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  1. Short and simple adjustment. Suggest the Battleships split spawn with half each at A and C. All the light ships spawn in the middle. (near B) This would allow the slow moving ships to influence the battle, and make the map much more dynamic as the faster ships could overload either A or C or contest B at start. Generally the way the map usually plays now - the Battleships move so slowly that the battle for A or C is generally decided well before the ships are able to get to the area.
  2. murdock762

    So why have teams gotten so bad ?

    Thanks to everyone that took the time to read and comment on my post. I tired to be as brief as possible - so let me expand and point out the lessons that new players learn when first learning to play when constantly facing multiple carriers. (I realize you have to adjust based on the match maker - but which of these tactics will serve you well in mid tier non Carrier battles?) 1) Dont push up, if you are the first player spotted you will be the first player attacked by planes 2) If team is already heavy to one side, dont spread out and contest the whole map, instead form a giant blob to best utilize AA 3) When playing standard, spawn camp at the base to maximize the travel time for enemy planes Again I realize carriers are a divisive topic. This is not a ban all Carriers thread. I am trying to point out that the low tiers are dominated by multiple Carrier games and I believe that is a major factor in hurting new players as they try and learn which tactics do and do not work in randoms.
  3. As someone who has played for several years I can say the level of play in randoms does fluctuate up and down depending on time of year / day and what other special events are occurring in game. Seems to me we have hit a new low in overall player skill. But why ? I suspect is multiple factors at work, but I think the biggest is the Carrier rework. Tiers 4 and 5 used to be the kiddie pool where newer players would learn the fundamentals - aiming, differences between standard / domination. But now the newer players are constantly griefed by carriers and they try and move up as quick as possible only to be griefed by the more experienced players once they hit Tiers 6 and 7. Is no place for new people that are still learn the game to actually learn how to win in randoms. This is not an anti-Carrier rant - I think they are more fairly balanced overall. However I would suggest the Tier 4 Carriers are restricted to co-op only to allow people that actually want to improve and learn the game a chance to do so.
  4. murdock762

    The Italian Cruisers are PATHETIC

    Havent played any of the new ships so wont comment on them However is better to introduce a somewhat weak line that can later be buffed, then continue to add more and more OP ships which powercreep all the exisiting lines
  5. Just wanted to say ... I think this is one of the better events WG has done. Used some ships that been sitting in port for months (or years) - thanks for give me a reason to revisit some of these ships. Hope to see this format used again in future events
  6. murdock762

    Mouse on "Balance"...

    what is frustrating to me - is they saw this issue correctly when they revamped the spotting mechanics in smoke and removed the belfast from the shop So they went down this road, saw it was bad for the game, and changed course. Is like they completely forgot the reason for making all those major global changes effecting dozens of ships
  7. murdock762

    French Missions

    thanks for response - that was slightly misleading info from WG then. As I have neither ship when I select the French DDs event it simply says standby for instructions. So they ended an event at the start of the weekend and 2 days before a patch ?? - lets bring it back WG
  8. murdock762

    French Missions

    Under the armoury tab, if you hover over the french tokens says they can be earned until 9/15. But my missions are no longer available. Did WG mess up or am I missing something
  9. Would argue the game has gotten much better over the past few weeks. Player base is always in flux depend on what special events / alternative game modes active. IMO game was borderline unplayable as WG was work to balance carriers - I have been enjoy play much more and getting better fights lately. When you start to get decent at the game, the mistakes others are make just jump off the screen. They always play like that you just notice it more as you improve
  10. In agreement with OP. Maps should be more like ocean with a few islands scattered around. Many ships would need to be rebalanced however It has gotten out of hand after the intro of the US light cruisers
  11. murdock762

    Should I slowly go up the tiers?

    If you really want to improve, you will want to play different nations and different types of ships. It is important to understand what everyone else on your team is trying to do determine how you can best help your team win. A common mistake new players make is think the BBs are hide in the back, when in reality it just takes them a few mins to get up to speed and get into the fight. So when a DD blasts off and leaves team behind is no way anyone can help them. Also understand all the different ships will greatly help you anticipate what your opponent to likely to do next and how best to counter it.
  12. I know it is a small sample size, and everyone has cold streaks. But here is some data showing how the CV meta and player base are suck all the fun out of this game (almost all games in BB - I am not a camper but my team is die before I even get into the fight) For reference the highest average damage in t6 is Izmail @ 53 158
  13. Lets look at some of the unintended effects of the CV rework "the core issues" - especially the 2 vs 2 CV games -new players learn that whoever pushes up gets nuked first teaching them to play passive -standard mode is completely broken as the best strategy is to all sit in base, whichever team actually tries to play the game and push is likely to lose. (moreso in mid-tiers then high tier) -adding 2 non surface ships essentially turns the game into 10 v 10. So bad players and unicum divs have an even more dramatic effect on the outcome of the battle. It makes the flow more like a ranked battle -large number of games where 4 and 5 ships are destroyed in first 4 mins essentially ending the game before it even starts -making game more random and less skill based pushes the competitive players to go play something else -been very pleased overall with all the changes to the match maker. However letting 4 tier 10 CVs in a battle is huge step backwards Have tried to be patient as they work through all the inevitable patches, but I am at a loss to see exactly what was wrong with the old Carriers or how any of the changes in anyway make the game better for anyone. I guess WG was try and broaden the appeal and move away from a naval simulator to a mass market game. The direction I would have went instead would be to focus on the surface ships (forget carriers and subs completely) and work to balance / fix the existing ships (we all know what ships are broken) and add more maps and content to the base game. Personally, I would like to see more open maps like ocean, and all the ships should be balanced to perform in that format. When I started playing this game it felt like a naval game. Now it seems half the ships need to hide behind an island and stealthfire to be effective or have some other gimmick. When this game started it had a clear rock - paper - scissor dynamic with the three classes and played like a naval game. Due to lack of a clear direction on the part of WG it has turned into something completely different.