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  1. I own the MK but I'm not a hide in smoke and shoot kind of player. I use smoke to help extract myself from tight situations so for me that's not going to change. The MK is a CA on steroids. Good fire starting guns and very useable torpedoes. It does suffer from the same failing that all CAs have in that it dies very easily. Most people play it as a long distance fire spammer but that's never been my style. It is a DDs nightmare when you get right up in their faces and even other CAs will often head the other way when they see you coming. BBs can and do one salvo you into oblivion but they often forget about the torps you're carrying as they focus on blowing you out of the water. It's a fun ship to play but difficult to do well in all of the time.
  2. The Izumo couldn't have been doing much maneuvering for you to land 13 bombs. Doing that is in and of it's self worthy of a kill no matter what kind of bombs you're using. So it's down now to a 3 second delay? That could be workable for some. I like the idea of a 2-2-2 loadout for the GZ. I hope that's what we get when it's re released to the public.
  3. I'm still undecided about the AP bombs. I have yet to be hurt really badly by them in my BBs. Then they are still in development and not fully spread throughout the game. I haven't even used them yet myself. I just really don't like the idea of having a weapon that's effective for only one class of ships. BBs are usually the last ships I have to worry about when I'm in a CV. Unless I'm leaving port on a dedicated BB killing mission I don't see it being worth it. I guess I should experiment with them in coop for a few games but for now I don't have enough info/experience to vote yes or no.
  4. I know that this will bum some people out but I just wanted to brag about my good luck. The RNGods may curse me during battle but they've been blessing me while in port. I always get the Consumable supply containers. The 3rd one last night was a Super Container with 50 Ouroboro flags. I was expecting it to be at least a few weeks before I got another one, but guess what, the 1st one this morning was another SC with 1K in doubloons. Although it took awhile to get some of the Anniversary goodies with everything thrown in together it's been a VERY profitable weekend. Just call me a Happy Warrior...
  5. Oh it was a glorious battle even more so because my team won. The Clevelands and G.Spees played the role of the BigBoys but none of us camped out in back. Most of our CA/CL drivers played aggressively and we had the red team knocked back on their heels and off balance very early on and they never recovered. The red team didn't seem to know what to do without BBs to back them up.
  6. With 385 battles I can't understand why you're having trouble listening to people with much more experience. Yes...the Wyoming's secondaries are crap. That's not true of all ship secondaries even at that tier. When I'm driving my Isokaze I look at Wyomings as an easy kill; not so much the German BBs. the scenario that you've created they are useless. That's not the only game scenario you're going to run across; you'll learn that as you get more games under your belt to show you how they can be useful. That's what I've been trying to tell you...they are and will be useful once you get past the Wyoming. So let's suppose that your thesis is correct and that all low tier secondaries are useless. What would you have us do...get rid of them. You keep saying teach me...teach me...but you don't seem to want to listen to anyone so I'm done here. You can have the last word to insult someone that was only trying to pass on info acquired after thousands of battles at all tiers.
  7. For someone who's being so aggressive to deny any use at all for secondaries, you could do well to read the things I actually post. Yes you are right there are times that your secondaries are not going to be of much help. That doesn't mean they are useless all or even most of the time. So as I said before, play however you like but don't go trying to convince us that something in the game is useless simply because you create a scenario that specifically makes that system useless because the scenario you've created is not the only one we'll encounter in the game.
  8. What makes me think so... Well people keep giving you reasons for why we think secondaries are useful and you keep dismissing them. Your scenario for dismissing them depends on a DD popping up out of nowhere at 2km and has all his torp tubes loaded and ready to go. 1. It's not always going to be a DD or other torp carrying ship that surprises you. 2. Popping up that close isn't always going to happen either. At 9.5km my Bismarck has plenty of time to out turn torps if my secondaries give me the warning. With the low tier Russian torps range being 4km a Russian ship would have to be(in a lot of cases) under secondary fire for 1km and often for much longer before launching an attack. 3. DDs like all the other ships have weapon reload times. In your scenario to dismiss secondaries you assume that a DD is always loaded and ready to go thus giving you no time to react.
  9. If i'm tunnelvisioning an enemy across the map, and i notice my Shotgun range secondaries going off, in all likelyhood it's a DD that has prepared a torp salvo that is too close in proximity for me to have a change of avoiding it. Where is this BB you have acess to that has the manuverability to avoid a "new threat" your shotgun-secondaries have found? What if it's not a DD. What if it's a non torp CA that will start off by setting you on fire before pumping AP into you at point blank range while you spend more than a minute to either turn your guns or your ship. But then your position is that if you can't immediately answer a new threat you don't want to know about it. How you play is up to you but as for myself I'll use EVERY tool at my disposal. You do know that you have the option of turning off your secondaries if you're convinced they are so useless.
  10. Again...who cares whose fault it is. The question now becomes how does the company deal with another(although admittedly minor) public relations snafu.
  11. As I said I don't believe that WoWS did it on purpose; BUT THAT DOSEN"T MATTER. The fact that it left a bad bait and switch taste in peoples' mouths is what the company should be worried about. Establishing blame is all fine and good but it doesn't change what is the end result.
  12. Yes indeed...bait and switch scams often work best because of customer confusion. I had no plans on converting either "ship" or "elite" XP so I have no side to take in this fight. I do see where the confusion came from and although I don't believe that WoWS was doing it on purpose the whole thing did leave a bad bait and switch taste in some peoples' mouths.
  13. Proof that the MM has a sense of humor???
  14. If for instance you are focused with your main guns on a target to port and your secondaries start shooting at a ship that just popped out around an island to your starboard side then they've acted as an early warning system. I can't count how many times I've been alerted to a new threat by the secondaries going off.
  15. Yep...We all thought it was going to be a grand slam home run but we watched as the ball went foul. Typical WoWS bad luck??? or is the luck of their own making???