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  1. The whole point of them putting out early footage of gameplay is to get feedback and help then determine what will be liked and what won't. You are complaining about people doing exactly what WG wants which is providing them feedback.
  2. There's a time limit you have to do it in too??? If true just extra encouragement to finish off with FXP once time starts running out I imagine. Starting the same content from scratch is not new content. I will be passing.
  3. Terkoz

    Why are top clans so toxic...??

    I must admit I do find the people here with that attitude highly amusing. I mean since when did being really good at a video game actually mean anything outside of these forums? Has anyone ever gone into a job interview and boasted that they were a unicum at WoW? Did a girl ever put out once informed that a guy was a professional CSGO player? Did a Psychiatrist ever commit someone for a personality disorder because they didn't take the time to learn where the citadels are on a Neptune?
  4. Terkoz

    Zao worth the grind?

    The Zao is my favorite ship by far. Great concealment and very strong guns. It's HE shells can take out great chunks from BB's at longish distance and it's excellent AP can do real damage to any ship that gives you broadside. Even her torpedoes are a little more functional than most of those on cruisers. Like all cruisers you have to be mindful of what's aiming at you but her maneuverability and reasonable armor mean she is quite effective in open water which for me at least is much more fun than hugging islands. Late game she is also effective enough to move in and help mop up remaining ships.
  5. Terkoz

    WG Birthday Code

    Still works.. many thanks.
  6. I think it helps not caring if you get anything or not. For reason's I refuse to pay good amounts of money to play something that will be free in a couple of weeks so I honestly didn't expect anything but I managed to get the T5 mission on third or fourth of the free crates.
  7. Terkoz

    Worst Premium ship in game

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the Duca D'osa yet. It's the only premium I've ever regretted. Drives like a dream but it fires melted marshmallows. You''ll end a match sweating after all the ducking and diving and look at your damage counter and think it got stuck after the first minute.
  8. Terkoz

    Premium Ship Review #130: Bayard

    Thanks for the review LWM. I was waiting on this as I could do with a new cruiser to play. However this one is going to be a pass. The deal breaker is the range. T8 has to be at least reasonable in T10 matches these days and as I don't really enjoy the hide behind island style play this one isn't for me. Thanks madam.. you just saved me $66.88 AUD.
  9. Terkoz

    Critical insults

    Says he's not elitist then in the next sentence says this. My god man you have my respect. Getting around with a chip that size on ones shoulder is a herculean task. Oh no.. I think I just disagreed with him. That must mean I have a crippling psychological defect. I will commit myself forthwith. By the way sir. Please do me a solid and stop creating new accounts. I'm not sure what the upper limit of my ban list is and I wouldn't want to go over it.
  10. Terkoz

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    Some good feedback here guys thanks. You have saved me wasting some precious coal. I was seriously considering the Yoshino but I already have the Zao and I like the fact that late game I can move in with her to help mop up. Long distance kiting is all well and good but the Zao can do that too.
  11. Terkoz

    Clans sinc dropping??

    In all honesty this really isn't the problem you suspect it is. I've sync dropped with clan mates before and every time the main goal was to sink my mates on the other side not help them win. Hell not that anyone has but even if a clan mate suggested the idea he would get his butt well and truly chewed out because it goes against everything most gamers aim for. As one of the founders/leaders of our clan I've had dealings with quite a few different clans over the last decade and every single one of them had strict no cheating rules and would never tolerate something like that. Look closely next time you see something like this happen and I would put money on the likelihood you see both divisions trying to sink each other for bragging rights.
  12. Terkoz

    Confess, have you ever

    Yep I may or may not have done this once or thrice. I also did Yashma's trick. I was wondering why the hell my Zao was so damned sluggish and slow to respond when it dawned on me I was in my Yamato.
  13. Terkoz

    Karma takes a dive if you do this...

    Karma may not effect anything or have any real tangible meaning but I can't be the only person who gets a small buzz when someone complements you after match for doing well? Maybe for the unicums it happens often enough to not really be noticed but for us mere mortals ;) it's nice when our fellow players acknowledge when we have worked hard for something. In which case it's not entirely meaningless then is it? So to lose one of those points for no good reason can be mildly irritating. Not enough to lose any sleep over or get actually upset but enough so that we notice it.
  14. Terkoz

    Karma takes a dive if you do this...

    I don't get what has gotten over the player base lately. Over this last week I have lost 7 Karma points and I can only explain one of them. One guy was abusing the team for throwing the match with stupid play (we won btw) and I did tell good naturedly to chill so I was expecting a hit there but the rest were bog standard games. I know the points are meaningless but I must admit my div mate and I have been spending time going over previous matches trying to work out how we might have effended someone just for the sheer randomness of it.