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    Mine-layers, Mine fields.

    The best counter-play for mines I can think of is firing light AA at them, or having some sort of mine clearing tool on certain ships. The problem is that CVs, SSs, Mines, and smaller waships often only work well on a strategic level, I wouldn't mind having a campaign mode where two teams use, carriers, subs, and mines to engage each other before engaging in surface combat, but that would be a nightmare to balance.
  2. MarylandSky1943

    Destroyer Detectability & Concealment

    Indeed, the Iowa has speed and technology, she can attack where and when she wishes.
  3. MarylandSky1943

    Destroyer Detectability & Concealment

    She was fired upon by torpedoes fired by Heerman I think, might have been Hoel. I agree, she would be able to beet something like a Iowa, but the Yamato would still be damaged, and quite a bit too. With long range hit rates, the Iowa would be able to fire back. Heck, the longest range hit is by HMS Warspite at something like 25,000 yds. That is by a WWI battleship with 15 in WWI guns, so I don't believe this statement is true. Also with the numbers of forces involved on either side by the time the IJN would risk the Yamato, it wouldn't JUST be the Iowa, It would be several Iowa class ships, Maybe the Alaska or Guam, along with tens of cruisers, and a ton of destroyers, verses whatever the IJN can afford to send. The REAL problem is that the IJN wouldn't send in the Yamato because it is just to big and expensive to lose, if the IJN could build up a large force of BBs, CVs, CAs, CLs, and DDs and send it to a major engagement, they would be able to defeat and US forces in that area. But the US wouldn't go into a surface battle at the start of the war, and there wasn't enough oil at the end and the US still wouldn't cooperate. To be honest, if we wanted to fix WOWS we would have to rebuild it from the ground up and re-balance everything. CVs would have to have there own battles, it just doesn't work too well. What might be a good idea is longer campaigns with a CV and SS phase that transfers into a surface phase or something.
  4. MarylandSky1943

    Seaplane Carriers?

    Overall, I would love if they added SAP bombs on some carrier, and I think seaplane carriers are a good way to add that as well as having an interesting new playstyle.
  5. MarylandSky1943

    Please add this asap! TIA.

    Most Japanese ships didn't have RADAR, The Shokaku class and the Yamato class did, but beyond that I don't know.
  6. MarylandSky1943

    List your dream Premium ships.

    CV Aquila should have RE-2001 G torpedo bombers, and Re-2001 OR Series II bombers with SAP bombs, and Re-2001 G/V with AP bombs derived from Littorio AP shells. I feel like she has to have SAP bombs considering it is an Italian ship, I think it would be about rank VI
  7. MarylandSky1943

    Seaplane Carriers?

    To be honest I chose a modified Clemson as tier IX, so I can't fault you. I agree with your line-up, too it is much better than my very basic outline
  8. MarylandSky1943

    Seaplane Carriers?

    This is more of a, when Wargaming fixes everything and needs to figure out what to add next.
  9. I enjoy the CV ideas, as a bit of a CV player, though a very bad one, it seems very interesting. I know many of the twin engine airplanes are a-historical, but it is still a really interesting.
  10. I think seaplane carriers would be a vary viable addition to the game. Seaplane carriers would generally be relatively small and/or slow with large aircraft with very big HP pools, but very few aircraft per squadron and only 1-2 per attack. They would have weaker bomb and torpedo armaments, and weak/few/no fighters. Their primary armament would be very large aircraft spotting ranges and ASW planes. The best three nations to have them, is the US, Japan, and maybe Britain. US: US seaplane tenders would be slower, with planes that have very high HP pools, sometimes up to twice their aircraft carrier' counterparts HP pool, They would either have leval bombing with SAP bombs, or they would dive at a slight angle and attack with HE Ships: Hull C Langley upgrade would lead into the US seaplane tender line, switching from the pre-refit Langley to its seaplane carrier form. She would have one squadrons of NC-11 bombers, with one squadron of 4 bombers attacking in groups of 2 with each bomber carrying 4 250 SAP bombers in a level bombing capacity with 2,000 HP, and one squadron of 2 bombers, with 1 per attack with each bomber carrying 4 HE bombs, attacking in a slight dive. The bombers would have 2,250 HP She would also have one squadron of 4 SOC Seagull ASW plans, with 1,265 HP each The first Seaplane Tender would be USS Wright AV-1 at tier V She would carry 4 P2Y-1 bombers that attack in groups of 1, each plane would carry 2 1000lb SAP bombs which deal 2,220 HP each, and each bomber has a speed of 98 kts, and 2,750 HP each She would also carry 4 P2Y-1 bombers that attack in groups of 1, each plane would carry 6 250 HP bombs which deal 1,950 HP each, and each bomber has a speed of 103 kts, with 2,825 HP each She would also carry SOC-3 ASW planes with 1,500 HP each and , These can be Upgraded to OS2U-1 ASW planes with 1,750 HP each. The ship would go 15.3 kts, and have 2 5in/38 caliber DPAA guns, 2*AA 3 in/50 caliber AAA guns, 2 .50 caliber AA guns The Second Ship in the line would be the USS Curtiss, AV-4 at tier VII She would carry 4 P2Y-3 bomber is attack groups of 2, each bomber carrying 4 500 lb HE bombs dealing 3,760 HP each, each bomber has a speed of 106 kts, and 3,120 HP each.These can be upgraded to either PBY-3 bombers with either 4 1000lb HE bombs, or 4 1000lb SAP bombs, HE bombs do 4,500 HP each, the SAP bombs deal 5,250 HP damage each. She will also have PBY-3 Torpedo bombers that carry 2 Mark 8 torpedoes that deal 4,765 damage each. She also carriers 4 SC-1 Seahawk ASW bombers with 2,000 HP each She would go 20 kts and carry 4*5/38 DPAA guns and 4*4 40 mm AA guns The Third ship in line would be the tier IX AVD Childs She would carry one squadron 6 PBM-1 bombers attacking in groups of 2 carrying 2 2,000lb SAP bombs dealing 10,500 HP per hit with each plane having 6,265 HP each and a speed of 125 kts. She would carry another squadron of 6 PBM-1 bombers attacking in groups of 2 carrying 2 Mark 13 torpedoes dealing 6,500 HP per hit with each plane having 6,500 HP each and a speed of 115 kts. She also carries 6 SC-2 Seahowk ASW bombers with 2,250 HP each She goes 25 kts and carriers 2*3/50 DPAA guns and 5 20 mm AA guns as well as Depth Charges and 5 km detectibility range Please comment any suggestions that you believe to be helpful
  11. MarylandSky1943

    USS Tangier as Premium Ship

    I'm not sure it would be too OP, it would probably see ships with fighters and good AA, and she has twice the bombs in an attack vs. the Langley and the same weight in bombs vs. the Ranger, but dropped like the British so it is a bit more inaccurate. She could be the bane of submarines though, as she has ASW instead of Fighters. The PBY-5a should have HP of about 3,100 With 4 500 lb bombs witch do the same damage as the Langley's bombs It should go about 100 kts The Commandant Teste is a really good idea too, but I don't feel that it has as colorful a history
  12. MarylandSky1943

    List your dream Premium ships.

    USS Tangier AV-8, fired some of the first shots at Pearl Harbor and participated in the Wake resupply mission. Also Commanded by Commander Clifton Sprague from the Battle off Samar. https://www.history.navy.mil/research/archives/digitized-collections/action-reports/wwii-pearl-harbor-attack/ships-s-z/uss-tangier-av-8-action-report.html Maybe HMS Tiger too, the only ship saved because the crew hadn't been trained enough. Highest dispersion possible, 50% reduced detonation chance, 15% more armor. Hit the enemy 3 times at Jutland, but because she properly stored her Shells and closed the flash locks she didn't blow up. Other battleships left them open in order to fire faster.
  13. I wish they added a pre refit Lexington, 1/2 the AA but with 8in. guns.
  14. MarylandSky1943

    USS Tangier as Premium Ship

    It did serve as the main transport in the Wake Resupply Convoy and was planning to beach itself if neccessary.
  15. I recommended the addition of USS Tangier, it fired some of the first shots at Pearl Harbor, and had PBYs so it could have some A+ attack power