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  1. Facial Shaving?

    I swear I am slowly turning into a bear. Well below the neck anyway. Above it the only hair is a couple of eyebrows. Several years ago I was stood looking at the receding hairline and decided to shave it all off to see if I liked it. Now I find anything more than 4 or 5 days worth of growth irritating and itchy so I tend to shave the ole bonce twice a week. As for how the good ole razor. I started off with an electric one but started using a razor when I went on an overseas trip when I was 22 and I got used to the speed of it and have been using the razor ever since.
  2. Kranschtadt?

    Both Notser and ichase have a video each on their runs with it. Neither were impressed but it is still very much a work in progress.
  3. I currently have concealment on her but I think it might be worth trying the double rudder. You might get more benefit from it. I'm certainly going to try it a little down the track. You can always switch it back if it doesn't work out for you.
  4. Wooops.. they have just added this to the front page. "WE RELEASE THE WORLD OF WARSHIPS UPDATE ON MONDAY 19TH AT 03:00 PDT TO ADDRESS THE CURRENT FPS ISSUE SOME PLAYER ENCOUNTER. THE SERVER WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR 90 MINUTES." [edit]oops Zombie beat me too it.[\edit]
  5. The server has gone down any news on why? No notice has been given on any patch. Great timing by the way guys. I'd finally convinced a couple of my clan mates to give the game a try and after each of them having to download it twice because they were redirected to the SEA install initially we were just about to team up for the first time and .... boot. Tell the hamsters to pedal faster please.
  6. Dammit I came in here thinking you were saying it is on again. The last one wasn't that long ago though. Early January I think. I Couldn't even begin to guess when it will be available again.
  7. Huh? How? My replay files average 2 meg each. Which makes them a gig's worth of space for every 500 matches. With your 5K of matches that should be about 10 gig.
  8. The Cruiser Manifesto

    As a cruiser main I can heartily approve of this message. The addition of priority target has been an absolute godsend and increased my survivability a great deal but we could still use some love.
  9. shot before being detected

    Actually yes this is definitely happening and might point to a disconnect in display time being the problem. I have noticed several times lately I have gone from undetected to instantly targeted by multiple ships. Maybe it's just my crappy aussie internet causing this? I have noticed lately that the smoke of spotted ships are rendering several seconds before the actual ship itself. Is that just me or is everyone else seeing this too?
  10. shot before being detected

    I'm not going mad then. About a week ago I was hit by a single salvo out of nowhere when I was no where near any other ships and I definitely wasn't spotted and hasn't been for several minutes if at all. I must admit for a moment I wondered if it was a hacker but I discounted that because there were no follow up shots. It was just one single salvo and due to my location at the time not likely to be one of those speculative ones people occasionally make. Perhaps there is some glitch that has been introduced to the spotting mechanics where it doesn't warn you if the spotting time is too short or something like that?
  11. If you are able to get a ping of around 100 there I would just continue playing on this server. I live in Australia and my ping is the same whether I play on the SEA server or the NA one. It hovers between 105 to 110 and that doesn't cause any issues with the game. Quite honestly I would stick with the NA server if I were you. Despite complaints about the level of team work/Communication on this server there is almost none on the SEA one.
  12. Apology offered

    No one is bathing themselves in glory here... Reymu really should have come to the forums last rather than first. Pretty much everyone gets that. Sync dropping to boost your chances of being in the match with a corgi is dodgy. It's disingenuous to say you didn't realize it was against the rules. Common sense would have told you it wasn't a classy thing to do. Saying you meant no harm and that the member in the corgi ship wasn't just lying down for you doesn't make it right. Banning and attacking Reymu for pointing out "your" mistake does leave a nasty taste in the mouth though. Quite frankly if you guys had just said "yeah it's not the best move we have ever made. We'll make sure the guys know it's not okay" then this would have been a non event. Lashing out at the whistleblower has instead made you look dodgy whether you are or not.
  13. It takes guts to admit your own failings and trying to do something about them. Best of luck with finding a better course for yourself sir.
  14. Somewhere north of $1K. I don't begrudge it though considering the hours of enjoyment I get from the game. Well that's not strictly true. I do think both premium and the ships are over priced and having to pay to unlock xp you made with a ship you bought is a cheek but all up I can live with what I've spent. It will work out to cents per hour.