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  1. Wolfy_cx

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Goodluck with your future endeavors!
  2. Wolfy_cx

    Best DD line for capping?

    I would say US/UK/German dds are great cap contesters cause of the detection/gun power, And the hydro that some lines have.
  3. Wolfy_cx

    Scharnhorst first 4-point skill?

    I would go CE first, Then FP, I did the same thing on me Scharnhorst. Concealment is always the way to go on 90% of ships.
  4. Wolfy_cx

    T6 Ranked Spring .... what's your ride?

    Can never go wrong with the trusty T-61 or Izmail.
  5. Wolfy_cx

    Leningrad, thoughts on the ship?

    My most played ship, I love it to death. It's extremely fun to play, But requires a high pt capt to accel most. Its play style is like other Russian dds. You can contest caps (Unlike most Russian dds) and you can bully other dds. Its also excellent at annoying battleships/cruisers with its gun fire.
  6. Wolfy_cx

    will this run WoWs on max settings?

    Im running a EVGA 1050ti SC, Ryzen 2600 OC'd a little bit 3.8GHz, I run the settings listed below. I get anywhere from low 70s and up. As for which card you should get, I'd get the RX 580 as it comes with 2 games right now, and is more powerful than the 1050ti.
  7. Wolfy_cx

    Salem vs Jean Bart

    I can't say for Salem or hinden as I'm at roon, and don't have DM or Salem, But for Jean Bart it plays like a Richelieu that has more accurate guns with a reload booster. I've had a good experience with JB. As well has JB has some decent AA after the rework.
  8. Wolfy_cx

    Ship Choice for Ranked

    Seems like anything with AA will be great, Whether thats a BB or CA is up to you. I don't think DDs will be too popular this season.
  9. Wolfy_cx

    Fire Prevention skill. Is it worth it?

    I use it on bbs, As it can help suitability. It turns the super structure into 1 fire, instead of being split into 2 which helps cause that's the easiest part to set fires on. When there is a HE spammer (example Conq), It will help a lot with fires.
  10. Wolfy_cx

    HBO's Chernobyl

    I'm loving this mini series as well, Its crazy how well done it is. Can't wait for tonight and the rest of the episodes. I 100% recommend it to everyone.
  11. Wolfy_cx

    Just got the Izmail

    First game after getting it today, Absolutely crazy game.
  12. Wolfy_cx

    Amagi to Izumo transition tips?

    As far as leading, Izumo has a bit faster shells so you won't need to lead as much. It's been a while since I have played Izumo, but I remember Amagi was also an amazing ship, As far as I can remember I sat a bit further back in Izumo, Not too far to where the RNG is really at hand, but around 12-14Km so you can drop off detection if needed. Last time I played it was well before the CV rework, and I haven't tried it after, but hopefully you can figure it out, and get to the Yamato :).
  13. Wolfy_cx

    Caption the profile image above you.

  14. Wolfy_cx

    Caption the profile image above you.

  15. Wolfy_cx

    Caption the profile image above you.

    *points and stares*