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  1. After a bad run of luck, I go to CO-OP. What is fun for me there is that I play ships that I’ve haven’t played in awhile. Then I remember how much fun this game can be.
  2. Limiting Ship Numbers: How Less is More

    Never work, too logical.
  3. Ocean map-more rotation

    I love playing on the Ocean map. To succeed, you have to play as a team, which right now, is sorely lacking. To many times recently, I feel that some would rather be playing Hide and go seek. If anyone noticed, teams that have the most cohesion usually end up winning.
  4. I find it okay, but glad I didn’t purchase it. Cannot complain when something is free. I love playing WOWs and having a goal to work for, to me, is just extra. Concerning if it is a good ship or not, need to give it a few months and find out how many will be in the queue. Remember when the Hood came out and there was at least one in every match, now I hardly see one in a full weekend of playing. That is how I personally judge if a ship is good or not.
  5. Lag and Drops

    I’ve to am having the same problem. Really bad lags and being dropped usually during the first three to four games, afterwards, everything runs finds. I’m glad it is not just me.
  6. Why is training room disabled to begin with? You would think, and I guess I am wrong, that people would like to practice on a new ships prior to taking them out and see how best to use them.
  7. Colorado Hull C? Did they remove it?

    I just wished that the Colorado would have more HP than tier 5 and tier 6. It is like fighting with your shoelaces tied. Cannot upgrade the speed, that's a given, but having more HP would help a lot.
  8. Special Kii Camo?

    I cannot find it, can you help me locate it please
  9. Buff the Colorado

    This has been asked many times before without a reasonable reply, but why is the Colorado HP lower than tier 6 battleships and equal or in range to tier 5 battleships? I've done reasonable well in it, but going through the British line recently, I've never noticed just how weak the Colorado's armor is. Also, I would like to point out in one flaw of going with or being around other ships for support, if the other players have a back bone and would fight, that's okay. But most of the time, the players I'm sailing with, see the red team, they turn tail and run leave a 20 knot big target alone and being focus fire by 4 to 6 ships.
  10. What Is The Hardest Ship To Master?

    I would have to go with the IJN DD line. With torps being the easiest to detect and bad to average running speed, most ships can easily dodge them. Then you have some cruisers that can out run you if detected. Let's not talk about radar or hydro. Guns are actually strong but slow reload time compare to other DDs.
  11. I Cannot Stress This Enough......

    It is not the ship, it is the player playing the ship. A good player will almost always best a bad player, taking into effect RNG and this goes for any ship, not just CVs.
  12. How about giving some premium love to the Japanese line of ships. Do not need, at this time, anymore premium U.S. or German battleships or anything from Russia. Would not mind seeing a French premium cruiser or Italian battleship though.
  13. Aim assist mod

    To be perfectly honest, the best aim assist mod is PRATICE. Learn to judge speed, angling, your ships ammo flight time.also look to where the target ship is heading and adjust your aim accordingly. All I ask for this advice is, once you get real good, don't aim at me.
  14. KAMIKAZE R Event Just Not Worth It.

    I have the Kamikaze R, the Fujin and the regular Kamikaze. Fine teir 5 ships, probably the best in class DDs in the game. That said, my time is more valuable then a teir 5 ship, or any ship for that matter.
  15. Dunk or Duca or now De Grasse?

    I have the Dunk and have an above average winrate . I"ll get the Duce because I'm Italian, wish it was the Romans instead,