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  1. ASR37

    Clan Battles Matchmaker is Broken

    I have been trying so hard to figure out some kind of reason behind the madness of the points this season. As someone mentioned early, you can see if they are playing their alpha team, but you have no idea or way to figure out if their alpha or bravo is ranked higher. This is an image of our point gain/losses while bouncing between low Typhoon 2 and high Typhoon 3. This feels like something we would be seeing in Typhoon 1 last season regarding points gained/lost. But then again it really doesnt make any sense at all. There are a lot of really good teams from last season that are still stuck in storm. Our group in particular has done nothing but make gains in between CB seasons(adding skilled players, coaching up newer guys) but things feel much much more challenging for whatever reason. Our CB WR has gone down from like 56-52 and it certainly seems like a much bigger grind this season.
  2. ASR37

    Yamato Overpen Problem

    Just shoot at a bow on DM. Every time im spotted peeking my nose too far in front of an island I take 25k from a yamato that is 20km away.
  3. ASR37

    Clan Battles: No 500 Steel for you!

    As someone on the border of being able to get Stalin next season, this is extremely frustrating. Curious to see how many NA players actually met the requirements.
  4. ASR37

    STOP ending games if the enemy sucks.

    We are talking about random battles. Random. How do you supposed I be more discriminate? I understand your point, you don't wanna be waiting around when your team will likely win. It's valid. From my perspective, these special flags are hard to come by. When you get them, you want to make the most out of them. So when you stack a bunch of them on, you really hope to get a good result to maximize the rewards. If you are on the winning team, there is a good chance you won't come close to your typical average damage, just because half the enemy team is still alive. If you are on the losing team, you likely did not have the time to get much of anything done. When the matches end in 7 minutes, you just don't have the time especially if your bote lacks alpha strikes. It typically takes a few minutes to get in position, and if your team is hellbent on potatoing into a mercy win you may have a few minutes to get anything done. The thing is, a lot of times when matches seem to be won or in the bag so to speak, it encourages silly aggressive play by the dominating team. In their minds they wanna get every little bit of xp in before the match is over. If you are on the losing teams side and can capitalize on this eagerness, you can sometimes earn well over 1k base XP or maybe even turn the tides. Imagine youve lost 5 ships and the enemy team hasnt lost any, and has all the capture points. If a couple of guys on the losing team are in a position to take advantage of any foolishness and grab a couple of quick kills, the game all of the sudden has a chance. I'm not saying this is a likely outcome but I cannot count the amount of times where I thought the game was wrapped up, and we managed to throw the match. As well as the other way around. Typically, when you are one of the people making the plays and turning it around, you have the chance to have a monster game. Instead, people on both sides get have no chance of getting any value out of their earned or purchased flags.
  5. ASR37

    STOP ending games if the enemy sucks.

    Leaving a game without a penalty? "Oh you were going to kill me for the win as well as a kraken? Ha na im out gg" The whole point is to have more time to shoot at things not less things to shoot at.
  6. ASR37

    STOP ending games if the enemy sucks.

    Just dont force the game to be over if a team hits 0. Give them negative points instead. That way the game wont end with half its team alive and full health.
  7. ASR37

    Can War Kick

    Yes. We got rid of our division, started a new one, and were able to get back into a battle.
  8. ASR37

    Should I get the Nelson?

    I prefer CAs and DDs and Nelson is too slow for my personal tastes. Slow moving slow reload. It has strong HE, and I hear it has strong AP as well, but by the time my guns reload whatever target I wanted to shoot at is rarely still broadside. The HE/Fire damage is easily repairable and in the end I feel like I don't get to influence the match very much. To be honest I am not very good in BBs so take it with a grain of salt.
  9. I hate the waste of flags the mercy rule causes. Sucks for both sides tbh
  10. ASR37

    Clan Battles a-Coming!

    It wont let me select a time zone for NA. I click fix on NA and it give me an 'are you sure?' popup. I clicked yes and nothing happens.
  11. ASR37

    Hall of Fame

    I still havent gotten my rewards from the last HOF so dont sweat it lol.
  12. ASR37

    Analyze my stats

    I really felt like an a*shole after my first post but thanks to those that understand I am just trying to improve. Before I left the office life for greener acres, I was a project manager at a database marketing company. We would manage campaigns from inception through tracking. My favorite part was at the start where we would tear through raw data outputs and try to make sense of all the numbers we could look at to identify targets for ad campaigns and after everything was finished we would go back and track customers to see how effective the campaign was. Since I discovered these stat tracking websites I have been stuck to them like glue.