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  1. Roadrider7021

    Graf Zeppelin is dying

    GZ objectively speaking is not a strong CV right now, totally agree OP. And building a CV for secondaries is oxymoronic unless it's strictly a meme.
  2. Roadrider7021

    Best Petro/Stali counter in CB

    MVR, preferred CV right now does more damage to the armor profile of Hindy? Neither ship would heal citadel damage well from the bombs but I'm getting that Goliath is generally more resilient to air attack.
  3. Roadrider7021

    Best Petro/Stali counter in CB

    Ok, hadn't considered that, good point.
  4. Roadrider7021

    Best Petro/Stali counter in CB

    Why Goliath 1v1 as opposed to Hindy 1v1? Is it forward torp angle or something? Also curious about Goliath range modded. Seems to be the answer for randoms and in CB, range is usually king but Goliath dpm falls down pretty far without the reload module. Goliath must be tanking/healing for preference over Hindy.
  5. Roadrider7021

    Best Petro/Stali counter in CB

    Lol. Hey whatever works I say. Cool comp, I'm guessing IFHE on the Smols and Colberts for bow and stern pens.
  6. Been experimenting with Goliath, Hindy, and Puerto Rico. So far I like Hindy best but does everybody think? I really like Goliath and want it to be her but so far Spotter plane Hindy with reload has been really strong. Lutjens may be skewing things slightly lol (at least in randoms).
  7. Roadrider7021

    Buyer beware: USS Oklahoma

    Thanks for keeping the community in mind. I know it must be tough to tread a line, given the folks at WG you like and have good relations with. They should know, as we all should, that this is a great game and CC's like you only make it better for the rest of us. I have gladly parted with a good deal of cash for these very reasons. Thanks again Lert and Mouse.
  8. Roadrider7021

    Petro requires nerf bat.

    Nerf bat entreaties require nerf bat.
  9. Roadrider7021

    Pulled out the Conqueror and She Still has It

    UU works super well for me, ship seems strong with it. Had my HIV out the other day and was in a good solid disagreement/ running gunfight with a totally HE firing Conqueror. I noticed when I was next dropped by the CV NOTHING happened. I thought I had my AA switched off but no, the Conqueror had stripped every last living piece of AA off my ship, I think a first in 30k games. Not a single tracer, nothing. Poor flak crews holy moly.
  10. Roadrider7021

    Buyer beware: USS Oklahoma

    Thanks Lert and do very much appreciate this.
  11. Roadrider7021

    How does Republique do on a secondary build?

    Generally speaking it does damage, it sets fires, the main guns don't suffer too horribly from the module switch, but the ship itself doesn't like to be stuck in at secondary range and beaten like a drum from anything that fires HE at it. Half of what makes German secondary builds work is the extra deck and upper belt armor that German BB's have; Ohio, Massachusetts and Georgia have their 38mm middle decks as well to help mitigate the spam secondary BB's WILL endure.
  12. Roadrider7021

    Petro buff?

  13. Roadrider7021

    Kansas - Awful -

    For the sake of fairness, let me preface my comments by saying I'm 4-0 in the Kansas. However, the ship feels pretty weak. The entry point flares allow additional overmatches, the gunnery feels pretty anemic. I backed up to the Colorado, and THAT felt like a breath of fresh air.
  14. IFHE for German BB's that already pen 26/37 mm with their secondaries have never made sense to me. You set half the fires, you already pen at least the superstructure without it, and at close range, secondaries target the center lower mass of the target, ie. the belt which on most ships you're not getting through anyway.
  15. Roadrider7021

    Countering CVs in Randoms

    Specifically on Des Moines and Worcester, a Des Moines bow into an island gives me a possible mountain shield to use (AA) and he allows me to fit the whole reticle of my bombers on his hull, totally worth the 3-4 planes it will cost. An open water Des Moines almost always turns across my reticle causing me to land only 1 or 2 bombs and he usually wrecks half my planes. Torps same, rockets are generally more reliable but do less damage. So yeah, DM AA is for real but situational. Worcesters almost always give me a headache.