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  1. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Did anyone else notice...

    For every player like you there may be a half dozen or more that wish they could pick up more free premium time. As for your particular problem you'll soon be using it up faster than you can bring it in... remember... no more SCs with 90 days of premium time. I almost addressed this in my OP... I knew there'd be more than a few players that would jump in with "I got more premium time than I know what to do with." Keep in mind that not all players have been here for years building up resources and for those that have going forward you'll be using this particular resource faster than you can replace it.
  2. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Did anyone else notice...

    ... How WG used the economic changeover to remove the 90 day premium reward from the Super Containers. For most people it was one of the few things that actually made a SC feel Super. Sure there's still a small chance of getting a week or month of premium time but the chances of getting a free quarter of a year premium time have gone from slim to none. The bean counters at WG calculated that too many players were getting too much free premium time and took the opportunity to put an end to it. Of course the company will bite the bullet and have the occasional half price sale but to ease their pain they'll be cutting back on the freebies. Since the economic changes were announced people have speculated on how WG were going to... politely... work things to their advantage... or not so politely... screw over the player base. It was nothing major or even obvious but I've identified 3 areas were the WG bean counters worked things to their advantage. Cutting back on the free premium time given out in SCs is of course one. An automatic auto-resupply for signals and bonus tickets sets up the potential for players to burn through those resources when they didn't intend to. It won't happen to many players or happen very often but I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that even as you're reading this there's a player somewhere in the world that just entered a co-oop game with a ship fully loaded down with flags and bonuses that are there not because the player wanted them there but because they were automatically reloaded. The prices of the one use disposable camos are way over inflated after the removal of bonuses. That's OK though... no one is forcing you to buy them... and there's no real need to buy them anyway since most of them function so poorly as camos any way. Where WG comes out ahead is how they calculate the value of the camos as they give them out as rewards or stuff crates with them. That butt ugly.... "I'd never put that on one of my ships"... camos may be worth 90K to WG but for all practical purposes is only worth 45K in credits to the player. A 50% profit on all those transactions are wet dreams for the bean counters. Those are the 3 cases I've found were the WG bean counters have... worked things to their advantage. Anyone spot any others.
  3. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Remind me again

    Because they didn't lower the prices of those one use camos after they took away all the benefits. That way WG can say, "we gave you... 10, 20, 30 or whatever... 90K camos in that container you just bought so why are you complaining about value received?" Why will we be complaining... it's because those butt ugly make your ship stand out like a sore thumb against any background camos are only going to be worth half the company stated value as the players sell them for credits. A 50% profit for each of those kind of transactions... that's what the goal is.
  4. CrazyHorse_Denver

    You try to ignore them... but...

    Yea... cashing in on a good Narai game does boost the sprits.
  5. CrazyHorse_Denver

    You try to ignore them... but...

    ... sometimes they make it sooo difficult. Even though I had more grinding to do I quit play last night in complete disgust as two different team mates lost a Killer Whale game by not getting to the exit in time. Either one could have won the game for us but both were so concentrated on getting kills that they were both too far away as time ran out. This despite me typing into chat at the 5 and 2 minute marks to remind them they needed to exit for the win. If they hadn't of waited until all the red ships had been sunk and there was literally only 30 seconds left it would have been an easy win. Twelve hours later and I'm still too PO'd to play a game. I blame WG... after all aren't they responsible for everything bad that happens in the game.
  6. CrazyHorse_Denver


    There are many of us confused as to why the expendable one use only camos are so expensive. My tin hat theory is that the bean counters at WG are in control now and playability takes second place to maximum profits.
  7. CrazyHorse_Denver

    My Opinion On The New Economy So Far

    OK then... Tallahassee... I'll see your bet and raise you 2 Moon Pies. A safe bet for me because WG has never shown the least inclination to reasonably price anything.
  8. CrazyHorse_Denver

    My Opinion On The New Economy So Far

    Well there is a negative consequence... one that WG shot themselves in the foot with. There are players like myself that think a good camo can help in battle under the right circumstances... but there is no way in hell I'm going to pay the prices WG is asking for them. They want the same amount of credits for the camos as when they came loaded with bonuses. I understand they wanted an additional revenue stream... and they could have had one from me... but I just can't stand being gouged... I'd rather run my ships naked.
  9. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Warning! Econ Bonuses PreSelected!

    Since it's still a new system that people are learning there may be confusion about what this pic shows. No bonus tickets have been loaded... the bonus package represents the permanent camo I won for the Fuso long ago. The additional bonuses seen mounted represent such things as clan bonuses and the MM flag... those bonuses are always attached to the ship. This window in the pic tells a player absolutely nothing about if those bonuses are from tickets or built into the ship. It's already been suggested that the symbols be color coded to indicate when tickets are being used. I'll give that suggestion a
  10. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Warning! Econ Bonuses PreSelected!

    It's a learning curve that WG has pitched us. It could have been worse... you could have accidentally hit the auto-purchase button, in which case you'd be out of a bunch of doubloons as well. The auto-resupply function which is now a built in feature... not something you select... means that all players need to get into the habit of checking and demounting every ship either after each battle or before the next battle.
  11. CrazyHorse_Denver

    PSA: Beware the auto resupply...

    I'll bump this at least once to keep it on the first page... It's important that this info gets disseminated to as many people as possible.
  12. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Anyone else running their ships naked?

    I sit in front of my computer naked... does that count.
  13. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Still receiving camos

    Oh, I don't complain about free credits either... I just want to make it clear that the calculations of what a reward is worth is different for WG than it is for the player.
  14. CrazyHorse_Denver

    Still receiving camos

    Yes a free source of credits... however... the reward to the player is only half of the WG calculated value of the reward. Meaning that WG can go around bragging about how much free stuff they give away when in actuality much of what they give away is useless to most players.
  15. CrazyHorse_Denver

    PSA: Beware the auto resupply...

    Yes that's exactly what that switch is for... auto purchase. The resupply is automatically built into the system... there's no way to remove yourself from it. For the flags under the old system you had to opt in if you wanted that resupply option. At least WG separated the auto resupply and purchase functions. So no longer will players complain about disappearing doubloons. All we have to worry about now are disappearing supplies of bonus tickets and combat flags.