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  1. I agree, but we can't fix literacy and if no one asks, Wargaming will not consider it or know that some folks find in annoying. Have a great day!
  2. Here is some feedback to consider. I would like an option to eliminate the “new” icon(s) when I enter the port screen. This could be done by creating a check box in the settings menu that would give the player an option to turn the “new” icons off. Here is the reason why using the news articles as an example. Every time there is a new news article, the “new” icon appears over my account name in the upper left hand corner of the port screen. I can read new news articles three different ways, on the website, in Game Center, and in port. I know this is a way to get the news out to everyone but because I already read the news articles on the website it is not necessary to know there is a new article in port. For me to eliminate the “new” icon in port, I have to click on my account, go into the news tab, wait for it to load, then click “mark as read” when I’d rather be playing the game. It is good to have the “new” icons for new players but the seasoned player knows how to navigate the port and shouldn’t need them after a while. Sometimes I notice there is new news when I open game center but I can choose to open it using game center or the website. But almost daily, I have to go through the process above if I want to clear the “new” icon off the port screen. Thank you Wargaming
  3. uScooter

    Make me a: Close Call - 15th to 21st

    Here you go! Thank you WG!
  4. uScooter

    Space Assault mode - HUGE success

    Assault mode was a fun time whether attacking or defending. On the Attack side, I did notice that RPF started messing up and you couldn't rely on it after you respawned but it was still a fun mode to play.
  5. uScooter

    Space assault mode

    Here is another Space Battle Achievement. Is there a list of them somewhere?
  6. Thank you Wargaming!
  7. Can you still buy some ships with coal?
  8. My ship, she's a brawler some may say with good secondary's that, will hit you all day, but wander too close, within 6K, my four fishes per side, may send you to your grave. Thank you WG!
  9. I made it! Thank you for the contest WG!
  10. Mask 62, ready to cause mischief for you!
  11. I didn't intend for this to be a complaint thread. WG is trying their best and I applaud their efforts. I just want to know if anyone has found a way to turn it down. Please post audio settings if you have.
  12. After update 0.8.1, when shells hit the side of my ship, it sounds like banging on the side of a tin can. To me, it's very annoying and almost painful to hear. Any ideas on how to turn the volume down on just that "feature" or change it? Thank you
  13. uScooter

    Dirty Rotten Killstealer!

    Shoot the red ship till it's dead. There is nothing worse than hammering a ship below 1000 hp then allowing it to heal back and re-engage in the battle. (I've seen it happen) You can steal all my kills if it helps to win.
  14. A Corgi/Turkey is ready to clown around and cause mischief as a Maskarados. Thank you WG for the change of pace.
  15. uScooter

    Chill With Us at Naval Gaming Day

    I'm a little disappointed that the event is on such a short notice.