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  1. While the USN CV line may not "match up" to the IJN line that doesn't mean they are unplayable. They simply have a different play style because of different planes, squadron sizes and dropped ordinance. They are limited in game with their load out options. Give the USN CVs the same load outs as the IJN have and some of them would become as near to OP as you'd want a CV to be. Which may be why someone...who???...decided that they needed to be hamstrung to begin with.
  2. Great entertaining post worthy of an up vote.
  3. I don't mind dying in battle...after all it's just an arcade game and nothing real is being lost. Setting goals that require me to stick around like earning something like a Dreadnaught award helps.
  4. Well she is kinda hot so it's not just you. I wonder though if this change will pass the Sheldon Cooper test.
  5. Howdy Captain... I can see through your tactics Use a picture of a pretty woman smiling along with the handle British Beauty and you figure all us guys will get discombobulated when we go against you in battle. Not to mention you get your choice of the best male players to division with. Not bad, not bad at all, I just wish that I could do it. After all it wouldn't be the first time in the history of the world that a woman used her feminine wiles to get the upper hand on a bunch of dim witted males. Just joking of course...welcome to the game.
  6. It's been nice seeing them in the game. Being in the hands of the supertesters now means that unless there are major modifications that need to be made they should be coming out after the next patch.
  7. Don't forget the 6km torpedos. I'll take a few hits on the way in if it means I can put some torps into the side of a BB or CA.
  8. How does it not translate into a high suicide rate. If you don't have the test scores to get into the proper school then you've already been determined by your society to be a loser with no hope for improvement and no one is going to stop and help you out as you continue to be advanced in school. Not much to look forward to in life at that point is there. With a BIG emphasis on conformity lord help the independent thinker. Try spending your whole life not ever getting to say what you really think because of the ostracism it will entail. Family chores and responsibilities??? Well just ask any kid that ever grew up on a farm anywhere in the world about those. That's nothing new and a great many of us had to grow up early. The large number of teenage suicides in Japan is not a myth. The only thing to debate are the causes. All I have to add to that debate is that if I had to live that life style I'd sure start thinking about putting a bullet into my brain.
  9. Well the video does a good job of showing why the Japanese student suicide rate is so high. They are never allowed to be children but must shoulder the responsibilities of an adult at such young ages.
  10. Well first of all I didn't say to use a ranging shot with every salvo. For a new target that you haven't yet determined exact speed or direction I'd rather waste two or three shells instead of a whole salvo. Many times the smokestack clues we use are obscured by a dark island background or if the target is on fire and if the target is head on to you even if you can see the smoke plume can you tell if it's going forward or back. As for not being able to hit a dodging target let me give you an example that we talked about here on the forums. It was in a ranked game me in my Arizona and Khafni in a Perth. I had been pounding on a Fuso but Khafni had been annoying me with some HE so when I switched targets this is what happened. My first ranging shot missed, not because I had the speed or distance wrong...the shot had told me I was dead on... but because he zigged just as I fired it. Well it just so happened that while I'm watching my ranging shot miss he starts to zag. All my other guns were primed and ready and all I had to do was adjust my sights to were he was going to be and sure enough that smaller salvo was enough to take him out. If I had done it your way all those shells would have missed. I'd rather hit with a few shells than miss with all of them and if that's the problem the OP is having then this tactic might help.
  11. Most of the time I'll use a ranging shot with just one turret for a new target. At long distances it helps with ships going faster or slower than you expect or backwards instead of forwards. Many times I don't even have to watch the shells land and just watching the trajectory is enough for me to adjust my gun sights so the remaining guns have a much better chance of landing a hit... RNGesus willing of course
  12. The G girl is one of my favorite BBs. Along with her sister ship the Scharnhorst they created my first 19pt Captain. I go for an AA and secondary build for close in knife fighting and swatting away the annoying flyboys. I have no problem landing long distance shots and at mid to close range those few guns are brutal...but wait...don't forget about those perfectly good torpedoes as they can land a killing blow. The sisters are kind of in a class by themselves; both being better than the Bayern and much more than just a stepping stone to the Bismarck. That's why I kept mine.
  13. Easier and somewhat less salty.
  14. Well 2 fighters are always better than one against bombers but the dog fighting skill is specific to fighters only but there is nothing that limits to it just CV fighters. So if my T6 or 7 ship fighter is going up against a T8 or better ship fighter I still have a chance.
  15. I use both the extra fighter skill as well as dogfighting expert on my Gneisenau and Scharnhorst as they share a captain . I also use it on my G.Spee. This mini combat air patrol isn't really there to handle CV aircraft. It's very situational but in those games without CVs and the fleets are close but separated by islands. If spotters and fighters are going to be useful I want mine and my team's planes to remain in the air while hopefully blinding the enemy.