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  1. permanentnoob

    Anyone else do this?

    3 years, almost 8k games, hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars later..... The CV rework has made it impossible to enjoy, no matter what the ship or the tier. The spotting ability of CVs is maddening. And I do not expect WG will remove that "feature" from the CVs ever. Maybe I'll check back in a few months, but unless spotting is changed, I think I'm done for good. It really feels like when tanks turned into 5 minute rushes with no thought or plan. I feel that's where this game is headed and fast.
  2. It's not impossible to still play DD, it's just not fun. Instead of spending energy watching the map, looking for radar ships and red DDs, etc., you end up wasting time trying to find a path around/away from planes. The result is low dmg/low xp games cause you can't do what DDs normally do. Well, you can do it, but usually not efficiently/successfully like before the rework. I'm a DD main and have adjusted to all the other nerfs. Auto Detection notice for everyone, radar, elimination of invisi fire, IJN torpedo nerf, gun bloom, etc. but this is just too much. Every ship in every match needs concealment to survive. Some more than others. But that has been thrown out the window with 200kph+ planes buzzing around spotting everything at will. Frankly, it's just not fun now. And who wants to play a game that's not fun? I'm having a good time in ranked with all the other DDs, but I'm likely to uninstall if some drastic change isn't made soon. Which is really sad because I really liked the game.
  3. What is this support carrier u speak of ? Where can I find info on it?
  4. I bet they have AOL email address.....
  5. permanentnoob

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    Sorry, dupe post
  6. permanentnoob

    Performance of full AAA Salem

    I would think a Salem would fair better against CV's than DM due to it's super healing powers and the 60-90 seconds between air attacks. We're you not able to heal at least some of that dmg? Dying after 57.5k dmg seems pretty low for Salem. Thats only repairing like 8k(?). Kinda disappointed to see this....
  7. Read the title. Why not allow CV's in coop only until WG makes balance changes? Would make a lot of people happy, but still allow for human testing/play. Just spit balling....
  8. Sadly, I predict you will be disappointed. And agree 100% with everything you said. Even T4-5 DD games suck. That used to be my seal clubbing playground. I'm just gonna fiddle around in ranked or ops and see what happens next.
  9. permanentnoob

    Testing Shim AA affect in PTS v3

    OK, I'll give 1 thing, I should not have called the AA "OP". I changed the title to be a bit more generic as I agree that claim "OP AA" was excessive. I'm not declaring that the sky is falling or the end of the world is at hand. Just trying to relay my experience in testing back to WG (and other testers) so they can make their adjustments. This forum "is a way to constructively report your findings". I found that a single, stock, bot Shima could decimate an entire squadron and was hoping for a constructive conversation about it, but instead you had to go the other route. Your extremely condescending reply was not needed, wanted or constructive/productive in any way. I asked you a legitimate question because I do not understand your logic of ignoring findings on the PTS in lieu of testing in the live game. You could have just replied by explaining your logic, but instead you had to use that passive-aggressive condescending tone. It should not be this hard to have an adult discussion about PTS test findings without that kind of unwanted nonsense.
  10. permanentnoob

    Testing Shim AA affect in PTS v3

    Yes. I did it on purpose to see the effect. But I did vary the speed from normal (145?) to slow 116 to full speed 180+.
  11. permanentnoob

    Testing Shim AA affect in PTS v3

    On PTS, stock Shima has AA rating of 30, not that great. T5 Iron Duke has rating of 27. *BUT*.... the hit probability of Shim is 100%.
  12. permanentnoob

    Testing Shim AA affect in PTS v3

    I'm not sure I understand what you are saying.... wait till after the same exact game that's on PTS goes live? Then what is the point of testing on PTS?
  13. A full health squadron of torp bombers being shredded by a Shim (yes, a Shim) in 12 seconds. I was not making an attack run, just spotting for friendlies to kill him. I went in slow, then started boosting away, also using A/D keys. Didn't matter at all. Never expected this to happen. I mean, its a Shim. Never knew they had such great AA. Before: After: