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  1. What to do when you are the lower Tier?

    I play Japanese DDs, mainly the Kagero, which usually means I’m low tier. First, I never rush into a cap, stealth is my biggest advantage and going into a cap at the beginning of a game is like say, “here I am, radar me”. First half of a game, I mainly do spotting, and Wargaming needs to adjust the XP, right now it is just too low. Keeping the enemy ships spotted is the best way I know off to have them sink faster. If the opportunity arises, I send torps . I run radio detection and I do surprise a lot of enemy DDs when they try to cap. They have a choice of moving or getting sunk. I cannot stress this enough, use map awareness. I thought with all the new radar ships, I would have to change to another type of ship, but I stuck with my Kagero, Yugumo, Shima and the hated Asashio, love that ship, and my win rates have increased. Just my play style has change, and for the better. Thank You Wargaming for making me a lot better IJN destroyer player. I run TRB, smoke is a torp magnate, with a lot of success. I cannot say that my style of play will work for you, but the best thing to do is to see what others are doing, what works and don’t works. Try new approaches, be patient, you’re no good to your team when dead. I hope this is helpful. Good Luck and Good Hunting.
  2. Motivation Monday - Back Under Weigh!

    One bad game doesn’t bother me. If I seem to be on a losing streak, I take a break, go walking, be with my friends, etc. I do try to figure what I did wrong and how I can do better. I know overall, my winning percentage is 49.66% but over the last year and a half, it has been running around 52 to 54 percent, so I must be doing something right.
  3. Solo warrior

    Congrats, very nice, I only have one.
  4. I play IJN DDs about four to five times a night with decent amount of success. I don’t like radar cruiser but I learned to adjust to them. What bothers me the most is the passive game style at higher tiers. It is frustrating to go and scout for your team, find the opposing team , call out location of the opposing team’s ships and find my team hiding behind islands or near the spawn area afraid to get hit. Then they have the nerve to ping me, wanting me to cap when there are 4 to 5 opposing team ships in or near the cap. That is a quick exist and not a fun game. At that stage of the game, it is yolo time because I know I will not get any support from my team. Sorry for the rant. I enjoy playing World of Warships, not World of Hide and Go Seek.
  5. For me, it’s the Texas, Arizona, Geneisenau.
  6. Cruisin' for a Bruisin' - Gameplay

    I normally play DDs, but with all of these radar cruisers, it makes playing DDs harder. My win rate has dropped to 52% last couple of days. Nothing like sinking Cleveland and hearing them complain about us sneaky DD players.
  7. A piece of SERIOUS ADVICE to DD players.

    This is not a DD thing. I do not know how many times I see a ship about to lose all of it’s hit point due to fire or flooding and some ships, take your choice of classes, fire on it to get the kill.
  8. After a bad run of luck, I go to CO-OP. What is fun for me there is that I play ships that I’ve haven’t played in awhile. Then I remember how much fun this game can be.
  9. Limiting Ship Numbers: How Less is More

    Never work, too logical.
  10. Ocean map-more rotation

    I love playing on the Ocean map. To succeed, you have to play as a team, which right now, is sorely lacking. To many times recently, I feel that some would rather be playing Hide and go seek. If anyone noticed, teams that have the most cohesion usually end up winning.
  11. I find it okay, but glad I didn’t purchase it. Cannot complain when something is free. I love playing WOWs and having a goal to work for, to me, is just extra. Concerning if it is a good ship or not, need to give it a few months and find out how many will be in the queue. Remember when the Hood came out and there was at least one in every match, now I hardly see one in a full weekend of playing. That is how I personally judge if a ship is good or not.
  12. Lag and Drops

    I’ve to am having the same problem. Really bad lags and being dropped usually during the first three to four games, afterwards, everything runs finds. I’m glad it is not just me.
  13. Why is training room disabled to begin with? You would think, and I guess I am wrong, that people would like to practice on a new ships prior to taking them out and see how best to use them.
  14. Colorado Hull C? Did they remove it?

    I just wished that the Colorado would have more HP than tier 5 and tier 6. It is like fighting with your shoelaces tied. Cannot upgrade the speed, that's a given, but having more HP would help a lot.
  15. Special Kii Camo?

    I cannot find it, can you help me locate it please