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  1. A Pearl harbor sale would be sorta distasteful. Like putting the tirpitz on sale on the anniversary of it's destruction. Or a sub mission sinking the Indianapolis. War is a terrible thing and i get that this is a war game. But there is just no need for these questionable events. They handle these well with a historical article or memorial flag. But there are plenty of non tragic holidays for sales and events.
  2. MinkeWhale

    Spotting: Its a thing...reward it.

    Battleships are the easiest to learn. No question. Problem is most battleship players just don't adapt to high tier, and learn how to defeat/mitigate long range torps and he spam. But there is a lot to mastering it. I'm just decent, and I have no problem getting decent damage basically every match. Now that ap damage to dds was lessened, their earnings have been significantly nerfed. Since DD damage was always the juiciest for rewards. I play and enjoy all classes and I think balance is just fine right now... Except carriers.
  3. MinkeWhale

    Spotting: Its a thing...reward it.

    There is merit to this idea. In wot, spotting credits half the damage values in xp. But in this game you get such insane rewards for capping, I don't find playing DD correctly to be unrewarding. I usually get very high experience and I never camp smoke and farm really. That said some reward would make sense. Damage tanked or potential damage tanked would also make sense to reward people for not cowering until the match is decided. I would support any change that Nerf s the earning s if those terrible bb players that camp the back line or dds that go CV hunting.
  4. MinkeWhale

    Need better camo

    Best advice right there. Play a cruiser and DD line up, when you see how good bb players counter you, you will be a much better player. If a ship is giving me trouble, I try playing it, and the great players teach me how to sink it.
  5. MinkeWhale

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    I don't mind them selling any tier ship for cash, especially when you could also grind for it. My only concern is power creep with op premiums. They make too many Missouri, Belfast and gremmy mistakes. If there is something to complain about, it's making premiums op so people can just buy an advantage. I really don't care. I will still be more worried when I see Iowa's on my team than JBs.
  6. MinkeWhale

    Data mine - Alaska Cost (goodish news)

    I just want it to be balanced
  7. MinkeWhale

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    12000 dubs, I like the flexibility, pick something up when it goes on sale in game. Maybe Alabama, Kidd, Roma or Kii
  8. MinkeWhale

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    On topic: I think the IJN lines are pretty comfortable and unique. I have Yamato and I'm looking forward to Shima and zao. I have to say I found the IJN battleship grind fun. T 6-8 be are some of my favorite ships in game. Izumo was ok, better than expected, but I would not call it fun. It's fairly good prep for Yamato, in figuring out positioning. Not sure about getting all the way up the gunboat line. They seem like CLs that take up a DD spot, and I'm not sure about it, since real cls bring better consumables (radar and heals). I would be fine with more unique commanders game wide. There is money to be made there, I'm not sure why WG isn't milking it. What I don't actually care for are the enhanced skills. There is enough imbalance between a lvl 8 and level 19 captain, we don't need limited time captains with even greater boosts. I would be more in favor of cosmetic flair/voices etc.
  9. MinkeWhale

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    Mad wolf, you can have that opinion, just don't call other opinions lies, as if they are intentional deception and not well founded opinions. I find your impression of the new deal incredibly flawed. They made some great monuments, government buildings and parks. Put money in people hands. They had to do something for a mostly idle populace. I'm not saying they had better options. I don't suggest that you are lying. But they did not make extensive rails, highways and factories, Like it seems your are implying. Boeing, Browning etc, the names of our war machine were companies not some government project.
  10. MinkeWhale

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    Stop spreading that factual lie.
  11. MinkeWhale

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    Are you serious? What did the new deal build? The new deal did nothing to improve our military capacity. We agreed far behind Europe, relative our vast size and resources. We were behind on tech and capacity. Not to mention the protectionist trade. We were successful because we were the only major power not on fire from 1939 onward... Get real. Look what Russia was able to do with half of their population in occupied territory. Makes our efforts look pedestrian. But you look post war with our NATO trade partners, then we can talk economic dominance.
  12. MinkeWhale

    I Just Noticed that one of the Oldest Lines IJN

    Wow. I mean having the rest of the industrialized world flattened or occupied surely didn't hurt us getting off the ground. The mobilization fully modernized our industrial infrastructure and we were suddenly buried in demand for products, both military and domestic.
  13. MinkeWhale

    Colorado — American Tier VII battleship.

    I put off American bbs forever, and considered free xping past the Colorado. On paper it looked like a slow Nagato. However I've been shocked by the effectiveness I've had in about 8 games. Even bottom tier. I think that because most Colorado drivers are new, people underestimate you. I think the reputation that the worst players play these ships the most is true. When out of curiosity I see a team mate do something incredibly weird, I like to check their profile, and 9/10 times they are sub 45 percent with hundreds of North Carolina and Iowa games as their most played, meaning I think it has to be the most played new player class. I already have a kraken(stock, in a tier 9 battle, helped by a Missouri that sailed up shooting angled armor and giving full broadside at 2km) and a couple 4 kill games. I'm not saying that to brag, my point is I've never have been offered so many broadsides in any other bb. So it's hard to know if it's actually good, but I have yet to have a bad game in it, but the sample size is relatively small. The dpm seems bad, but the guns feel very accurate. The low speed actually makes torp beats easy. So I guess I'm asking if the rest of the grind will be this pleasant? I'm not keeping it. I already have my tier 7 bb keepers, and it's just too slow for me to want to keep it for future ranked etc.
  14. MinkeWhale

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Secondaries just need to be slightly more accurate, dds should just not be able to rush a bb without punishment, and with the Nerf to pen against dds, I think it would be a good balance. As a DD, I just have no fear rushing a bb whose main batteries after pointed another direction. He spam and torps fine, but going yolo landing full torp salvos unscathed seems a bit bizarre.
  15. MinkeWhale

    Possible Solution to Radar

    I don't want realism. I mean this is a hitpoint game where ships take multiple 18in shells and keep sailing with consumables that instantly plug floods and stop fire, so I don't agree with any realism reason, only nerfing radar sensibly, but not so much that it's not a great option for a cruiser. And to be clear I don't see it as huge problem, just a touch overpowered.