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  1. real_icebeast

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  2. real_icebeast

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I'm thankful for this game and all the hours of enjoyment its given me. I would be super thankful if I got an Ohio.
  3. One of my favorite memories was the first time I finally broke 200k damage. It was in an Iowa and I remember this game "fondly" as, with many things where you do well, we lost the game. I'd like to have an Ohio. If RB ships are not allowed, then a Massachusetts would be good.
  4. real_icebeast

    Revert Nerfs (Kaga/Belfast/Kutz)

    Why do you think this doesn't apply to Kutuzov or Belfast? It literally says right here why you won't get special treatment for ships when global mechanics are changed.
  5. real_icebeast

    Over Penetration??? wth IS THAT???

    I think you completely forgot about Nagato which was also present at this battle.
  6. real_icebeast

    Update 8 installed but won't launch game on MAC

    Deleting the application and doing a clean install on a 2015 Mac Pro running El Capitan did fix the problem.
  7. real_icebeast

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    Best advice I can give, look at your minimap. Look at it more often. Look at it always. However long you're currently looking at it, it's probably not enough. The minimap provides so much information it cannot be understated. Turn on your different circles and, especially, last known position of enemy ships. This can let you anticipate ambushes, estimate distances to last known positions, see the ships that might be trying to flank you. Also, you can use it to remind yourself about potential useful places to put your ship. Again, I cannot understate how useful the minimap is.
  8. real_icebeast

    Project 24 aka Kreml size

    Conqueror has access to 457s and no one is really expousing her overmatch power. I do realize that conqueror's 457s have many issues which this ship will magically overcome.
  9. real_icebeast

    Match Maker

    What a hilariously garbage use of statistics. Besides the fact that you're only using one game, the average win rate is poorly calculated as it's heavily skewed by players who haven't played many games (since it simply averages each players win rate, which I confirmed by checking the source on github). If you weight the overall winrate by battles played, you find that the disparity is only 48.8 vs 54.43. Really, you should be looking at a players overall winrate to get a better understanding of their general skill if you want to do this comparison, a suggestion I gave to the developers of MM monitor but they have not implemented (not blaming them, they do this in their own free time).
  10. real_icebeast

    When do Santa crates come this month?

    In general they're purchased and they have decent odds of dropping ships (you could earn a few on occasion). Here is last year's post. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/we-are-many/
  11. real_icebeast

    When do Santa crates come this month?

    You may be right but we'll see about the crates themselves. In the past, the crates dropped the Wednesday prior to Xmas (12/20/2017 and 12/21/2016). They could drop the patch early and release the crates delayed.
  12. real_icebeast

    When do Santa crates come this month?

    This^. They dropped on the 20th with the release of patch 0.6.15. I'd guess that they'll drop this year with patch 0.7.12, probably on the wednesday before Xmas which would be the 19th (entirely my speculation here based on past evidence).
  13. real_icebeast

    Killer Whale - Why?

    It's hard to know exactly what you're experiencing. The castle will spawn on the surface once detected regardless of if Rasputin is alive or dead. As of Sunday, you still couldn't detect it unless you were underwater (again, I've never tested at periscope depth) at somewhere around 4k. It's possible someone else spotted the castle and caused it to spawn. It's possible you bobbed underwater briefly at the correct distance and caused it to spawn.
  14. real_icebeast

    Killer Whale - Why?

    The castle can be spotted in 2 ways. Killing Rasputin causes the castle to automatically spawn on the surface. The other way is to get within ~4km and spot it underwater. It cannot be spotted on the surface prior to Rasputin's death. I'm not sure if periscope depth is sufficient but I always do a full dive around 5km to minimize any incoming damage.
  15. real_icebeast

    Killer Whale - Why?

    The PTS hard mode had a reduced timer on discovering the black fortress (or castle or whatever it's called) and more towers in awkward positions to find. I think Rasputin also had more health and healed faster. As long as someone was quick on getting fortress/castle, it didn't seem too bad.