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  1. Missouri now while you have the chance that may never return. Leave the Musashi for your next goal to work towards.
  2. Since this thread has risen from the dead let me add my impression. Rather than complain about repair costs for an undamaged ship try taking your ship into harms way. I'm sure your team mates will appreciate it.
  3. This is what happens when you put down the Xbox

    Yea, but it beats the hell out of the Beethoven I had to learn when I was young.
  4. It's Mousie!

    If I had your talent for parody I would have gone with the Association's "Cherish" if writing about our LWM. All that adoration might be a little to creepy for her though.
  5. This is what happens when you put down the Xbox

    It's great to see young people learning classical music.
  6. Here are several pages from my own personal "smoke play book". First: I almost never sit still in a smoke cloud. A motionless DD is as good as a dead DD and there are many players out there that love to torp a smoke cloud. Capping: Here I use two different methods. After dashing into the cap at full speed pop your smoke while slowing down to a stop then reversing speed so that you are backing up into the smoke you just laid down. My preference though after entering the cap is to make a hard turn using either the Q or E keys while laying down a semi circular smoke screen which if continuing the turn will take you back into the smoke. Combine the smoke with islands in or around the cap and you'll have a large screened area to operate in. Offense: When making a torp run I try to get as close to the target as possible...just inside or outside my ship's detection range...then I'll do the hard turn while laying down smoke. Depending on your ship's reload time sometimes you can get off two torp salvos using the same smoke screen. Or if it's a ship with torps that fire off from different sides of the ship you need that hard turn to fire off the other set of torps. Defense: I like to use what I call the "fish hook". Here you are cruising along and a threat all of a sudden pops up around an island or becomes visible right in front of you. Pop the smoke while doing a 180 degree turn. The hook and shaft will cover your retreat. Now after you've recovered from the initial shock and realize that the danger isn't as big as you originally thought you can always do another 180 and come back either inside the shaft or using it to cover your flank while the hook covers your attack run to the target. Team play: Because it's so very situational it's hard to have any set plays ready to go but I do keep one thing in mind. When part of my fleet will be passing by or through a gap between island I'll often cover that gap with smoke so that the reds won't be able to focus fire through that gap. Of course it's much more complicated than all that and battles are very fluid situations where you have to instantly adapt but those are a few of my basic smoke tactics.
  7. Not quite a farewell letter...

    Your signature quote is one of my favorites. I'll miss seeing it on a daily basis. It teaches me not to become one of those stat warriors here that get so tied up in their purple status they forget to enjoy the game. Here in Colorado after the stat of climbing all the 14ers in the state people started keeping track of how fast they could do them all. So now you see people literally running up the sides of mountains instead of enjoying the fresh air and beautiful vistas. That's OK though as the mountains take their revenge for this disrespect; the spirit that is Longs Peak will on average take 2 or 3 human sacrifices every year.
  8. Er Mah Gawd Its OCEAN

    Once again I'll add my voice to another OCEAN thread. I would also like to see it more often and at more tiers. An Epicenter battle on an Ocean map would be something to experience. Is this just another small example of WG/WoWS not listening to community input?
  9. Sea of Fortune - Why?

    No...No... the DDs shouldn't be going west of the islands. They and the CAs should be in the A/B cap fighting for it but taking a BB into those islands before the area is secured is like I've stated asking for a belly full of torps. I agree that the west side option isn't optimal but islands only block your fire for a short time and isn't much different from islands on many other maps.
  10. Sea of Fortune - Why?

    Well off hand I'd say that if you take a BB through those islands you're just asking for a belly full of torps. I'd even think twice about taking a CA through there...however... if the team's DDs are pushing there they deserve the CA support with the BBs supporting them as best they can as they round the islands.
  11. The Awesome Dreaded 200% XP Day

    Well if playing the elitist card is bragging about a 47% overall win rate than I guess I'm guilty. My win rate in the GC is 72% for right now. She is the ship I go to for a win to either accomplish a mission or maintain my sanity. You are right in that her biggest weakness is AA defense but her ability to thread between torpedo spreads partly makes up for that. Back to the OP though...no matter what ships I'm in I just don't see that big a difference in my wins/losses during weekends, school vacations or WoWS special events that others seem to see. That's not to say that a player can't be stuck in with a sack of potatoes for a team but I see that happening just as much...for me at least... during the "normal" times. Maybe we need a Myth Busters episode dedicated to the computer gaming weekend warrior myth.
  12. In regards to using collected captured patches for bragging rights the patches need to be able to go back and forth so that said bragging rights are not based on a single game. Example: I sink NoZoup... In a game my team wins should be an additional condition... I get his patch to display and brag about, but in a subsequent battle NoZoup sinks me while my team loses he gets his patch back as well as mine to brag about. I do know that personal duels take place between players in the game but it shouldn't be encouraged by leaving the team factor out. Other than that it's a great idea. While WG and WoWS did have some misses in 2017 next year is looking good from here.
  13. The Awesome Dreaded 200% XP Day

    Wow...I can't imagine losing 4 straight games in the G. Cesare...the ship is simply that good. Which leaves the captain or the team she get's stuck with to blame. Hell if I had a 2 game losing streak in the GC I'd lose confidence in being able to play the game at all; and this is coming from a VERY average potato player. As for the OP...I've never been in the habit of blaming weekend players or 200%XP special events for my losses. My 47% win rate is solid day in day out regardless of the team mates I get placed with.
  14. For me it's the T6 premiums that give me pause about buying. There's really no need to buy a T6 premium because sooner or later WoWS will give them away. I'm suspecting that the reason so many T6s are given away is because most people aren't going to buy them with the current MM. I find that most T8 ships can handle themselves at bottom tier T6s not so much.
  15. MadDog's stupid noub question thread

    When I start up a new ship line I'll only take along one or at most two commanders up the line which means I stop getting new commanders with the new ships very early on. By the time I've ground out the line to it's higher tiers I have an experienced commander to use in them. Never get a commander when buying a premium ship. Premiums should only be training commanders for other ships.