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  1. Does anyone really need to spec for AA?

    Spending 7 commander points on BFT and AFT buffs up two different weapons systems...don't forget the secondaries. So I don't consider them to be wasted if there are no CVs in the game. Many times I won't take a ship into secondary range but I don't consider them to be wasted points either. With either situation, planes or range, I'd rather have my guns buffed than not.
  2. Oh noes another OP thread? Worcester

    Well when they do dig in deeper than an Alabama tick they can be problematic but other than that they aren't that big a threat.
  3. Weekenders: enemy wins with three (3) AFK

    Holy crap shoot Batman!!! I've seen teams win with one and even two AFK players but 3 missing players is something else again. What makes it even more impressive is that the 9 seem to have steam rolled the 12 of you.
  4. 17 HPs in my Isokaze. With just that many points left I went on to sink a CL and take the enemy cap to score the win for my team. The battle is never over until the fat lady sings.
  5. So the T-61

    All that is true...But... Those players that didn't listen to the CCs and bought the GZ even if it was going to be a port queen now have a ship that BB drivers complain about it's ability to insta delete them. Will the GZ ever see the light of day again? Who knows. What I do know is that WG has a track record of being unreliable with it's product turnouts...the GZ is far from the only example.
  6. Fighting Fridays - Tier IV Destroyers

    For me both the Isokaze and V-170 have honored places in my fleet. The Clemson is a fun ship but I'm more of a torpedo main when it comes to DDs.
  7. So the T-61

    I bet that you and others are praying that WoWS don't come to the conclusion between now and then that the T-61 is too OP to be released to the general public. I'm still kicking myself for not getting the G.Zeppelin when I could have and now I have my doubts it'll ever be available again.
  8. So the T-61

    Not bad for a first game...although for you DD mains you're probably snickering. For a BB/CA main like myself I'll take any win in a DD. I would have had 2 kills but the Farragut and I were both pounding the red Ryujo with HE and it was a coin flip as to who would get the kill.
  9. Where's my T-61 ?

    Mine did show up. I was sweating it there for a while because I couldn't remember if I actually pushed that, I want to participate button, or not. Then I got worried because I couldn't remember what time it was I spent the doubloons...was I too early??? Oh well all is right again with the world of WS.
  10. Got my 1st Solo Warrior!

    Congrats... it's one of the hardest awards to achieve. I've come close several different times but it has always eluded me.
  11. T8 Match Making...

    For those of you who have apparently missed the point the OP is making...it's not a complaint about being bottom tiered... it's about people giving up before the game even starts. I've also seen this happen because of the map they end up on...Ocean for example. I've seen it happen because a player didn't like the stats of their team mates. No matter what the reason is, going AFK simply because you don't like the cards you got dealt for that particular game is childish and selfish and says more about the deficiencies of that particular player rather than the deficiencies of the MM, maps or team mates stats.
  12. Too bad that "I Spy" event is only 3 days...

    I'll bet you used to argue with the priest that Christ wasn't actually dead for 3 full days before rising from the dead and thus didn't fulfill the Old Testament prophesy. I didn't notice it at first but your math looks correct to me.
  13. It might be just the thing to get DDs and CL/CAs back into the front lines again finding targets for the BigBoys to shoot at. 3 days isn't long enough to see if the experiment works. Maybe a much longer event or many such smaller tries would give us a good idea on if it's going to work as intended.
  14. Is T61 so OP that it will be removed soon?

    I think that they'll probably wait and see what happens when average players like myself get their hands on her. If she's still an OP ship after that then they may want to take her off the market.
  15. What is your favourite Retro Game?

    I'll assume you're talking about video games because an old dinosaur like myself can fondly remember the old Avalon Hill boxed war games...sorry to the PC police...historical game simulations, of the late 60's early 70's. I remember the first time I played Pong on a friend's machine as well as a few years later being amazed at how far the gaming systems had come to produce a Pacman game. But all that was a long time ago and to answer the question I'd have to say: Strategic Conquest