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  1. Uptiering I can get behind

    Got into a T10 match in my T8. I know ~50% of T8 matches are T10 games, but this is a T10 I can really enjoy.
  2. It works as he describes. The API provides no mechanism for getting a list of all players and only allows you to pull stats based on a players id or a ship id. Since there is no mechanism to get a list of all player ids, the only way to get the ids is by having a player look someone up. This is why it works whenever you look up a player, since you're supplying the player id for the API. Additionally, you can look at my own historical stats on wows-numbers and see that it only has my data back to about a few months, which is when I first looked myself up on the site. Warships.today, on the other hand, has my stats back about 900 days, which is when I first looked myself up on that site (ignoring all its other issues).
  3. Jean Bart had her secondary range buffed to bring her in line with other French BBs. Unfortunately, while she has a strong secondary battery, it is all located aft like Richelieu and Dunkerque, making using it awkward and difficult (at least from my experience in Richelieu)
  4. Yorck AP shells are 108 kg and her HE shells are 113.5 kg. Not a huge difference but enough to make her AP shells lose more velocity at range compared to her HE. Edit: By comparison, Hipper and her successors all have 122kg shells which are slightly smaller caliber, maintaining velocity better over distance.
  5. I love this proof as if the concept of variance just doesn't exist. Of course, any data set will have variance. The lack of it would more likely indicate tampering. But to make this simpler, the 85% win rate player above will almost always be the highest skilled CV player in a game, yet they still lose 15% of their games. Similarly, a 30% CV player will probably always be the lower skilled CV player in the game, yet they win 30% of their games. It's almost like there is a concept called variance to explain this.
  6. Hipper, and all her successors, definitely play different than Yorck. Their decent armor scheme allows them to stay with the 2nd line while angled and not take a ton of damage. Their accurate guns at range also promote this play style. Adjusting the throttle and holding fire to go dark work very well with the ranges these ships fight at.
  7. We didn't say Yorck was bad, we said Yorck was the worst german heavy cruiser. This is generally true being it is the lowest tier german heavy cruiser, but also because it has many negative traits compared to its bigger cousins. The 210s have odd gun handling with floaty shells and horrible traverse. Similarly, it has mediocre armor (not horrible). When you move to hipper, you get better guns, the 203s. They have better handling, faster traverse, heavier shells and better dispersion. The armor is also a major upgrade, getting a 27in bow allowing bow tanking of all 15in shells, which make up a surprising portion of her MM spread. Her ability to angle is also pretty good. Roon gives you slightly better guns and 1 more gun. Finally, Hindy gives you 12 guns and pretty good armor for her tier and capabilities.
  8. If your goal is to start a line and get a T10 of that line with a commander, it's almost always better to retrain the existing commander from the previous ship. For example, to get a rank 10 commander from rank 1 requires 183,000 total commander XP. Retraining a rank 10 commander costs 25,000 xp, thus, unless you plan on leaving a commander on a specific ship, its better to just move the commander down the line. You can learn more here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander
  9. Too Many Resources?

    First, I want to say that I personally think we already have too many currencies. That being said, its not clear to me that Copper and Molybdenum are new, they're just replacing other "secret" currencies. Remember, we previously had Jolly Roger flags for Ranked and Stalingrad flags for CW. WG decided they wanted to get rid of the auto rewards for ranked/CW by giving you Steel. However, then they decided that perhaps CW and ranked players should be able to get something special for their individual achievements in the respective modes, so now they're clearly replacing the Jolly Roger and Stalingrad flags with this Copper and Moly stuff. Not saying its a good idea, but just pointing out these currencies already existed in hidden form of these flags.
  10. Go Navy annoyance

    What he's complaining about is that the special mission goals and current status randomly flash up on the screen, even when you haven't done anything to change it's status. As @HawkUSMC says, it happens even after you've died. It's like, hey, you still haven't finished this mission even though you're dead. I've had this happen with the Cit and Module missions. I also agree that it's annoying, although I suspect it won't change before the event ends. Perhaps, if they do something similar in the future, it will be fixed.
  11. The reason people keep harping on you is that you keep changing your statements. First you were complaining about FXP. We pointed out that the FXP calculation is correct. Then, you said below that you're getting less experience than you were getting last week (I even emphasized it in the post below) but now you're saying you noticed the change last week. If you simply posted, hey, we've noticed less Ship XP in Narai since it was re-released having been gone since patch 7.2, you probably would have gotten NCC's answer right away. You even complain that it's right in the title, and everyone pointed out that Free XP is working correctly. Framing your argument one way and adjusting it without conceding your original framing was flawed is how you get to exactly where we are now.
  12. But this isn't what you came in saying. You came in saying FXP is wrong. We pointed out that FXP is right. Now, if you're saying Ship XP is wrong, you haven't supplied any evidence that anything has changed. You say it was different last week. Mejash posted a video 11 days ago (battle was fought 12 days ago) where he did nearly identical to your performance and got, surprisingly, the same Ship XP. Edit: Yuzral also posted a video on July 6 where he did less than Mejash and got the expected amount of XP. In fact, both of these Ship XP earnings fall exactly in line with the screenshots you've posted.
  13. Counter isn't wrong because you haven't provided any evidence to this effect. Literally zero. Stormie began by posting: Which states that equation for Free XP is wrong. We pointed out that unmodified Free XP is 5% of Total Ship XP. This is the case in every screenshot that has been posted and has been the case since launch. You haven't provided a single screenshot where the calculation of Free XP is incorrect. You also say that XP payouts in randoms has changed, without evidence. However, I can clearly see this is false as my average XP in battle has maintained or gone up over the last 3 years. This indicates that XP calculations cannot have "dropped" significantly as this number should take a sudden dive. I've randomly chosen a few other 3k+ posters to confirm their average XP has also not taken a dive. Now, is it possible that the Total Ship XP calculation in Narai has been adjusted, sure, but that wasn't what Stormie posted. Stormie clearly said that Free XP is wrong, which it clearly isn't. If you can provide evidence that Ship XP is being adjusted somehow, then you might have a stance. Otherwise, you're just shouting anecdotal platitudes without evidence.
  14. Just to expand on Counter_Gambits point, un modified free exp (base free exp) is 5% of the total earned ship XP. In your screenshots, this is still being accurately reflected. In the first shot, for example, 131 is 5% of 2610. This has always been how free exp has worked since the game was released, so nothing has changed here. It is possible that the Ship XP rewards for ops has been reduced though. (Edit: or you stopped getting extra Ship XP modifiers).
  15. Maxed Eagles Points and got my Camo.

    Grats! Opinions on the appearance is clearly going to be subjective as I suspect some people will really like the Art Deco style. I mean, a ton of buildings have that style so some people must like it (have liked it).