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  1. Walclt

    Allied Cruisers = Thieves

    Perhaps WoWs could award the ribbon to the ship accounting for most of the damage?
  2. Walclt

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Don't like having to go back and grind again to get the tech tree ship Tier 10 ship in the line. Where's the time reimbursment? People who have just researched the Moskva get it for free. So they should have to give the replacement ship for free to Moskva owners since WG isn't reimbursing the cost of the original Moskva.
  3. Walclt

    ST, soviet cruisers branch split

    Why are Moskva owners being penalized since we'll be giving up a heavy cruiser and receiving a light cruiser in its place? I'd rather have the heavy cruiser. As I understand to get the heavy cruiser we have to buy it all over again.
  4. Walclt

    Kill credit

    The only time this bothers me is when the player is awarded a kraken for five kills. Should be that to qualify for a kraken all five ships must have lost at least 51% of their hit points to one player.
  5. Considered this until they asked for my SSN stopped there.
  6. Noticed today that the "fair play" match maker has failed since the latest patch. We had no aircraft carriers so they couldn't insert they extra BB for an edge instead they substituted ships with longer range torps to replace ones that matched up with the human team. So explain again how fair the matchmaker is. They replaced a Huanghe with an Aoba,
  7. Why is it that whenever I play and there is an aircraft carrier in the game they target me? Doesn't matter what cruiser I play Co-op or random you can bet their planes will start out after me.