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  1. Got 2 Premiums, Collingwood and the Italian CV whose name escapes me lol
  2. Got a Forrest Sherman just yesterday in my UU Gearing, out spotted him as we were both reversing in the cap and over the next 3 minutes my team killed him while he dodged my torps and I kept him spotted. Not sure HE felt so overpowered, but everything is situational.
  3. Roadrider7021

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    It's not to say that subs weren't present in early 20th century combat and therefore shouldn't be represented, but rather that the genuflections necessary to implement a fragile, slow, but powerful combatant that completely relied on stealth to be successful in a game about active surface combat is what is crazy. Subs can do like 20+ knots underwater ( Nautilus anyone?), take several major caliber rounds to sink, fire 80 knot torpedoes that are guided no less, and more or less maintain their stealth with impunity. And they are balanced. They actually are for the most part. But the game play just feels arbitrary if you're on the receiving end, like there is just nothing you can do if a half decent player is in that sub, which is where the game becomes an arcade sub simulator instead of a game about ship to ship combat.
  4. Roadrider7021

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Add Mountbatten in there viz a viz the last 24 hrs.
  5. Roadrider7021

    YouTube says NO to Subs

  6. Plan on doing my usual January/February break after the Holiday push for loot/snowflakes. Subs have me wound up a bit, I don't comment on them at all to anybody outside the Clan but yeah, looking forward to all the new stuff out there.
  7. Roadrider7021

    78th anniversary of Samar

    Lol Yessir, agree.
  8. Roadrider7021

    Velos ??

    Yeah, stupid me got all the bundles up to the ship and then incredulously stared at the full price on my screen ($80), thinking the 20k dubs was just script or something from an announcement. Nope, can only blame myself for my own ignorance, but dang, this is a bit of a greedy company nowadays.
  9. Roadrider7021

    2 t8 cv in any match is just stupid !

    Cool to see the 3 namesakes from the Yorktowns lost earlier in the war in the foreground.
  10. Roadrider7021

    IJN Maya: A cheaper Atago?

    You can compare stats of course, but I'll just give you some playstyle/tier feels. Atago is the OG kiter, flexible, can stealth torp, wears down the enemy and can brawl too with those forward torps angles but mostly is a kiting mid to long ranger. Maya can kite and HE burn targets too but with slightly shorter range albeit a tier lower and one less heal, not quite as well over all. It does have a nasty ace up it's sleeve, but one you have to be careful playing, and that is a rush/brawl capability. With some angled tankiness and F3 torps as well as the ever reliable IJN 8" rounds, Maya can pull off some amazing close range play. I'd say either way, you'll have fun! Enjoy.
  11. Roadrider7021

    USS Prinz Eugen?

    The US and British actually considered the Hippers to be inefficient designs relative to their tonnages, if there was any thought given to using her other than for Bikini, it was likely a quick meeting lol. Spot on Slayer.
  12. Kidding ofc, just crossing my fingers and praying over my eight ball. NO, not that eight ball.
  13. The current camo and economic process was just terrible, we need to replace it! Can we do it tomorrow, if possible?
  14. Roadrider7021

    Crazy Fun

    Have you been pulling that Tiger '59 into Ranked? ;) Done a couple with mine, 50/50.
  15. Roadrider7021

    I Just Got Borodino In A Supercontainer, And...

    Borodino is a bit of monster for me (as in what it does to the red team), easily my strongest T8 BB, by stats anyway.