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  1. Just a thought. If the tier range is reduced it will mean the balance between the individual ships will be more even which in turn means that it will be an individuals skill will have more of an impact on the outcome. Isn't that what we want? I do agree with the idea about a short period testing such a change. It would end the arguments for good (possibly) if we could see what the actual effect of +1/-1 is. I do wonder sometimes that companies make a rod for their own backs having so many different tiers. Having only four or five tiers but having a greater range of ships within each tier would be better surely?
  2. And? It was only a head wound. Blooding pouring down his face for 15 minutes would have made a man out of him. I'm reporting you retrospectively next time I see you in game.
  3. Sorry but you are being disingenuous here. 95% of the things that might call us away are every day occurrences that happen in most family households. And they don't all happen all happen every single night to every single person but with couple of hundred people we come across every gaming session the chances of one of them rearing their head increases. By your logic no one with kids, a partner, pets, friends or a phone should be allowed to play online games because they come with a risk of drawing away attention for a few minutes. If you can't deal with something as trivial as a person going afk for a few minutes then seriously man build a moat around your house because you won't enjoy the real world which has far worse inconveniences. And remember for every time your team is disadvantaged by one the next match you get an advantage from the same thing happening to the red team. It all evens out in the end.
  4. I honestly can't believe this is even a topic. Real life trumps a computer game every time. I remember the last time this topic came up I ended up in an argument with someone who said there was simply no excuse for going afk. I asked him did that mean if his kid fell out of bed and started crying he wouldn't go to him? His answer? "Of course I would... but there is still no excuse for going afk." That says it all really.
  5. So you can take out my poor widdle cruiser in a single salvo but I'm not allowed to hit you 50 or 60 times over two or three minutes to kill you... okay... sure that sounds fair.
  6. It's not necessarily just a cash grab. It could be done that way to make it hard for people to take their 19 point captains back to their T1 ships and seal club.
  7. God where do I start. 1. Checking in front of myself while kiting. I'm slowly getting there but I'm ashamed to say I get a little too focused on the enemy behind me while moving away and some island jumps in front of me often leading to either a panic turn or a beaching both of which frequently lead to death. 2. Using AP appropriately when not in a BB. Another bad habit I am working on breaking. 3. While I play a lot of cruisers I don't enjoy the sitting behind island (or in smoke) and spamming meta so I tend to be constantly moving which can occasionally lead to bad tactical choices such as coming round an island and finding three red BB's. Or simply being caught in the open between cover by someone who is playing their cruiser as currently intended and being peppered by someone I cant see.
  8. LOL .. we did the exact opposite three years ago. After 15 years in Canberra we had finally had enough of the cold and when my wife was offered a good job up in Brisbane we jumped at it as I can work from anywhere. Oh man do I love the weather here. I can work outside on my laptop and annoy my wife by sending pictures of me doing so to her in her office in the city. ;)
  9. Cat I get where you are coming from. I imagine most of us have had someone sail right next to us while we are busy focused on a target and firing at him. However it doesn't happen that often and it's the price we pay to discourage both the deliberate team killers and those careless players who fire without any thought for their team mates. This system is not perfect but the situation would be much worse without it. Personally I would make the penalties much harsher. Since closed beta I have been pink all of three times but only one of them could possibly be argued as just bad luck or the other players fault. Counter that with having to dodge friendly torps four or five times a week I think the tk system is a small price to play to discourage the bad/lazy players.
  10. LOL yeah same. For a while I couldn't work out the point of the picture then I saw it. Very funny.
  11. Thanks for that. Some of that I've worked on but I must admit I haven't been inclined to focus on a ship at a time. I tend to play two or three different ships per session which may not be helping me.
  12. I'd love to know what you did to improve as much as that. In the last several months I've worked hard to improve my play and have gotten my damage, experience and WTR up but for the life of me I cant shift my WR. Congrats OP btw, That's a hell of an achievement. [edit] in posting this I just noticed the two purple WR blocks of my sig but that's more a fluke I think. I expect that colour to change after my next few games. :) [\edit]
  13. Ummm you obviously don't have the big M. I have about 25 matches in mine and I can tell you for a fact that that isn't true. If another BB gets a good look at your side they can do some hefty damage to you. It's a fun mid range BB but try to brawl with a German BB and you will counting fishes on your way to the bottom.
  14. I can attest to this. I'm in Australia so when I play in the late afternoon / evenings it must be around this time in the US. You still get a fair share of people afraid of engaging but you can also have some blinder matches. For example last night I had one of the most enjoyable matches ever in my Missouri. It was a BB heavy match but both sides pushed right into the islands in and around the caps. Don't get me wrong. It wasn't just a bone headed rush. Everyone was still playing tactically and using cover and working together so the match lasted a while but it was so much fun I honestly can't remember if we even won or not because it almost didn't matter. I got my butt saved by KSN in his battleship and I'm sure there were one or two other names that looked familiar. Both sides played well which made for an exciting match.
  15. Why the hell would WG waste effort improving a ship you are only supposed to play for one or two matches? People like you are the worst sort of seal clubbers. The people you are playing against have next to no experience in the ships they are sailing and zero captain skills. This is about as low as it gets.