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  1. Well, selling USS Johnston is as good as a done deal for me; it could be a $70 tier 4 with tier 7 match making and I'd be trying to make it work somehow. In fact, USS Johnston should be sold as an under dog, if only in utter tribute to the Captain and crew.
  2. Roadrider7021

    Holly molly thank you Wargaming!!

  3. You Sir, are the Ralph Nader of your generation. You GO boi, and don't let them tell you that gas heaters in Corvairs are safe or that pilot's lives matter in this game.
  4. Roadrider7021

    Why Lexington ?

    It's nuanced to say the least. Rejoice at the victory and a Pearl Harbor vet getting her comeuppance, sadness for the humanity and they were men serving their country as well.
  5. Roadrider7021

    Why Lexington ?

    Moving post Haze, thank you very much.
  6. Roadrider7021

    Is Musashi best for earning credits after MO??

    Personally I like Kii with Kobayashi camo, definitely my 2nd best silver earner after MO. Beer can Roma then Kutuzov (3rd and 4th respectively).
  7. SE on a cruiser can make sense. If you're getting like 10% more hp and 10% more out of your heals, it makes about as much or more sense as taking Top Grade Gunner which buffs your rate of fire ONLY at concealment range and in, AND costs 4 points. If you're looking for a home for those 3 out of 20 or 21, why not. On ships with over 50-55k base though, starts to be a bit of de minimis returns...
  8. Roadrider7021

    Bearn CV Fighter Build

    Vindicators was what her air groups were supposed to be (bomber wise) anyway, until May of 1940 happened.
  9. Roadrider7021


    My attitude is that I'm going towards the enemy to pick a fight. I'll cap, not cap, do long range HE/evasion tanking, run down DD's, go dark to heal, but one way or another, I'm putting pressure on the Reds.
  10. Roadrider7021


    I have durn near EVERYTHING and Tashkent is in my top 5, love that thing.
  11. About 300 including 51 Santa Certificates. Glad I'm done, too much start-sail-launch-ram co-op. Not sure I'll do it all next year.
  12. Roadrider7021

    Cannot Play HMS Repulse.

    LEL, Holy Cr**, you got me with that one. You owe me coffee and a shirt.
  13. Roadrider7021

    Russian CV's are broken

    C'MON. To paraphrase a friend in my Clan, it's how they won the war, of course.
  14. Roadrider7021

    What is the best type of ship?

    Rather than say what each class trades away etc etc I'll state what each one feels like after alot of play. BB's are easy and natural, know your game mechanics and you have 30 seconds at a time to refine what you're doing. Cruisers are more involving as you can die from one moment to the next, you can have a lot of game influence or a little, it depends on you and the situation. DD's feel like you have a lot of effect on the game; torp/hybrid DD's give you a little more time to think and gunboats are pretty engrossing. CV's are cool, the dynamic is a little simple compared to the other classes, but your influence on the game can be really deep as you decide what to do and when, whether it is to farm an isolated BB or spot a DD near a contested zone, for example. I can't comment on subs as I have not tried them yet and I'm trying very hard to keep an open mind about them.
  15. Roadrider7021

    SUBS: I get it now!

    Completely agree. I think folks were bringing up his stats to just point out that his argument had no weight because his own stats disproved his own point.