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  1. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Yes this was my thinking too. I want to support Dasha but I think a contrary part of me generally makes me lean towards the underdog.
  2. I would chose the Zao but I think I would also lose interest if stuck to only one. I can't even stick to one ship for a single session let alone forever.
  3. For the next T9 FXP ship can we please just have a normal Cruiser? Pretty please? The reason I enjoy cruisers so much is that I know if I miss it's just my own fault not RNG screwing with me. To me a Battlecruiser is just the thin armor of a CA with the drunk shells of a BB. A high tiered money maker for us pew pew guys would be most appreciated.
  4. I don't think I am going to manage this one. I would have to get every remaining one left to manage it and the coming week I'm going to be too busy to play enough games. It will probably be the first I've missed though so I'm not too fussed. I've won the ship once before and didn't like it so I am only doing it because I'm a little bit retentive that way. I would only sell the ship and I don't need the slot. I somehow have 35 free slots anyway and I swear I have only ever bought about 15 or so over the years.
  5. Yubari-yay or nay

    I have her and enjoy using her when I need to help friends get through T4 but I'm not sure I would waste resources like coal on her though. I'd save up for something T7'ish. :)
  6. How do you spec your captain? Do you use IFHE? I'm finding that she handles nicely but the damage totals at the end of each match are very anemic.
  7. A patch or two ago I had a similar problem that could only be fixed by rebooting the pc. The problem would only occur on a second or third time the game was started during a windows session as if something left behind by the game after closing was stopping it from starting up again. There were several people with the same problem although mine has seemed to fix itself. If rebooting doesn't fix it then you must have a different issue.
  8. Good write up thanks. I am a cruiser main normally but I am working my way up the French BB line for something different (at Lyon right now). I am lousy at BB's and want to fix that so this will help. It will also help me steer my captain's development so he has a good selection of skills once I get to the final ship.
  9. Happy Birthday Sir. Oh to be 42 again... I play from Australia in the evenings here and the toxicity has been worse over the last 18 months but strangely it has changed. Up till a few months ago the number of people deliberately trolling and trying to be offensive was higher but they seemed to just disappear. Recently it has just been people abusing team mates for the slightest thing. I swear that about 75% of the time people are being abused for playing a ship precisely how it is designed to be played. Armchair Admirals seem to on the rise too. A month or so ago myself and two other players were involved in an epic battle to take a cap from 5 enemy ships. We sunk four of them and another ran off and disappeared from view. The dd with us left after capping while a BB and I made sure the last ship wasn't trying to sneak back. Then just as we both started turning to move to join the rest of the team on the other side of the map starts someone starts going off in chat about those two gutless p_______s hiding away from the action. We explained what happened but he was having none of it calling us liars and a few other things besides. Fortunately it actually turned out to be a bonus for us as two other team mates had seen what happened via the mini map and stood up for us and really put the jerk in his place. They also gave the us two compliments each to make up for it so the match ended on a positive note.
  10. As the wise old sage Mr Miyagi once said. The key to life is balance. We need something to balance all the smoke and island hugging that already exists within the game. I agree it is frustrating to be radared and focus fired by half the enemy team but you also need to look at it from their perspective too and remember how annoying it is being peppered by something you can't fire back at. (easily at least). I'd agree with the suggested change about line of sight but one other possible change that I think could work is that any ship made visible via radar can be seen by everyone but not locked on to. Then everyone can still shoot at them and dislodge them from their hidey hole but it isn't the instant death sentence it can be.
  11. Buffing the Buffalo?

    I'm not sure exactly what I think of the Buffalo yet. I'm a cruiser main but I prefer the open water kiting play style which you really can't do in this ship so I'm having to learn to play her in a different manner than I am used to. I'm slowly getting there and while my first few matches had me looking longingly at how much free xp I had I finally started to have a few decent matches in her. I do think she needs a little love in the engine department. She is a bit sluggish for skulking around between islands. I think I may have been wrong to boost her rudder rather than engine. That's something I certainly want to try. If this is the armor on USN heavy cruisers then I must admit I shudder to think how weak the light line is going to be in that regard. I'm used to cruisers being delicate but you can get whiplash watching the buffalo's health bar if a BB even looks at her. I have to say though that while it is early days yet compared to the other T9 Cruisers I seem to be doing slightly less damage BUT getting more kills. That's due to the good AP shells I imagine
  12. Yeah this might have the opposite effect than you want. What happens to the poor ships actually trying to cap while sitting in smoke, who are suddenly spotted by either radar or a ship in proximity range? They take damage fast enough as it is before they can get up to speed. If you increase accuracy while firing at them then nobody is going to risk capping anymore.
  13. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    Sorry but you are misunderstanding the point I was illustrating here. That is on me as I did not really explain it well. The Neptune is indeed a good ship and the only reason I was not doing well with it initially was I had not gotten a feel for the different playstyle of the upper British Cruiser line at that point. My point was that even with me playing the ship badly I was able to devastate the bots in Coop mode. Which means there is a massive disparity between the two modes and therefore you cannot directly compare how well a ship plays between the two modes. A ship that is not that effective within Randoms can still do well in Coop in other words. You have chided LWM for saying the ship is mediocre because you do well with it in Coop. You honestly have no experience of it in Randoms so you cannot make a blanket statement that it is a good ship overall because you can't know. Play several rounds with it in Randoms and see if you still feel the same. I humbly suggest you might not.
  14. It's also important to remember that there are a lot of very powerful ships at T10. This means that mistakes are more heavily punished and even a slight imbalance between two teams can have a bigger impact than it would in a T5 match. Make a bad direction call in a T10 match and come across two or more red T10 ships your health is going to disappear much faster than the same mistake at T5. This is going to make the domino affect a great deal more pronounced there. I suspect this is why high tier play is much more cautious than others. It doesn't take much of a mistake to result in a early trip back to port.
  15. PINK, Who Cares Anymore ??

    I really like this idea. Their redemption has to be earned by playing the objectives rather than being locked into Coop. I can sympathise with the Coop only players who don't like the A-Hull players being foisted on them. That is rather unfair.