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  1. CrazyHorse_Denver

    World of Warships is Hard for Beginners

    What seems like a long time ago I was also one of those non PC game players that because of my interest in history stumbled upon this game. The learning curve was brutal. I didn't even know basic gaming terms such as AFK...I had to ask. So for me there was a lot of extra learning besides just the game mechanics. In addition I don't have the gaming reflexes that players who have played PC games starting in the crib have. It took a long time but I can play a decent game now but my stats don't really reflect that as they are held back by those first few thousands of game where I had no clue as to what I was doing; all I knew back then was it was a cool shoot 'em up arcade game and who cared if I won or lost. At least I had it better than Mrs. Zoup in that I could learn without a spouse shouting advice at me.
  2. CrazyHorse_Denver

    I'm really starting to wonder...

    … if anyone at WG/WoWS actually owns a calendar. National holidays like Canada Day or Anzac Day come and go with barely a whisper other than being noted here on the forum by players. Anniversaries of major naval battles come and go with no special sales, campaigns or even being mentioned, unless again it's by players here on the forum. To be fair WoWS does occasionally tie in events or sales with holidays/anniversaries but by far less than they could. Yesterday was a real head scratcher for me. Bastille Day happens to fall in the middle of a summer sales promotion and instead of offering a discount on a French ship to open up the wallets of all the Francophiles out there the discounted ship for that day was the LoYang… Really??? Now I'm not looking to pick up any French ships but it was so obvious on how the marketing department dropped the ball with yesterdays discount ship sale that I just had to say something.
  3. I've used up the last of the Frosty Fir Tree camos. Excessive purchases of the 2017 Santa Crates left me with hundreds of those gaudy monstrosities. I usually only used them and other loud and obvious camos in coop and scenario games because the bots don't have human eyes that can be attracted by such bright colors.
  4. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Which Tech Tree ships are your keepers?

    My signature has the answer to both your questions. Since I'm not a ship "collector" most of the ships I've kept are special to me in some way.
  5. CrazyHorse_Denver

    This is why you want Guilio C

    Which the GC gets to see on a regular basis. As well as the bigger guns. The GC can and often does get slapped down especially if she get's focused fired, but with a good driver at the helm she has the tools to handle herself. Personally I don't see anything wrong with having a simple to handle all around good boat in the game. Why must every ship be loaded down with gimmicks or be gimped in some way.
  6. CrazyHorse_Denver

    PSA: There is an actual ammunition limit!!!

    This revelation doesn't surprise me at all. It does remind me though of the old saying about an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters and the eventual end results. If I were working in a WG office I'd be starting pools on how long it takes for the next unlikely discovery to be made by a player.
  7. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Confessions of a stat padder

    Stat padders are easy to spot.
  8. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Would you be able to recognize when the CV rework was finished?

    I used to think I'd wait until the rework was done before I'd play CVs again. Like you I've been questioning if I'd recognize when or even if it was done. In the meantime I've enjoyed all the new toys I could afford after selling off my old CV fleets. I still have the Enterprise but she's a port queen now and I've even managed to pick up the Saipan and some British CV along the way in crates. I got the means to play...just not the desire. There's too much noise in the background from the anti CV crowd under any form for the forum. That's always been a problem and also a contributing factor into why WoWS was badgered into a rework to begin with. Here's what would make me happy with CVs again: First and foremost...give me back control of my ship and consumables. You all know what I mean. When I'm not in a CV as has been mentioned, as a player, I need to feel as if I'm doing something. The old click on a squadron move may or may not have been all that effective but at least you felt as if you'd done something. Addition Edit: I forgot... only 1 CV per team.
  9. CrazyHorse_Denver

    "Operations Hell Week" or "Get A Team"

    I used to really like this scenario but now not so much. I don't even play it any more. Too much work for too little reward. They buffed it far beyond what it needed. Five star wins are still possible just not very probable.
  10. CrazyHorse_Denver

    The hardest loss to take.....

    Unfortunately it happens often enough that most of us have experienced the same kind of battles. Your thread title pretty much sums it up as it is the hardest kind of loss to take. Keep in mind though that you did everything you could and find satisfaction in doing a good job.
  11. CrazyHorse_Denver

    New Ripple Fire, I hate it

    I use it for the same reason. The fire hose effect where you just move the stream to were you want it. I know that I didn't ask for it and you aren't the only one that will dislike it.
  12. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Just when I thought it wasn't going to happen...

    I have no trouble believing that. I never did think the GC was as OP as her stats indicated but they still wanted to nerf her. From what I've seen in battle the Pyotr is a tough nut to crack unless you have a big enough hammer. I only got the mission for the Izmail though so I'll start the climb up the line from there.
  13. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Just when I thought it wasn't going to happen...

    My G.Cesare would like to step in and have a word or two. I wonder if the PV actually does acquire the best stats for a tier 5 BB if WoWS will hit it with the nerf bat like they wanted to do to the GC...ROFLMAO... That's right she's Russian.
  14. CrazyHorse_Denver

    What's your favorite ship?

    It changes over time but for right now it's the Alaska.
  15. Lately I've been using the Alaska as a trainer for USN cruiser commanders. In the last month I've topped off both the Buffalo and Des Moines to 19pts. Now I'm working on the Cleveland and Baltimore commanders; those might take a little longer. If there's no ship line to grind there's always the commander grind... will the grind never end!!!