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  1. Another bad video from Zoup. Serves me right for watching it. I had stopped but i was curious if he was getting better. Yet another call asking people to stop coming to the forums to complain. That it achieves nothing. What a load of rubbish. People posting on the forums are trying to let WG know how they feel about the game. If there are only one or two complaints about something then WG know they can safely ignore it. But if there are hundreds they know something needs to be done. Why do so many of you want to take away peoples right to express their opinion on something? You don't agree with it? Fine but just because you don't does not make the complaint invalid. And if enough people have the same complaint then just maybe you might be wrong? Maybe that's why you want them to stop huh? This forum has two purposes. One is to let the playerbase discuss things among themselves. The other is to communicate directly to WG about issues. Sure there is the ticketing system but traditionally people don't like using it because they feel they will be ignored. Also expressing it in the forums has two other benefits. One is that you might find you are not the only one having the problem. The other is that there might be a solution to it that you aren't aware of. People need to stop thinking they have a right to dictate what can and can't be talked about here. Oh and just because you don't find something to be a problem it doesn't mean others have no right to find it so. Trust me guys you want people engaging here when they are having problems with the game. The alternative is they say nothing and just move on to something else. Which is good for no one.
  2. Terkoz

    [ALL] ModStation

    You're welcome sir..
  3. Terkoz

    [ALL] ModStation

    That's what you need to select if memory serves. Just the main Warships directory. In your case it would be something like C:\Program Files(86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World_of_warships It will depend where you told steam to store the games but it is likely something like what I put above.
  4. Terkoz

    My First Tier X

    Congratulation sir. It's a great feeling.
  5. Terkoz

    [ALL] ModStation

    I don't use the steam client but it is only really another form of launcher so you should be able to download and run the modstation as normal and once you point it to where steam puts the game it should install the mods in the right location for the game to use them.
  6. Terkoz

    pardon for team-hit/kill

    Harathan is right. You fired them so you should own the consequences of them. That being said I would be for a way to forgive the offender. The players that just make a genuine mistake and try to warn you and are extremely apologetic I'd be more than willing to let off the hook.Or those players that were trying to save you with some risky torps that didn't work out the way they intended. Granted those are the exception rather than the norm but it wouldn't hurt to allow us to choose.
  7. Terkoz

    NA Server Crash Compensation

    Shoot me now I'm buggered if I know what made me think this is April. I need more sleep. The page told me I had no bonuses to redeem so when I went back to this page and had a brain fart.. I'll call the old folks home to come take me away..
  8. Terkoz

    NA Server Crash Compensation

    Never mind... had a senior moment ....
  9. Terkoz

    Dirty Rotten Killstealer!

    This..... Kill stealing is indeed a thing. We're not talking about the player who comes across a battle in progress and fires at the almost dead enemy to speed up his end. We're talking about the people who deliberately hold their fire until the enemy is one shot from death then shoots. I'm sure all of you have had multiple instances where you have a long battle with an enemy ship you get him down to a hundred health then all of a sudden salvo's of shells come from three different directions to finish him off. It's happened to me countless times. Too many for it to just be always people turning up just at the right moment. It's nothing we can do anything about so there is no point getting worked up over it but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I had the odd grumble under my breath when it happens to me. We still get the same points so we don't lose anything but a minuscule bump to one stat but it's only human to feel a little cheated.
  10. Terkoz

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    2.. One on my Zao and another on the Wooster. I recently unlocked the Haragumo and I am sorely tempted to swap her captain with the Zao's as she could make better use of those 19 points. The Zao is a very powerful ship and will be just as good with the 15 point Cpt currently on the H. I will only do it though if there is another free captain respec coming up soon. It is too expensive to do otherwise.
  11. Terkoz

    I'd love to try the Wichita WG!

    I was quite excited by this email as not too long ago I got an offer on my hardly used SEA account to try out the Vanguard for free for 7 days. Which I made good use of. I thought this email was along the same lines and clicked the link for the Atlanta as I already had the other two. I was not amused to see it was just a link to the store to buy it. WG has offices in America so they can't use the excuse that it was just a translation error. A few too many questionable choices lately WG. Remember if you look after your customers well they will try to look after you. After all we are a fickle lot and there is no shortage of choices these days for our entertainment budget.
  12. Terkoz

    What to do in a 4 CV Game

    Another thing I really hate about 4 CV matches is the end of game meta. Where the only ships left alive are the four CV's and a handfull of unlucky souls who now have the undivided attention of two red CV's who have all the planes under the sun and no over lapping AA to worry about. Then once those poor saps are focused to death they finally turn on the opposing CV's and the winner of the match is the team with the best CV players.. (no change there at least). I've heard vague rumors that it will eventually only be one CV per side. I hope this becomes the case because I'm over being constantly spotted. Ships concealment ranges mean sweet fanny adams atm. And you can't even get to cover first anymore. You can barely get to full speed before the first planes show up.
  13. It's not just DD play that is now ridiculous. I'm a bachelor for a few days so I thought I would give it another go. Came in with my Jean Bart which is a good ship and has decent AA. I was swearing at the screen by the end of the match. I ended up doing all of 3,000 damage. I kid you not, my match consisted of wave after wave of torp planes. and I spent the entire time trying to dodge. Was hit by 6 torps and lost most of health due to flooding. I died to a shell but that was only because the CV's left me with so little health every red ship on the map was rushing to finish me. The JB has an AA rating of 88 .. yet I didn't shoot a single plane down. And trust me it wasn't for lack of something to shoot at. I'd have to check the replay but it felt like I had 7 or 8 waves of planes attack me in a ridiculously short time span. I had another match in my Wooster thinking maybe I would be safe in that. Still got hit with two torps. The other night was bad enough but tonight people seem to have found their feet with the new CV's and are wiping the floor with everything else... I might try one more time with a div mate once he gets on but if those matches are anything like tonights I will be moving on to other games until the game is rolled back to 0.7 or there is a seriously major change to the current gameplay.
  14. Sorry WG but this is a terrible update and needs to be rolled back. I'm a cruiser main and this new system is screwing us royally. For a cruiser stealth and angling are vital to lasting long enough to have any impact on the match. With every match I've been in there have been two CV's per side and those planes seem to be everywhere making you constantly spotted and watched by BB's. To add insult to injury we're forced to constantly circle to avoid torps which just means every red BB has a nice view of your broadside. I did play one match in a DD and as there were only two destroyers per side and not much radar I thought I'd get a cap early. Someone who had been playing the update longer warned me not to and stupidly I didn't listen. No one here will be surprised by that outcome. I love this game and just bought a years premium which I'm now worried may be money thrown down the drain. There's little point playing if I'm not enjoying myself and the fanboys can criticize me all they want but all there arguments won't suddenly make the game fun for me in it's current form. As it is I barely play DD's anymore due to the amount of radar so this is just making things worse. Please fix this guys. I may only be a mediocre player but I've really enjoyed the last four odd years of this game and I'm not ready to move on to something else yet,
  15. Terkoz

    Your very first Premium was?

    Murmansk was my very first because I was playing lots of Russian ships at the time. Have always enjoyed sailing it and it has been a very reliable ship. I've even bought the bloody thing twice. Once on the SEA server where I started and again when I moved to here.