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  1. During tonight's clan battles, I moved a commander that was in retraining for a tech tree ship onto a premium. Under the impression that I needed to finish retraining to get full skill effects (though the UI didn't indicate it as it used to, possible 2nd bug), I went to finish the retraining and was presented with an option to do it for doubloons (couldn't afford) or 25,000 elite XP. I chose the latter and went into battle. After the next game, I noticed that most of my FXP was gone and upon checking the notifications, saw that it cost a total of over 296,000 XP and ate almost 200,000 FXP which was in no way indicated when I selected the option. I obviously have no screenshots to back this up but I was wondering if it was an issue that others are having before putting in a ticket since, again, I have no proof for my claim.
  2. Admiral_Piete

    Premium Carrier Restoration

    For anyone who may have the same question in the future, credits worked.
  3. Admiral_Piete

    Premium Carrier Restoration

    It shows up in the list of options when I go into the restoration tool so I assume so. I'm just going to go ahead and put the ticket in.
  4. So I sold Enterprise back when thee carrier rework dropped and even though I did it wrong at first, I got 14,000 doubloons for it. I'm thinking about getting her back now that I'm finally playing carriers again but I can't find anything on whether I need to have the 14k doubloons available or just the credit amount shown here and I'd like to try to have it figured out before I put the ticket in. Any input is appreciated.