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  1. How do you get rid of...

    I have this same problem. I want this message to go away. I know to press tab- it's now actually interfering with game play.
  2. In my opinion, especially with the improvements to Izumo et al, this nerf is unnecessary. Hoping WG carefully considers this and makes no or very minor changes if any at all.
  3. Helena; oh yes. I've had some great runs in her testing in coop. Dallas: meh. Helena, yes.
  4. Buffing the Buffalo?

    I really want to like the Buffalo- a lot of reasons, some of which I admit are personal, some of which are ship related (she does look a bit like a Belknap type CG); but it's hard. She's not a lot of fun to play. I'm generally a 20% random, 80% co-op player with a number of ranked games in there to stay around 15-14; and i jumped to the Buffalo because I saw in her a great tier IX cruiser to work random and maybe someday ranked. As with many, before committing to a PVP battle, I worked her out in co-op to learn her idiosyncrasies only to find that, for me, there's one overriding issue that needs, in MY opinion to be fixed. First; in general- I'm OK with the ship's maneuverability: i originally ran concealment expert on her skipper but found it made little difference and switched to improved rudder shift which makes a noticeable difference to my play- so good, so far. While I can live with the reload times- one (1) less second would be a welcome improvement, but that's not a hot need; what is really needed is to lower her citadel significantly: she's too squishy and the high citadel reinforces the absolutely worst aspect of high tier play--- the "sitzkrieg" or parking behind islands, which I detest with such ferocity that I limit my ranked and random play. The whole "meta" game, often derided by players on the forums here, of just sitting at range and hiding is utterly reinforced by such armor design because, as most Buffalo players probably have experienced, showing any broadside at all, intentional, stupid, or not, is an invite for a very quick game. Now- on the other hand, even in co-op, she's a great trainer as to what to expect in high tier random games and once I adopted a "sitzkrieg" approach to her play in co-op, I've done better; but she's still lacking in my view and to put it into key "game" terms, she's simply not fun to play--- no matter how much I want her to be fun. So, given that, if I were to offer a suggestion to WG, it would be to 1) leave her pretty much as is save-- but 2) lower her citadel; make her less (not immune) to those broadside, near broadside kills, and give just a boost in survivability enough to, with care and foresight, unmask her 12 rifles more often than she can risk now. That said, I do want to thank WG for including her in the heavy cruiser line and appreciate my fellow players for-- in game-- sharing insights on her play now reflected in this post. Wishing you all great games and smooth sailing. Des
  5. Normandie Looks Good!

    Got my Normandie camp this AM. O like it a lot. Good job by the winner.
  6. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I mostly play Coop, but will do ranked; random every now and again. My best was in my Monty (my best in random was in my North Carolina).
  7. It took me some time to really get the feel of KGV and was looking forward to Monarch to move up to the 15" guns. That said, Monarch feels not so much balanced or unbalanced, but simply underwhelming. The AP on broadsides is spot on as is HE on the hard angles, but, in my opinion, the real play on this ship is constantly maneuvering her to minimize weaknesses, and maximize concealment (early game) and damage mitigation (late game). I will grind her out to the next tier but it's going to be just that... a grind.
  8. I've only run it once (and was fully aware of the reviews when i bought her) and that in coop (and yes I struggle to get my win rate and damage up to average) but what Bootcamp indicates feels quite true. Tightly packed shots, reasonable mauverability, and scores up. Perhaps the reviews suggested to WG that they had to make a change. Fun, but still paper armored. Stay angled for sure.