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  1. lol .. I've seen more than enough posts from you to know you are not that stupid... the number of posts he's made is irrelevant. He is letting WG know not you which of course you already knew. Any excuse for a put down. Stuff it.. lives too short, move over Astto I'm joining you. Too many decent games out there to waste any more time here. This has long stopped being fun. Moving on.....
  2. To be honest I don't think I have ever been detonated from a CV's torpedo. Not even once. And I've been hit by those buggers far more than I've ever been struck by a dd's torps. Are you sure that they can?
  3. Terkoz

    The rise of the aggressive DD player

    Watched your video and frankly agreed with everything you said. Played last night with my div mate and we were honestly about done with the game towards the end of the evening. Every gorram match was all Thunderers and Yamatos and if we were in BB's we had to move in to reach the long range red ships sitting at the back of their spawn so we got focused. I tried my Wooster for a couple of matches but to hit anything I literally had to move to the caps and fight amongst the islands which actually was sort of fun but meant for brief matches. We were about ready to quit the game for good when we moved down to T7 and dds. There we actually had a little more fun although we were playing more aggressively than was wise as we were in Akatsuki's so knife fights were ending as you'd expect.(I'm only a mediocre player). We both came to the conclusion that brawling dd's were the only via route for fun so the timing of your video was perfect for us. Frankly I'm moving on to Star Citizen but I will still play a few matches a week here although we will have to focus our playstyle to really enjoy it. Which saddens us as we have both been playing weekly since closed beta.
  4. There is indeed kill stealing. I'm sure everyone here has experienced this. You are in a one on one battle with a red ship. You have gotten him down to 500 health... one more salvo needed. And shells from one, two or even three other directions come out of nowhere to kill him. Now I get the logic that preventing a last salvo from a dying ship can be worthwhile however what about all the damage not being done to the enemy by those ships sitting waiting for the right moment to fire at the dying one.
  5. Totally agree with this. I've fired torps at full health BB's trying to save friendly cruisers etc that are not likely to survive the encounter but at the same time are put at risk by my torps. Sometimes the outcome doesn't come out as planned and you take out either both or just your team mate. In those cases I've always profusely apologised and explained why I fired and almost without exception the team mate has forgiven me. This is a rare occurrence of course. I am only talking about a handful of times. But things like this do happen.
  6. So it's going to cost me 1.2 mill extra cxp to have the same number of free points to use per captain? Cool..... I've got about 1.5 million captain xp and 4 or 5 19 pointers. I will upgrade my most used captain and have one or two less points to use for the rest of them. I will not be spending a cent on this and will just make do. Hold on.. that's a point. If they are not going to automatically reset each captain what happens when you no longer have the points to have the current skills your captains already have? For example every single ship of mine uses PT which is now more expensive. Are they going to give me the extra point to keep my current skills or are they going to deactivate a later skill as I no longer have enough points for it?
  7. God can you be more shameless? Few outside the forums would have the faintest clue what is happening regarding the skills rework. This is no longer 2020 buddy.. constantly repeating a lie no longer means it is true.
  8. Terkoz

    Random and wrong way bot torp launches increasing

    Yep this is definitely happening. A few days ago I was clearing my snowflakes in coop and had a friendly bot fire torps back towards two of us. They missed but only just. There were no enemy even close to the direction he fired.
  9. Terkoz

    Tier VIII cruisers

    Fair enough I wasn't familiar with him. Will know next time.
  10. Terkoz

    Tier VIII cruisers

    And there you go again. I didn't state my preference one way or the other. Life's too short to waste time arguing with people who make up facts to suit themselves. I think I'll just put you back under the bridge where you belong .. ta ta..
  11. Terkoz

    Tier VIII cruisers

    Wow ..gas lighting much? He's not asking to be top tiered all the time. He just wants even matches. You're really going out of your way to make him look bad there mate.. Did your missus look at your browsing history today or something?
  12. Terkoz

    WG please take notice

    No mate you did fine. This is just another case of it's easier to attack the messenger than his message.
  13. Terkoz

    Very High Win Rate Question

    As has been mentioned Div'ing up doesn't always improve your stats. Over the last couple of years I've played about 80% of my games teamed up with Kiwirat and we are roughly equal in skill and we both hover around the 50% win rate mark when solo. However our win rate when we division seems to drop to around the 47 to 48% mark which confuses the hell out of me because it feels at least to me as if I am playing as well if not better when div'd. We've both also spent a lot of time focusing on specific ships and tiers to get better and I think we have.. it just doesn't seem to be reflected in our WR. Oh well.. at least we are having fun. :)
  14. They can take a very long time to turn up I'm afraid. I did it yesterday morning and got nothing but it suddenly appeared while I was playing last night. So it took me about 10 hours or so to receive it. After all that is was nothing but bloody camo's which I already have thousands of but it did finally arrive.
  15. Hmmm linked everything, followed all the steps... and got... nothing.. what a rigmarole.. oh well.