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  1. Was just starting a Killer Whale match when I get kicked out and when I restart the game, I am treated to an update downloading which is now stalled. What is up with this WoWs?
  2. Can we keep the captains?
  3. Ochosinko

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    Same here, I busted my but to get her and now it is almost useless.
  4. Ochosinko

    Commander Skills Update

    The devs need to be occupied so WoWs can justify having them on the payroll. Also, it makes zero sense that the Flint does not have the same skill to extend range by 20% from 11.1 KM. Glad I busted my [edited]to get a now reduced capability ship, really makes all the effort worth it.
  5. Ochosinko

    Commander Skills Update

    This may be the end of the road for me. I have about 30 19 point captains and I invested a huge amount of time grinding them out and I'm not sure I have it in me to keep going. It seems with each iteration, this game gets worse and I think back on when we had all those great ops and how the carrier re-work screwed it all up and from there on it always seems to go in one direction. Going to lay back for a bit and see what happens and find other things to occupy my time. As others have said, why add stress to what we do to de-stress?
  6. Ochosinko

    Is Cherry Blossom on PTS?

    And they are going to f-up the captain skills so bad that it renders some ships useless. Also note that anyone with hundreds of ships will have to spend a lot of time reconfiguring to the most optimal skill set with little time to figure out which is best. This game should be a source of leisure and enjoyment and they are making it like a job. Nice going WoWs.
  7. Ochosinko

    New Skill sets

  8. Ochosinko

    New Skill sets

    Am I correct in thinking that all US ships armed with 5/38s are now at 11.1km?
  9. Ochosinko

    New Skill sets

    Congrats WoWs, you've taken Atlanta and Flint and rendered them useless with the range reduction to 11km.
  10. Ochosinko

    T10 Gearing no container

    Ha yea I spaced it out and already got it
  11. Just played this match an no container for my T10 Gearing. Any ideas?
  12. Ochosinko

    Looking For New Clan

    Looking for new clan after the owner vanished I think they were kidnapped or something, anyhow, I play primarily PVE and OPS with a little PVP now and then. Thanks, Ocho
  13. Thanks and I would really love to see the other remove ops come back as well. I realize that WG does not see them as a priority but they are very enjoyable for players like me who prefer them to PvP.
  14. Ochosinko

    PVE hole in patch 0.9.1

    Exactly why I rarely play them.
  15. I never play that op as it is too frustrating due to players not knowing or forgetting what the first priority is.