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  1. Roadrider7021

    PSA: Opt -In Gamescon missions for awesome camo's

    Somehow I got 240 of these things already lol.
  2. Roadrider7021

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    Yeah, after the CV rework which I fully bought into and have been disillusioned about, in stages, it's going to be hard to keep an open mind about this sub initiative. But I'm gonna try.
  3. Roadrider7021

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    And as of the latest batch o' Maple Syrup(Suihei Koubou), at tiers 7-10, USN BB's are 6th, 7th, 9th, and 4th in win rate, respectively.
  4. Roadrider7021

    USN BB's - How Bad?

    USN BB's are good/competitive ships but do take some experience to make work really well. It should also be mentioned that, as per the CV balancing vid at the latest CC summit, WG actively balances ships at least partially based on ship popularity. Thus, popular ships like USN BB's are less likely to be buffed even if under performing.
  5. Roadrider7021

    How did Ranked get so messed up again with DDs?

    So let me pick up my radar cruiser and head in 'cuz it sounds like a feast...
  6. Roadrider7021

    Carrier CV torps need changing and upgrading

    Was CVing this weekend for the Naval Battles competition and a BB was griefing me for focusing him. I told him the only way I could hurt anybody as a DOT ship was to keep coming back to reset the floods and fires. Yeah I agree, it sucks to be focused but it's CV's at this given moment, what can you do. Honestly, CV's just aren't as much fun to play as surface ships any more imho.
  7. Roadrider7021

    Dont let ranked burn you out. Heres some ideas on how.

    Lol, has to be one of the best posts I've seen. HAVE TO remember this one.
  8. Conqueror is the only sub 45% w/r BB at T10. Come to think of it, maybe I should fire up some games in it, I like a challenge.
  9. Roadrider7021

    WNN 57: signing off for the final time

    Good luck in whatever you do, may the road rise to meet your feet. Your humor and wit are greatly appreciated and thank you.
  10. Yes individual BB's at or below Tier should not be a game breaker. I think CV's can still be effective and if you like the amount of work to make them so you'll be all good to go. They are not a fire and forget class.
  11. Roadrider7021

    Consider these guys reported!!

    Thanks for the chuckle Khan; you falloozled me as well.
  12. A lot of players seem so butt hurt (can I say that?) when they say "just dodge" or "get gud" just because some CV player said it 5 months ago. I've played every ship class since the rework including Le Terrible which has no AA and no smoke at T8. I was frustrated a couple of times like when I'm trying to cap in the presence of radar destroyers but never to where I have to wail and fret because my poor DD got hit by something from the sky. There are some really fragile people playing this game. And don't put Flamu up as some sort of example because as much a fan of his I am, he's a friggin whiner too what with his "oh, they can damage people without taking damage and they change the meta" crap. Instead of you're p---- little "get gud" diatribe, why don't the whiners just say "CV's shouldn't be in the game" or "they can't be balanced properly" or whatever you think and leave it at that. I was a big 0.8.0 - 0.8.4 CV player and I'm beginning to agree with everybody who thought the rework was a bad idea, I don't know if they'll ever get this thing done right.
  13. And GZ is the weakest of the 4 Premium T8 CV's, I have them all. Daniel has it right; as per the ST. Petersburg conference I'm not playing my CV's until their battle count drops way down and they give planes back some durability.
  14. Roadrider7021

    What the heck you have to do to get any credits?

    If you have premium, any premium ship above T5 or a T10 premium camo. If you don't have premium, T5-7 premium ships or T5-7 tech tree ships.
  15. Not to mention this. I don't care if CV's are on par with cruisers for average damage, they take work to play well. And yeah, awesome, I can spot for minutes at a time while my team does or doesn't do something. CV game play currently is a pain in the butt for the type of game you get. I played my Moskva in Clan Battles last night, winning 4 out of 6 games and that felt like model railroading next to CV gameplay lol. Mind you, I liked the all in CV game play when I was getting big damage and winning a lot in randoms, but now, it's deploy the torpedo nets.