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  1. Atago or Kidd???

    I don't have the Kidd but I can back up the others that the Atago is an excellent ship. The guns are a shorter range than I would like but they hit very hard and are accurate. The ship itself has good concealment and is maneuverable enough to get into position and angled well her hull seemed pretty decent too. I'm only an average player but in the last two ranked seasons I found her a really useful and capable ship. Easily one of my best premiums.
  2. Super Tester Emails - Error

    Oh poop.. it's an error? I got that email too and checked all my accounts and found no such ships. I play primarily on the NA server but I also have an account on the SEA one as well as a recently created EU account.
  3. Yeah it was almost instant here too. It was there in my port in the time it took me to alt tab back to the game. Something went wrong for you unfortunately.
  4. What can I say but LOL

    I agree with you it was a very bad idea to allow switching. You will always have those people who will bail to the winning side if possible which will just result in an even bigger imbalance. Unless of course they were only allowing the better players the chance to move to strengthen the weaker side. I don't think that is the case though as I have had the offer to switch two or three times. I chose Sharks because I thought it being an American server most people would lean towards Eagles and I am a sucker for the underdog. Oooops.
  5. What Flags do you Fly?

    The Military Month flag on ships that can only hold one. The second flag varies ship to ship. I would use the CBT one but I was playing on the Asian server during that time so I don't have access to it on my main account.
  6. I have gotten both recently and while I am still coming to grips with them I am thoroughly enjoying them. If I want to get #$@% done I bring out the DM and if I am in a good mood I bring out the Woo. You have to be more careful in the Woo and try to be either unseen or have the enemy too busy to bother with you but man does she spit out some shells. I have to tell my clan mate to not talk to me while I am firing as I won't be able to hear him. Also she is good for when you get yourself in one of those "oh god, not getting out of this one" times where you can give the enemy a brown pants moment or two while they are hurriedly trying to finish you off to stop all those shells coming at them. Getting the DM first is a wise move but still get the Woo. You won't regret it.
  7. Switching torpedo view

    It is supposed to be C but personally I find that it doesn't work 80% of the time. For a few months pressing it did nothing but as of two patches ago it started working again. I've no idea why.
  8. This is where I don't get some of the responses in this thread. Surely the enjoyment comes from sailing your ship around the islands, surprising an enemy with a well aimed salvo or torpedoes, coming out on top after a fierce skirmish, dancing through 50 torpedoes unscathed, coming across five of the enemy and getting away alive... all of which can happen in a losing match. If the only happiness comes when you see the word Victory on the scoreboard at the end then maybe this is the wrong diversion for you. Either that or you are looking at it wrong. A win should be the icing on the cake. Not the whole desert.
  9. Definitely winning over doing damage however that isn't the primary factor for me. I know to some people the idea of "having fun" is almost a taboo suggestion but that's my yardstick for a nights gaming. I enjoy winning and actively fight for that every match but that isn't the be all for me. I would rather a losing a match that was hard fought with nail biting tension between two even teams than being on the right side of a slaughter. This game is my primary hobby. I love the atmosphere and the immersion of the game play. Losing streaks are frustrating for obvious reasons but as long as I feel like I am contributing positively to a match I can still enjoy it despite the outcome. I'm not saying I don't get frustrated with how bad some teams can be at times but frankly I'd rather have hopeless team mates than toxic losers who think it is alright to abuse other people over a computer game. Fortunately the decent people in this game far out number the bad. Otherwise why would anyone bother joining in?
  10. WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    Yes this was my thinking too. I want to support Dasha but I think a contrary part of me generally makes me lean towards the underdog.
  11. I would chose the Zao but I think I would also lose interest if stuck to only one. I can't even stick to one ship for a single session let alone forever.
  12. For the next T9 FXP ship can we please just have a normal Cruiser? Pretty please? The reason I enjoy cruisers so much is that I know if I miss it's just my own fault not RNG screwing with me. To me a Battlecruiser is just the thin armor of a CA with the drunk shells of a BB. A high tiered money maker for us pew pew guys would be most appreciated.
  13. I don't think I am going to manage this one. I would have to get every remaining one left to manage it and the coming week I'm going to be too busy to play enough games. It will probably be the first I've missed though so I'm not too fussed. I've won the ship once before and didn't like it so I am only doing it because I'm a little bit retentive that way. I would only sell the ship and I don't need the slot. I somehow have 35 free slots anyway and I swear I have only ever bought about 15 or so over the years.
  14. Yubari-yay or nay

    I have her and enjoy using her when I need to help friends get through T4 but I'm not sure I would waste resources like coal on her though. I'd save up for something T7'ish. :)
  15. How do you spec your captain? Do you use IFHE? I'm finding that she handles nicely but the damage totals at the end of each match are very anemic.