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  1. Roadrider7021

    So Puerti Rico Hate

    I take mine out for fun, it might be my fav T10, and I haven't seen anybody complain about me or the ship in at least 3 or 4 months. I mean we're not talking about a carp ton of battles but honestly I don't even think about it.
  2. Minor point but pulled the trigger for me to buy the Z35. Gunther Lutjens has perks that generally only work for one of the lines at a time, such as the spotting/heal which you pretty much have to run a DD to use. Z35 CAN (big proviso there) get 2 of the perks to fire potentially, the heal and the 140 main gun hits to speed up reload by 7.5%. I generally get the heal to work ( worth 2400 hp), and have gotten the 140 hits once in 11 battles, win rate about 70% so far. I figure I might get the 140 hits a lot more easily with AFT which I'm currently earning. Lutjens definitely makes this ship more promising than it might appear.
  3. Roadrider7021

    Multiple Games No DD's

    I'm a CV guy (lately) and to me this post encapsulates the whole issue. We need to unwind this problem right here to help the game. I say get rid of rocket planes or implement them like German CV's.
  4. Roadrider7021

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    Yeah that's definitely possible. In effect it would mirror what the new German AP rockets are effective at.
  5. Roadrider7021

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    CV main here: get rid of the rocket planes or heavily neuter them v DD's.
  6. Roadrider7021

    Champagne Final Review

    Bought it, went 8/8 yesterday. Ship seems decent playing it like a cruiser in the 15-20 km space.
  7. I'm a CV player and here it is. CV's are fundamentally a low damage platform or damage-over-time platform if you prefer. They have to focus and come back to the same ship and this plus the spotting is what enrages people. So the designers put a low per strike unit in the game that can hit or spot anywhere on the map and then toned back the damage dealing until it was within a certain competitive limit. This is what we have and the mechanic p******* people off. Some people are okay with it, some people remember that if they are wasting a CV's time they are winning, but most people including me get upset when focused because it affects their personal match. This is a tough meta to unwind and make enjoyable for everyone. But I play every class in the game, 30,000 battles in and still enjoy my DD's. Getting rid of rocket planes and balancing bombs and torps would be a start.
  8. Roadrider7021

    To salt or not to salt a CV

    I've only recently joined the unicum CVers and what I've noticed is the chat window has gone mostly quiet. I used to get a lot of crap and advice and why aren't you dropping fighters on me 20km away from red ships but now it's mostly Thank Yous and comps as well the occasional salty rant. When I do make mistakes like dying mid game I get called out, that's for sure. It's fine; sometimes I wanna say you should be glad I'm on your side but I don't, I'm too busy to type anyway.
  9. We've had some problems with good BB teams, it's ben surprising; mostly if they AA ball up and have a competent cap strategy. Lately I've really tried spotting as opposed to damage producing (in a CV) unlike what I would do in randoms. Ships that sit bow in are a huge windfall for a Hak AP attack not to mention over the mountain torpedo plane attacks. What balances me a bit in Hakyru are cruisers on the move that are very aware of turning broadside to my AP dive bombers. When I'm landing one or no citadels on a crosswise ship because my bomb sight is stretched way the wrong way AP bombs don't feel so overpowered. Of course I want to turn ships to expose broadsides for the team which is just fine for me. If you're facing a Hak team be selective about when you go bow in. If you've got AA support and terrain blocking one side from air attack for example okay, but you've definitely got more to pay attention to than what we're used to. Personally, I'd rather see DD's in Clan Battles than CV's. I like CV's but it's a real shame to see many whole teams with no DD. I think it's a big part of why CB's feel so repetitious now.
  10. My two cents. I'm a unicum CV player who plays CB though my schedule prevents me from doing a lot of it. You can't begrudge anybody who doesn't find 2 teams composed of 5 Venezias, a radar ship and a CV on the same maps, time after time, compelling gameplay. True not every team has that comp but it is the meta. CB was constructed around the idea of limited information and tactical spread as the primary drivers to who wins and who loses. With the CV and all that spotting, DD's become pointless, pushes rapidly identified and the whole battle turns into a big slogging match. Sure, it's enjoyable but battle after battle? It used to be fun to try different deployments, to win one battle handily then scratch our heads at the next defeat. Personally, I really like CV's and play all classes, but it's pretty easy to see what's happening in Clan Battles. They need to be tweaked or CV's removed.
  11. Roadrider7021

    Is Alsace really that bad after the nerf?

    Alsace is one of my favs. They toned the sigma and reload down to bring her in line, but she is very much in line. Use her decent turret traverse and 12 shell amalgam groupings to hunt broadsides. Bow in targets can be hit with surprisingly good HE, engine boosting helps to limit your vulnerable positions. Like most 15" BB's, you really do have to emphasize finding broadside targets more. You'll love her!
  12. Roadrider7021

    Fighting against a CV CAN actually be fun

    Good post, what a great battle!
  13. Roadrider7021

    A Close Up Look At Orkan's AA In Action.

    The AA looks like it's doing something spectacular but yeah, gotta say, not a lot of plane parts come down when all's said and done lol.
  14. Roadrider7021

    High tier Italian CAs, just can't hack it?

    You can believe it where Venezia is concerned. Meta in Clan Battles is a CV or BB and 50/50 split radar/kiting cruisers. The Venezia is the go to kiting cruiser for CB this season. Heck the fuel smoke even lasts long enough to cap in CB caps. Venezia is the real deal in competitive and strong in randoms.
  15. Also, Uss Bergall ended up with a nice 5" hole through her forward torpedo room pressure hull from a shell that thankfully failed to explode. Also the Japanese DD was unable/unwilling to give chase in the murk due to pre existing damage. The US Captain did a pretty good job of route planning to get from Singapore to Australia given the fact she could not be submerged.