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  1. To complete this, you have to sail into the Octagon. This is where they had the final death match the last time WG used this map. I think you can only get the Breaking the Eighth Wall achievement once.
  2. It didn't work for me either. The description reads, Engineer of the Future — research all ships and modules in the Big Hunt event. Sounds simple enough but... Tried clicking on all the modules on all the ships but nothing seemed to work.
  3. uScooter

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Thank you! All are still working but I had to manually type in the usnavy one.
  4. I have a question about the Big Hunt corporation tokens needed to get all three perma camos. To me it looks like I can only get twelve Corporation tokens with credits, and FXP, and Battle Points. To get the last three tokens needed to get the third camo, I would need to buy the tokens for 1000 doubloons each. Meaning I would have to spend 3000 doubloons to get the last perma camo. (Not happening.) Is this correct or am I missing something? If that's the case, sad that I wasted a little FXP on one token. Thank you for your help in advance.
  5. uScooter

    Newer Code?

    This Code worked. I think I received 50,000 credits.
  6. uScooter


    It still works. Thank you
  7. uScooter

    False information video?

    One would think that if he is correcting a video, that he would link the correction to the incorrect video...
  8. I had to log out and log back in for it to show up in my port. Thank you for the heads up.
  9. uScooter

    Reset Commander Button

    It worked without issue for me as well.
  10. I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet. Here is my idea. This would happen when the Commander rework goes live so this would be a one-time conversion. All Commander XP and points, from all Commanders on ships and in the Reserve would get converted to Elite Commander XP and all Commanders points would get reset to zero. This would allow players to redistribute the ECXP how they would like and make use of extra CXP that the players are not currently using.
  11. uScooter


    Thank you for the code.
  12. It one shots a Gale and no warning to know it's coming.
  13. uScooter

    Free Stuff for Verizon Customers

    You have to include the dashes or it will not work.
  14. uScooter

    Free Stuff for Verizon Customers

    Great promotion! Just remember, when entering the code to include the dashes. That stumped me for a minute.
  15. uScooter

    Bonus Codes from Facebook

    All the codes worked by copy and paste. Thank you!