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  1. permanentnoob

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    I sent a note to Happa about all of this and he asked I put it in this thread.... I've been playing WoWS for a long time. Long enough to remember 15pt captains, invisi-firing and 20 sec. gun bloom. The days before radar were glorious. I used to play a lot, like 5 days/week, about 3-4 hours/day. But life has moved on and I have less and less time to play. Just a few games per week and Clan Battles. I really enjoy Clan Battles, but randoms and ranks not so much any more. This change is merely a restructuring of the cost to play this game. WG has made it much more difficult to get a maxed out captain and obtain ECXP. In the current game, I can get 60k ECXP in a single, 20 minute CB win. Since I use all 19pt captains in CB, it all goes into ECXP. Compare this to the new system of getting 5% ECXP in all games. If I averaged 1200xp per game, then double it for bonuses, it would take me 500 games to grind out the same ECXP as I get with 1 19pt capt win in CB. That's a 500 to 1 ratio. If get just 10 CB wins with max ECXP, it would take 5,000 games of grinding to match this. I can usually earn about 2M ECXP in a CB season. That was enough to buy a 19pt capt for one for my T10 boats. And that's usually what I do. I do not have time to grind out 1.8M capt xp any more. I've played long enough and built enough equity in the game that I feel I should be able to do this a a perk of my long term relationship with WG. But since the new cost of buying a 21pt captain is 3M, I won't even be able to do that. I think I have about 15 or so 19pt captains. At 1.2M per captain, it'll cost me 18 million ECXP just to get them back where they are now! I'm pretty sure I'll be dead and buried before I could ever grind out that much. I know WG talks a lot about the 5% ECXP gain and the "lesser" cost of having a captain with DD/CA/BB/CV skills in one guy. But those things are so trivial in comparison to the cost of getting a maxed out captain now. They are just crumbs. WG could solve a lot of angst that people like myself have by simply re-calculating the 19pt scale to 21pt scale and giving each captain those new points. Make all of my 19pt captains 21pt point captains. If WG could do this, a lot of people would not feel like they are getting shafted as badly.
  2. permanentnoob

    How It Works: The Matchmaker

    Wow, this is an old post.
  3. permanentnoob

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    @Hapa_Fodder So can you explain the "qualifying" a bit? Need 4 stars to get to Silver. How many games can I try to get those 4 stars? At what point have I "not qualified" for the next level and get kicked down to start over again?
  4. permanentnoob

    Can I play with the good DDs?

    You need to play IJN DDs, esp at T4-5. Minekaze is the best DD in the game, tier for tier. Better than most T6 and a couple T7 DDs.
  5. permanentnoob

    3 free santa containers twitch bundle

    I didn't even get the Marakov (whatever it's called)...., but I'll take free stuff any time
  6. permanentnoob

    19pt Captains no more...

    So, by this logic, it will take approx. 1 year of playing ~2 hours/day, every day to get a captain from 19 to 21 pts. I have four or five 19pt captains I use all the time. I don;t know how many others I have prob another 1/2 dozen. Good to know I'll be back to generating the same ECXP I have now in about 4-5 years. If WG is going to screw us hard in the rectum, they could at least take us out for dinner/dancing first.... maybe even get us drunk by converting all 19pt captains to 21pt.
  7. permanentnoob

    Commander Update Suggestion

    At lest convert 19pt capt to 21pt for everyone. That would at least make some of these changes palatable.
  8. permanentnoob

    Work in Progress — New Skill System

    These are the only 2 posts worth reading in this entire thread. Not many folks care if your OP Atlanta, tiny gun IJN DD or any other singular ship got screwed. Everyone else getting all excited because you get 5% ECXP for each game are not understanding basic math. I think there are a lot of people like myself that have become infrequent players. IOW, I might play a few games a week now where I used to log on every night and play ~10 games/day. I now get probably 90% of my ECXP and FXP from playing clan battles. With proper camo, flags and signals, I can pull 60k ECXP in one winning game! Let's do the math... if you are decent and can average 1200xp per game, you'll get 60 ECXP/game average. 60000 / 60 = 1000 games in randoms to get the same 60k ECXP you can get in ONE winning clan battle. If you average 15 minutes per game, you'll have to spend 250 hours in random games to get the same ECXP you can get in 1 clan battle! And for that privilege, I now have to burn 700k of my stored ECXP to bump from 19pt to 21pt PER CAPTAIN. I use five or six 19pt captains in clan battles. So now I have to spend 3.5M-4.2M ECXP just to maintain the same level of return I currently have?? WG is stealing 3.5M-4.2M ECXP from me for no good GD reason!!! The LEAST they could do is make all 19pt captains 21pts. That would solve most of the issues with all these changes. IIRC, the last time WG revamped the captains points from 15pt to 19pt max, I think they recalculated all captains and made the 15pt'ers to 19pt'ers for free. I could be wrong... it was a while ago.
  9. permanentnoob

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    @zzzFrostVortexzzz I do not see any mention of the current rule allowing tech tree ship captains to be swapped into/out of premium ships at no cost. Will this still be true?
  10. permanentnoob

    Special offer from World of Warships and Verizon

    Hey @foodprinter Just an FYI.... I got to here: I entered the code and it worked fine, I think (haven't logged in the game yet) BUT.... if you click the "Redeem Now" button and then "Go to activation page" here: You end up on the Asia server, which I would bet most of us do not have an account there:
  11. permanentnoob

    i go pink on a bot?

    Bot Lives Matter
  12. permanentnoob

    Will it be 1.0.0 or

    All you youngsters and your newfangled machines.... This was my first computer experience in middle school. Only 4 of us knew how to operate it, including our math teacher. http://oldcomputers.net/trs80i.html
  13. I played a bunch of these last night. The way to win is to have some skill. It's no different than playing any other match... Random, CO-OP, Clan, whatever. Those with skill will win and those without will lose. Tier doesn't matter. I did 4 top tier games and won 3 of them. I don't know how many T5 games I played, 8-10 maybe? Only had a couple T5 games against humans or humans/bots. Won almost all T5 games against human or not. I will say MM is a bit unfair to top tier sometimes when you see 6-8 T5 DDs vs. 4 T8 BBs. With no CV or CA to help, BB's always lose those games.
  14. permanentnoob

    Ranked tips from an average player

    Yes, I should have specified this was for this season of Ranked Sprint only. Normal Ranked seasons are a completely different animal.
  15. permanentnoob

    Ranked tips from an average player

    1. TOD seems to make a difference for me. Not in just this ranked season, but past ones as well. I seem to have way more potato mates after school/work lets out and on weekends. 2. In the couple games I had with CAs, they were not effective at all. Too afraid to get close to red BBs who were usually charging the cap. CAs seemed to just kite and spam HE from range. 3. A lot of folks don't have those of Prem ships. I was trying to think of Tech Tree T9 CA that would work. I picked Donski for 12km radar and 8km torps. 4. It is if you know what you are doing. But the other half of the players don't get this. They need to be told who to fire at. I do much better in stealth DD than knife fighting DD, so I went with IJN instead of Black. The downside of all those others is det range. In my Yug, I could just spot them and let BBs kill. If they smoke up, I dump torps on them. Either way, their out of the cap and we get it.