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  1. I have enough free xp to get it but I've decided not to. It would cost 750k for a down tiered Yamato however I could spend 500k of it and have the Yamato itself as I am currently on the Amagi. I have the Atago so I don't need an ijn trainer and my Missouri will help me keep afloat credit wise. I'm not great with BB's but I am enjoying the Amagi so I will just keep going with it. If the Izumo is as bad as I hear I might use some of that XP to skip it but knowing I could have the Yamato if I really wanted it makes it easy to resist the Musashi. Well after making 20 mil in credits first that is.
  2. It has nothing to do with the resolution. It has started happening to me too since the last patch after running for two years on the same res. It's just a window positioning error which the developers will be able to fix pretty easily once they are made aware of it.
  3. Division window

    Absolutely I agree. Played with a couple of mates last night and I was forced to constantly move the new window around to get at what was underneath. It just worked before there was no need to change it.
  4. Neptune Sucks

    I unlocked mine a couple of days ago. It is just like the other ships that have very situational strengths. Until you work out how to sail her she feels under powered but once you start to learn how to use her she can put out some serious damage. She works best blapping broadside enemy from smoke so you need to stick relatively close to your team for them to spot for you. Your smokes recharge quite quickly so there is not a huge down time. Even though there are more Battleships than Cruisers these days that doesn't stop you doing damage. Aiming at their superstructure I have been able to consistently get between 2 - 5k damage per salvo which at the Neptune's rate of fire mounts up fast. This more than makes up for not setting fires as they can't just repair most of the damage that you do. Yep the armor is weak but like most cruisers you need to sail her in a way to avoid being hit in the first place. And even if you do the heal is actually quite impressive. Her engines are also a joy. You build momentum very quickly and so far I have managed to get out of the way of every torpedo salvo sent into my smoke. She keeps her speed well during turns as well. I'm quite enjoying her so far and if the Minotaur is even better then I can't wait to get it. And once I cure myself of the really stupid habit of getting a teeny bit too focused and sailing out of the smoke (even with the 20% boost) then I will do even better at it. Give her a bit of time to learn her quirks and I think you may like her too.
  5. I get this every second or third time I start the game. What I have also been getting the last month or so is when I start the game the first time i click on it anywhere on the screen the game minimizes but once I bring it up again you can click on the login button. Add to that one crash every other night. Plus a wierd glitch yesterday when all the modules displayed under the primary line belonged to the Saint-Louis no matter which ship was selected. That one took a restart to fix. What has happened to the quality control department lately? I've been playing the game since Closed Beta and it's always been rock solid until recently.
  6. Great to hear.. Thanks
  7. I was a little worried they would be over used but it hasn't turned out that way. They are worth keeping but the ho ho ho every time was a mistake. That's the only bit that gets irritating. They should remove that as soon as possible.
  8. I don't see it as a problem to be honest. Most players don't bother with the forums so where else can they advertise their clan. A single "XXX clan is recruiting.. we are after XXXXX" at the start of the match is harmless and might be of use to someone looking for a clan. If they were spamming the chat it could be a problem but a single post is not an issue, Since clans have started up I think I have seen a total of 5 or 6 calls for members so its not an epidemic. And I've had three or four invites pop up once I've gotten back to port which I've just replied "Thanks but no thanks to". There is nothing malicious in any of this so we shouldn't be getting worried about it.
  9. Wow... just wow.. this is the fastest I have gone from "YAY" to "Get stuffed". I have enough camo's and flags now to last me to the day the servers are switched off. Rightly or wrongly this move just rubbed me the wrong way. I spend enough on this game as it is and this just feels like a cheap move. I'll just make do with the premium time I have left. Which is still decent anyway.
  10. Dear Santa

    Santa, I'm not so selfish as to ask you to remove CV's from the game but if you could arrange it so that they are never in the same match as me I would be forever in your debt.
  11. Dammit,, this thread used up all of my upvotes. Way to go guys. This is exactly the sort of shot in the arm the game needs. There has been way too much negativity around lately that needs to take a rest. If more people took this sort of attitude there would be a lot more fun had in game. Not that the atmosphere in game is terrible I hasten to add. Maybe it's just the times I play (I'm in Australia) but I find there are a lot more decent people than jerks in the games I've been in.
  12. I just looked and I have 6 which is twice as many as I was expecting. So one every 456 battles. I would have more but um errrr well, you see ............. okay I got nothing.
  13. Belfast without a doubt. Eats DD's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I once rounded an island in mine into a cap to find three red DD's in it. 60 butt clenching seconds later only my Belfast remained alive. I would never sell this ship. Even with the recent smoke firing nerf.
  14. I had the same reaction as many here did. I went in hoping for the half price yearly premium and came away empty handed.
  15. Bug fixes, new features and new ships are great. I like how often WG adds to the game. My only small gripe is when they do it and how long it takes. Wednesday and Friday nights are the two times a week I play this game with mates and this week that has been stuffed because it happens right during our peak playing times for Australia. It being the NA server I know they have to do it to fit their peak playing times so I know there's no point asking them to change it. That doesn't stop it being a little frustrating though. I wouldn't mind it though if they decided to stagger the patch times a little though so it wasn't always us losing out.