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  1. uScooter

    BONUS CODE: 15 Dec 2018

    Wow! Glad I saw this! it took less than a minute to complete. Received: 950 Doubloons 1 Port Slot 5 New Years Camo's 1 3 point Captain Thank you for the info!!
  2. uScooter

    New 'Ring' Code

    So, anyone know what the Ring 3 mission is? I entered both codes and don't see any missions related to "The Ring"
  3. uScooter

    Twitch Container

    I opened one too. 100,000 credits 5 consumables (don't remember) and10 flags (don't remember) Thank you WG!
  4. I wonder if it is this: F34RTH3M4CH1N350FTh3d33p Fear the machines of the deep! I think this makes more sense. Am I missing something or misreading it?
  5. uScooter

    Do you need to "opt-in" for "Daily Shipments"?

    I agree. The Warships website is confusing and needs a lot of work. How about listing the news in chronological order to start. Probably need to start a thread on website improvements somewhere.
  6. uScooter

    Kitty Purrfurst #4 Code

    Check for spaces at the front or back of the code. (No Spaces) Another idea is to copy and paste the code from the OP's message. Good luck!
  7. uScooter

    Hidden Missions - Push Forward?

    Yes, they are the second RN missions, I missed the first ones yesterday. Thank you guys!
  8. Anyone know what these new missions are about? I just started seeing them about 9:00 pm EST. Scars Document Bravery = Receive 7500000 of Potential Damage Prize = Unknown Harden Commander = Earn 40000 Commander XP Prize = Unknown Waging War Requires Resources = Earn 1000000 Credits Prize = Unknown Armor? What Armor?! = Get 10 "Hits to Citadel" Ribbons Prize = Unknown
  9. uScooter

    How many ship missions have you gotten?

    I have the Gallant and have done all of the RN missions, to date. Zero RN DD missions so far. I do not approve of the way WG is going with just random "Roll of the dice" method of getting ships and items. Disappointed in WG. And of course, they are going to do the same thing with the Great 8 collection. With a standard container you have the "when hell freezes over" chance, but, buy a premium container and you have a chance.. maybe.
  10. uScooter

    Premium Loot Box Transparency

    I have been running premium time and have about 30 days left on my account and have not bought any RN crates. I do have the Gallant that I use for some missions and have completed all of the directives, (accept the one that required a Tier 7or 8 RN DD), up to the one that dropped today and have not received any missions for RN DD's. So I am not sure the premium time theory is correct or bad RNG. Just another data point.
  11. uScooter

    Top 5 Best Ships for Grinding Credits

    Just curious and learning. Why did Tirpitz not make the list? I thought is was good at bow tanking and earning credits and FXP.
  12. uScooter

    PSA on Royal Navy destroyers and early unlocks.

    Thank you Ensign_Cthulhu for clearing that up! I needed to read the Update news again to clear up the guineas. They can be earned in the RN event. The special offer is still up in the premium shop for a one time purchase.
  13. uScooter

    PSA on Royal Navy destroyers and early unlocks.

    I completed the first two directives last night, so I had 6 RN containers to open but had no destroyer missions so, I got a little more than what I paid for in camo's, flags, and sovereigns. I guess, I'm a little disappointed that I haven't seen an RN mission but I'm not going to run out and buy a bunch of crates. However, as I get towards the end I may buy enough Guineas to get the Cossack. WG has already stated that you need to buy 1 extra Guineas to get the Cossack, in theory, one could buy the one premium crate now, knowing that they might have to buy more towards the end of the event to get enough guineas to purchase the Cossack. Does that make sense?
  14. uScooter

    Pirate Event Rewards

    Just checked my account and it looks like doubloons have been added.
  15. uScooter

    Hidden Bonus Code in "Pin Up" Video

    To add to Rock_Raider's comment; On the tail of the plane during the first dance sequence there is " F-4F-3"