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  1. So I keep asking on IJN CVs...

    Where's the balance on having more squads and still not being able to get a torp hit under AA Defensive Fire? -.-
  2. So I keep asking on IJN CVs...

    They both open under AA Defensive fire when is on... But IJN planes open WAY too wide ._. Is almost impossible to make a hit... Much less impossible to avoid the torps ._. And still, while US planes also open under AA DF, is almost imposibble not to make a hit, and it doesn't matter if you want to avoid the torps either way.
  3. So here's the neverending question about the difference between IJN and US CVs... Some team mate complained at me that I couldn't kill an Atago with my T10 TBs under AA barrage... My answer was ''This are not US planes you know?''... And then thought about it again and started asking myself again: Why IJN planes open up so much their strike path under AA Barrage? I know they're just 4 or 5 per squad... but still... US planes keep doing tremendous hits even under AA barrage. Why they keep having even that advantage?
  4. New captain?

    Many thanks guys :3 I edited the post with some of my captains useless skills to put some more argument on the question I made =P Please don't hit me, I know there are some skills that are useless on those ships Dx
  5. New captain?

    Hello again Forum :3 I'm having a little confusion now with commanders, their skill points and new ships... When buy a new ship, it comes with optional commander, just 1 skill point and 0 exp... My question here is... Is it more usefull to use new captain Here are some of my Captains skills Hiryu - Basics of survivavility / Basic firing training (got that skill on Kawachi BB) Torpedo expert / Fire prevention Air combat expert And thats all for CV (I put myself on ashame with my bad skill points usage, but forgive me, I wasn't learning from forums and guides till reacently) Fubuki - Survivavility / firing training Torpedo expert / Aiming expert / Last resort Superintendent And that's all for Fubuki which I have with 50% retraining Mogami - Expert reloading / Survivavility / Firing training Aim Expert / Torpedo Expert / Last resort Vigilance And stop there cuz also have captain on 50% training. For Amagi I'd like not had use points on Reload Expert and Torpedo expert. I can't remember the ship I got that last skill. Would it be more use if I change to new captains as they can get exp faster on higher tiers and use skill points correctly?? Arigato :3
  6. Carriers: What's wrong and how to fix it

    I really loved this post, and agreed with you in almost avery point you made Here is something to back up some points you made. 4 IJN fighters against 6 USN fighters (both Tier 7)IJN- Slower planes.USN- Less HP (what really makes no difference, they're still 6 or 7/squad)IJN- Less ammo (so they last shorter)USN- Less DPS (But still 6 or 7 if skill, against 4 or 5)Someone tell me where the balance is, cuz I really don't see it...
  7. Believe me, i thought a pair of those.
  8. Please... PLEASE tell me what kind of MM is this? -.- Is that even balanced?
  9. Delay joining battle is a joke

    I've been having a terrifying lag since the last 5 or 6 hours, I'm in argentina, checked my net ping and seems to be fine, no problems with other online games, have Java up to date. Been reading u guys talk about a patch and I ask... what patch? where can I download it and test it?