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  1. They should just let the mac players go back a version or two and play with/against each other lol. Never cared for a lot of the new stuff. I remember a time there were some versions back in 0.6 that was very stable and was a generally happy mac player.
  2. ROCN_jiang

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    I haven't played in 3 months. Played a few games, crashes a few times, stable a bit. But playing the Gneisenau the game won't even load anymore. Tried 5 times getting to the load map screen, but within a few seconds it just freezes. I guess I should have not come back...
  3. Seems when I installed Sierra a few days ago, the Shift and Cmd keys do not work when pressed simultaneously with the steering keys. Anybody else has this issue? Besides the flickering and random islands, logos, ship hulls appearing, seems the more updates the game comes up with and OS too, the worse the game gets.
  4. I thought by updating my OS it would work, but that temporary solved the issue. Now the same issues from the youtube videos are back and the longer I play, the worse it gets. When I am watching a ship, every time I move the mouse, a bunch of random islands, land, game logos, and hulls of different ships would appear on the player's ship I am viewing.