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  1. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Anyone know the date when Christmas Presents start.

    I wonder what % the holiday sales have over WG's yearly income. I wonder for no particular reason other than my curiosity in how a media game matches up with other retail business'. As well as the consumer base propensity to spend money during a particular time of year.
  2. Sometimes she's even deadly in my hands; in the right hands she's even more so. Despite the damage she can and does do I think of her more as a psychological weapon and I like to use it as such. I've seen whole red team flanks turn and run at the sheer volume of shells I could sling out. It's an amusing thing to see.
  3. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Question on Experience

    Well it isn't a cost effective way of doing things that's for sure...but... how much is peace of mind worth. When confronted with a pay wall ship such as the Izumo more than a few of us FXP past it rather than suffer through the seemingly endless grind.
  4. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Venezia seriously

  5. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Question on Experience

    No, in your example any ship XP would stay with the NC until you convert it to FXP which can then be used on the next tech tree ship you are grinding towards.
  6. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Venezia seriously

    But they were beaten by several weeks with the Italian ships are trash threads. They can't be both... can they?
  7. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    I'd only been playing for about a month when they came out with this flag. I have no idea what I did to earn it; I was just playing the game and it showed up one day. Since getting it I fly it on all my ships. Although a 5% gain might not seem like much it adds up over thousands of games. I've had it for so long and it has padded my game accounts by so much I wouldn't mind if WoWS retired it to put older and newer players on an even footing.
  8. CrazyHorse_Denver

    T-61 and Z-39 vs. Anshan and Loyang

    Decide which DD line are you planning on grinding first. Then pick your captain trainers. Because as others have pointed out all four are capable ships. I enjoyed playing most of the German DD line. I haven't done the Pan Asian DDs because I don't like their gimmick torps but seeing as how both the Anshan and LoYang have "normal" torps it's no problem for me and I love playing both ships.
  9. CrazyHorse_Denver

    The truth about CVs now.

    It's easy to maintain formations when you don't have DDs firing torps at you that you have to dodge. Or when you don't have to worry about presenting broadsides to the red big guns. Being in a AA defensive formation is good if you can maintain it in a fluid battle situation. It might work in Clan battles with a team that practices together but almost impossible to do in a Random pick up game.
  10. Of those 3 the Smolensk is the most likely to get assigned to the Santa Crate purgatory like so many others. I have the M. Kutuzov because I liked the look of it when it first came out. Even though I was a cruiser main at the time it was 1 or 2 tiers higher than any of my tech tree ships. Now that was a stiff learning curve but worth it to have her in my fleet now. I got the GC on the last day she was for sale. That was a lucky move on my part but I had been seeing her in battle and I was saying to myself, I got to get me one of those. Now I do gamble every year with the crates but I don't do it trying to get anything specific. So I'd say get it while you can.
  11. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Just how historically plausible is WG's Battleship Odin?

    A very well written piece worth the time spent reading. I'll add to the discussion by mentioning that many players might prefer the aft torpedo tubes vs. side mounted ones. With the aft mounted tubes and a little aft wiggle you can send two full spreads of torps at a pursuing red ship instead of having to make a 180 degree turn to use both sets of torps. Of course torps on a BB are very situational and some might consider them as useful as teats on a boar hog but if we're going to have them I don't mind them both being mounted on the aft end of the ship.
  12. ...and this picture is a perfect illustration of the concept.
  13. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Capt. skills for Anshan

    It really depends on your favored DD playstyle because unlike the Russian low and mid tier DDs the Anshan has a decent set of torpedoes so she doesn't have to be a gun boat by default. Personally I'm a torpedo boat kind of guy. Give me stealth and hard hitting torps. AFT on a DD just increases your detectability as you pew-pew out a few small caliber shells. Not the way I'd go as guns are for close in knife fights. For my final 4 points I'll be going first for Superintendent and then Priority Target. That's my basic build for most DDs. I know many people would have different skill build philosophies but it all comes down to what you are comfortable playing with.
  14. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Not Stat shaming

    All this hand wringing over a self admitted "arcade" game??? Hell if I lose a game I don't even have to shove another quarter into the machine... the only real reason to get better at a form of escapist entertainment. Shoot 'em up, bang, bang... then let's move on to the next ship. If doing damage is what gives you the most points than that's the game you get and who cares about things like cooperation and strategy. So we pretty much have to take it as it is handed to us with game design and the play/players it attracts.
  15. CrazyHorse_Denver

    WG, I’m DONE!!!

    Sounds like a good plan... I think I'll join you.