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  1. I just think the damage needs to be scaled back. CV's are good to prevent camping. They'll help add a dynamic that no other ship type can. The issue ends up being how overpowered they are in every aspect of the game. Spotting, damage, regen of squads, imune to fire and floods, the speed to the actual CV vehicle. There's really no ship class at this point that can counter a CV with all the AA nerfs. The CV spotting encourages team play. but there's not really much team play to counter it.
  2. I think the size of its citadel is nerf enough. The one thing I see about the Yoshino is people actually understand how quickly it can be melted so they actually play it properly. They stay at a distance and fire spam. I don’t remember really ever seeing a yolo Yoshino. Smolensk on the other hand can often be found smoking up within 10kms of a Des Moines.
  3. Bortt

    Yashima 2.0

    Put this on a boat please.
  4. I just got triple reported for playing a Friesland. Didn’t make a single comment. 2nd on the team with experience. Just continuable spam. I just didn’t politely die like I was supposed to.
  5. Bortt

    No Camo Warning

    Can WG come up a setting That warns us if we start a game with no camo? Something that can be turned off in settings.
  6. Bortt

    Why there are no CV's in Clan Battles?...

    Doubt this would matter. Especially in clan battles since everything’s talking and it’s really easy to communicate locations. Considering planes could cross a map in a few seconds. All you need is someone to say a location and miraculously the cv that “didn’t know” the location of the enemy appears.
  7. Can we have 120 ARP Fletchers?
  8. Bortt

    Sims B Vs Sims is there a difference?

    I believe it’s just the camo.
  9. Bortt

    Advice for where to put Yamamoto

    I’d say Zao or Yamato. Definitely which ever ship you’re better at to make your play even better.
  10. For me it’s in game chat. I find myself often rescued by the genius of the players who have chosen to “step aside” early and instead offer their contributions through the use of keyboard encouragement. All too often I find a one passionate soul who coaches me with comments that include my play and my family in the same sentence. Bless them that have chosen this route. WOWS wouldn’t be the same without them.
  11. Definitely something for PTS. Lol. Or maybe the next time we get a free captain skills reset. Clan battles coming up soon.
  12. Secondary build Umikaze? 😎
  13. So, the T6 Pan Asian ship has stock torps with 6.4km range. If you don't have concealment expert your detection will be longer than that. Keep in mind it's only a few games to get the upgraded torps with an 8km range that gives you a bit of a window. In the mean time, use islands and smoke to setup and ambush. You can also get into the path of ships that are advancing and try get them not completely head on, but at maybe a 45-60 degree angle. Also, don't forget Pan-Asian smokes are great for using your guns.
  14. Bortt

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Battleships

    LWM. Thanks in advance for all your contributions!
  15. WG, Can we please have more campaigns and collections. Campaigns like the one that unlocked the Shinonome were a lot of fun. Something for a mid tier premium that could be obtained through a campaign without a set expiry date or could be obtained through the premium shop would give an opportunity for the F2P and P2P crowds as well as be fun and engaging. Please no Puerto Rico level difficulty missions :D