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  1. ASR37

    Analyze my stats

    I really felt like an a*shole after my first post but thanks to those that understand I am just trying to improve. Before I left the office life for greener acres, I was a project manager at a database marketing company. We would manage campaigns from inception through tracking. My favorite part was at the start where we would tear through raw data outputs and try to make sense of all the numbers we could look at to identify targets for ad campaigns and after everything was finished we would go back and track customers to see how effective the campaign was. Since I discovered these stat tracking websites I have been stuck to them like glue.
  2. ASR37

    Analyze my stats

    Also this game has a bad way about randomly placing islands directly in front of me while I am looking the other way. If there was an export data point for when you come into contact with land, that would be interesting to look at
  3. ASR37

    Analyze my stats

    Lots of good info here. When I started, I went down the US cruiser line and then the US DD line and as I remember, the Nicholas was very much a learning experience with DDs. I realllllly want to become better at playing BBs. I have watched a ton of videos(which has been key as to why I am even above %50 WR) and for some reason I have yet to really get a good grasp. There is a fine line between being too campy and being too aggressive. From my memories and my survival rates as you pointed out, I am probably on the too aggressive side of things. One of the strange things I have noticed is that I tend to do fairly well in the scharnhorst, which plays a bit more like a cruiser. But at the same time I am really struggling with the Kronshtadt. Is there a way to compare accuracy of individual ships to other players? I have a feeling my accuracy may be an issue with my BB play as well, but I have not been able to find a good way to confirm that or improve upon it. I recently started using a mod that increases camera zoom a little bit as I often find myself shooting high/low causing shots to miss or to only overpen the superstructure. In CAs I feel like I may be using the first volley or two to dial in shots where you do not have that luxury in BBs. There aren't any other lines out at the moment where I feel like "I have to get that ship ASAP" so I think it is perfect timing to settle down and fine tune as you mentioned.
  4. ASR37

    Analyze my stats

    Thanks guys for the helpful insights. I don't mean to offend anyone, I just always strive to do better than I did the last time. It is personally fun figuring out areas where I am weaker and trying to improve upon those.
  5. ASR37

    Analyze my stats

    I'm really not.A little above average but I don't consider myself unicum. There are a ton of guys much much better than I am. I was just trying to figure out where they are doing things better and where I can improve. No this isn't a 2nd account and I have only been in two clans. AK is a great group of guys that helped me learn the game and I have since moved on to KSC which recently split into two groups. Sorry guys I was honestly having trouble finding where I can improve and was looking for ideas. Everyone can always improve. Didn't mean to cause a ruckus I was genuinely looking for some ideas on how I compare to those actual unicums.
  6. Hey fellas, I am a big stats nerd. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out where I can improve my game and using the various statistics providers has been a big help. I was wondering if anyone has some spare time to look over my page and see if I am missing anything. Do you guys see any areas in particular that I can be working on to get to the next level? https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1018972038,ASR37/? Thanks for the time, always helps to get some extra eyes on things.
  7. ASR37

    Waiting time in arms race

    Once i found out you couldnt grind legendary mods I lost interest as I don't play my T10s for 'fun' these days.
  8. ASR37

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    This would effectively bring everyone down to %50 wr no? The only way to keep it higher than 50 would be to constantly play better than your current ranking, which just isn't sustainable. Keep random battles random so the cream can rise to the top. Those same potatoes you mention would have even less incentive to play better, as they would end up with an equally skilled player on the other team and everyone would end up rising/falling to a %50 average.
  9. ASR37

    More ranked, no steel!

    I dont really find the rewards rewarding
  10. ASR37

    Ranked just aint FUN

    My ranked experience has been very strange. I started off going like 2-12 over a couple of days. After a few more days it went pretty much the opposite with a ton of wins and barely any losses. I had 2 losses in a row on Sunday night and was off of work on Monday for the holiday and ended up building a 10 game losing streak. I would only play a couple of games at a time and then I would take a break with a fresh attitude but I was off of work and planned to do some ranked grinding so I just had to keep trying. Hell I even saved my star in 5 of those games, and I play for the win(stupidly). But yeah it has been extremely streaky for me so far.
  11. I got 100 hydras. Its no free ship but it sure beats most of the worthless crap I receive from them lol.
  12. This makes it easier to climb if you take bravo clan abuse out of the equation. You used to be rewarded a good bit better if you beat a better team. And you barely lost anything if you lost. I think you likely experienced a few "bravo" teams that were making their way through the ranks or purposely tanking their ratings to get a string of guaranteed 2500 base XP games so they can stack all their econ flags and get 15-20k free xp per game or a crapton of captain xp. From what I have seen in this past season, I hope there are some changes to the way bravo teams are ranked in the future.
  13. I would think the matchmaking adjustments had a pretty big impact. When they made it less likely that you were going to face clans in other leagues, it made the grind a good bit more challenging. There were several nights in particular when we played the same teams over and over and it got pretty repetitive from a gameplay standpoint. The real issue is with less variance in who you face, the closer you will be to 50/50%. Not to mention, many of the few hurricane teams ended up just playing their bravo group in Typhoon meaning when you beat them you are rewarded less progression than you should be and penalized to a larger extent if you lose than you otherwise would be.
  14. ASR37

    Ranked and why it isn't

    I would consider myself very slightly above average in my gameplay and I started this ranked season with 2 wins and 15 losses. I would play a few and then take several hours or even wait until the next day. I am certainly no unicum but if it weren't for irrevocable ranks I would have thrown my computer in a lake by now because no matter how awful I play I should have been carried through some of them lol. This incredibly awful start combined with how burnt out I am on T10 means I will likely not be playing too much ships in the near future. My issue is everyone was yelling at WG to PLEASE mix it up a bit for weeks before the season, plenty of time for them to change their mind. I just can't see how any of these choices will help them aside from the possibly short term monetary gains. I know of several people that are straight up letting their premium time expire and will not be playing for a while and some of them may not come back at all. Just my bit of complaining for the day, carry on with the constructive conversation I am sure this will be. :)
  15. ASR37

    The Use of "Meat Shields"

    A lot of better players will also constantly keep an eye on their mini-map so as to stay angled and not in the line of fire of enemy ships when possible. Reds will typically shoot at the ship that presents the easiest target. The better players will rarely put themselves in position to be an easy target, whereas others will put themselves into a position to be focused down pretty hard. It may seem like some are hiding but a lot of times they realize they may be vastly out matched on a given flank and they may be taking a defensive/retreating position. There are times where I will intentionally go broadside and try to draw fire towards myself if a friendly is getting hammered hard and needs a chance to heal up. Once targeted you must remember the 5 Ds of dodgeshells: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge. Since this brings significant risk no matter how much I WASD, I typically only do this if I have witnessed you know what you are doing or if I happen to be running matchmaking monitor and feel confident you aren't going to suicide/potato/ruin the chance to disengage and heal up.