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  1. Schley1898

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    I think this boils down to WG Global not listening to ANYTHING WG-NA says or wants. An Austin-St. Pete hotline is needed. A 2-way one. My sympathies to Mouse and Chobittsu for their months of hard work that led to pretty much nothing.
  2. Schley1898

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    WG later noted their error in their comments on the video, on their YouTube channel. They meant secondaries I think.
  3. Schley1898

    Premium Ship Review - Champagne

    With only six 16-inch guns, relatively light protection and 34 kts speed (plus engine boost), I think I can call this a battlecruiser. And I don't use that name lightly.
  4. Schley1898

    Godzilla and Kong

    It seems that you can only have Kong or Godzilla on your ship in port if you are using the custom camo. I had Kong drop from a crate, no camo, and all I get is the voice and a 10-pt skipper. Correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Schley1898

    Essex-class carrier return when?

    https://cdsg.org/the-harbor-defenses-of-kaneohe-bay-and-the-north-shore-of-oahu-hawaii/ (Opaeula and Brodie, "NT" means Navy Turret) https://cdsg.org/the-harbor-defenses-of-pearl-harbor-hawaii/ (Other locations/Burgess) https://cdsg.org/the-harbor-defenses-of-honolulu-hawaii/ (Wiliwilinui) http://www.fortwiki.com/Battery_Louis_R._Burgess (one of four articles on this site, see also Battery Kirkpatrick, Battery Ricker, and Battery Riggs)
  6. Schley1898

    Essex-class carrier return when?

    Lexington actually received a brief refit at Pearl shortly before Coral Sea. The 8-inch guns were removed and replaced with twelve 1.1-inch quad mounts, due to lack of 5-inch mounts or perhaps the time to install them. All eight 8-inch twin turrets from Sara and Lex were reused as Army coast artillery on Oahu. References on request.
  7. Schley1898

    Premium Ship Review #129 - Benham

    While researching the Benham class in the course of spiffing up the Wikipedia article, somewhere (Friedman?) I came across an interesting possible real-life exploit. Not one that can be used in WoWS, unfortunately. The idea is to make use of the Mark 15 torpedo's after-launch course angles to launch all 16 torps, angled to form two parallel 8-torp spreads heading in the general direction the DD was pointed when launched. Just a fun idea for those who want to have fun with the Kitakami when it's available.
  8. Schley1898

    Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Battleships

    @LWM: With your skill at analyzing WoWS ships, have you considered analyzing real ships? Norman Friedman (of U.S. Battleships: An Illustrated Design History and many other books) is getting on in years and somebody's got to take over.