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  1. Terkoz

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    Hehe well I'm 53 and One of my kids has left home and the other is out 90% of the time which gives the missus and I much more free time of an evening. Even with TV shows being much better these days I can only stand to watch so much of it which leaves me several hours a week on the ole 'puter.
  2. And if you had actually read this thread you would have seen that there isn't a single person who thinks otherwise.
  3. Sorry but absolutely not. To do what you suggest would mean the match maker would have to deliberately favor one team over another and uneven matches are no fun for anyone. To be honest I find walkovers boring even if I am on the winning side. It would also mean that good players would spend most of their time being put on the side weighted to lose to get their WR down. Wins earned are sweet as hell. I get a genuine buzz when I have played well and had a part in my teams win. If the game was trying to help me there would be far less satisfaction. Plus what would be the incentive to improve if the game did it for you?
  4. Terkoz

    New Bonus Code

    Thank you sir.. much appreciated.
  5. I agree with many of the posts in this thread. My spending on the game has dropped over the last year and that is due to a couple of factors. I'm all for a business making money but it's starting to feel like WG is gouging us with excessively priced items and I'm no longer feeling good about the money I'm spending on the game. And while I am quite interested in the Vanguard they want me to pay more than it cost me to buy Battlefield V. One more ship in my port is not worth a whole new game. Quite frankly if there isn't a half price sale on a years premium come Christmas time then I will be going free to play. I'm happy to support a constantly evolving game that I am enjoying but not if it feels like the company only sees me as a cash cow. Look after your customers WG and they will look after you. It gives me no pleasure to say WG that you are starting to lose this one.
  6. Terkoz

    Jean Bart

    $108 AUD... you could buy an whole AAA game for that here. With plenty of change. Sorry WG but that's just getting too greedy in my opinion. I'm already spending a small fortune on this game but this is a step too far for me.
  7. It is true that T8 ships see lots of T10 action but to be honest I found the T8 ships better at dealing with that than the T9. The Charles Martell is a great all round ship and the Mogami with the 155 inch guns with IFHE is a Battleship's nightmare. The new Cleveland is still a solid ship. The rest of the T8 cruisers I had varying success with but that was more down to me rather than the ships themselves. They are all more than capable of holding their own.
  8. Terkoz

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    Nah you were right to begin with. I know several ridiculously smart and very likable guys that are atrocious at this game and more than a few jerks that are brilliant at it. Being good or bad at a 'puter game has nothing to do with a person's character.
  9. Terkoz

    What was your favorite cruiser line to grind?

    I have to agree with the guys above. I have gone through all the cruisers and while there are good ships in all of the lines I have to say I enjoyed the IJN line the most and absolutely love the Zao. There are no terrible ships in the line. Even the T9 which is normally where the bad ships are is completely playable. ( Although I admit to succumbing to temptation and FXP'ing part of the T9 grind to get the Zao. I regret that now though.)
  10. Terkoz

    Inventory sell bug

    The last couple of days this has been happening a lot to me too. Selling some of a second item seems to push the initial sale through some of the time it seems.
  11. Terkoz

    Cruiser Lines

    I've done all the cruiser lines and for me the most consistent line is the IJN one. Even the Ibuki is playable (although I shamefully confess I gave into temptation and used FXP part way through to get the Zao). It is a good middle of the line group of ships. Great guns who's slower fire rate is balanced by slightly better than average hulls. The end of the line is one of my favorite ships. After the Japanese line I also enjoyed the German and the French lines. The USN lines have fantastic T10's but unfortunately you have to get through a few really painful ships to get there.
  12. Terkoz

    Atago or Kidd???

    I don't have the Kidd but I can back up the others that the Atago is an excellent ship. The guns are a shorter range than I would like but they hit very hard and are accurate. The ship itself has good concealment and is maneuverable enough to get into position and angled well her hull seemed pretty decent too. I'm only an average player but in the last two ranked seasons I found her a really useful and capable ship. Easily one of my best premiums.
  13. Terkoz

    Super Tester Emails - Error

    Oh poop.. it's an error? I got that email too and checked all my accounts and found no such ships. I play primarily on the NA server but I also have an account on the SEA one as well as a recently created EU account.
  14. Yeah it was almost instant here too. It was there in my port in the time it took me to alt tab back to the game. Something went wrong for you unfortunately.
  15. Terkoz

    What can I say but LOL

    I agree with you it was a very bad idea to allow switching. You will always have those people who will bail to the winning side if possible which will just result in an even bigger imbalance. Unless of course they were only allowing the better players the chance to move to strengthen the weaker side. I don't think that is the case though as I have had the offer to switch two or three times. I chose Sharks because I thought it being an American server most people would lean towards Eagles and I am a sucker for the underdog. Oooops.