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  1. TechDeals

    Couple thoughts on santa crates.

    I have spent more money on the Santa crates than any sane person should... I fully admit my OCD addiction and it isn't good, but at least there is an end to this. Once you have all the ships, there is no reason to buy more. :)
  2. I posted a video on the Puerto Rico that was filmed at launch, before the full awareness existed of the change from the test server... and naturally got a lot of flack over it... So a quick update... I'm honestly curious to what you all think, because frankly I'm pissed, but I didn't go full rant on this one. (saved the rant for the next one, which posts in 4 hours) Fair? Unfair? Did I go too harsh on WeeGee? Too soft on them? I generally only get feedback from my own circle of followers, so be honest...
  3. TechDeals

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    I was 18 years old making $10/hr... *shrug* There is only so much professional you can buy for that...
  4. TechDeals

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    I've worked phone support for a software company in tech support, I know all about "patch day" and release crunch... I simply understand the other side from a personal point of view and 10 people yelling at you in a row for something you didn't do gets old. As a rule, I tended to help those who were nice to me more than those who were not. My 2 cents... :)
  5. TechDeals

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    You're not wrong, but I would imagine he got a TON of other things on on top of the ship...
  6. TechDeals

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    The CS staff is human and they are probably getting a lot of rather harsh messages today. It wears on anyone... Kindness probably works better here, IMHO
  7. TechDeals

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    Yes, but they only have 1 or 2 of those, right? I think the qty is limited. Correct me if I'm reading the page wrong.
  8. TechDeals

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    I've raised this issue internally... I have no power to do anything, but my opinion is that you didn't have all the information and the communication was poor, as admitted by WG on Reddit. So if you bought without that information, the gold should be returned to your account. It would be fair if they took the progress towards the ship away of course :)
  9. TechDeals

    Getting 6k Doubloons Back

    File another ticket... Anyone who spent the gold in the first 72 hours should be able to get a refund...
  10. TechDeals

    $800 dollars in, got Mo

    So... Congrats??? Now I know how WeeGee is keeping this game running... *looks over at port and walks away slowly*
  11. That's true, but it is hard to make money when you run off your customers. The customer base for WoWs is not the same as WoT, and frankly the F2P game world has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Spending money on digital shinies is fine. Being treated like this is not.
  12. ^ This bothers me far more than anything else you said... please do not call any female a "chick". Maybe you live in different circles, but I don't know a single woman who would consider that flattering.
  13. TechDeals

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    This happens because they use too many spreadsheets and "metrics" to make decisions. Those are trailing indicators and don't get them out ahead of the players or the game world.
  14. TechDeals

    Can We All Calm Down a Second?

    Yes, I did read it... The problem is that directive 4 isn't simple, none of them are actually, but 4 is terrible compared to 1-3... you can't just play 2 hours here, 3 hours there, and get those done. And that still involves spending a lot of money to maybe get the ship if it all works out. So you are probably going to spend $80 or so and "maybe" get the ship. Yea, there is other stuff too, and that's nice... but for $80, I would expect to just get the ship. It's not that special, T9, T10, whatever, none of them are magic.
  15. TechDeals

    Jingles take on the "Puerto Rico Fiasco"

    ^ Winner, winner, chicken dinner... This is really messed up, they need to change the event.