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  1. Drigtol

    Why can't I auction my NA and EU accounts?

    Very well, I shall wait for the next update and then make a proper judgment ... After that we shall see!
  2. I'm really not happy with what I consider to be OP (Aircraft Carriers) CVs, I have mentioned this many times to many ppl (Even World of Warships on Twitter) and some have seen for themselves what I have said: My AA reduced and repeated attacks of torps, bombs, rockets, (while avoiding DD torps, BB Shells and Cruisers HE) until I'm sunk, it not mattering if I'm close to my team or alone, in simple terms if a Aircraft Carrier Captain wants to sink you he will, so leaving you with one option sitting in the bottom or top corner of the map until it's your time/turn to sink. About three times my BBs were Destroyed by 1 - 2 bombs! I have paid real cash money for ships and items in this game both EU and NA also some friends did buy a number of expensive items, I would like some of that cash returned so I may repay my friends for their nice thoughts ... In real life if people buy an item then it is considered their property and are allowed to do with it as they wish, so if Wargaming are not prepared to return a resonable amount, I feel I should be allowed to auction my Accounts. I will not argue this matter (Though I know there will be abuse given, from experience - even a simple question on EU forums did get the same) so will await Wargamings decision on this matter which I hope will not take long as I may choose to make my own on how to proceed.