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  1. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Reported for trying to win

    The BBs in this game are designed to take and repair damage as well as dishing it out. If by taking an additional few K in damage means that smaller weaker ships survive longer you are helping your team. There is a game I recall from last week that fits this situation. It was a JB that spent the entire game hiding behind an island just poking his nose out every now and then to "kill secure". At the end of the game it was just him with his 80% health left and 5 enemy ships. By then it was too late. Now it's quite possible that if this ship had tanked some damage during the game there may have been other green ships left alive to help out in the end game. I did report that player for poor game play because while he did OK in damage and kills he contributed to the team's loss. Now I can't comment on the OP's game and the lord only knows that the peanut gallery advice in chat can in most cases be ignored but if I see a BB actively avoiding tanking damage I'm going to consider it poor play.
  2. CrazyHorse_Denver

    When they change the IFHE...

    ...will we be getting a free commander skills reset. I haven't read anything along those lines but it would seem reasonable. Anyone know anything for sure. TIA
  3. CrazyHorse_Denver

    ban players who honk their horn too much

    I have fond memories from growing up near the shores of Lake Huron of listening to the ships' horns on foggy nights but this is too much even for me.
  4. We could always start a pool on how long it'll take WG to provide us the next big screw up. $5 to pick a day 10 to 90 days from now... the closest guess takes the pot. Hell with 90 days to work with it's almost a guarantee that they'll do something to piss off the customer base... it is after all in the company's history to do so.
  5. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    A lot of people use this as a reason for why this skill is useful. If I may, I'll point out the flaws in that thinking. 1st of all it depends on a DD targeting you with it's guns and then switching to torpedoes. Now I'm far from a DD main but I play them enough to know that a DD's gun bloom pretty much ruins any stealth capabilities the ship may have had so unless it's a true DD gunboat guns should be a DD's weapon of last resort. I'll go whole games in a DD and never once turn on or use my guns. No advance warning there now is there. 2nd when you see the number drop how can you know that it's not some BB player like myself that turns off their targeting while waiting for a 30 second reload instead of that DD you know or now suspect may be in the area. When you rely on information that is incomplete or misleading you're setting yourself up for a big let down.
  6. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    I only run it on my 19pt commanders as it's the last skill I choose. Many find it indispensable and pick it as the very first skill. I'm not one of those; it's useful but hardly game changing. In fact it can be used against you in that an opponent can constantly turn on and off their targeting or change it from target to target. So you never know if all those people looking at you are really going to fire at you. It also messes with people that see the numbers drop by one and assume a DD just fired a spread of torps. Different strokes for different folks but I play most of my games without it and the games I play with it are hardly affected by having it.
  7. I totally expect the JB to return to the ship rotation some time in the future, but I'm not worried about it since I already have one. Seriously now, did anybody think the Smolensk wasn't going to end up as another piece of bait to sell loot boxes? Having been around for a while I have a good collection of unavailable ships... the Mizz, the MK, the GC, the KA and now the Smolester. I don't feel sorry for newby players not being able to get one just as I wasn't able to get the ships that were pulled before I started playing.
  8. An interesting observation but I'm going to take the opposite side in the debate. First of all at over 16K battles I'm not a stock newb player. I know what clans are and briefly belonged to one. There are benefits to joining one but barely more than what I get flying the MM flag on all my ships. Bad stats... well at a solid 48% win rate no one is going to be shaking in their boots when they see me in the red line up but then those aren't potato stats either. In fact I get invites to join clans at least several times a week... they must be seeing something in the way I play that they like. No, I like to leave one game and pop into another without waiting for clan mates. I also don't have any voice communication set ups for my computer. I like the position in game of only being responsible to myself; I don't even division up all that much because it implies a responsibility to look out after my division mates and it's difficult enough to look out for #1. Of these clan markers you see on the red team how many are in divisions. Two or 3 divisions on the red team with one or none on the green team would be a bigger indication of who has the advantage than clan tags. Here's the biggest factor you're overlooking. Whenever you hinder yourself psychologically by assuming some sort of red team advantage, be it clans, divisions, player win rates or ship types you've already handed them half the battle. When the Smolensk first came out it was a great psych ops weapon as everybody would run from it; as it turned out though when everyone learned it was just another squishy CL it stopped being OP in everyone's mind and it no longer has the impact on game play it once had.
  9. As I look over this list I see that I've already done many of the activities there. Of the few I haven't done the one that would probably give me the most trouble is writing a sonnet... at least one that was any good. As I get older the opportunities in real life for the last one grow less but at least in this game I get to die a glorious warrior's death several times a day.
  10. CrazyHorse_Denver

    4 Directives 0 Botes

    Same for me as the OP. All directives done = 0 boats. It does seem like this event they were not being so generous. OK by me though as I did get a boat load of coin, FXP, camos and signal flags. Boats are more fun to play with but I'll take anything they want to give away.
  11. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Bayard or Massachusetts?

    At 860 battles you probably don't have all the skills needed to make the Bayard work. Unless you're some sort of cruiser savant. BBs are more forgiving when you're first starting out. My big mistake back in the day was buying the Kutuzov way before I was ready to do her justice. So I know what the temptations are like.
  12. The Lion is another one of those tier 9 BBs that I hated grinding through. That's why you don't see many of them because people get rid of them as soon as they can. I'll give another thumbs up to the Alsace for being my favorite T9 BB with the USN and German BBs running a close second and third.
  13. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Your thoughts on British heavy cruisers

    A little something for everybody always works. I find that if my mood changes through out the day/s I'll play different ship types or lines depending on the character or quirkiness they have built into them.
  14. CrazyHorse_Denver


    Yes, there is the same kind of skill gap with DDs as there is... still... the rework didn't fix it... with CVs. Were the team with the better player/s will have a clear advantage. With these ship types the roles they have to play in the game is what makes the skill gap so important. But then that's why Random games are such (fun???)... the unpredictability of team lineups
  15. CrazyHorse_Denver

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    I've always used this as a kind of test. If they really listened to what we have been asking for we would have had a shopping cart for the Premium Shop 4 years ago. I mean was there ever a debate about it were one side argued that no we don't need one. I've never read such an argument. Or how about a button that removes all signal flags at once. Again I've never seen an opposing argument. There are certain things that have a united desire among the player base so there's no question of whose feedback is being listened to when it's obvious it's not being listened to at all. If the simple desires are not being met than good luck on having any influence on anything of major importance.