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  1. play the game before you make a post about something you understand little to nothing of as evidenced by this post and responses here. im average af and even i know that
  2. ADHDChief

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    Someone clearly hasn't played cb's ever. CV has Never been in cb's
  3. So I'm 3km from a yorck, aim midway between the water and deck, fire 9 shells and hit 1, Just ducking 1. I thought wg buffed izumos sigma to 2.0 not 0.2
  4. ADHDChief

    USS Montana, 20" gun?

    Screw it, I'll use monster reborn on this thread. I'm sure somewhere at some time, they decided to do a mock up for an 18" Montana for the hell of it because they could. Now just because you can't find something doesn't mean it didn't exist. Also, lets say for a moment the US Navy knew for sure yamato had 18.1" guns and the air raid that sunk her never happened. It is entirely plausible that Montana would have had one of 3 things happen with her: 1. She's built with 18" guns and that's the only change 2. She's completely redesigned to take 18.1" shells to the belt 3. She's built as is But here's the most important fact people seem to forget. WE WERE NOT THERE NOR DO WE KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED THERE. so please don't act like u know everything about something that happened over 70 years ago
  5. ADHDChief

    USS Iowa

    At least someone gets it
  6. ADHDChief

    USS Iowa

    It also created a FUCKTON of shrapnel on the inner plate side. The gun would be fine but the crew would be dead
  7. ADHDChief

    PSA: Chat and Armory

    Yep still can't access the armory at all
  8. ADHDChief

    Update 0.8.5 - Bugs Report

    The guns listed in the stats area and the one for guns listed in the modules page for the mizu-jet are different. as you can see the module says 130mm and the stats says 100mm.
  9. Having 25k in debt makes spending money near impossible for me but if I had to choose...I'd buy Missouri followed by prinz eugen. I wish I could get that atago captain from the al collab coming up
  10. Just to point out, Alaska was so different from anything else at the time it got its own ship classification. Sooo shouldn't it in wows as well?
  11. mod pack crashes whatever application i use to try and open it. windows explorer, download section on both firefox and chrome. forces me to use task manager to force kill the application
  12. ADHDChief

    Update 0.8.0 - Bugs Report

    in a leander in smoke when a cleveland suddenly starts hitting me perfectly. no detection symbol. after the game i check the replay and see that his radar was being used. so it looks like the radar detection symbol might have some issues post hotfix today
  13. ADHDChief

    help with graphics settings

    got some advice from someone who knows wth theyre doing. 60fps high quality now
  14. ADHDChief

    help with graphics settings

    AMD Radeon R9 M275X You might have missed that