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  1. uScooter

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Thank you guys. Yes, it's sitting there ready to go!
  2. uScooter

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    When will the update be available for download through the Game Center? 6G is pretty large so I would like to get an early start on downloading it,
  3. Here is what I received in my crate. Thank you Wargaming!
  4. uScooter

    Happy Birthday to me - SupercontaIner luck

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
  5. uScooter


    I'm hoping that Wargaming adds this location to their next Anchors Away Tour! WOT has a player gathering at Cantigny Park in the Chicagoland area, it seems fitting that WOWs would have one at the Museum of Science and Industry in the U-505 exhibit with private tours for players. It's been awhile sense I have been there but I thought the Museum also has a nice collection of torpedoes.
  6. uScooter

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    Here is a picture of our swim suit model, Fluffy. When she is not making awesome poses, she is parading in front of my monitor right as I’m targeting a broadside CL so that I miss the shot. (That’s my excuse.)
  7. Four years old, my how time flies when you're having fun! My memories of the game. I remember when: all the shell hit ribbons where the same color everyone could blind fire from smoke getting a kraken in the New Orleans at Tier 8 flying planes off a CV for the first time and freaking out because it was a different game there was only US, Japan, German, and Russian nations of ships. Now we have: monthly updates and missions CV's we can play radar great scenery Clan battles, Ranked battles and King of the Sea. Warships evolves and gets bigger and bigger. For me, some changes were good, some are a challenge. The best thing of all is you can make it what you want and make it as fun as you want. Happy Birthday WG! For my birthday wish, I would like a Lenin or Massachusetts or 50 port slots.
  8. On the Legion of Honor, I've received more duplicates than any of the previous collections. Right now I'm at 5 collected and 7 duplicates. I was thinking it was broken but I guess it's just RNG. Fair Sea's!
  9. Thank you WG! If I won, I think I would like a Leningrad.
  10. uScooter

    Tier 6 Trouble - 15th - 22nd

    Thank you WG!