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  1. That last one is me in a nut shell. Having us old hippies playing the game drives those OCD players absolutely crazy.
  2. Of the 6 CVs currently in my fleet the Saipan is my least favorite. Mostly because they hobbled her with sh!tty plane load outs. Playing against the Kaga I've found out that she's a monster in the hands of a good CV driver. In the hands of a CV neophyte you'd probably be able to not shame yourself in front of your team mates until you learn to be gud at which point your team mates will be singing your praises.
  3. Yes, that's the part the newbies miss. Once they've clicked on the target if they hold down the left mouse key they can rotate the attack to come in at any angle they want. My apologies to all the low tier BB seal clubbers out there for making your jobs more difficult but we should be giving the seals a fighting chance.
  4. It doesn't take anything special to do. All you need is 2 squadrons of TBs. It does take many newbie CV drivers a while to pick up on the trick so you won't see it as much at the lower tiers but once learned it is a very effective tactic.
  5. No not at all, but just as with any carnival arcade game there is a fine line between difficult and nearly impossible where once it's crossed the calling out of shenanigans is appropriate. While we're at it let's pick the pea from under the right shell and how hard can it be to pick the Ace from three cards.
  6. So this is from a game where I'm driving the CA with the big blue eye and I couldn't believe my own eyes. I get both fires and floods going and I'm watching the damage points pile up at nearly 10K per click and that damned Rasputin never drops below half strength. In fact it's replacing HP as fast as I'm taking it away. If that wasn't bad enough a couple minutes later it was back to a full 200K health pool. Not an easy monster to kill; indeed. A series of successful attacks won't do it; you'd need two or three ships hitting it just as hard as I did at nearly the exact same time to take it down. I call shenanigans on WoWS...shame on them.
  7. Since we've revived this zombie I'll just jump in. When the thread was first started I had none but the summer has been productive. I now have 2 USN BB 19pters and 2 German BB 19pters. The G.Spee/York commander will soon be my first CA 19pter with the Essex commander shortly behind that for my first CV 19pter. Once you've got the first one they just keep rolling in.
  8. Why??? Because it's there.
  9. The #1 ship on my wish list is the USS Olympia C6. Make it happen WoWS.
  10. Really now, WoWS, does it make you feel good to make grown men beg. It's not as if pleas falling on deaf ears is anything new around here. After all every new patch without the Haida is a slap in the face to our Canadian players. I mean how many businesses have customers that complain about not having enough products to spend money on only to have that company ignore them. Oh well we'll just have to keep reminding ourselves, "It's just a game."
  11. Well I plan on getting the Baltimore as I'm only 10k or so xp from it. When they drop the other ships down one tier they give me the Buffalo to replace it so win-win as far as I'm concerned.
  12. Solo Warriors are few and far between and many players, myself included, have yet to earn one. More than just the right combination of circumstances a player has to recognize what's going on and act accordingly. Good Job
  13. One of the earliest posts I made to the forum was a request for the Olympia. Back then I was still playing those lower tiers but even now after I've progressed up the lines I've kept and play ships in those tiers. So for me at least she wouldn't be a port queen but a valued member of my fleet. Please...Please...Pretty Please... If you do this for us I'll never bad mouth WoWS again.
  14. Hot Damn...I can hardly wait. I'll be buying back my Cleveland and training a Capt. for her between now and then. Plus it looks like I can stop grinding the N.Orleans because when she drops down a tier I'll be getting the Baltimore to replace it at T8. Edit: Just took a look and I'm so close to getting the Baltimore I'll go ahead and pick it up and end up with the Buffalo as well. I love it when WoWS splits a line and shuffles ships because I always end up with extra ships I didn't have to grind out.
  15. crap

    ...some areas??? More than a few from where I'm looking.