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  1. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Auto-Avoid Terrain Collision

    It's been off for so long it's hard to remember when I ever had it on. I do remember some incredibly stupid moves the AI made to avoid an island... it doesn't mind if it sends you broadside into the entire red fleet as long as it avoids that island. No if I need to recover from an incredibly stupid move I'd rather it be something I did and not something inflicted on me by a computer algorithm.
  2. CrazyHorse_Denver

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

  3. CrazyHorse_Denver

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    Let me clarify once again... I think everyone should have the opportunity to own a Missouri, credit earning or not. What I did say was that a ship that had a special history should have been able to retain that special history... a special name or camo or flag. The way that an ARP Kongo is distinguished from a regular tech tree Kongo in the way they were earned... probably a poor example but you should be able to see what I'm getting at.
  4. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Old Missouri regrind really?

    Damn right... I'd much rather have Erika as a special commander than Steven.
  5. CrazyHorse_Denver

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    Indeed it is... it flies on all my masts and I take note when I see it flying from a red ship mast. Unfortunately you have to be close enough to see it and often times by then it's too late for the info to do you any good. You also can't see it in the battle line ups before the game. If I saw a Flint, Black or Missouri in the battle line up I already know something about the player... they had the time, skills and dedication to grind out those ships... they're probably players I want to keep an eye on.
  6. CrazyHorse_Denver

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    My take??? Respect... for those who owned the original steel versions. Which is why these ships also need a way to tell the difference between them and the coal versions. I was never going to do the steel grind... there being too many grinds going on in this game to begin with. Which is why I would respect any player that undertook another extra grind. Over and above any capabilities any of these ships we're talking about have... the way you had to earn them made them special and worthy of being noticed when you saw them in the battle line up.
  7. CrazyHorse_Denver

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    The thing is... I don't care that much about it... I was making an observation about the history of the game. It would seem that many of this threads respondents care more about the topic than I do. Why do they care so much??? I'm getting a big kick out of reading some of the replies. My OP wasn't meant to be trolling but I can see how trolls get a thrill out of pushing peoples buttons.
  8. CrazyHorse_Denver

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    I like your response because you haven't over reacted like some of the other respondents have... you got an up vote from me for that. There's not really a problem... and it was never about me being seen as "speshul"... but the ship and the way it had to be earned was special. It's the loss of that special history of the ship in game that I morn.
  9. CrazyHorse_Denver

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    Because WG hides a lot of it's numbers we can only make educated guesses... but For your first example I would not guess it's a significant %. By the time they announced it's removal many if not most people that wanted it already had it. As for your second example I'd be shocked if it was more than a single digit of a % point and it might even be less than that. The numbers really being insignificant I was never worried about them. Now the new numbers that will be coming in will be diluting my ships history.
  10. CrazyHorse_Denver

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    No need to apologize for your misperceptions... There are a number of ways that WG could have brought back the Missouri making it distinctive from the original. Bring it back as a black version... or... how about a special flag for the original ships. Something... anything... to show the difference between the two. My OP was not about denying others from getting the ship. It was about the loss of the history of how I got my ship. I sincerely hope they bring back the Enterprise one day... when... they do I won't mind because they'll probably be getting it the same way I did... the easy wallet way.
  11. CrazyHorse_Denver

    They cheapened my Missouri...

    … and I'm not happy about it. How did they cheapen it??? The old ship had it's own in game reputation and history that will now be mixed and confused with the new version. I could have cared less about the credit earning potential... that's not why I got the ship. I wasn't even planning on doing the grind to get it. At that point in time the game didn't have all the camos and flags that boosted FXP and it indeed was going to be a grind to get the 750,000 needed and I'd have to abandon the several tech tree lines I was grinding out. However a Super Container with 50,000 FXP in it convinced me to try. Months later a second SC with another 50k FXP took me over the top. I could not have known about what WG was going to do but once they did it the Missouri became extra special because of the message it would be sending to all future WoWS players. What Message? If you knew nothing else about me like WR or my postings in the forum you did know one thing... I was an old school player that was around back in the day when 750,000 FXP was a serious grind and just maybe you don't want to mess with me. Now I'll just be lumped in with all the other newbie whales that didn't have to work for their ship.
  12. CrazyHorse_Denver

    LWM Needs Help: Crowd-Sourced Missouri Data

    Random... loss
  13. CrazyHorse_Denver

    what is the advantage of being in a division?

    Ship combinations that the players bring to a division can also be an advantage. A DD spotting for a BB with a CA along for protection can have a devastating effect on the red team. With the advent of CV hybrids a Tone, Ise and CV division means coordinated air attacks... something we haven't seen since the old days when a high tier CV could put 6 squadrons in the air.
  14. CrazyHorse_Denver

    6.6%. It's going to be a while.

    "Can be obtained only once"... is a slap in the face to all those grindaholics out there... you know those that thought the PR dockyard grind was a piece of cake.
  15. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Any tutorial videos out there...

    So I checked out the google translate like you suggested and you're right... I was no where to being close. I did like the English words that Kijkduin translated into... somewhat poetic I thought. The differences in the G sound between Dutch and English is astounding. Two completely different sounds represented by the same letter. It's nice now to be able to properly pronounce De Ruyter... so now if I ever get into a discussion of Dutch naval history... happens every other day doesn't it... I won't sound like a fool.