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  1. The date she was launched. She was a ww1 base design with serious flaws with it's stern. She was no super ship.
  2. Dagonhart

    What's your home port?

    Fjords & Marseille
  3. Washington, one of the few BBs to sink another (despite the large age difference).
  4. Dagonhart

    Worst ship in the game

    I'm glad to have it, but historically, it was a disastrous design.
  5. Dagonhart

    Mercy rule has GOT TO GO

    I have to agree; fight down to the last ship in coop.
  6. Dagonhart


    Agree. Ocean is a good map. Shatter should be eliminated.
  7. Dagonhart

    I cant connect!?

    Must have been using that back door issue NSA warned Microsoft about. That's what MD fixed this morning. Of course, it caught an innocent game... (Ok, just kidding a bit here but it does seem like a strange coincidence!)
  8. Game was updated to the Italian Cruisers patch this morning. Game runs fine, no issues arise until exiting the game. Upon confirming exit, the game appears to follow the normal exiting routine with the ship in the in-port view stopping it's movement. But then, the game hangs (freezes) and no exit occurs. Additionally, the game cannot be minimized (win-D) and the task manager is needed to re-start the game which kills off WoWS. WoWS_report attached. WoWS_report.wgc
  9. Dagonhart

    Ship You Still Wish For in the Game

    US BB South Dakota I (12 x 16 1920), Russian Suverov/Borodino (1904), or Russian Tzaravitch (1904).
  10. Dagonhart

    Birthday of the U.S. ... Army?

    Well, yes, we could cut them some slack given how some really dumb (not left) US Politicians handled it.... https://politizoom.com/2019/10/13/republican-congressman-wishes-navy-happy-birthday-w-pic-of-russian-battlecruiser/
  11. Just received a new patch... a round one showing a ship... says "Birthday of the U.S. Army." Sorry WG--- that's June 14th. Its the birthday of the U.S. Navy here in October... (sigh).
  12. Dagonhart

    Please give the Abruzzi SAP

    Agree completely. Retrofit all of the including Roma and fix her. Get the line right now.
  13. Dagonhart

    Anyone else missing the deck guns on their Viribus Unitis?

    Mine has everything including the propensity to capsize...
  14. looking for a new clan,i am retired and play every day have terrible stats which i would like to bring up.i participate in clan battles and most wow battles.a friend and myself would like to make a move been in this clan since Jan when i started playing WOW and its time for a move to grow.thank yo

    1. Dagonhart


      We welcome everyone and have folks who can offer friendly advice in chat to help improve other's experience. A note about WG's clan rules- you have to be out of a clan for 3 days before you can join another. I will send an invite.

    2. OnePrarieOutpost


      Well... I had just sent a PM to the both of you.  You can completely disregard since you have already connected.