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  1. I did ok with these slow bbs. Have to try to be mid map, but not in the front because its hard to escape if you get focused. If you seeing out to a flank and the battle goes elsewhere you are going to contribute very little. So I stay mid until I know where the targets are. Play at range ideally with cover but the one nice thing is the reload is slow but you can go dark pretty easily almost by default and just look for mistakes. All those barrels make it hard for low tier cruisers to juke. Wait for good targets. Another way is fire 6 barrels and watch how they juke before firing the rest. All that said, I would much rather drive a fuso, bayern, QE etc if I'm playing against t8.
  2. MinkeWhale

    Get Stalin while having Petro?

    Basically stalingrad is for CB due to the cap on certain ships. Just depends on what your clan wants to run. Play style is similar, but petro has much better survivability being a "submarine."
  3. MinkeWhale

    Yep! Kansas sucks alright. ROFL :)

    Used correctly, its ok. But it can't push. Its a better Colorado at tier 8. So there are just many many times when you would be better off in any other tier 8 bb. I have run over enough of these with tirpitz to know that there are situations where they can't counter a 1v1 and die very quickly. An NC can kite a brawler. At these tiers the fast brawlers are a fatal flaw for this ship if it dares to get too close to the enemy.
  4. MinkeWhale

    Make Khaba great again!!

    Not all damage is equal. In my observation, the ship is mostly relegated to farming bbs with he spam and fires. It doesn't perform a dd role, and should be compared more to t10 cruisers when you discuss damage. The game recognizes that damage to dds is more valuable than damage to battleships.
  5. We brought a daring, thunderer and gk with a mix of radar cruisers. Then we lemming trained/battle balled whichever side had 2 caps. Very small sample size but we won easily vs a team with a hak and a team with manny. Time is on the cvs side, so you have to be hyperagressive against the cv comp with 2 bbs. I know the best comp will probably include a cv, but we had a lot more fun playing it this way. You can play clan battles and "boycott" cvs. You might even have some fun when you run into clans making that same decision.
  6. MinkeWhale

    I'm Done

    For one thing, all of those torpedos, while low damage, do make this chance of detonation significantly higher. Sounds like that's not what happened, but still, it's kind of funny. Fdr seems like a bad idea for the game, but sitting remotely still or isolated in a cv match in a bb is just asking for trouble.
  7. I think what you said is accurate. I find it strong even at tier 10, where as the other t8 tech tree cvs struggle with slow or fragile planes.
  8. Same stuff happened to me set my resolution to 640x480 lol
  9. Slow turrets, but turns on a dime, overmatching guns that almost always get plunging fire. There are a lot of ships in worse shape imo.
  10. MinkeWhale

    Warships From Containers

    Unfortunately, this ship is not really a preview of the line. I played that line.
  11. This is good advice, experience gained per minute played seems higher than random
  12. MinkeWhale

    Le Terrible Ranked AP POWER

    I agree, seems like lo yang is the best ship.
  13. Which in this case isn't flattering lol
  14. This is possible, but he spam penetrations will be extremely oppressive for this ship to the point that the lack of citadel hits may not matter, I'm curious to see. Maybe they will get improved saturation like French dds lol