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    Wargame designer for USN and commercial war boardgames.
  1. Once. Just once, and bottom tiered in mostly a be match. Sank 4, hit something like 120k if I remember correctly. Alas... Just... Once ..
  2. Dagonhart

    New Garbage A. I. Rebuttal Praise

    Earlier today, I and a team mate had one of the most challenging battles against bots I've ever experienced. I'm all for improvements and applaud the effort. Still, there are gaps and shortcomings well documented by others. That said, at this time, I support the "2.0" bot work. Will monitor closely.
  3. Dagonhart

    Ever have an unexpected favorite ship?

    Republique; every review was wrong. Best of the T10s for me personally.
  4. Sometime back last year, I was in a 5 on 5. Happens. Don't remember the time of day.
  5. Dagonhart

    How do you get rid of...

    I have this same problem. I want this message to go away. I know to press tab- it's now actually interfering with game play.
  6. In my opinion, especially with the improvements to Izumo et al, this nerf is unnecessary. Hoping WG carefully considers this and makes no or very minor changes if any at all.
  7. Dagonhart

    USS Helena - Destroyer killing machine

    Helena; oh yes. I've had some great runs in her testing in coop. Dallas: meh. Helena, yes.