in being's" it's important to note this was because she was better than anything the RN had to stop them with, due to the UK following treaty obligations a bit too long when no one else was, not because other nations didn't have ships that were equal and/or better.
  8. Monarch

    Thank you for making me feel less bad about my impulse sell.
  9. Tier 5 Battleship Review/Overview

    Well Guilio Caesare and Gangut seem to be the best two from what I've heard. Was never really in the mode to acquire either when I had the chance so I'll just take their word for it. Among the tech trees I've heard people argue that Konig and Kongo were the best and while I guess Texas would be close to that category too I have never really heard anyone enthusiastic about the New York and have read quite a few posts with people calling it bad. Remember defending it once on the forum in my early days posting. Iron Duke's thing is being basically the same ship as the Orion which is an OOP T4 so that's a bit confusing as well. Think the real update here should be where Bretagne fits on this? I mean Bretagne's clearly not the best ship in the tier but it's not necessarily the worst either? Where would people have the Bretagne? I've got three of the five tech tree ships and I'm not really sure. I don't think one needs to read very many threads on here to figure out that people generally think the Guilio Caesare is OP with the only question being how it compares to other ships they used to consider OP.
  10. I don't like the Conqueror

    I free XP's to Lion and didn't even play the Monarch(didn't have port slots left over to make it worth trying), thank you for making me feel like that was the right decision. Have played a few games with Lion and I largely agree, later in the game she is more effective because that HE spamming and HP regeneration makes it a nightmare when your opponents not at full health. I have also struggled against cruisers in Lion because their low reload time and ability to also HE spam makes the heal far less effective. I was fighting two injured cruisers my last time out, and I used my heal and they just kept HE pounding me(tbf I was fighting them with just the back turret was retreating trying to regain health) and were able to finish me off because the heal just got eaten up by the fires and constant hits. A Yamato or Montana wouldn't have been able to do what they did there due to simple ROF. With a BB, by the time they get their next chance to hit you that heal has already kicked in and they'll be most likely firing back with AP once every 30 seconds or so. In terms of blasting cruisers with UK BB's, if you really want to obliterate cruisers, including T8's and T9's, I'd recommend Hood, it's like almost an automatic cruiser citadeling machine. Feel like the powerful HE UK BB's tend to be made to fight BB's while the QE/Warspite and Hood the ones with the powerful AP are the one's that are meant for blasting cruisers.
  11. It's the sister ship of a T4. It was always supposed to be T4. While WG makes sister's different if ship A is not severely weak at a given tier and Kaiser isn't, it's pretty competitive at T4, nerfing ship B won't be enough to make the ship fit in at the lower tier. Mutsu and Mushashi are T7's and T10's in all but official name. Then there's the history, sister ships are basically clones they should be at the same tier, slight differences aren't enough to change it, both historically and gameplay wise.
  12. I was trying so hard to tell everyone this! I have shifted towards thinking the Hood is better but that's only because Hood is basically citadeling every cruiser I encounter. Ironically I picked up a KGV when I used my free xp up on the UK BB line and I haven't played a game yet so I will finally be able to comment on any differences between the two with first hand experience rather than just stats!
  13. Shame on this french event

    1)This is largely either mythological or trivially nominal to a laughable degree, and that's in the real world. 2)I looked it up. I have a great education, that never came up. 3)Fun is the most subjective thing on earth, especially in a game. There's even people who find objectively painful things fun. I'm someone who thinks we are way too tolerant of people saying things that aren't true and that there is a universal truth to many questions. That being said, it's fun the only criteria for fun is whether you enjoy something and this can't be objective, it not being objective is objective tbh. It's the same reason there's no universal truth to the question "what is the best color", there's no way to achieve an objective answer to that question because it's 100% dictated by you, and the answer "all of them" isn't objectively true either. Not everyone even likes different lines of the same type, even within BB's certain people don't like the experience certain ships give them. I found the only US BB I've ever played to be torture but think UK and German BB's are super fun. In terms of cruisers I just can't stand the smaller guns and getting 70 hits and not ever doing real damage to a BB(got to T4 on the UK cruiser line and I quit). I have a Graf Spee because of historical and personal reasons but also because she's got 11 inch guns and is easier to use. In terms of torpedo's, I find using torpedo's to be a really frustrating and anxiety inducing function and I've played the Tirpitz more than any other BB thanks to ranked so I'm not entirely ignorant on them, though BB torpedo's are much more limited as they are more of a gimmick than your primary weapon. It is almost entirely in your power to not FF with your main battery barring some insane scenario, with torpedo's, if you're not an expert, FF is pretty common(relatively). Now DD and cruiser players know their stuff but what a mission like this does is fill the servers with a ton of BB players(assuming they can get a T5 cruiser, DD r higher) who don't play those types who are going to be using the torpedo's as liberally as possible because they are in the game to get 25 torpedo hits not to win. This is a hazard in so many ways that benefits no one. Are there stats on how many players go pink? I'd be very surprised if there wasn't a huge uptick in FF when the second round of missions hit. In any case, DD's and cruisers will be far less effective as a whole because a large chunk of the(temporary) population doesn't know how to play them and isn't trying to learn(unlike a noob who just goes to a high tier) so much as to achieve a certain objective. 4) There's merit to your argument, but if every single new player followed it, WG would not be making money off of this game(and despite my frustration with this promotion I very much wish for WG's continued financial success, I just want something when I give them money). Some players would quit because they don't want to wait longer periods of time to get certain ships, others who'd retain interests wouldn't buy ships until they tiered up. While you can say incompetent players at the good tiers reduces the quality of gameplay, this lack of funding would also reduce the quality of gameplay(not saying the game wouldn't exist without them, I do not have the financial information to say that) because hate them or not, if you find this game fun they are paying for that. Unlike you with playing different ship, I'm not going to say everyone should buy premiums early on, if you find the grind up a tree fun, wonderful glad you're having fun, but don't knock people who financially support the game as if they are doing something wrong. I'm also of the view that while you are a liability in the beginning after boosting up a few tiers, the learning curve is considerably, considerably shorter than the grind is and the result is players getting better faster. It also keeps players in the game who otherwise might lose interest at the lower tiers. While having players out of their league at a high tier might be frustrating for their team mates during that learning curve(it's not like people care if you'll be good in a few weeks if you're ruining their experience now), I think the benefit outweighs the harm for the game(and I'd hope the people complaining by extension) and those players. I think lower tiered players are more likely to quit than experienced ones and thus they should be coddled more. That noob might quit in the beginning if he finds the game boring, the experienced player might be mad but I doubt many if any will quit because they got a bad teammate. Also your enemy can get a bad teammate too and sooner or later the harm done(on average, this will clearly vary) will all balance out.
  14. Shame on this french event

    1)Says who? You? Again, WG has made missions for the ships, they didn't have to do that, but doing that and making it easier for the players less likely to want them to get them, seems like they know the people who want the ships more will pay more money for them. Again, there's also doubloons, and while if you enjoy climbing the tech tree versus getting powerful ships in the beginning, everyone is not obligated to enjoy it as well. 2)Yes this is an option. I've already described why people adapting to the situation here is harmful. Don't you think a bunch of BB players, trying to play DD's and cruiser's not because they want to learn the ships but because they need to get a certain amount of torpedo hits in a week has negative effects? Also isn't it less FUN(something you don't seem to really care about all that much). 3)Have no idea idea what you're talking about You're one of those "entitlement", "personal responsibility" people who gets offended when people decide to opt out of hard work you decided not to opt out of. You sink yourself too. This is bad enough in the real world, nm in a game with so many choices.
  15. Shame on this french event

    1)I swore you said that. Regardless having goals isn't the dispute here, pretty sure most people have goals, if people don't want to play other lines those goals will be on certain lines. 2)No they will not. She will cost 300,000 free XP which is not nothing, regardless if what you spend is considerably more time or money. Working up the line for her, isn't "nothing" that's a contradiction. Everyone's money that comes from a job comes because you sold your time for money, and while you're not getting paid you gave up a far more valuable resource, time. Also a lot of people even solely BB players aren't going to have to grind for her because they got her in the first set of free crates that didn't require ship type specific missions. There will be a lot of Richelieu's. Also are you one of those people who thinks people being forced to work their way down the line is a positive thing? Wow, let's make it hard and long as possible for players to reach objectives, this will totally not result in less people playing the game, what could possibly go wrong? 3) Yeah and if you like all he different ship types that's your business. At the end of the day these challenges are to EARN A BB and a lot of the people who want to play BB's don't play the other types. The types regardless of BB's different historical meaning are vastly different in play style. Again people who might love WOWS playing as a BB might hate it as a DD and vice e versa, you are telling people who like one category for whatever reason, to play other category's because someday a hypothetical mission to get the kind of ship you do like, will require you to have a mid tier ship you don't? What kind of [edited] logic is that? Again the point of missions is to earn BB, they should be BB player friendly because this is the target demographic. Guess what, DD's and cruisers will have no problem getting main battery hits, this just discriminates against BB only players and favors the people who are less likely to want the ships. I'm all for controlling people for the good of society but people buy a game to have fun, who are you to tell them they aren't having fun correctly? It's literally the most subjective thing in the universe.