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  1. Bortt

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Hope this thing is easy to kill and not just an over pen king like the Smolensk. Imagine a 3 Kitakami or a double Kitakami with a Shimakaze division.
  2. Does manually selecting a ship without the manual secondary captain skill provide any bonus? Thinking especially in a one on one brawl when no other ships are in secondary range.
  3. Sorry to see you leave. There's video's available but sounds like you didn't watch them. Especially on aiming and positioning. You're biggest mistake is thinking you'll understand this game after 88 battles. Most people with 1000 battles barely understand this game.
  4. Bortt

    The Paolo Emilio

    My hope is that people will do this on the Italian DD and stop doing this with DD’s of other nations.
  5. The moment this thing comes out I’m doing a two brothers rush.
  6. Yeah. Hawkins is rough. But it’s T5. Imagine something like that at T9 or T10. I'm actually cracking up at this. Now suiciding is a viable play style. Not that T9 has radar or hydro or CV that have already neutered DD’s.
  7. Lol. What the heck is up with the Champagne and now this? Literally encouraging how the ship classes shouldn’t be played. champagne as a BB in the back and now a yolo DD? what’s next? Cruisers with zero firing angles that HAVE to sail broadside to shoot?
  8. Bortt

    Shikishima vs Bourgogne

    Bourgogne Hands down. It's been around a while and has been tried and tested and is a strong ship in both randoms and competitive. It as a bit of a higher skill ship in understanding ammo types and when to use HE vs AP. However it's carry potential is so much higher.
  9. Bortt

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    5000 Forums posts and 2000 battles? Pretty rude post considering all of these CV changes are for Typhoon level clans and only one of us made it that far.
  10. Bortt

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    Another way to fix spotting would be that spotting is only relayed back to the CV from planes when squadrons are within the view range of the CV. This way you can protect the CV from DD rushes but also reduce the issues about early spotting.
  11. Bortt

    California in Premium shop (edited)

    California being released. New Line Announcement. July 4th........
  12. Bortt

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    To WG's credit. CV's are a lot better than they were during the RTS days. There's still some major changes that are needed. Back in the RTS days it was a lot harder to hit a DD that was maneuvering. There were only bombers and torpedo planes and the attack planes would fight each other and the strike planes. Just the spotting done by planes was enough to force DD's to counter them because the spotting alone would get them killed. Add rocket planes and you could more or less reduce a DD's effectiveness. Rocket planes have clearly been nerfed from the days the rework was released. I'm not seeing DD's get one shot by them or have 80% of their health taken in one pass. The biggest issue is that AA is ineffective. When you have 9 planes in an attack, you don't start blunting the attack unless you first shoot down 6, now you're gettng into shooting down the attacking group. No DD has AA even remotely effective enough to do anything about this and the planes regen so fast the CV doesn't care if loose most of them. The Def AA consumable is almost useless. Priority sector helps but when you're a DD with poor AA it's never going to chip into a squad enough to prevent a CV from dumping on them. We haven't even touched on the spotting. Yes I think CV's need a way to attack DD's. No, they shouldn't be this strong against them. What I can suggest: -Allow for a 6 second delay in spotting like radar (or more, maybe 10s) -Make Def AA increase the size of aiming reticals. -Give planes more health but also increase the amount of dmg done by continuous dmg and make flak harder to dodge. This way it wont be an all or nothing dmg inflicted on strike aircraft (continuous damage right now is all but ineffective). -Have CV's start the game with a half squad on deck. Whatever strike they first send wont be as effective and it'll force more rotation of planes.
  13. Bortt

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    This is such a piss off. Does WG not understand this game at all? This means planes and fly over a DD. the moment they’re spotted, drop fighters. Now the DD is screwed. Why even test this. Any player with even a little bit of experience in this game can tell you DD’s will get dumped on.