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  1. Decisions, decisions

    Amagi? My favorite battleship since they nerfed German secondaries. Build it for "stealth." Sail in, delete a cruiser with super accuracy, wait until you have cover to make your turn when you are safer to do so. If you hate it, will the good news is that izumo plays completely differently.
  2. Warspite is very good. It's on the slow side, but turns like a cruiser. Shells are slow so it takes some getting used to, but if you shoot at things that are 14-16k away the trajectory for plunging fire hits like a truck. This ship is a threat to those annoying cl players hugging islands due to the rainbow arc.
  3. T5 Ranked Recommendations

    Secondary Konig will be pretty strong still. I also really like konigsberg. I have a kamikaze, not sure how great they will be for ranked. They are best in the chaos of random. We will see. I just see getting run down and pummeled by nichy and gnevy.
  4. Your best defense is to support your gun boats before they die. Sometimes your dds are just bad, but if you are close enough (how close do you need to be to land most of your shells into a destroyer? Answer varies.) to the destroyer knife fight you can tip the scales. It's a mirror match, keep your dds alive. If you trade your bb for a DD or two, I like your odds at a star. Nothing worse than being a DD in a knife fight watching friending Montana's hurl salvos at the red yammy 18km away. Bbs have heal. Kill everything else first.
  5. Wows population is it declining?

    The early game grind is awful. New players should get more Dubloons or lower tier premiums and premium time to get them established and enjoying the game. As a new player I hated tiers 1-5.
  6. I feel bad for people that enjoy stealth firing. I do. Just like the carrier nerf. Not my thing, but that stinks if you enjoy it. this is the correct way to balance. You don't want your premium nerfed? They have another option, power creep old premiums into Oblivion. Buff globally all the tech ships to be clearly better than gremmy or kamikaze and leave them unbuffed.
  7. I am granting you a 50% refund on the silver cost of this ship. Heck. I'll extend it to all players. You're welcome.
  8. Are you saying that this change will end the destroyer class? Plenty of people will still play DD because it will still be fun. Smoke and torpedos are still a thing. Maybe they will decrease "bloom time" as well to me that would be the best solution. I even think ships firing from smoke should be illuminated by "muzzle flash" but it shouldn't last so long. Battleships are the best class. But it's not like they don't have weaknesses. Maybe that's ok. I'll still play whatever I enjoy the most.
  9. Right. Like I said, they need to give rewards to destroyers for scouting/spotting to make low detection valuable again. IJN could become the best line if they adopt something like that. Passive scouts with painful torpedos. I was a combat engineer so I enjoy planning "obstacles," area denial, and getting into the red teams head. So torp play is the closest thing to that for me. So I do enjoy it.
  10. Sorry I wasn't clear that I wasn't referring to everyone! I was characterising this thread. There are rational arguments besides mouse, but there is just a lot of hyperbole (from both sides of the argument) And I was just commenting. These message boards are an excellent place for getting advice, learning, or for irrational whining. I'd rather see it here than spaming in game chat. I will also submit that the people using stealth fire are going to have no problem winning without it. It's just all the average or bad players that they were killing with it that will at least be able to flail shells at you before they sink.
  11. Never played them pre nerf. But I'm still enjoying IJN dds post nerf. They are harder to use than usn, but I still like them and will continue to use them. The Shira especially seems like an extremely powerful ship so far.
  12. I never said that there aren't rational reasons to oppose the change as mouse highlights. You are right that there are good reasons to support stealth fire. But that's not the limit of the discussion. Don't pretend that many posts aren't the exact definition of unwarranted entitlement and chicken little the game is ruined reactions. You have to admit that the argument that premiums shouldn't be rebalanced along with everything else is a ridiculous argument that many are making. If you think they shouldn't be, you are arguing that premiums should be pay to win. WG puts the reasons for buying a premium up front "crew training, credit making, etc" no where do they state "have a distinct competitive advantage over tech tree ships!"
  13. This thread. Predictable rationality (lwm) and predictable chicken little hysteria (entitled players who don't want a nerf to their favorite mechanic to abuse no matter how healthy it is for the game). I don't main anything. I enjoy all classes. I don't care if the ships I play are bad (German cruisers) or good (German Battleships usn dds) or mediocre in a competitive sense. I would welcome a nerf to German battleships as much as a buff to IJN torpedos or German cruisers. Balance is good. I don't care if my Premiums get nerfed for balance. I didn't pay to win. I paid to grind less. It's still going to be a fun game. The obvious change the game needs: give dds way more credit for spotting and screening. If a dd is lighting up a ship give them half the damage credit. Dds will start smoking allies to farm spotting damage, people will be encourage to spot their targets, which will hurt campers. It's one of the best aspects of wot that actually encourages stealthy​ ships to play selflessly. I would enjoy dds way more if my playstyle was rewarded. As it is I enjoy all the classes and I've very rarely used open water stealth fire. I just don't play that passively. It's the "bow camping" of DD play.
  14. I love this post. Took a break from the ranked grind to play tanks. It's been a while. Horrible power creep. It was a good reminder this game is incredibly balanced compared to tanks. So kudos to the folks in charge of testing and balancing ships.