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  1. Have they confirmed how this ship can be obtained?
  2. WXDuncan

    Montana or Ohio

    Just got Ohio I'm loving her so far. If you can get her you will love her. IMO its the best research bureau ship right now.
  3. WXDuncan

    Is the Anchorage worth getting?

    Just bought all 20 levels love the ship and now I can get the research points that I need.
  4. WXDuncan

    Bonus Codes for 0.9.8 and KotS

    We need the tops on this one lol.
  5. WXDuncan

    Bonus Codes for 0.9.8 and KotS

    Agree with this!
  6. WXDuncan

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    Just bought Ship Happens and the Kraken shirts. Can't wait to get them!!!
  7. WXDuncan

    World of Warships Gear at Teespring

    Really nice and good prices!
  8. WXDuncan

    World of Warships stream code this week:

    Thanks worked for me just now.
  9. WXDuncan


    Got it thanks!
  10. WXDuncan

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    So I bought all 100 bundles and I'm 10 short for the Riga. What am I suppose to do can support help? I thought if you bought all 100 bundles you got it all?
  11. WXDuncan

    I have NEVER seen Co-op games go so fast as this AM

    Everyone going for the PR grind and doing snowflakes its unreal. Feel like by the time the new year gets here most people will be so sleep deprived of this grind that our New Years Resolution will be sleep!
  12. WXDuncan


    Will just end up doing number 4(24,000 doubloons) and work the rest of it. Not going to spend more than $100usd for this ship come this Wednesday(payday) when I get paid. Then might get myself a few 20 megapacks who knows.
  13. WXDuncan

    What did you get in your crates?

    I won the Kron and I do not own a lot of normal premiums.
  14. WXDuncan

    What did you get in your crates?

    Bought 20 pack of big Santa ($3.00 ones). Heres my haul: https://ibb.co/XV3R16t https://ibb.co/qjRDhPX https://ibb.co/yWcz4px https://ibb.co/ThSVdJs https://ibb.co/fx0bhfM I also won the Aigle in a dollar crate but forgot the screenshot.