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  1. Sample size? Funny I just won a game in a PEF where a half health Icarus tried to rush me, but I knew where he would likely be, turned away and deleted him at 4km when he popped out around the island, I did take one torp, and then I swung my back turrets around and deleted a half health degrasse rushing me around the other side with the next salvo... and PEF is the worst T6 bb I've played. DDs are not op, the minimap and basic cognitive function is op.
  2. MinkeWhale

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    I think the current mm is fine. I don't mind being bottom tier for the xp/credit modifier.
  3. Personally, I think there should just be one resource for ships, but for people who play competitive modes they should earn "paint" and camos(or skins for showing off) . The paint should be an alternative way to buy dubloon camoflage. So they can just earn tier 10 camo that plebs like me have to buy with doubloons Edit: to be clear competitive modes should still award alot of resources too, it's just that the resources probably shouldn't be exclusive, but would enable these players to afford shop items way before the casual player could dream to.
  4. MinkeWhale

    I love this ship: P.E.F.

    I'm playing it with a 19 point Captain and maxed out secondary range without manual secondaries. In theory, this is sub optimal, but in practice: The secondaries don't do much damage, but most of the player base panics with all the sparkly splashes all around them giving me short range broadsides. Bad DD players run in terror and it keeps them from effectively torping. Of course, good players just shrug it off and out trade me with better gun pen or he dpm. I don't like fighting all the Massachusetts in this thing.
  5. MinkeWhale

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    People need to not know their "odds" going in. It's demoralizing and might prevent you from trying to win. Plus then you get your tin foil hat on about some grand conspiracy. five minutes into the match the mini map should be all the data you need about your team, and the red team in that specific battle. You don't need a mod to know the Bayern shooting from max range is not going to be useful toward your goal, winning. I usually try to figure out who isn't completely worthless by what they are doing in that game and ask them to support me. As for "being top 4 in losses why is my team so bad" or whatever, that's a common excuse, from dds that only spam he at bbs from smoke camp or stealth torp, or back row bbs that refuse to engage tank, heal, engage tank, etc maximizing personal damage is not always what it takes to win. Some of the best actions to influence a match are rewarded by nothing in game, except winning if course. Winning will get you the most silver and xp, so it's worth it to figure out how to do it more often.
  6. Op was the one giving advice. I think the salt was that hey, I think I know how to play. The stat shamer want giving orders, so your whole thing doesn't really apply.
  7. I mean 48 isn't bad IMO. It's a game. Play what's fun to you, all most of us care about is that you aren't actively sabotaging the team or being toxic. It took me well over a thousand battles to get over 50 and I still have horrible derpy plays sometimes, especially when I'm trying out a new ship. Don't feel bad. But seriously everyone needs to stop acting like they can't control w/r at all or it's not the most telling stat. It is.
  8. You are over complicating it. You are probably bad a high tier play (depends on sample size). Doesn't make you bad at low and mid tiers, and overall doesn't make you a bad player. But odds are when you play tier 10, you are worse than average. And... Who cares? Play on, you will improve if you can learn. Curious why you think dds and cruisers can't carry in tier 10 matches? I see it all the time. I feel like my Yamato (those supple sides) depends more on my team than my Hindenburg or Fletcher. Can clubbers pad stats? of course! But it's pretty obvious with a glance at stats when someone has 8000 Kamikaze matches. My worst w/r is tier 4 I think. If I went and played a few hundred games at that tier now, I'm sure I could correct it quickly... but I play the tiers I enjoy, and I think everyone should.
  9. I know what you are thinking, and there are games that cannot be carried, but you are wrong about w/r. If I camp for 10 minutes in a battleship spamming he max range at battleships and rack up big damage numbers, but it's worthless damage that they can mostly heal. At the end of the battle I can finish off some weak ships angle, kite and survive. Great stats.... Except w/r. Not to mention that campers inspire cowardly play from the other bads, dds that only stealth torp, or YOLO play from people that realize they can't win because all the caps are red. If I move up aggressively and support the cap, and hurt a radar cruiser or pressure them out of range of my dds, my damage numbers for the match might end up lower, I am much more likely to die, hurting my k/d but my team is far more likely to win from capping. Dds that spot aggressively for their team badly hurt all their own raw stats compared to dds that spam he at bbs from smoke, but dds that cap and kill dds or spot targets win games.
  10. It's the only stat that matters to me, but I agree about not stat shaming. It's stupid. Plus I didn't like it when people did it to me. I was a 47 percenter for my first 800-1000 games, now I'm about 55, the only difference is knowledge. And while all stats have improved, this is the most telling by far. I have to say when bad players (usually dead) tell me how to play it's annoying. So I try not to do that. I will ask people to support a push or mark a Target, but beyond that I just let people play. Either they know as much or more than me, or they will just not care anyway.
  11. A Pearl harbor sale would be sorta distasteful. Like putting the tirpitz on sale on the anniversary of it's destruction. Or a sub mission sinking the Indianapolis. War is a terrible thing and i get that this is a war game. But there is just no need for these questionable events. They handle these well with a historical article or memorial flag. But there are plenty of non tragic holidays for sales and events.
  12. MinkeWhale

    Spotting: Its a thing...reward it.

    Battleships are the easiest to learn. No question. Problem is most battleship players just don't adapt to high tier, and learn how to defeat/mitigate long range torps and he spam. But there is a lot to mastering it. I'm just decent, and I have no problem getting decent damage basically every match. Now that ap damage to dds was lessened, their earnings have been significantly nerfed. Since DD damage was always the juiciest for rewards. I play and enjoy all classes and I think balance is just fine right now... Except carriers.
  13. MinkeWhale

    Spotting: Its a thing...reward it.

    There is merit to this idea. In wot, spotting credits half the damage values in xp. But in this game you get such insane rewards for capping, I don't find playing DD correctly to be unrewarding. I usually get very high experience and I never camp smoke and farm really. That said some reward would make sense. Damage tanked or potential damage tanked would also make sense to reward people for not cowering until the match is decided. I would support any change that Nerf s the earning s if those terrible bb players that camp the back line or dds that go CV hunting.
  14. MinkeWhale

    Need better camo

    Best advice right there. Play a cruiser and DD line up, when you see how good bb players counter you, you will be a much better player. If a ship is giving me trouble, I try playing it, and the great players teach me how to sink it.
  15. MinkeWhale

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    I don't mind them selling any tier ship for cash, especially when you could also grind for it. My only concern is power creep with op premiums. They make too many Missouri, Belfast and gremmy mistakes. If there is something to complain about, it's making premiums op so people can just buy an advantage. I really don't care. I will still be more worried when I see Iowa's on my team than JBs.