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  1. OG_Dester

    Did all ships get AA buff from CV rework ?

    So they nerfed the range, no overlapping zones, loss of effectiveness when combining ships AAs, easily avoidable flak, near useless defensive fire consumable, near useless modules ,and near useless Captain skills for AA. Fighter planes also got a huge beat down. Both in number of charges (from 6-8 to 2 in most cases) The biggest effect was to again panic squads much like DF, so that to is gone. If that wasn't' enough there is a giant circle saying hey just avoid me for 60 seconds then you can go attack that ship at your leisure marker on the mini map. So no. AA did not get buffed. It got nerf HARD with no lube.
  2. OG_Dester

    So can someone explain to me

    How about giving us back the number of fighters we had pre-rework. My Yamato went from 6 down to 2. W... T... F... ? Its the one i noticed the most, but im sure other ships lost number of consumable fighters also.
  3. OG_Dester

    CVs and matchmaker (dev commentary)

    The MM will still drop you after 5 min in a game even if your not mirrored 1v1 per ship types EXCEPT CVs. Also they stated that they want THREE other ships (at a min) to match up with a CV or they consider it to advantageous to the non CVs. How is that not over powered?
  4. OG_Dester

    CVs and matchmaker (dev commentary)

    To sum up, CVs are still so over powered that they must be match 1v1 and will totally dominate any other ship type(s) in the game. So balance the CVs so they don't have to be matched 1v1. Problem solved.
  5. OG_Dester

    F der Grobe secondaries

    Im currently grinding thru the FDG right now. I went a hybrid 2nd + survivable build (still a few pts from 19 on the capt). Get manual 2nds before range, and you NEED the fire prevention. Then I try to survive till mid game where i can bully my way into caps. With the 406s loaded w/ HE, 2nds and Hydro I can reliably kill or at least drive off enemy DDs. Target priority should be cruisers. Only switch to DDs if they are less then 6K range or the only target in range. 6K+ you just aren't going to hit them for anything worth while. They will absolutely melt cruisers especially if you catch them at any angle except bow on. BBs are a lot of pretty numbers and hits but over all, your better targeting something else unless at max range.
  6. OG_Dester

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    Funny how people say "rock paper scissors" DD need to counter BBs and not get deleted by them. Yet are fine w/ cruisers hiding behind an island burning BBs to the water line. And speaking of being burnt to the water line. BBs should not just use 1 all mighty ammo type... yet are fine with most DDs and cruisers never switching from HE. They even made it stupid OP w/ IFHE. Look at Ops and Co-op, i can't remember the last time i saw a bot CA/CL/DD use AP. DDs already have no citadel so the max a BB can hope to do to a DD is only 33% damage to begin with (yes fix the double dipping). They are the hardest targets to hit, both in size and maneuverability, get smoke, and have the best concealment in game. Are the only class that can damage another class in open water /w out being detected. (yes i know some cruisers can in theory do the same, and some DDs can not). While this change is going to be bad at high tiers, it will be devastating at low teirs where DDs can already Yolo a BB w/ little to fear from it. Its only hope was to stick 1 of its wildly inaccurate shells in a DDs face as it charged. That hope is now going to be gone. With the HE spam meta being pushed hard (Brit BBs, US CLs, and just about everything since). The game has become much less fun, particularly high teir BBs. If Wargaming wanted BBs to be even MORE timid, or flat out extinct, and hug the back line. I guess they are going to get their wish w/ this change. PS, BB HE works very poorly vs DDs as its modules soak a lot of damage. so unless your pretty much at point blank range and you know your going to stick 6+ shells into a DD, often your better getting your crappy 10% over pin damage anyway
  7. OG_Dester

    Do DOTs need a rework?

    They already admitted fire was broken when they reduced the fire duration on DD and cruisers to 30 seconds. Full fire prevent spec (aka i have every skill/ module that reduces fire time/ chance) on my MO w/ 19 pt capt and I will consistently get set on fire (often 2 in one volley) from some ships with their first salvo. That is a problem. Add to the fact that HE will nibble away at HPs as well as start the fires and its a double wammy, especially ships like the IJN cruisers or British BBs. Then there is the flood problem, you lose 10-20k hps off a torp with a good chance to get a flood going. That flood will chew down ~60% of your hps on a full duration meaning extinguishing any fire(s) is very risky. Torps become a "threat in being" so to speak that will allow fires to cause far more damage then they otherwise would. HE and their fires are annoying, not fun and unbalanced in their current state. Flooding is just downright stupid. Dester
  8. OG_Dester

    Narai, is something up???

    I have noticed some other odd things. Like my planes suddenly being panicked like they were under the effects of defensive fire when only an Iron Duke was around (no fighters and the fort we destroyed) and a Nicholas another. Very end of the mission, only a CO left. guns are pointing away from me and no way they rotate to me as i speed broad side to him in my Myoko at 4km. Suddlenly eat ~25k damage like i ate a broadside (no way 2nds did that)
  9. OG_Dester

    Can we do something about Cancerqueror

    Everyone keeps saying its an easy kill if you focus fire.. tell me what ship is NOT easy to kill if your focus fire. Add to that a stupid large heal and a citadel that is next to impossible to reach. HE that can take off 15-20K damage AND start 1-3 fires, then do it again 30 sec later. Oh did we mention is has one of the best BB concealment in the game too? It quite literally had no weakness (AA don't count). She is full of stupid OP gimmicks that makes her a pain in the [edited]to fight. Maybe a DD can snipe her with torps 1v1, but not w/ out giving ground (caps) to try it. No other ship can fight her 1v1 w/ similar player / captain skills. That is a problem.