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  1. question about battleship secondaries

    Consider yourself lucky if the secondaries hit anything at all beyond sword whacking range. That's what a rum ration will do for sailors. Back before they fixed it you could even take out a team mate with secondaries; that was always a laugh as long as it happened to someone else on the other team.
  2. Varyag SCs

    50 Restless Fire camos... very useful... as far as camos go.
  3. Graf Zeppelin OP

    What I want to know is... when do I get to buy one. OP is good... that means at some point in the future WoWS will remove it from sale to the public leaving me with a rare ship. Or... they'll nerf it into worthlessness in which case they'll over compensate the owners in some way.
  4. Rammed and sank an Atlanta with my Independence CV. I survived much to my surprise because I was just making a no other option suicide move while running the slot on the Two Brothers map.
  5. So let me get this straight...

    And therein lies the problem. An innocent player because the circumstances make disconnections a "regular" occurrence will be punished even though they wanted to play but couldn't. While a guilty player that could have played but won't can get away with it as long as they don't do it too often.
  6. So let me get this straight...

    Does that also mean that those that could play a game but won't, face no penalties as long as they don't do it too often. I don't care if they only do it once in a thousand that kind of attitude of leaving a team short handed just because they aren't happy should be punished every time. Why put in the system at all if it isn't going to address what is wrong and needs to be fixed.
  7. So let me get this straight...

    ...the innocent are going to be swept up and punished along with the guilty. Hopefully I've either missed or have misread certain threads. As I understand it, and again I hope I'm wrong, AFK players will now face a form of punishment like TKers do but there is no system in place to tell the difference between those that deserve a slap on the wrist and those that don't. The guilty: Those that for what ever reason... CVs, MM, the map they're on, win rates of team mates... don't like the hand they get dealt and leave to port to try again to get the perfect game they think they can win. Often in chat they will [edited] and moan about it before leaving. Just yesterday on the Ocean map there was a DD that went AFK and a CA that would have but he was begged and coerced into sticking around. All because they didn't like the map... you got to be kidding me... to not even try... I don't understand that kind of thinking. We won even though we were playing on such a difficult map. The innocent: Players that have real life emergencies to deal with. Players that lose the connection either because of the system they're playing, the internet server they're using or they've lost power to the entire building or neighborhood. It's not even worth the 2cents I'm putting into it but if you can't tell the difference between those that want to play the game but can't, and those that could play the game but won't then they shouldn't be lumped in together for the same punishment.
  8. Premiums Ships that Will Never be Sold Again

    LOL... I've actually done that in her... but I really don't recommend it for others as I'm the perfect example of the bull in a china shop type of player. It works a lot of the time but fails just as often.
  9. Premiums Ships that Will Never be Sold Again

    Well just so long as you keep in mind that even if it is the smallest BB out there it still is a BB and has to be played as such.
  10. Premiums Ships that Will Never be Sold Again

    You've had a couple of answers already that were right on but I'll add something else I love about the GC. She is very small for a BB and if the British press hadn't given it to the G.Spee the G.Cesare would be the perfect candidate for the name of Pocket Battleship. Her small size confers several advantages. 1.A smaller ship means a smaller target for guns and torps. With the shotgun dispersion of other T5 BBs hitting a GC is not all that easy. 2.While a GC's dispersion is the same as other BBs the guns start out closer together so that the dispersion doesn't get as bad as they go down range. At range more shells will hit the target than say from a New York. 3.It's much easier threading a small ship through a wall of torps. addition: I guess it's true in what they say... size doesn't matter... it's how it get's used that makes the difference.
  11. My first T4 19pt commander...

    OR... they get very good very quickly and six months from now they're kicking our butts at T8. Learning and adapting might be seen as fun for some competitors. It reminds me of getting my butt kicked when rising through the ranks. Much like when I was learning how to play chess back in the stone age '60s. I would seek out games with much better players than myself to see how they did it. You have to set aside any concerns about things like win rates but really the school of hard knocks is the best way to learn.
  12. My first T4 19pt commander...

    These days it does seem that there are just as many clubbers as seals at T4/5. That's OK though as it makes the game play at those tiers competitive and far from boring.
  13. My first T4 19pt commander...

    Hey...that's no lie. A Clemson with a driver that knows what they're doing is the one thing I don't want to run into.
  14. No problem... easily done and for a good reason.