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  1. For setting fires, I first used the French DD, Aigle because it had a 10% chance of fire. I was only getting 4 fires per co-op round. Changed to the Cossack and I set 10 fires in one co-op game. I didn't use flags on either ship. On the Cossack I added DE to the captain skills.
  2. Sad that there is nothing scheduled for the mid-west.
  3. uScooter


    Welcome Back WG! Thank you for restarting the contests.
  4. uScooter

    WINNERS - The Perthfect Opportunity

    Any stats on the "participant battle count" for this event?
  5. uScooter

    Is anyone else happy?

    I am happy. Before the snowflake event, I spent all my coal and bought some new ships for the snowflakes. After getting steel from snowflakes, I used steel and coupon to get the Stalingrad. A friend sent me 8 of the medium Santa crates for Christmas and I received two ships from them. I received lots of free stuff from PR event, including the Gorizia. With the Gorizia missions, I received more free ships and completed the ship builder’s collection. I wish the ships would have come with permanent camos like previous years. Then to top it all off, I got an Epic Twitch Drop with the Prinz Eitel Friedrich, but I already had it so, more coins and another port slot which I can always use. Bottom line is this year I received a lot of ships and port slots through the Christmas grind. I am happy that the Directives for the Early Access - British Cruisers are back to normal size. I bought one booster for the PR event and later I found out I should have bought the second one. I probably needed the third one for me to get the PR. Oh well. I hope the WG folks NEVER allow that person who set the directives for the PR event to set the directives for any event again. (That’s my only beef with WG.) For those who are not happy, I have some suggestions for you: Turn off the computer and go outside your room. There are probably real people out there who would like to talk to you. I know my friends in the north can’t do this one. Go get some vitamin D from that big yellow thing in the sky. Take that Onesie you wore while grinding the PR event and burn it or at least wash it. Make someone laugh. Make someone’s day.
  6. uScooter

    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    I am thankful to Wargaming for allowing me to give stuff away as a Corgi, Pirate, Maskarados, Turkey, and a Pumpkin within the game. I am also thankful for this forum and the unsung heroes that post detail information on tasks and missions and strategies on completing the events. What I'd be really thankful for is about 20 more port slots.
  7. So would the wise thing to do be to wait and towards the end date (Dec. 8th) before purchasing the R&R containers from the Armory so that you purchase only what you need to complete the collection? I guess I'm still confused on how to efficiently get Cmdr Luigi and make the most out of the Med Tokens. Thank you
  8. When running a DD at T7 and above, make sure to check the enemy team composition to know how many radar ships are on the enemy team. Back into caps so if you are radar'ed, you can make a quick escape. Captain choice would be ... Maron
  9. uScooter

    A message from the Pumpkins

    Had a great time chatting and donating to the red ships. Also, commanding some rare ships that aren't available or that I don't have an opportunity to play was fun. Thank you. Pumpkin_89
  10. Five second rule on the meatballs.... just sayin' Congratulations on your final push to 22! (To all of you) I don't know if I would have had the perseverance to complete this without throwing in the towel around half way. At least you won't get the Genova in a Christmas container. I agree with the others, Great post!
  11. Thank you Wargaming! The three new port slots will come in handy!
  12. When I hover over this little white spot, it gives me an I bar, like you can enter text. Also tried the http://api.ramdomuser.me but nothing.