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  1. Thanks for explaining. My bad. Was looking at the credit multipliers for Missouri vs Premium vs tech line and spoke too soon.
  2. Yes but what about the base credit earnings of premium ships? Are those still built into the ship somehow? Just that a premium can earn more than a same tier tech line ship. I guess that’s what I’m trying to understand. If they’re still just built in and the credit factor we see is only the service cost reduction then my bad.
  3. Playing on the PTS and it looks like the credit buffs for the premium ships are significantly lower than prior to the rework. Maybe @LittleWhiteMouse can speak on this. It looks like the credit buff for a Tier 9 premium is permanently set at 10% and a premium that is Tier 8 and below is permanently set at 5%. I've never really done the math on this but I'm pretty sure Tier 9 premiums got more than a 10% buff and other premiums got more than a 5% buff (which would probably be almost unnoticeable). Not sure if I'm missing a multiplier in the credit calculation but this is what it looks like at first glance.
  4. Bortt

    Tiers 11-15?

    Tier 15 gonna be that alien ship from the movie Battleship.
  5. Bortt

    Lock on Bug?

    The bug I was noticing was after several salvo's. Maybe 5-10 seconds in. It wasn't something that was a few second delay but continual fire.
  6. Bortt

    Lock on Bug?

    Anybody notice certain times where you’re locked on to a ship and shooting and don’t the lock on dispersion buff? There’s been a few times recently I’ll be engaging a ship and it’s clear that the dispersion is abnormally high. I’ll break lock and re-lock on a target and the dispersion will correct back to where it should be. not sure if anyone has experienced this? But it’s only been in the last couple patches. I can try pull some replays the next time it happens.
  7. Bortt

    T10 DD chasing a T10 SS

    Now do that with a DD without hydro. How many times has a sub just popped up and torped the DD
  8. Bortt

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier IX Ships

    Well. I guess we'll see a few Paolo's..
  9. It's come to our attention that Wargaming has pulled another one on us. After all this time they haven't learned. With the addition of the new Incomparable camo as well as the recent dev blog post changes to Ocean, they're trying to make us sail both blind and upside down. As we discussed in a recent QnA session, the Ocean map has a 51.8% win rate for the team spawning at the top of the map. To balance the map, it has been rotated 180 degrees.
  10. Bortt

    Why is the Neptune so bad?

    Can you post videos please? I just want to see explosions.
  11. Bortt

    Yuro on submarines

    I hope this video demonstrates how broken subs are....
  12. Would you please watch this clip? The way I died in this is a really frustrating part of a Sub/DD interaction. DD's are forced to be right on top of subs to drop depth charges but the arming distance of sub torps is way too short. I die with around 11:00 min the game time so you can fast forward to maybe 7-8 min in. 20220513_080821_PBSD106-Icarus_08_NE_passage.wowsreplay
  13. Any chance of looking at maybe buffing the pen a bit on Brandenburg? The last game I played in it I remember having around 55-60 main battery hits with around 45-50k damage total in the whole game. I did play it mostly at 14-17kms so only ended up with around 8-10k secondary dmg if I remember. I just remember getting mediocre salvo after mediocre salvo with ricochets and non-pens. Maybe a slight sigma buff? not sure. Maybe I'm playing it wrong?
  14. Bortt

    So…the Delny is a mystery to me.

    Play Delny like you would a light mid tier cruiser. Maybe like Konigsberg? Do not play it like a DD. Especially early game. You will die.
  15. Can Carnot get a reload booster? The guns are great but 22s reload for a cruiser is pretty rough. I don't think one 11s reload every once in a while is going to make the ship too strong.