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  1. Largest Ship Extent

    Just to be a bit pedantic, the Gerald R Ford Class is slightly longer than the Nimitz class and offers approximately the same tonnage. Also, there are several Super Tankers and Container ships which easily out class either as "largest ship". For example, GRF has a tonnage of ~ 100,000 long tonnes and a length of ~ 1100 ft. The super tanker Seawise Giant (renamed many times) had a displacement of 646,642 long tonnes when fully loaded and a length ~1500 ft. This ship retired in 2010 but there are other similar sized ships.
  2. This game is not designed to be balanced around 1v1 match ups but is instead designed to be balanced on teams. Trying to balance the game 1v1 here would almost certainly neuter class diversity. We've already seen some of this with nerfs to IJN destroyers which I think are poorly thought through. The DD is supposed to have the advantage here because the situation you describe plays entirely into the DDs set of cross class advantages. For you to have a reasonable chance to win without the DD making a mistake would require buffing the BB or neutering the DD, either of which would totally effect balance with cruisers and possibly other BBs and DDs. In fact, we don't even have intra-class balance which I think is good. We can have DDs that are good at killing other DDs and DDs that are good at killing BBs. I really liked the old Minekaze vs Nicholas balance (before all the Mine nerfs). One was good as a anti-capital role and the other much better as an anti DD role. Unfortunately WG has neutered this. Your complaint should really be, why did my team get to the point where it was BB vs DD. As I said, the game is supposed to be balanced around teams. I do believe WG has not done a great job of this with their current class balance and MM. That being said, you're in a heavily disadvantaged situation where you lost, which was completely to be expected and is actually desired by some of us (myself at least).
  3. Henri IV Initial stats

    I think the ROF is incredibly low on this ship. The AP damage does fit nicely between the 203s and 305s currently found in game, but the slow ROF means this ship will have very low DPM. Given that 240 does not give particularly better overmatch and the penetration values aren't anything fantastic, I'm assuming this ship will get a ROF buff before release.
  4. Of course, we're both assuming that the "in range" calculation is actually smart. It could be simply showing you the ships in your potential matchmaking range, ignoring the limits on number of carriers per team. That is, it might just say, oh you're a TX carrier, you can be matched +1/-1 with carriers and +2/-2 with everything else and so boom, thats what I'll show you, ignoring that is actually impossible due to the 1 per team limit.
  5. As you'll note from the post you quoted, I already updated it to point that out. I was assuming two carriers per team rather than 1 for T8+. So a T6 carrier can be in range of a T7 but not a T7 for a T8.
  6. I don't believe this is true. T7 and T9 CVs are still "in the range" of T8 carriers. You can have 2 CVs per side and they don't have to be the same tier so that would make those other CVs in your range. MM will still wait for you to have a pair CV though (an opponent of the same tier as you). Edit: It appears that 0.5.9 restricted carriers to 1 per team for T8+ carriers so Destroyer Kiyoshimo should be right.
  7. DD's can now bounce 203MM HE rounds???

    It's not the 10 torps Gif but it by be more explanatory for the OP.
  8. Hello OP. It's unclear how exactly the game models stopping. Some have said there is no difference between putting the ship at stop (or any slower speed than what you're at) and putting the ship in Reverse. _Fantomex_ in this thread claims otherwise. In reality, there are three ways a ship could come to a stop. I'll be using an Iowa-class battleship as my example. The first is a "stop" which is when you simply cut power to your engines and let friction bring you to a stop. In a large BB moving at 30+ knots, this could take you miles. However, it does put the least stress on the ship. The second is a "crash stop" or "crash back". This is when you put the engine in full reverse while moving full ahead. On an Iowa, this reportedly took about a mile when starting at 33 kts. My rough calculations say this would occur in about 190 seconds. The final stop is an "emergency stop" or "barn door stop". This when the engines are thrown in full reverse and the rudders are turned in opposite directions to create a friction surface underneath the ship (closing the barn door). This would bring an Iowa to a stop in 600 ft (about 22 seconds based on my calculations) and definitely throw around lose material. This type of stop was not recommended. So how does the game model stopping? It's really unclear. First, we have to realize that everything in the game moves faster than normal. When LWM did her ship turning analysis, she found a Warspite could turn 360 in about 80 seconds where Math said it should take 4-5x longer (using physics based on the advertised speeds). If we assume the game is modeling speeds at this accelerated rate, I can assume that most stops in this game are using a variant of the crash stop model. Still, I may be over analyzing this. WG could simply be modeling stopping and deceleration as a constant factor based on the ships acceleration or other parameters. So I've told you a lot but left you with no more information. I'm using this data source for Iowa's (Wisconsin) stopping abilities: http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-054.htm Edit: I should add that some people might talk about dropping anchor. This is not an advisable course of action when at full speed as the momentum of a 50k ton BB moving at 33 Kts will probably break an anchor chain (there is some fun analysis about this online if you want to find it).
  9. Unica opinion and feedback.

    You're right, I was estimating based on Khabs 43 kts with Sierra Mike which turns out is closer to 45 than 46. My bad.
  10. Unica opinion and feedback.

    Let me address a few of these. These ships have a huge displacement compared to your fishing boat. This means that they have a ton of momentum. According to Navweaps, the USS Wisconsin (Iowa Class BB) came to "Barn Door Stop" in 600 feet starting at 33 Kts. (Also, the XO reported this was not recommended as anything not tied down would end up against a bulkhead). My estimates put this between 20-30 seconds based on some guesses about rate of deceleration. The USS Stethem (Arleigh-Burke class DD) could apparently come to a stop in 12 seconds starting from 28 Kts. This is, of course, a modern destroyer. So yes, ships stopping REALLY slow is expected. Every ship does not have the same top speed. The slowest ship is 15 Kts and the fastest is 46 Kts. (Edit, it was pointed out that Khab + Sierra Mike is closer to 45 than 46 so it should be 45). Battleship accuracy is actually VERY good in this game. I record usually 25-35% hits with my BBs, which is much better than the historical 3-5%.
  11. Ship collection goals.

    Nice Collection. Do you really have a unique captain for every ship? That is dedication.
  12. Yes. However, you cannot mount camo on it and it has a special captain you'll have to train. I do think the lack of camo is a big negative but not necessarily at the high tiers.
  13. First, Pulicat's advice is the best you can get. However, based on the ships you have (potentially) available and your stats, it looks like your best bet would be Nagato. You play pretty well in BBs and Nagato doesn't play (that) much differently than Fuso. You could also try to grind Myoko based on your experience in Aoba. I wouldn't recommend any of the DDs. Of course, ignore me and do whatever you want ;-).
  14. Public Test - Pensacola buff; 1st match

    They reduced the detection from the ludicrous 15.66 to 12.78 which is inline with most other cruisers now.
  15. Public Test - Pensacola buff; 1st match

    You guys need to go on the PT and tank hard so we make sure all these changes go through :-). Seriously though, looking forward to these.