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  1. Roadrider7021

    Update is poorly thought out

    I was aware of this but it's not coming tomorrow. Also, the devil is in the nerf multiplier.
  2. Roadrider7021

    Update is poorly thought out

    Absent more info, I'm not a fan of what I'm hearing. Weaken attack planes vs DD's is fine; I almost prefer my dive bombers at this point. But if I can't effect the early game/DD/fleet spotting, I think my CV's need to tweaked a little stronger vs cruisers and battleships, particularly when grouped. As it is I can get a single drop in on a Desmoines or Mino, but turning back in submits my pilots to collecting death benefits.
  3. Roadrider7021

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    New CV driver here and doing okay. I personally would be okay with getting rid of rocket planes and tweaking dive bombers very slightly v DD's and making CV's marginally better against other ships. This solves the historical bind of there not being a whole lot of rockets used to sink DD's in the WW2 timeframe and adjusts a meta shift that has CV's doing so so vs other classes but too strong against destroyers.
  4. Roadrider7021

    Rockets planes are TOO accurate

    USS Massachusetts vs the French DD Fougueux at approximately 29,000 yds obtained possibly the longest ranged hit on a maneuvering target in open water. Yeah, real naval battles involved 5% hit rates and all but DD's could be hit by BB's and 1 hit could be a life ender. Incredible achievement for the Mk38 Gun Director and a green but well trained crew on a brand new ship.
  5. Roadrider7021


    Can't say I agree wholeheartedly but it is true that changing your play style has had good results. Well done you for voicing your opinion; be it popular or not, it is valid.
  6. Roadrider7021

    DD main, 8.0 isnt that bad for dds

    I did find a way to dodge attack planes that limits some of the damage which mostly involves staying beam on to the planes and turning. As most destroyers skid when they turn at high speed, this throws the aim of the CV driver to some extent. I'll say this, staying in line with the attack planes and thinking you can throttle juke them is a pretty large mistake.
  7. Roadrider7021

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    I'm trying to keep my perspective, admitted whale here. I buy premiums that are interesting to me, that have a mechanic or trait that I feel I can exploit to success. I bought Huanghe right after all those pan reviews (Pan lol) and made her work, great ship. I bought Giulio when it came out because, hello, concealment BB at tier 5, I'm in. Wargaming absolutely has the right to adjust premium ships at any time, for any reason, and I suppose the game writ large will one day evaporate and there goes all my ships, gone, okay. I'm okay with Wargaming making a change to something in order to make a ship more fair, and possibly make able to be sold to others again. Buuut- now Giulio Cesare will be sailing different seas, with changes to tier and capability that may change the play style I spent MONEY for. This does tell me, as sure as Wargaming's business is based on balancing the environment of the game itself and keeping it interesting, buyers keep your eyes wide open and think through what may happen to your prized ship down the road. If this tightens your wallet and you find good value in silver ships after all, so be it.
  8. Roadrider7021

    Slow down Wargaming enough is enough

    As a whale, I think he just said fellow whales. Are we fellow whales now? Well far out, I'm ready. Let's take the Bastille? Or we could aah, just be a tad patient.
  9. Roadrider7021

    CV Rework Feedback

    Stop, just stop. Are you actually comparing someone engaging in a leisure activity of their choice to a real life attack on one's country followed by a mass mobilization, shared hardships and fighting an all out conflict next to your fellow citizens. Relax and re-center.
  10. Roadrider7021

    Le Terrible post CV Rework

    I must post this as a Le Terrible fan, 64%- ish win rate in her. Do not rent or buy this ship until WG tweaks this ship to make her more survivable vs. Attack aircraft as of 0.8.0, which they will assuredly. No heal, no smoke, no AA is no way to try to be relevant on the 0.8.0 ocean, even if you beat feet back to friendly AA bubbles at 50 knots. Competent CV drivers can hit this ship pretty well, at will, and you can throttle juke, twist, shimmy, twerk to your heart's content. Love this ship, and when they can figure on a proper adjustment, I'll be back in her for sure.
  11. Roadrider7021

    Carrier are Top of the Ship Food Chain

    Waverider, nice to see a reasoned and calm sentiment. My own sentiment was initially positive but after more games today, I feel in agreement with you.
  12. Roadrider7021

    Musashi Monday - The Last Call

    Just a point, from 1 history buff to another, there is no written or recorded evidence that Yamamoto ever said the "Sleeping Giant" quote. It was spoken by the character of Yamamoto at the end of the movie Tora! Tora! Tora!; the movie's screenwriter claimed he found the quote in a Yamamoto letter from 1943. Yet no evidence of that letter or any other reference to those words has ever been seen since. It is certainly true he felt the sentiment; his misconstrued "Terms in the White House" quote in which he expressed the implausibility of a Japanese victory was evidence enough of that.
  13. Roadrider7021

    He who reports first wins.

    I don't report and I don't worry whatsoever about being reported. Done. I do report egregious TKs, that's it.
  14. Roadrider7021

    How to be Terrible?

    It's a very skill hungry ship and I suggest you not use AFT. I use my torps against BB's to a large extent, hit and run attacks against DD's leaving cruisers as a some what tough nut to crack. Many cruisers will struggle to hit you at 12 km and your torps are still very good against them, being basically 8 km Fletcher torps. Le Terrible is all about reading the enemy and opportunities. Mostly it's a ship that you will get hit in, that you have to be comfortable being hit in, and while being hit you have to manage the damage. Your best games will mean you finish with no to low HP. You should not come back to port with any more than a 1/3 of your HP or else you need to pick a more comfortable DD.
  15. Roadrider7021

    Which premium destroyer would you recommend?

    Just checked my stats; my 3 best are Asashio (solo queues for the most part) 68% 2400exp, Cossack 67% 2247 exp and Le Terrible 64% 2181 exp. I really think Le Terrible is a good ship, I wish people would give her a 2nd look. It's not a ship for the faint hearted but if you can execute slashing attacks and live in the shellfire while limiting your damage, it can be a very rewarding ship to play. 84 battles too, not a small sample.