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  1. All that blood sweat and tears was worth it. This is my first match in it. Like it so far and I'm pretty rubbish in BB's .
  2. You could also do what I did and go to one of the stat sites and sort your ships by average xp gained and play the top one.
  3. Yeah I feel your pain sir. I am one win away too. Started that run last night in my stock Amagi. Got the first win in the first match. Had a blinder of a run. Blowing holes in ships left and right. Came first or second on the scoreboard. Second match almost a carbon copy of the first. I'm Rambo of the seas. A battlship under each arm. Right this third one is going to be easy I stupidly say to myself. The third match nothing went right. It was a dd heavy match, five of the buggers and I think it threw me off enough that I made some stupid choices which ended the match early for me. Several matches later it's obvious Rambo has left the building to be replaced by Mr Magoo. The one match we won I played so poorly I didn't even bother looking at the scoreboard because I knew I was no where near the top. On the plus side though I now have enough XP to upgrade the hull. I just need to make enough credits to pay for it.
  4. Thanks for putting that up. It helps to see those ships all together in action.
  5. I really hope people post the replay files of these Clan wars battles. Seeing people trying tactics like that out could be very interesting.
  6. When I'm in my Khab the Moskva is the ship I fear the most. Frankly I would be really curious to see how a good Khab player does against a comparable Moskva.
  7. You don't know that. Looking at your sig I think it's a safe bet you could think of something worthwhile trying to suggest to him. Surely that would be a better move than a put down like that. People are constantly complaining that more players aren't making the effort to get better yet here is a guy doing so and what do you do?
  8. And people wonder why such a small percentage of the players come to the forums for help in learning the game.......
  9. Okay ... I know it's only due to two really good games where everything just worked out for me. And that a big part of it was due to an Iowa player totally forgetting that the Scharnhorst has torpedoes. And that this is only going to last for 24 to 48 hours. But hey. You take what you can get with life. Dammit now I really don't want to play for a while as soon as I do normal colours will be resumed. Hell I suppose at least my sigs are exciting to look at. That wide range of rainbow colours. Unlike real Unicums who are all a boring flat purple.
  10. I didn't realize the installer gave you that option. Thanks for letting me know.
  11. For crying out loud just leave her alone. Yes she is a good ship but you really have to work for it. Her concealment is so bad and her range so short that it takes a lot of work to do well with it. I'm only an average player at best but I've played that ship enough to know that it is not the easy win mode people think it is, I suspect it is more of a case that a lot of the people with it are just a high percentage of really good players who are expert in making the most of it's strengths. And it may not have a citadel but considering how much fire it attracts that's just as well as it attracts a crap ton of constant fire each match. And maybe it's the time of night I play but the people on with me seem to manage to hit me often enough to keep me on my toes. People keep saying it's more like a cruiser well then it's a cruiser which has to be several kilometers closer to the enemy to use it's guns. And it's server average damage is less than any of the T10 Cruisers. I can do a hell of a lot more damage per match in my Moskva or Hindenburg yet people aren't complaining about those.
  12. I'm interested in trying out the new Warplanes game but when I went to try it out last night it seems it wanted to install the new gamecenter so I cancelled the install. Has anyone discovered a way of installing it without loosing the old Warships launcher? I want to avoid that as long as possible.
  13. This has only been happening to me for the last week or so.It is intermittent too. I only have to reenter the password every third or fourth time I start the game.
  14. Yeah .. that was my take on it as well when I read it as a teenager many many years ago. Years later I read his biography and realized he was dead serious and I had totally misunderstood some of his books. It was a bit of an eye opener. It's a nasty shock when you realize one of your childhood idols is actually a POS.
  15. I wish I could say otherwise.... I forgot Samuel Clement's rule about arguing. My own fault.