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  1. Friederiz

    Update - Ranked Sprint Fix & More

    Increasing planes hp pool by 100 when you receive thousands is not significant. A carrier can't loose that much planes at each attack without having better plane replenishment or being useless. I'll not loose my time to try it.
  2. Friederiz

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    I have coal for Georgia and Yoshino. But there is a lots/some of high tier ship incomming. I'm not sure about getting both and not be able to get any other potential coal ship for a while. Anybody have any input on other delivery method for other tier 9-10 in development?
  3. When they said the health is caculate by plane I thought each plane were hit independantly. Looking the wiki what ever the size of squadron you have the same probability to be hit and it does the same damage, that's weird. I learn something thanks. I just don't see the point of doing 2 or 3 drops to do a drop when you finaly decide wich target to engage, you already have to cross the map, the plane will/should be slower in 0.8.4 doing all those animation seem very inneficient to me. Regarding ability to penetrate AA I didn't see any difference attacking with reducing squadron size except of loosing entire squadron instead of some planes. But I may be wrong.
  4. Hi is it possible to have a key to send back plane from a squadron to the carrier while we are air born? With a t8 cv having to deal with t10 AA in lot of case you will loose all your plane on the first attack you just don't pass beyond the attacked ship. Theirs is not point sending a full squadron, so the only choice is to do some drop in the sea, you can even hit a friendly ship (those torpedoes have more range than I thought) or have uncomplete wave. This is with a 19pts captain and the strongest plane I can have. While a politic as "this is not how a squadron should be use" with such agresssive AA curve and the will to help your team you need to use this strategy, or stay back or be out of plane. It can be a key far from wasd like p sending back one plane at the time so we can adjust the squadron to the situation.
  5. I think people are expecting something different than nerfing and buffing detail of the cv mecanic. I think cv are kind of balanced. I struggle with the tree cv line at t8 and I feel it's easier to perform in a battleship. I'm not sure about those nerfs as they only nerfing cv play. I don't feel cv are that powerfull as any other class each class have their mecanic, torpedoes, ap citadels, overpen, high dpm, fire etc. Even if people are complaining. CV are more consistant and harder to counter IMO. Maybe that's what need to change. Because if someone decide to do something he is so easy to punish. Maybe adding escort ship, or more plane consumable. And people are rushing to their death asking for support from the other side of the map why it's just to long to reach them. Maybe add possibilities for cv to call air fighter around any friendly ship without having to go their. Of just remove that fighter consumable because people assume you have to use them and you lost karma if not.
  6. Friederiz

    From Sub Octavian on reddit regarding CVs

    good to know...
  7. Friederiz

    Ships you play the most.

    For me it was: Missouri 327 : strong, accurate, radar, credits. Tirpitz 212 : their was a time when secondary build was really fun and efficient to play, before rapid fire ship. Harekaze 111 : rapid fire ship, smoke, torpedoes is highly dinamic and adaptative. But now I have tons of fun playing Furious and I also enjoy Lexington. With Furious I have lots of fun and engaged moment with Furious.
  8. I don't agree, learn and play better. In random a game last 15+min and beeing hit by friendly fire is very anoying as it's have a big impact. Be a man, it's your torpedoes and learn. If you don't care, play co-op.
  9. Friederiz

    Wait for Yoshino or Buy Salem?

    Wait to see what is Yoshino and make a clear choice. I have Jean Bart and Salem but I'm not cruiser guy type and I don't laugh at at people playing cruiser. I just have too many ship anyway. I had high expectations for Azuma but its just play as a big piñatas. I don't know about Yoshino but I prefer to lower my expectations. Maybe it will be a balanced but rival to Stalingrad.
  10. Just curious as what design solution apply to Azuma were borrowed from Yamato class? I'm guessing it's not the thickness plating. I also know Yoshino was sunk by torpedoe and design flaw between the waterline belt armor in the hull cause extensive hole and bigger flooding... Just curious.
  11. Friederiz

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season

    The schedule is a bit odd. 23h to 3h30 for NA? I guess I'll have to skip that season. Edit: oh I get it it's utc time. So it's 19 to 23h30 edt.
  12. Agree. Everytime I press begin torpedo run and I see puff exactly appearing were I will be in 3s while I didn't know before I press the button. It just magically and instantly appearing in your path without traveling from the ship. And if your using island to change your altitude the puff appear 3 second ahead but at your current altitude not the altitude you will be.
  13. My feedback trying to play those 2 cv is a very bad. I don't like, it constantly getting deplaned while my team is loosing and I can do anything, even a shimakaze can destroy an entire squad in 3 seconds and I'm constantly against t10 AA. That constant dpm eating my plane is very boring. I look several video trying different thing. If someone like it, I'm glad they are, but I'll not play them anymore in this current form.
  14. Lexinton and Shokaku having only 9 attack planes is a good thing. I will lost less planes when facing t10 AA.
  15. Friederiz

    Kii is not an AA savior

    Plane can now actively dodge flak. With proper run I drop Ijn t8 stock torpedoes bomber on des moines and Worcester alone. So of course kii will not be a no flight zone. You need to group ship for that. No ship have that power anymore and the panic effect of AA consumable isn't there anymore. IMO little bugger like Kidd fully AA spec seem very efficient while beeing hard to hit with good smoke and able to heal back from rocket attack, if you are looking for something related to cv rework.