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  1. Captainkidding

    WG and player trust

    So you agree with me that companies are in the business to make money.
  2. Captainkidding

    WG and player trust

    Thank you for making me laugh. That’s a good one. CEOs want their companies to lose money. In what dream world are you living in. Even in a socialist or communist state, companies at the bare minimum has to break even. I assume that you maybe living in the United States. Unless you are making something that is so vital to the nation security that the government will bail you out no matter how much you lose, if you do not make a profit you WILL go bankrupt. So if business do not exist to make money, what are they there far?
  3. Captainkidding

    WG and player trust

    Didn’t I state that clearly in my second sentence. If I didn’t, let me make this perfectly clear. The sole purpose for any company is to make money. Be they have to answer to stock holders or family members. Also, I must assume that you have not heard of the “trusts” that ran the United States up through 1900. Talk about amoral. Or we can talk about Ford in the 30s that had strikers kills, not exactly a moral thing to do. Who do you think those companies report to? If you said stockholders, you win a cookie. So we’re looking at a good 150 years, and to my calculations, that’s 15 decades ago. And this “amoral and exist only to maximize profits” goes back even longer then that. Here’s one for you, name a company that sole purpose was to go bankrupt. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of one, maybe you can enlighten me. Next, let’s look at shareholders. I imagine that you may have heard of 401 and 403k retirement funds. I’m sure you heard of the stock market. Let’s pretend that you have $50,000 and wanted to make it grow. Would you want to invest in a company that is going bankrupt or a company that that has strong growth potential? Would you also like that company to pay dividends? Now I am not saying that some of the business practices are wonderful and smell like roses. But to lump all companies as amoral, well, to put it nicely, you are not correct. There is a fine balancing act that companies have to work with in order to succeed. We do have to report to shareholders, so we do have to make a profit. I hope that is understood. We also need to have excellent customer service. I don’t believe you will argue that point with me either. You get great customer service when you have wonderful employees and you get great employees when they are as valuable to you has your bottom line. Next, we need to keep involving, if you do not involved in the current market, you will die, it is that simple. Lastly, you need a product that consumers want at a reasonable price. Like I said, it is a fine balancing act. ’
  4. Captainkidding

    ST, Birthday

    Wow, four years and we still don’t have a cart to make multiple purchases. Is there any reason that we don’t know why making multiple purchase at one time cannot be implemented?
  5. Captainkidding

    WG and player trust

    And your point is. I know what the business round table stated, I was there, were you. Gave constructive criticism please next time.
  6. Captainkidding

    WG and player trust

    If you ever took Business, economics and finance in college, you would of learned that as a consumer or employee, you can never put full faith in any business. Businesses are here for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to make money. We, as consumers, have a choice and that is to put up with the product that the business is selling or not. If I remember right, no one is forcing anyone to play this game. If you do not like the direction that Wargaming is going, don’t support it. Stop buying what they or any other company is trying to sell to you. I’ve been playing World of Warships for almost four years. Been told one thing then another that now every time they say something, I take with a big grain of salt. My own complaint is that playing Warships now feels like a chore. Endless missions, rank, clan battles, operations new lines, endless crates, etc. Completed the Russian battleship line and haven’t played it since, it’s just not for me. Maybe it’s over kill and Wargaming trying to hard to either please to many players or trying to grab to much money. I personally hope that they are trying to hard to please to many players because I really like playing this game and truly want it to succeed. To Wargaming, remember one stead fast principal, when you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one. Too many companies fail by not listening to their consumers, please Wargaming, don’t be one of those companies.
  7. Captainkidding

    Question regarding resetting ship lines

    Here is a stupid question for you, do you have to play the ships in random or can you use co-op?
  8. I’m going to wait and see how everything works out live before making any judgment. This could be the best thing Wargaming has done or not, who really knows for sure. One thing for certain, the Colbert and the Ohio are not ships, that for the moment, I feel are not worth grinding for. Colbert only has one gimmick going for it and sooner or later everyone will learn how to counter it, which will make it pretty much useless. The Ohio is still a WIP ship, so to early to tell if it will be improved. As it stands now, the Montana is a better ship and why re-grind for a lesser ship?
  9. Captainkidding

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Many of you will think this is strange, but I’m going to wait and see how all this is played out. Not having seen the RB in actual practice, I have no comment one way or another. As it stands now, I am not looking forward to re-grinding any lines, specially for the Colbert and what reviews I’ve seen on the Ohio, I think I would rather stick with the Montana. In other words, why re-grind five lines for just meh ships, that doesn’t make sense. But like I said earlier, i’ll wait and see how this works out and since these ships are still in the WIP stage, maybe Wargaming might do something to them to make them worth the effort.
  10. Sorry if this was asked previously, but I couldn’t find it in forum history, if I elect to re-grind a line, will I have to re-grind the unique (legendary) upgrade also? In my opinion, which means nothing, I feel once an unique upgrade has been unlocked, it should be yours always. That’s just my two cents worth.
  11. Captainkidding

    Seriously, WG? [rant]

    I had that problem and it drove me crazy, I know, short drive. I found out that I had an anti-virus scan on that was slowing down the downloading. I turn it off while playing WoWs and no more problems so far. You might want to think about checking if you have something running in the back ground. Just a thought,
  12. Captainkidding

    So now what?

    You are not missing much. I finished stage four and rolled my 1 in 30 chance to get the tier 9 French DD. I got the opportunity, for 1,000 doubloons, to purchase 5 777% XP flags, 5 of the new French camouflage, 5 green credit flags. Yep, for 1,000 I have the opportunity to get those flags and camo and then have an 1 in 29 chance for a re-roll and do it again and again, etc. You know, i’ll keep the 1,000 doubloons and spend it when something that I really want comes up. So, you’re not missing anything. Now the coal I could always use so that is one positive.
  13. Captainkidding

    Worst Premium ship in game

    Only one ship that I regret buying and that makes her the worst ship in the game to me is the West Virginia. I do okay in the Colorado and I figure that I should do okay in the Wee Vee, after all, the Wee Vee is the sister ship of the Colorado. Boy was I wrong. I should have listened to LWM review and passed on her. In my opinion, the West Virginia is easily the worst tier for tier, tech or premium battleship in the game. It is the only ship that I own that makes the German battleships seems like snipers. To make it better, I would increase her sigma and her secondary’s. Also, increase the rudder shift time. As a premiums goes, it does nothing adequately.
  14. Did you completely read my message. I said why don't Wargaming test +1/-1 MM in testing to see if there is enough players who want to wait for that kind of match making. Is it not what testing is there for? I thought I was pretty clear when I said PT/testing. I guess you only read what you wanted to read.
  15. Why can’t Wargaming at least try +/- MM in PT and see if players there are willing to wait in longer queues. I just can’t help remembering last week when the CCs showed videos of the CC summit. The presenter stated that Wargaming statistics showed that the player base like grinding based on the snowflake event, not taken in consideration that almost everyone was doing it for the coal and steel, not because they wanted to re-grind ships again. I am an accountant by trade and schooling. I know first hand that any statistics can be used by any company, politics, groups of people, to show favorable results and their point of view proving that they are right. Hardest thing any person and or company to do is to admit that they might not be right or maybe be wrong. What harm would it do to at least try +/- MM in testing? Thanks for listening.