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  1. I liked brawls. Just a change from typical randoms. Nice to be able to do a 5 person div. I wish the matchmaking was fixed to not allow CV/BB vs BB/BB games though.
  2. I think it’s worth it. It’s a fun boat that can be pretty strong if played well.
  3. Bortt

    Vermont or Montana?

    I don’t think you’ll find either better at making credits than the other. Tier 10 non premium ships are probably the worst credit farmers. They both have the same earning capability though. As for better, they’re different. Vermont gets 18 inch guns with all the overmatch that comes with them. You do give up quite a bit to get the big guns though. Montana is a heck of a lot more flexible. It’s probably less aggravating with its higher top speed.
  4. Fair enough. Still a detonation would be the only thing that makes sense.
  5. I think the OP isn’t showing the full end game screen shot. It’s definitely from a detonation. Maybe no achievement because it was a Co-op game?
  6. Bortt

    Don't Like Achievement Bonus Changes

    Which there was a mix of both. Maybe 5 flags for achievements even. Achievements are now like karma. It means nothing.
  7. Bortt

    Is Brawl a Joke?

    Pretty sure we were the reds. Definitely seen a real disconnect in matchmaking of ships types in brawls.
  8. Some teams are winning with 2x BB
  9. Clan brawls are great but it would be nice to have a different tier from the current ongoing Clan Battles. Maybe tier 8 would call have been nice.
  10. So I bought an Ise and took it into battle. I ended up getting torped by the enemy CV but now I can go torp him back. Didn't do much but it felt good.
  11. I’ve played all those ships. Florida and Hyuga are the best choices. Florida is a squishier North Carolina with 356mm guns. Usually best played at range. Hyuga is a Fuso with buffed accuracy and reload boost.
  12. I'm just interested why they even released it with the line saying that they would nerf it...
  13. Some of the BB's that were brought out while deadeye was around need to be looked at. Specifically Hizen, Marco Polo, Kansas, Minnesota, Vermont. I feel like they would all use slight buffs to their dispersion ellipse.
  14. Bortt

    Vampire II

    This is both funny and annoying. Imagine called WG an idiot for not having an acceleration module on a Daring Class destroyer when none of the British DDs get an acceleration module. They all already have improved acceleration mechanics so the module is unnecessary.
  15. Bortt

    Who thought this up

    4 torps per plane. 2 Planes per squad. Keep in mind the damage is still quite a bit lower per torp.