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  1. Captainkidding

    The Nevada manuever

    I don’t know, I see your point. You cannot sink if you’re beached. Recovering XP would take time. A massive hole is not easy to fix. May if beached, the time of flooding could be shorten, just a thought.
  2. Captainkidding

    *sigh* FXP stocking has gone on long enough

    I don’t advise skipping any ships, truth be told, but if need be, go through the British DD line. The Lighting is just plain fun. Actually all of the UK DDs are fun to play so I would advise not to skip any of them. I know that the Alsace as been nerfed, but it is still fun to play, it works for me. The Pan Asian line, don’t ship over the Chung Mu, it is a beast and one again fun to play. I have the Conquerer and very rarely take it out, not a lot of fun to play. I have the Kron and it sits in my port, I cannot get it to work for me, no matter how hard I try. I also have the Musashi, a fun ship to play but I like the Izumo better. Even before they improved the Izumo, I had a lot of fun in it, it just works for me, maybe I’m strange. I play it more than the Yamato. I do not know if the Nelson is still being offered for free XP, but that ship is an awfully fun ship to play. As you can see, my choice is what ships are fun to play. So chose the ships that are fun to play for you and skip over the ships that aren’t.
  3. Captainkidding

    What premiums do you still want to see?

    USS San Francisco, third most decorated U.S. ship during WW2, was also at Inchon. Can sink the Atlanta all over again. USS California, Flag ship of the Pacific Fleet at the time of Pearl Harbor. Tillman design Battleships. Since there are paper ships in the game, why not one of those. The cancelled South Dakota of 1922 was based of one of those designs. Plenty of free designs and drawings available to model it after. How can you have a World of Warships game and not have HMS Dreadnought, the granddaddy of all modern battleships. It would be like having World of Tanks without the Sherman or T-34, or World of Planes without the Spitfire of P-51 Mustang. One other thing that would be nice, a series of special captains that can only be used on certain ships. For example, Captain Ernest Johnson, USN, captain of the destroy Johnson, can only be placed on destroyers. What he did off Samar is the stuff legends are made of. If there wasn't witnesses to the battle, you would think it was made up. A made for Hollywood script if ever there was one. For reference, read The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors by James Hornfischer
  4. Captainkidding

    Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    I have three requests; HMS Dreadnought, how can we not have the first real battleship. USS San Francisco, Next to the Enterprise, one of the most decorated ships in the Pacific War, and also, she can fire upon the Atlanta all over again. USS California, Flag ship of the Pacific Fleet at the time of Pearl Harbor and my home state. On a side note, if when ever possible, for a commander, Captain Ernest Evans of the USS Johnson. Medal of Honor recipient. Leading the charge of DDs and DEs against the Yamato and heavy cruisers off Samar. Saving Taffy Three and the landing on Leyte Gulf. He embodied everything a great commander should be and what legends are made of.
  5. Captainkidding


    Best deal is to get the Boise, do the mission to get the Julio, that way, you get two ships for about $40.00. I know, a tier seven cruiser for $40.00 is a lot, but two tier sevens for $40.00 is not bad at all. I do not know what the grind will be to unlock the Julio, but still, two ships for $40.00, come on, how do you beat that. I would suggest getting the Boise first though, in order to use a high skill captain because at this time, the Julio will be the only Pan American ship and will harder to get it's captain's skill up to where it should be. I hope in the future, I hope Wargaming continues this practice to unlock sister ships this way.
  6. Captainkidding

    What to do when you are the lower Tier?

    I play Japanese DDs, mainly the Kagero, which usually means I’m low tier. First, I never rush into a cap, stealth is my biggest advantage and going into a cap at the beginning of a game is like say, “here I am, radar me”. First half of a game, I mainly do spotting, and Wargaming needs to adjust the XP, right now it is just too low. Keeping the enemy ships spotted is the best way I know off to have them sink faster. If the opportunity arises, I send torps . I run radio detection and I do surprise a lot of enemy DDs when they try to cap. They have a choice of moving or getting sunk. I cannot stress this enough, use map awareness. I thought with all the new radar ships, I would have to change to another type of ship, but I stuck with my Kagero, Yugumo, Shima and the hated Asashio, love that ship, and my win rates have increased. Just my play style has change, and for the better. Thank You Wargaming for making me a lot better IJN destroyer player. I run TRB, smoke is a torp magnate, with a lot of success. I cannot say that my style of play will work for you, but the best thing to do is to see what others are doing, what works and don’t works. Try new approaches, be patient, you’re no good to your team when dead. I hope this is helpful. Good Luck and Good Hunting.
  7. Captainkidding

    Motivation Monday - Back Under Weigh!

    One bad game doesn’t bother me. If I seem to be on a losing streak, I take a break, go walking, be with my friends, etc. I do try to figure what I did wrong and how I can do better. I know overall, my winning percentage is 49.66% but over the last year and a half, it has been running around 52 to 54 percent, so I must be doing something right.