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  1. Terkoz

    First Sign of the Apocalypse...

    Okay that happened to me too on the 15th. I was in the DM and the Wooster too which made it even more painful. I must admit it killed the mood for me and I only played one more game that night.
  2. Terkoz

    So, we alread back to normal?

    Nope not back to normal. It's just that this is supposed to be part of my relaxation and there is only so much effort I am willing to put into fighting for it. WG has proven they don't care what we think and at this point we are only left with arguing with the white knighters which is pointless. You may as well try to change a bots mind as one of those guys. The last couple of weeks my Clan has been getting into Elite Dangerous and really enjoying it. I will still play Warships every so often. But between CV's, Radar, HE spamming clouds etc, etc, etc I am just getting less and less enjoyment out of WoW.I sincerely hope things change but I doubt it.
  3. Terkoz

    My take on the PR scandal.

    In all seriousness I have been wondering that too. I have never seen anyone go to such effort to try and twist the facts to excuse a companies misdeeds. There is no way he doesn't get what the real issue is. He just keeps parroting the same debunked arguments over and over again. In all honesty it is the white knights keeping this whole topic going. It is them trying to misrepresent what is happening that is forcing people here to defend the truth over and over. This thread would have finished long ago but for that.
  4. Terkoz

    My take on the PR scandal.

    I too am out of plus ones although this post deserves a plus ten. WG you should all read the quoted post and take it to heart as it is exactly how a lot of your customers feel. And no amount of shill posts is going to change peoples feelings about all this. Spinning the bad press as nothing but the bleating of entitled crybabies didn't work for the recent Ghostbuster's nor the last Star Wars so please give up on this tactic. Hell the lead white knight here I swear went to the Kellyanne school of PR. Keep spouting the same [edited] take on the issue until that's all thats left on the topic. [edit] wow I self edited with initials and the forum even edited that.. that's hilarious..[/edit]
  5. Ohhhh man you have made me want the Thunderer even more now. I love the Zao.. one of my favorite ships and I am very mediocre in BBs. I have enough coal to get it once my coupons renew sometime on the 26th.
  6. Sorry but this one sentence just destroyed your posts credibility. The storm over the PR had absolutely nothing to do people not getting a free ship. And frankly I suspect you already know that and are just looking for a way to knock the player base. I've seen enough posts by you to know you are smart enough to see what all this is about.
  7. Terkoz

    About to be pink

    Look inside the directory of your game and you should find a sub directory called "replays". Each replay file name has the date and name of the ship and map. Just upload the one in question. "C:\Games\World_of_WarshipsNA\replays"
  8. Terkoz

    2 Double Strikes in 1 Battle.

    Yeah that was my bad. I didn't pay any attention to his name which would have shown what he was.
  9. Terkoz

    2 Double Strikes in 1 Battle.

    Wow.. seriously man you really need to wait until you've played more of the game before you make comments like that. You only have 139 battles. Seriously mate you haven't even scratched the surface of the game yet. Wait until you start seeing the bazillion ships with radar and you won't think smoke clouds the haven you currently think they are. Also you haven't even tried playing destroyers yet. Once you do you will see for yourself just how hard it is to hit people who only seem to sail in straight lines in CC videos. ;) Don't forget you are firing weapons at where you hope a ship is going to be in a minute or so's time. Not as easy as you think.
  10. Terkoz

    2 Double Strikes in 1 Battle.

    Impressive work sir.. doubly so if you did it both times with torps.. well done.
  11. Seriously mate I have. The vast majority of your posts are defending WG or promoting it in some way. I have been noticing it for months now I only just commented on it though as you seem to be making a serious job of it lately. The main reason I brought it up though is due to comments of yours like the second one in the post I quoted. You are being extremely disingenuous. Companies back tracking due to boycotts are happening more and more these days and can affect the biggest of companies. It is the average persons only real way of protesting and you going on about how it never achieves anything so why bother putting yourself out is a sneaky way of discouraging people. Oh and Bassmasta I am being civil. Pointing out something you believe to be wrong is not being uncivil. I am not attacking anyone for not joining the boycott at all. I do take issue though with using lies to discourage it.
  12. Have you ever made a post that wasn't either defending or promoting WG? Seriously man if you are not already being paid by them you should be. None of their representatives work as hard for them as you do. 'As for the half price premium I would normally be right on it but not anymore. My wallet is staying closed until WG corrects their ways. If that's never so be it.
  13. Definitely the Atago.. it's a good all round ship with good guns and relatively forgiving armor. I recently bought one for a friend of mines birthday who shall we say is not the best at this game and even he is able to make it work and he is having real fun with it.
  14. Terkoz

    I will not be buying premium anymore

    Wow.... Do yourself a favor and read a few threads. You have completely missed the point of what is going on here.
  15. Yep you are spot on. As you mentioned no one with any business sense would spend so much resources for such a small percentage of their player base. What I suspect happened is the powers that be said "make it so hard they have no choice but to buy their way out of it" and then assigned the task to someone who doesn't play the game properly and didn't realize he was taking it to such an extreme that blind freddy could see what the goal was. Either that or they gave the task to someone who did know what they were doing and has a conscience and made it so extreme that we couldn't miss what was going on.